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Last Updated 03-20-2017

N -- b.??/??/????

N. -- b.??/??/????

Na -- b.??/??/????

Jim Nabi -- b.??/??/???? d.9/12/1992 (72)
Group Names: The Ink Spots

Russ T. Nailz -- b.6/15/????
Comedian, Radio Disc Jock

Alex Napier -- b.??/??/1947
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Uriah Heep

Napoleon -- b.12/6/????
XXX-rated actor

Vinny Narcardo -- b.??/??/1941
Group Names: Capris

Tom (Musician) Nardini -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Styx

Natasha -- b.2/5/????
XXX-rated actress

Mark Nathan -- b.6/9/????
Entertainment Figure

Nb -- b.??/??/????

Nc -- b.??/??/????

Nd -- b.??/??/????

Obi Ndefo -- b.??/??/????
TV Shows: Dawson's Creek (as Bodie)

Ne -- b.??/??/????

Ada Neilson -- b.??/??/1846 d.??/??/1905
Actress, English

Dave Nelson -- b.??/??/1905 d.4/7/1946

Ed Nelson Jr. -- b.??/??/????
Songwriter, Country Musician
Misc: in the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame

George Nelson -- b.??/??/1925 d.??/??/1959
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Orioles

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Terri Nelson -- b.??/??/????
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: David's stepdaughter, Chuck Woolery's wife

Nepos -- b.??/??/100BC d.??/??/25BC
Misc: Latin

Gordon Newell -- b.??/??/1913 d.2/??/1991 (78)

Reverend Benny Newton -- b.??/??/???? d.4/24/1993 (60)
Misc: L.A. Gang Riots hero

Brooke Newton -- b.??/??/1987
Actress, Producer

Nf -- b.??/??/????

Ng -- b.??/??/????

Nh -- b.??/??/????

Ni -- b.??/??/????

Betty Jo Niccoli -- b.??/??/1946

Lori Nichol -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Figure Skater, Canadian
Misc: Figure skating choreographer and coach

Henry O. "Hank" Nichols -- b.??/??/1938 N.S.
Basketball Referee
Misc: active 1986-2007 for NCAA Basketball

Robert Nick -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Reigndance

Tom Nielsen -- b.1/30/????
Misc: b. 1950-60s?

Joe Nipote -- b.??/??/????
TV Shows: Viper (as Frankie Waters)

Gracia Nitzsche -- b.??/??/????
Pop Singer
Group Names: The Crystals

John Nixon -- b.??/??/1733 d.12/31/1808
Revolutionary, Businessperson

Nj -- b.??/??/????

Nk -- b.??/??/????

Nl -- b.??/??/????

Nm -- b.??/??/????

Nn -- b.??/??/????

No -- b.??/??/????

Patrick Nolan -- b.4/4/????

Bob Nordby -- b.??/??/????
Group Names: The Kingsmen

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Johnny Noreen -- b.??/??/1950
Group Names: Rose Garden

Jack Norville -- b.??/??/???? d.9/1/1959 (80)
Movie/Stage Actor, Songwriter, Musician
Names/Places: Nora Banes' husband

Bernard Nossiter -- b.??/??/???? d.6/24/1992 (66)
Author, Journalist

Np -- b.??/??/????

Nq -- b.??/??/????

Nr -- b.??/??/????

Ns -- b.??/??/????

Nt -- b.??/??/????

Nu -- b.??/??/????

Craig Nunenmacher -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Crowbar

Pedro Nuñez -- b.??/??/1492 d.??/??/1577
Mathematician, Professor, Portuguese
Misc: fl. 1502-Aug 11, 1578?

Nv -- b.??/??/????

Nw -- b.??/??/????

Nx -- b.??/??/????

Ny -- b.??/??/????

E. K. Nyame -- b.12/??/1927 d.1/19/1977 (49)
Composer, Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: b. Ghana
Misc: b. Dec 1?

Nz -- b.??/??/????

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