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Last Updated 04-01-2019

François Rabelais -- b.??/??/1494 or ??/??/1483 d.4/9/1553
Writer, Satirist, Physicist, French

Riki Rachtman -- b.6/15/1965
Actor, TV Host
TV Shows: MTV

Victoria Racimo -- b.12/26/1950
Actress, Producer
Misc: Actress of Filipino, English, Irish, Spanish, and American Indian descent
TV Shows: The Chisholms, Falcon Crest (as Corene Powers)
Movie Titles: Ernest Goes to Camp, The Mountain Men, Prophecy, White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf

Daniel Radcliffe -- b.7/23/1989
Actor, English
Movie Titles: Harry Potter (series as Harry Potter), Victor Frankenstein, Now You See Me 2

Gilda Radner -- b.6/28/1946 N.S. d.5/20/1989 N.S. (42)
Jewish, Actress, Comedienne, Cartoon Voice Actress, Novelty Singer
Names/Places: b. in Detroit; G.E. Smith's, then Gene Wilder's wife
Misc: National Lampoon troupe member
Arts Titles: PL: Gilda Live!
Song Titles: Let's Talk Dirty To The Animals
TV Shows: Saturday Night Live (1975-1980 as Emily Letilla, Roseanne Rosanna-Dana, & Baba Wa Wa)
Movie Titles: Witch's Night Out, All You Need is Cash, Hanky Panky, First Family, Haunted Honeymoon, Animalympics, The Woman in Red

Josh Radnor -- b.7/29/1974
Screenwriter, Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: RN: Joshua Thomas Radnor
TV Shows: How I Met Your Mother (as Ted Mosby)
Movie Titles: Liberal Arts, Not Another Teen Movie, Happythankyoumoreplease

Charlotte Rae -- b.4/22/1926 N.S. d.8/5/2018 N.S. (92)
Actress, Comedienne, Cartoon Voice Actress, Dancer, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Milwaukee, WI.; RLN:Lubotsky
TV Shows: Car 54 Where Are You? (as Sylvia Schnauser), Hot L Baltimore, Diff'rent Strokes (as Mrs. Edna Garrett), The Facts of Life (as Mrs. Edna Garrett)

Bill Rafferty -- b.6/17/1944 d.8/11/2012 (68)
Comedian, TV Host, Game Show Host
TV Shows: Laugh-In '77, Real People (roving reporter), Card Sharks (host), Blockbusters (host)

Frances Rafferty -- b.6/16/1922 d.4/18/2004 (81)
TV/Movie Actress
Misc: appearred in Abbott & Costello movies
TV Shows: December Bride (as Ruth Henshaw), Pete & Gladys (as Nancy)

Alan Rafkin -- b.7/23/1928 d.8/6/2001 (73)
Misc: Prolific television director
TV Shows: The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Andy Griffith Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, I Dream of Jeannie, Murphy Brown, M-A-S-H, The Love Boat, Laverne & Shirley, Suddenly Susan, Veronica's Closet, The Jeff Foxworthy Show

Lisa Raggio -- b.5/12/1953
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: Pvt. Benjamin (as Pvt. Maria Gianelli)
Movie Titles: Monsters Inc., The Fabulous Baker Boys, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

Larry Ragland -- b.2/21/1948
TV Shows: Keep On Truckin'

Avalon Ragone -- b.11/1/1996

William Ragsdale -- b.1/19/1961
TV/Movie Actor
Misc: AP says b. 1961
TV Shows: Herman's Head (as Herman), Grosse Pointe (as Rob Fields)
Movie Titles: Fright Night (series), Mannequin 2, Smooth Talk, The Reaping

Sam Raimi -- b.10/23/1959
Screen/Scriptwriter, Actor, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Xena: Warrior Princess (producer)
Movie Titles: Spider Man (trilogy 2002-2007), Evil Dead (series)

Douglas Rain -- b.3/13/1928 N.S. d.11/11/2018 N.S. (90)
Radio Actor, TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Narrator, Canadian
Movie Titles: 2001: A Space Odyssey (as Hal)

Dominic Rains -- b.3/1/1982
Actor, Iranian
Movie Titles: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Flight 93, Jinn

Sheryl Lee Ralph -- b.12/30/1956
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer, Singer
TV Shows: It's a Living (as Ginger St. James), Designing Women (as Etienne Toussant Bouvier), Moesha (as Dee Mitchell), George (as Maggie Foster), Instant Mom (as Maggie Turner)
Movie Titles: Oliver and Company, Dreamgirls

Cierra Ramirez -- b.3/9/1995
TV Shows: The Secret Life of the American Teenager (as Kathy), The Fosters (as Mariana Adams Foster)

Sara Ramirez -- b.8/31/1975
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer, Mexican
Misc: musical: Spamalot (as The Lady of the Lake)
TV Shows: Sofia the First (as Queen Miranda), Grey's Anatomy (as Dr. Callie Torres)
Movie Titles: You've Got Mail, Spider-Man (2002), Chicago

Harold Ramis -- b.11/21/1944 d.2/24/2014 (69)
Screenwriter, Actor, Comedian, Movie Director
TV Shows: Second City TV Network (as Moe Green & others)
Movie Titles: National Lampoon's Animal House, Meatballs, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Stripes, Caddyshack, Heavy Metal, Back to School, Baby Boom, Airheads, Orange County, Knocked Up, National Lampoon's Vacation, Groundhog Day, Analyze This, Stuart Saves His Family

Dee Dee Ramone -- b.9/18/1952 d.6/5/2002 (49)
Guitarist, Punk Rock Bassist
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RN:Douglas Colvin
Group Names: The Ramones

Joey Ramone -- b.5/19/1952 d.4/15/2001 (48)
Drummer, Punk Rock Singer
Names/Places: RN:Jeffrey Hyman
Misc: b. 1951?
Group Names: The Ramones

Johnny Ramone -- b.10/8/1948 d.9/15/2004 (55)
Punk Rock Singer/Guitarist, American
Names/Places: RN:John Cummings
Misc: some say b. 1951
Group Names: The Ramones

Richie Ramone -- b.8/11/1957
Punk Rock Drummer
Names/Places: RLN:Reinhardt
Group Names: The Ramones

Tommy Ramone -- b.1/29/1952 d.7/11/2014 (62)
Bassist, Punk Rock Drummer, Hungarian
Names/Places: RN:Thomas Erdelyi
Misc: some say b. 1949
Group Names: The Ramones

Chris Ramsey -- b.8/3/1986 N.S.
TV Shows: Sunday Brunch (as himself), 8 Out of 10 Cats (as humself)

David Ramsey -- b.11/17/1971
TV Shows: Blue Bloods (as Mayor Carter Poole), Dexter, Arrow (as John Diggle)
Movie Titles: Pay It Forward, Con Air, Ali: All American Hero, Scared Stuff, The Nutty Professor

Geoff Ramsey -- b.6/19/1975 N.S.
Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer, Internet Video Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Red vs. Blue
Video Games: Halo 3

Josh Randall -- b.1/27/1972
TV Shows: Ed (as Michael 'Mike' Burton)
Movie Titles: Timber Falls, Boned, Sex Drive

Sue Randall -- b.10/8/1935 d.10/26/1984 (49)
TV Shows: Leave It to Beaver (as Miss Landers)

Tony Randall -- b.2/26/1920 d.5/17/2004 (84)
Jewish, TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Tulsa, Okla.; RN:Leonard Rosenberg; Florence's hubby
TV Shows: One Man's Family (as Mac, Mr. Peepers' Harvey Weskit), The Odd Couple (as Felix Unger), Tony Randall Show (as Judge Walter Franklin), Love-Sydney (as Sidney Shorr)

Boots Randolph -- b.6/3/1927 d.7/3/2007 (80)
Composer, Saxophonist
Names/Places: b. in Paducah, KY
Misc: Yakety Sax; his music was often used in the children's show Wonderama; also for Benny Hill Show; some say b. 1926
Song Titles: Yakety Yak

Joyce Randolph -- b.10/21/1924
TV Actress
TV Shows: The Honeymooners (as original Trixie Norton), Jackie Gleason Show

Lillian Randolph -- b.12/14/1898 d.9/12/1980 (81)
Radio Actress, TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: Amanda's sister
TV Shows: Beulah, Amos 'n Andy (as Madame Queen), Bill Cosby Show (as Rose Kincaid), Roots (as Sister Sara)

Arthur Rankin Jr. -- b.7/19/1924 d.1/30/2014 (89)
Writer, Producer/Director
Misc: worked mostly in animation such as the classic holiday specials Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman plus movies such as The Hobbit and Mad Monster Party, and many Saturday Morning shows for the Rankin-Bass production company.

Martin Ransohoff -- b.7/7/1927 N.S. d.12/13/2017 N.S. (90)
TV/Movie Producer
TV Shows: The Beverly Hillbilles, Mister Ed

Steve Rappaport -- b.12/5/1942 d.7/4/2007 (64)
Novelty Singer
Group Names: The Ran-Dells
Song Titles: Martian Hop

David Rasche -- b.8/7/1944
Writer, Teacher, Actor, Comedian
Names/Places: pron: Rah-she
Misc: was at one time a member of Chicago's Second City improvisation group.
TV Shows: Sledge Hammer (as Det. Sledge Hammer), Ryan's Hope, Nurses (as Michael Milkentype), High Society (as Peter), All My Children, Impastor, Veep (as Jim Marwood)
Movie Titles: Burn After Reading, Men in Black 3, Just Married, An Unmarried Woman, Manhattan

Jim Rash -- b.7/15/1971
Screen/Scriptwriter, Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Reno 911! (as Andrew / Man), Community (as Dean Pelton), Mike Tyson Mysteries (as Marquess of Queensbury), Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (as Principal Slimovitz)
Movie Titles: The Way Way Back, The Descendants

Phylicia Rashad -- b.6/19/1948
Vegetarian, Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Houston, TX; Ahmad's wife, Debbie's sister, RLN:Ayers-Allen
TV Shows: Little Bill, The Cosby Show (as Clair Huxtable), Cosby (as Ruthie Lucas)
Movie Titles: Creed

Allison Raskin -- b.6/20/1989 N.S.
Actress, Comedienne, Internet Video Show Producer
TV Shows: Just Between Us

Damon Raskin -- b.12/11/1967
Misc: retired from acting in 1982
Movie Titles: Night Drive, The North Avenue Irregulars, Americathon, The Phantom of the Opera

Basil Rathbone -- b.6/13/1892 d.7/21/1967 (75)
Movie/Stage Actor, South African
Movie Titles: Sherlock Holmes

Dan Rather -- b.10/31/1931
Baptist, Newscaster, Correspondent, Journalist
Names/Places: b. in Wharton, TX
Misc: What's the frequency Kenneth?, Courage!
TV Shows: CBS Evening News (1981-2005), 60 Minutes (1975-81), 48 Hours, 60 Minutes II

John Ratzenberger -- b.4/6/1947
TV/Movie Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Cheers (as Cliff Clavin)
Movie Titles: Toy Story, Up, Wall-E, The Empire Strikes Back, Gandhi

Melissa Rauch -- b.6/23/1980
Misc: stage: The Miss Education of Jenna Bush
TV Shows: True Blood (occasional), Big Bang Theory (as Bernadette Rostenkowski)
Movie Titles: Dirty Sexy Money, Ice Age: Collision Course, "I Love You, Man", Are You Here, The Bronze

Thurl Ravenscroft -- b.2/6/1914 d.5/22/2005 (91)
Actor, Commercial Actor
Misc: Tony The Tiger voicist since 1952, singer of songs on How the Grinch Stole Christmas and scary voice for cartoons
Song Titles: Grim Grinning Ghosts, You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch

Adam Ray -- b.6/16/1982 N.S.
Comedy Writer, Actor, Comedian
Movie Titles: The Heat

Adil Ray -- b.4/26/1974 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: Citizen Kahn, Celebrity Mastermind, Inside Out

Marquerite Ray -- b.3/18/1931
TV Shows: Sanford (as Evelyn Lewis)
Movie Titles: Cheech and Chong's Next Movie

Gene Rayburn -- b.12/22/1917 d.11/29/1999 (81)
Actor, Game Show Host, Announcer
Names/Places: b. in Christopher, Ill.; RN:Eugene Rubessa
TV Shows: Steve Allen Show, Tonight (announcer 1950s), Match Game, Movie Masters

Martha Raye -- b.8/27/1916 d.10/19/1994 (78)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Comedienne, Variety Show Hostess, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Butte, MT; NN:Martha the Mouth; RN:Margaret Theresa Yvonne Reeds
Misc: wed 6x's
TV Shows: Martha Raye Show, The Bugaloos, McMillan & Wife (as Agatha), Alice (as Carrie Sharples 1982-4)

James Raymond -- b.2/25/1917 d.10/14/1981 (64)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Book Titles: Blondie

Zizan Razak -- b.4/15/1984 N.S.
Actor, Comedian, TV Host, Malaysia
Names/Places: NN: The Emperor of Comedy in Malaysia
Movie Titles: Hantu Kapcai, KL Gangster 2

Donna Reading -- b.??/??/1947
TV Shows: Doctor in the House (as nurse), Monty Python's Flying Circus

Nancy Reagan -- b.7/6/1921 d.3/6/2016 N.S. (94)
First Lady, Movie Actress
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RN:Anne Frances Nancy Robbins Davis Reagan; Ronald's wife
Misc: She says she was born in 1923; 2 years older is correct

Ronald Reagan -- b.2/6/1911 d.6/5/2004 (93)
President, Governor, Movie Actor, TV Host
Names/Places: b. in Tampico, IL; MN:Wilson; Jane Wyman then Nancy Davis's husband
Misc: 40th U.S. President 1981-89; most parodied voice of the 80s; in the NAB Broadcasting and Sporscasters Halls of Fame.
TV Shows: GE Theater (actor/host), Death Valley Days (host)
Movie Titles: Knute Rockne-All American, Bedtime For Bonzo

Spoken Reasons -- b.12/19/1988 N.S.
Album Titles: The Game Changer

Red Baron-The -- b.5/2/1892 d.4/21/1918 (25)
Aviator, German
Names/Places: RN:Manfred Von Ricthoven; NN: The Red Baron
Misc: he shot down more than 80 enemy aircraft during World War I and became known as "The Red Baron."

Chris Redd -- b.3/25/1985 N.S.
Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Saturday Night Live, Disjointed

Orville Redenbacher -- b.7/16/1907 d.9/19/1995 (88)
Names/Places: b. in Brazil, IN
Misc: Popcorn King whose devotion to creating and promoting a fluffier, tastier popcorn turned him into a bow-tied advertising icon.

Eddie Redmayne -- b.1/6/1982
Actor, English
Movie Titles: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Fund Them (series), The Danish Girl, Les Miserables, The Theory of Everything

Terry Ree -- b.7/3/1949
Comedian, Country Performer
Misc: of the (Bruce) Williams and (Terry) Ree comedy duo, aka The Indian and the White Guy.

Alan Reed -- b.8/20/1907 d.6/14/1977 (69)
TV/Radio Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Songwriter
Names/Places: b. in New York City
TV Shows: Allen's Alley (as Falstaff Openshaw, radio 1932-49); Fred Allen Show, Life with Luigi, Mr. Adams & Eve (as JB Hafter), Peter Loves Mary (as Happy), The Flintstones (as Fred Flintstone, Where's Huddles (as Mad Dog Maloney)

Donna Reed -- b.1/27/1921 d.1/14/1986 (64)
TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: b. in Denison, IA; RN:Donna Belle Mullenger
TV Shows: The Donna Reed Show (as Donna Stone), Dallas (as substitute Miss Ellie Ewing 1984-85)
Movie Titles: It's A Wonderful Life, From Here to Eternity

Jerry Reed -- b.3/20/1937 N.S. d.8/31/2008 N.S. (71)
TV/Movie Actor, Comedian, Songwriter, Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Atlanta, GA; RLN:Hubbard
Song Titles: When You're Hot You're Hot, Amos Moses
TV Shows: Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, The Jerry Reed When You're Hot You're Hot Hour, Nashville 99
Movie Titles: Smokey & the Bandit

Lou Reed -- b.3/2/1942 d.10/27/2013 (71)
Actor, Composer/Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RN:Louis Firbank
Misc: some say b. 1943 or '44
Group Names: The Velvet Underground, soloist
Song Titles: Walk on the Wild Side, Sweet Jane, Vicious, I Love You Suzanne, No Money Down

Pamela Reed -- b.4/2/1949
TV Shows: Grand, The Simpsons (as Ruth Powers), Home Court (as Judge Sydney J. Solomon), Parks and Recreation (as Marlene Knope)
Movie Titles: Kindergarten Cop, Bean, Proof of Life, The Right Stuff

Robert Reed -- b.10/19/1932 d.5/13/1992 (59)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor
Names/Places: b. in Highland Park, IL; RN:John Robert Rietz
TV Shows: The Defenders (as Kenneth Preston), The Brady Bunch (as Mike Brady), The Bradys (as Mike Brady), Mannix (as Lt. Adam Tobias), Rich Man-Poor Man, Roots, Scruples, Nurse

Rondi Reed -- b.10/26/1952
TV Shows: Mike and Molly (as Peggy)
Movie Titles: The Astronaut's Wife, Jungle 2 Jungle, Fearless

Mason Reese -- b.4/11/1966
Misc: sold Underwood Deviled Ham, was the Borgasmord kid; at 33 in 1999, owns three NYC restaurants

Pokey Reese -- b.6/10/1973
MLB Player
Names/Places: RFN:Calvin
Misc: 2x Gold Glove, I wonder if he had a friend named Gumby?
Sports Teams: Cincinnatti Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Red Sox

Vic Reeves -- b.1/24/1959
Artist, Actor, Comedian, English
Misc: of the Vic and Bob (Mortimer) comedy team

Joe Regalbuto -- b.8/24/1949
Actor, Director
TV Shows: The Associates, Knots Landing (as Harry Fisher), Street Hawk, Murphy Brown (as Frank Fontana), George Lopez (director)
Movie Titles: Missing, Raw Deal

Brian Regan -- b.10/2/1957 N.S.

Robert Reid -- b.9/30/1955
NBA Player
Misc: NOT the Brady Bunch dad; see Robert REED

Tara Reid -- b.11/8/1975
Actress, Producer
Movie Titles: Van Wilder: Party Liaison, A Return to Salem's Lot, The Big Lebowski, Sharknado, American Pie (series), Josie and the Pussycats, My Boss' Daughter

Tim Reid -- b.12/19/1944
Poet, TV Actor, TV Producer, Radio Disc Jock
Names/Places: b. in Harvey, IL; Daphne Maxwell's husband
TV Shows: Richard Pryor Show, WKRP in Cincinnatti (as Gordon Sims aka DJ Venus Flytrap), Simon & Simon (as Det. Marcel Downtown Brown), Teachers Only, Frank's Place (as Frank Parrish), Snoops, Sister Sister (as Ray), That 70's Show (occasional)

Charles Nelson Reilly -- b.1/13/1931 d.5/25/2007 (76)
TV/Stage Actor, Comedian, Game Show Host, Cartoon Voice Actor, Director, Panelist
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: stage: Bye Bye Birdie, Hello Dolly, How to Succeed in Business w/o Really Trying
TV Shows: The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (as Claymore Gregg), Arnie, Match Game, Lidsville (as Horatio J. Hoo Doo), Uncle Croc's Block, The Match Game (panelist), It Pays to Be Ignorant (panelist), The Flinstones Comedy Show, Goof Troop, Space Cats
Movie Titles: All Dogs Go to Heaven, Rock-a-Doodle, Babes in Toyland, An All Dogs Christmas Carol

John C. Reilly -- b.5/24/1965
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Tim and Eric Awesome Show-Great Job!, Stone Crackers, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule
Movie Titles: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Wreck-It Ralph, Thin Red Line, For Love of the Game, The Good Girl, Chicago, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Step Brothers

Carl Reiner -- b.3/20/1922
Novelist, Comedy Writer, Actor, Comedian, Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Bronx, N.Y.
Misc: frequent game show panelist
Album Titles: The 2000 Year Old Man
TV Shows: Your Show of Shows, Sid Caesar Invites You, Caesar's Hour (as George Hansen), Dick Van Dyke Show (as boss Alan Brady), Good Heavens (as Mr. Angel), Father of the Pride (as Sarmoti)
Movie Titles: Oh God! (director), The Jerk (director)

Rob Reiner -- b.3/6/1947
Comedy Writer, Actor, Movie Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in The Bronx; RFN:Robert; Carl's son; Penny Marshall's ex-hubby
Misc: b. in 1947 is correct acc to Rob's dad, some say b. in 1945
TV Shows: All in the Family (as Mike 'Meathead' Stivic), Free Country
Movie Titles: The Wolf of Wall Street, The Story of Us, This is Spinal Tap, Stand by Me, The Princess Bride, EDtv, Dickie Roberts (Former) Child Star

Paul Reiser -- b.3/30/1956 N.S.
Writer, TV/Movie Actor, Comedian, TV Producer, Composer
Misc: CNN says b. 1957 and E.T. says b. 1956, AP says 3-30-57
TV Shows: My Two Dads (as Michael Taylor), Mad About You (as Paul Buchman)
Movie Titles: Diner, The Thing About My Folks, Whiplash, Aliens

Ivan Reitman -- b.10/27/1946
Movie Producer/Director, Composer, Canadian, Czechoslovakian
Movie Titles: Up in the Air, No Strings Attached, Ghostbusters, Meatballs, Stripes, Kindergarden Cop, Dave

James Remar -- b.12/31/1953
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: The Vampire Diaries, Sex and the City, North Shore (as Vincent Colville), Dexter
Movie Titles: 2 Fast 2 Furious, Django Unchained, The Girl Next Door, Miracle on 34th Street, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, 48 Hours, Rent-a-Cop, The Cotton Club, Ratatouille
Video Games: The Warriors, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Killzone 3, Destiny

Georges "Herge" Remi -- b.5/22/1907 N.S. d.3/3/1983 N.S. (75)
Cartoonist, Belgiumese
Misc: an underrated Belgian cartoonist; Tin Tin creator

Leah Remini -- b.6/15/1970
Author, Actress, Comedienne, TV Talk Show Hostess, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Living Dolls (as Charlie), Phantom 2040 (as Segan Cruz), The Exes (as Nicki), The Talk, Fired Up (as Terry Reynolds), The King of Queens (as Carrie Heffernan)

René Dif -- b.10/17/1967
Actor, Songwriter, Pop Singer, Danish (Denmark)
Group Names: Aqua

Michael Rennie -- b.8/25/1909 d.6/10/1971 (61)
TV/Movie Actor, English
TV Shows: The Third Man (as Harry Lime), Batman (as Sandman)

Janet Reno -- b.7/21/1938 d.11/7/2016 N.S. (78)
Government Official
Misc: former-Attorney General; Secretary of Justice; parodied on "Saturday Night Live"

Nina Repeta -- b.9/10/1967
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: Dawson's Creek (as Bessie Potter)
Movie Titles: The SpongeBob Mobie: Sponge Out of Water, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, The Remaining

Stafford Repp -- b.4/26/1918 d.11/5/1974 (56)
TV Shows: The Thin Man (as Lt. Ralph Raines), Batman (as Chief O'Hara), New Phil Silvers Show

Paul Reubens -- b.8/27/1952
TV/Movie Actor, Comedian, Variety Show Host, Cartoon Voice Actor
Names/Places: b. in Peekskill, NY; aka Pee Wee Herman; RLN:Reubenfeld
TV Shows: TRON: Uprising, Pee Wee's Playhouse (host), Gong Show (lounge-singing Indian), Night Court (as Bob Wheeler), Murphy Brown (as Andrew J. Lansing III), Mystery Men, You Don't Know Jack (host as Troy Stevens), The Blacklist (as Mr. Vargas)
Movie Titles: Blow, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman Returns, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Paul Revere -- b.12/21/1734 J-LD or 1/1/1735 N.S. d.5/10/1818 N.S. (83)
Comic Strip Cartoonist, Engraver, Revolutionary, Inventor, Statesman
Names/Places: b. in Boston; d. in Boston
Misc: Silversmith; Political; New England Patriot; False Teeth, Eye Glasses, Picture Frames, Surgical Tools, warned the colonists "The British Are Coming!"

Clive Revill -- b.4/18/1930
TV/Movie Actor, New Zealand
TV Shows: Wizards & Warriors
Movie Titles: Avanti!, The Legend of Hell House, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Empire Strikes Back

Simon Rex -- b.7/20/1974
Actor, Comedian, Producer
Group Names: Dirt Nasty (satirical rapper)
Song Titles: Sexy and I Know It (cameo in the video)
TV Shows: Jack and Jill (as Michael "Mikey" Russo), What I Like About You (as Jeff)
Movie Titles: Scary Movie (series), Pledge This!

H. A. Rey -- b.9/16/1898 d.8/26/1977 (78)
Illustrator, Children's Author
Names/Places: RFN:Hans
Misc: co-created Curious George with wife Margaret; popular constellation books
Book Titles: Curious George (series)

Reynaldo Rey -- b.1/27/1940 d.5/28/2015 (75)
Actor, Comedian

Alisa Reyes -- b.2/3/1981
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: All That, One World, The Proud Family, Passions

Joaquin Reyes -- b.8/16/1974 N.S.
Actor, Comedian, Spanish
TV Shows: Museo Coconut, Muchachada Nui, La Hora Chanante
Movie Titles: Ghost Graduation

Judy Reyes -- b.11/5/1967
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Jane the Virgin, Devious Maids (as Zoila Diaz), Scrubs (as Nurse Carla Espinosa)

Allie Reynolds -- b.2/10/1915 d.12/26/1994 (79)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: 1952 AL ERA leader (2.07)

Burt Reynolds -- b.2/11/1936 N.S. d.9/6/2018 N.S. (82)
Protestant, TV/Movie Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer/Director, College Football Player
Names/Places: b. in Waycross, Ga.; Judy Carne's, then Loni Anderson's ex-hubby
Misc: College football star in the 1950s
TV Shows: Riverboat (as Ben), Gunsmoke (as Quint Asper), Hawk (as Lt. John Hawk), Dan August (as Det. Lt. Dan August), B.L. Stryker (as Buddy Lee Stryker), Win Lose or Draw, Evening Shade (as Wood Newton)
Movie Titles: Deliverance, The Longest Yard, Smokey & the Bandit, Semi-Tough, Hooper, The End, Cannonball Run, Boogie Nights, Bean, The Crew, Driven, Dukes of Hazzard (2005)

James Reynolds -- b.8/10/1946
TV Shows: Days of Our Lives (as Abe Carver since 1981)
Movie Titles: C.H.O.M.P.S., The Magic of Lassie, Fun with Dick and Jane, Mr. Majestyk

Malvina Reynolds -- b.8/23/1900 d.3/17/1978 (77)
Songwriter, Blues Singer, Folk Singer
Song Titles: Little Boxes (songwriter), Morningtown Ride

Nick Reynolds -- b.7/27/1933 d.10/1/2008 (75)
Banjoist, Guitarist, Folk Singer
Group Names: Kingston Trio

Ryan Reynolds -- b.10/23/1976
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place (as Michael "Berg" Bergen)
Movie Titles: National Lampoon's Van Wilder, The Amityville Horror, Definitely Maybe, The Proposal, Buried

Caroline Rhea -- b.4/13/1964
Actress, Comedienne, TV Hostess, TV Talk Show Hostess, Cartoon Voice Actress, Panelist, Canadian
TV Shows: Sabrina The Teenage Witch (as Aunt Hildaguarde "Hilda" Antoinette Spellman), Hollywood Squares (panel), The Biggest Loser, Phineas and Ferb
Movie Titles: The Perfect Man

Herbert "Tubo" Rhoad -- b.10/1/1944 d.12/8/1988 (44)
Group Names: The Persuasions

Barbara Rhoades -- b.3/23/1947
TV Shows: Busting Loose, Soap (as Maggie Chandler), You Again (as Maggie Davis)
Movie Titles: The Goodbye Girl, The Shakiest Gun in the West, Scream Blacula Scream, Harry and Tonto

Donnelly Rhodes -- b.12/4/1937 d.1/8/2018 N.S. (80)
Actor, Director, Canadian
TV Shows: Da Vinci's Inquest (as Det. Leo Shannon), Danger Bay (as Dr. Grant "Doc" Roberts), Soap (as Dutch), Double Trouble
Movie Titles: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Tron: Legacy

Tom Rhodes -- b.1/14/1967
Actor, Comedian, TV Host
Misc: the first spokesman for Comedy Central
TV Shows: Tom Rhodes (star)

Alfonso Ribeiro -- b.9/21/1971
Actor, TV Host, Director, Dancer
Misc: formerly The Tap Dance Kid, appeared in a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson
TV Shows: Silver Spoons (as Alfonso Spears), The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (as Carlton Banks/Cousin), In the House (as Dr. Maxwell Stanton), Unwrapped 2.0 (host)

Giovonni Ribisi -- b.12/17/1974
TV Actor
Names/Places: RFN:Antonio Giovaninni
TV Shows: My Two Dads, The New Leave it To Beaver, Davis Rules (as Skinner Buckley), Friends (as Frank Buffay Jr.)
Movie Titles: Avatar, Public Enemies, Ted, Boiler Room, Lost in Translation, Saving Private Ryan, The Other Sister, The Mod Squad, Gone in 60 Seconds, Flight of the Phoenix

Marissa Ribisi -- b.12/17/1974
Names/Places: Giovanni's twin
Misc: retired from acting in 2003
TV Shows: Grown Ups (as Shari)
Movie Titles: Dazed and Confused, 100 Girls, Some Girl, Pleasantville

Bob Ricci -- b.3/4/????
Novelty Singer
Song Titles: Days of Our Lives, Ode to Playboy, My Girlfriend's Back

Christina Ricci -- b.2/12/1980
Movie Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer
Movie Titles: Monster, The Opposite of Sex, Black Snake Moan, Addams Family (as Wednesday), Now and Then, Gold Diggers, That Darn Cat (1997), Sleepy Hollow, Anything Else, Monster, Cursed (sucks), Speed Racer

Italia Ricci -- b.10/29/1986 N.S.
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Canadian
TV Shows: Desinated Survivor (as Emily Rhodes), Chasing Life (as April Carver), Unnatural History (voice)
Movie Titles: Don Jon, American Pie Presents Beta House

Alice Caldwell Rice -- b.1/11/1870 d.2/10/1942 (72)
Author, Humorist

Gigi Rice -- b.3/13/1965
TV Shows: John Larroquette Show (as Carly Watkins)
Movie Titles: The Man, A Night at the Roxbury

Tim Rice -- b.11/10/1944
Actor, Lyricist, Librettist, English
Misc: Andrew Lloyd Webber's partner
Song Titles: One Night in Bangkok

Adam Rich -- b.10/12/1968
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
Names/Places: b. in New York City
TV Shows: Eight is Enough (as Nicholas Bradford), Code Red, Gun Shy, Dungeons and Dragons
Movie Titles: The Devil and Max Devlin

Christopher Rich -- b.9/16/1953 N.S.
Actor, Producer/Director
TV Shows: The Charmings (as Eric Charming), George Carlin Show (as Dr. Neil Beck), Murphy Brown (as Miller Redfield), Reba (as Brock Hart), Melissa and Joey (as Russell Burke / Rutherford)
Movie Titles: Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again

Don Rich -- b.8/15/1941 d.7/17/1974 (32)
Country Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: The Buckaroos (Buck Owens' backup band)
TV Shows: Hee Haw

J. August Richards -- b.8/28/1973 N.S.
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Angel (as Charles Gunn), Raising the Bar (as Marcus McGrath), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (as Mike Peterson / Deathlok), Kevin (Probably) Saves The World
Movie Titles: The Temptations, Good Burger

Jeff Richards -- b.10/21/1974
Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: MAD TV, Saturday Night Live

Keith Richards -- b.12/18/1943
Music Producer, Songwriter, Pianist, Rhythm Guitarist, Rock & Roll Singer, English
Names/Places: was LN:Richard for a while
Misc: Bass Singer
Group Names: The Rolling Stones, soloist

Kyle Richards -- b.1/11/1969
Actress, Reality TV Starlet
Names/Places: Paris Hilton's aunt, Kathy and Kim's sister
TV Shows: ER (as Nurse Dori)

Michael Richards -- b.7/24/1949
Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Fridays, Seinfeld (as "Cosmo" Kenny Kramer, his first name was revealed on the January 5, 1995 episode), Marblehead Manor, Trial and Error
Movie Titles: UHF, Young Doctors in Love, Coneheads

Nick Richards -- b.4/3/1960
Songwriter, Alternative Rock Performer, British
Group Names: Boys Don't Cry
Song Titles: I Wanna Be A Cowboy

Robyn Richards -- b.1/22/1987
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: General Hospital (as Maxie Jones)
Movie Titles: A Goofy Movie

Jake Richardson -- b.2/20/1985
TV Shows: Fudge
Movie Titles: Clerks II, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

Jon Richardson -- b.9/26/1982 N.S.
Comedian, English
Album Titles: A Little Bit OCD

Kevin Michael Richardson -- b.10/25/1964 N.S.
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Lilo and Stitch, Uncle Grandpa, Homeboys In Outer Space (as Vashti), The Cleveland Show
Movie Titles: The Matrix Revolutions

Patricia Richardson -- b.2/23/1951
TV/Movie Actress
TV Shows: Eisenhower and Lutz, Double Trouble, FM (as Lee Ann Plunkett), Home Improvement (as Jill Taylor), Strong Medicine (as Dr. Andy Campbell), The West Wing (as Sheila Brooks)
Movie Titles: Ulee's Gold, Blonde

Salli Richardson -- b.11/23/1967
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer/Director, Singer
Names/Places: aka Sally Richardson-Whitfield
Group Names: Family Law
TV Shows: Eureka (as Allison Blake), Gargoyles, Stitchers (as Maggie)
Movie Titles: Antwone Fisher, I Am Legend

Susan Richardson -- b.3/11/1952
Children's Author, Actress, Panelist
Names/Places: b. in Coatesville, PA
Book Titles: Really Loose Mother Goose
TV Shows: Eight is Enough (as Susan Bradford Stockwell)
Movie Titles: American Graffiti

Maisie Richardson-Sellers -- b.3/2/1992 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: The Originals, Legends of Tomorrow (as Amaya Jiwe / Vixen)
Movie Titles: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Nate Richert -- b.4/28/1978
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Sabrina the Teenage Witch (as Harvey Kinkle)
Movie Titles: Gamebox 1.0, Lovely and Amazing, Survival Island

Nicole Richie -- b.9/21/1981
Reality TV Starlet
Names/Places: Lionel's daughter
TV Shows: The Simple Life, Great News (as Portia Scott-Griffith)

Peter Mark Richman -- b.4/16/1927
TV Shows: Longstreet, Dynasty (as Andrew Laird), Three's Company (as Reverend Snow)
Movie Titles: The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Alice Richmond -- b.9/10/2005
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Tina Fey and Jeff's daughter

Deon Richmond -- b.4/2/1978
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Getting By (as Darren Dixon), Sister Sister (as Jordan Bennett), The Cosby Show (as Kenny)
Movie Titles: Scream 3, Van Wilder: Party Liason, Not Another Teen Movie, Hatchet, Scream 3

William E. "Bill" Richmond -- b.12/19/1921 N.S. d.6/4/2016 N.S. (94)
Screenwriter, Comedy Writer, Actor, Producer, Composer, Musician
TV Shows: Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, The Carol Burnett Show, I Dream of Jeannie, Welcome Back Kotter, Three's Company, Wizards and Warriors, The John Larroquette Show, All in the Family, Blossom, Kate and Allie
Movie Titles: The Nutty Professor (screenplay), The Errand Boy (screenwriter), The Ladies Man (screenwriter)

Andy Richter -- b.10/28/1966
Cartoon Voice Actor, Personality
TV Shows: Andy Barker P.I., Late Night With Conan O'Brien (sidekick 1993-2000), Andy Richter Controls The Universe (as himself), Quintuplets (as Bob Chase)
Movie Titles: Madagascar (series)

Dr. Charles F. Richter -- b.4/26/1900 N.S. d.9/30/1985 N.S. (85)
Names/Places: b. in Hamilton, Ohio; MN:Francis
Misc: Seismologist; Richter Scale that measures earthquakes

Pat Rick -- b.2/18/1948
Actor, Comedian, Producer
Misc: Bill Clinton impersonator
Movie Titles: Silence of the Hams, The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave

Chelsea Ricketts -- b.10/29/1989 N.S.
TV Shows: The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Scream Queens (as Amy Meyer)
Movie Titles: The Killing, True Blood

Don Rickles -- b.5/8/1926 N.S. d.4/6/2017 N.S. (90)
TV/Movie Actor, Comedian, TV Host, Cartoon Voice Actor
Names/Places: b. in Long Island, NY
Misc: Roast telecasts fave
TV Shows: The Don Rickles Shows, CPO Sharkey (as CPO Otto Sharkey), Foulups-Bleeps-and Blunders, Daddy Dearest (as Al Mitchell)
Movie Titles: Toy Story (as Mr. Potato Head)

Nelson Riddle -- b.6/1/1921 d.10/6/1985 (64)
Conductor/Composer, Arranger, Trombonist, Bandleader
Names/Places: b. in Hackensack, NJ; RN:Lisbon Antigua
TV Shows: Nat King Cole, Rosemary Clooney, Frank Sinatra, Smothers Brothers, Julie Andrews, Tim Conway, Helen Reddy (all TV variety shows)

Stan Ridgeway -- b.4/5/1954
Composer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, New Wave Singer
Group Names: Wall of Voo Doo (through 1983), soloist
Song Titles: Ring of Fire, Mexican Radio (previous titles as lead of Wall of Voo Doo), Camouflage
Album Titles: Wall of Voo Doo, Drk Continent, Call of the West (previous titles as lead of Wall of Voo Doo), The Big Heat

Daisy Ridley -- b.4/10/1992 N.S.
Actress, English
Movie Titles: Star Wars: Episode VII -The Force Awakens, Scrawl

Lisa Rieffel -- b.1/12/1975
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: The Trials of Rosie O'Neill, Empty Nest (as Emily), The King of Queens (as Sara Spooner)
Movie Titles: Drowning Mona

Eden Riegel -- b.1/1/1981
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Internet Video Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: Iron Man, Sailor Moon R, Stitch!, Bleach, All My Children, Imaginary Bitches (web series), Youthful Daze (as Natalie Cardin), The Lion Guard (as Kiara)
Movie Titles: Year One, The Lion Guard, Sailor Moon (series), Tiger and Bunny (series), The Prince of Egypt, American Pie
Video Games: Final Fantasy XV, Dead or Alive (series), Saints Row (series), Persona (series), Shin Megami Tensei (series)

"Wrong Way" Roy Riegels -- b.4/4/1908 d.3/26/1993 (84)
College Football Player
Misc: famous for his wrong way run to his own goal line in Rose Bowl 1929

Peter Riegert -- b.4/11/1947
Actor, Director
Movie Titles: The Mask, Oscar, Local Hero, Americathon, National Lampoon's Animal House, Crossing Delancy

Richard Riehle -- b.5/12/1948
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Grounded For Life (as Walt Finnerty)
Movie Titles: Office Space, The Man From Earth, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Matt Rife -- b.9/10/1995 N.S.

Rob Riggle -- b.4/21/1970 N.S.
Actor, Comedian, Producer
TV Shows: The Daily Show, NTSF:SD:SUV::
Movie Titles: 21 Jump Street, The Hangover, Let's Be Cops, Dumb and Dumber To

William T. Riker -- b.8/19/2335
General Fictious Character
Misc: aka: Number One; Star Trek TNG character DOB

Jack Riley -- b.12/30/1935 d.8/19/2016 N.S. (80)
Comic Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
Misc: a comedic character actor
TV Shows: Son of the Beach, Bob Newhart Show (as Elliot Carlin), Keep On Truckin', Tim Conway Show, Rugrats (as Stu Pickles, also in All Grown Up)
Movie Titles: The World's Greatest Lover, High Anxiety, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!, Spaceballs, Boogie Nights, To Be or Not to Be

Jeanne C. Riley -- b.10/19/1945
Actress, Country Singer
Names/Places: b. in Anson, TX; RMLN:Carolyn Stephenson
Song Titles: Harper Valley PTA

Jeannine Riley -- b.10/1/1940
TV Shows: Petticoat Junction (as Billie Jo Bradley), Hee Haw, Dusty's Trail

Kevin Thomas Riley -- b.8/5/2186
Names/Places: b. in Tasvennir, Tarsus IV (Star Trek)

Madison Riley -- b.3/16/1990 N.S.
TV Shows: Two and a Half Men (as Britte)
Movie Titles: Fired Up!, Bratz, Grown Ups, Prom

Pat O'Neal Riley -- b.10/13/1961
General Fictious Character
Misc: What's that? It's Pat

Shane Rimmer -- b.5/28/1929 N.S. d.3/29/2019 N.S. (89)
Screenwriter, Actor, Voice Actor, Canadian, English
Names/Places: b. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
TV Shows: Thunderbirds (as Scott Tracy), Space: 1999 (various voices)
Movie Titles: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (uncredited), Dr. Strangelove, Rollerball, The Spy Who Loved Me, Gandhi, Out of Africa, Batman Begins, James Bond films (appeared in more of those films than any other actor except for cast members playing recurring characters)

Molly Ringwald -- b.2/18/1968
TV/Movie Actress
Misc: some say b. on Feb 6, 14, 16, or 17th; date according to AP
TV Shows: The New Mickey Mouse Club (1977), The Facts of Life (as Molly Parker 1979-80), The Secret Life of the American Teeanger (as Anne Jurgens), Raising Expectations (as Paige Wayney)
Movie Titles: Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Tempest, 16 Candles, Townies

Kelly Ripa -- b.10/2/1970 N.S.
Actress, TV Hostess, TV Talk Show Hostess
Names/Places: pron: RIH'-pah
TV Shows: All My Children (as Hayley Vaughn Cortlandt McIntyre Santos Santos Santos), Music Scoupe, Live with Regis and Kelly, Live With Kelly, Live with Kelly and Michael, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Hope & Faith (as Faith Fairfield)

Robert LeRoy Ripley -- b.12/25/1890 N.S. d.5/27/1949 N.S. (58)
Cartoonist, Illustrator, Author, Writer, Anthropologist, Entrepreneur, TV Host
Names/Places: b. in Santa Rosa, CA
Book Titles: Ripley's Believe It ot Not (creator)

Rodney Allen Rippy -- b.7/29/1968
Actor, Radio Talk Show Host, Commercial Actor
Misc: Jack in the Box ads 1970's

Robbie Rist -- b.4/4/1964 N.S.
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Video Game Voice Actor, Musician
TV Shows: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (as Michelangelo), The Brady Bunch (as Oliver, Carol's nephew), Lucas Tanner, Mary Tyler Moore Show (as David Baxter), Battlestar Galactica (as Dr. Zee), Kidd Video
Movie Titles: Balto, Iron Eagle, Sharknado
Video Games: Naruto (series), Final Fantasy (series)

Guy Ritchie -- b.9/10/1968
Producer/Director, English
Movie Titles: Snatch, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", RocknRolla

Alan Ritchson -- b.11/28/1984 N.S.
Actor, Producer, Model
TV Shows: Blood Drive (as Arthur Bailey), Blue Mountain State (as Thad Castle), Smallville
Movie Titles: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Theadland, Aquaman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Jason Ritter -- b.2/17/1980 N.S.
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
Names/Places: Nancy Morgan and John's son
TV Shows: Joan of Arcadia (as Kevin Girardi), Parenthood (as Mark Cyr), The Event, Gravity Falls (as Dipper Pines), Kevin (Probably) Saves The World
Movie Titles: Freddy Vs. Jason

John Ritter -- b.9/17/1948 d.9/11/2003 (54)
Protestant, TV/Movie Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Burbank, CA; RFN:Jonathan; Tex's son, Amy Yasbeck's hubby
TV Shows: The Waltons (as Rev Matthew Fordwick), Three's Company (as Jack Tripper), Three's a Crowd (as Jack Tripper), Hooperman (as Det. Harry Hooperman), Anything But Love (as Patrick Serreau), Fish Police (as Inspector Gil), Hearts Afire (as John Hartman), Stay Tuned, Felicity (as Mr. Covington), Clifford the Big Red Dog (voice), 8 Simple Rules (as Paul Hennessy)
Movie Titles: The Barefoot Executive, Americathon

Al Ritz -- b.8/27/1901 d.12/22/1965 (64)
Movie Actor, Comedian, Dancer, Singer
Misc: of The Ritz Brothers

Harry Ritz -- b.5/22/1907 d.3/29/1986 (78)
Actor, Comedian, Dancer, Singer
Misc: of The Ritz Brothers

Jimmy Ritz -- b.10/5/1904 d.11/17/1985 (81)
Actor, Comedian, Dancer, Singer
Misc: of The Ritz Brothers; some say b. Oct 4

Diana-Maria Riva -- b.7/22/1969
TV Shows: Sabrina The Teenage Witch (as Annie), Studio 60 (as Lilly Roriquez), The Good Guys (as Lieutenant Ana Ruiz), Telenovela (as Mimi)
Movie Titles: What Women Want, Short Term 12, 17 Again, McFarland USA

Emilio Rivera -- b.2/24/1961 N.S.
Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Mayans M.C., The Family Business, Sons of Anarchy (as Marcus Álvarez)
Movie Titles: Venom

Naya Rivera -- b.1/12/1987
Actress, Singer
TV Shows: The Royal Family (as Hillary Royal), Glee (as Santana Lopez)
Movie Titles: The Master of Disguise

Bob Rivers -- b.7/7/1956 N.S.
Radio Broadcaster, Novelty Singer

Joan Rivers -- b.6/8/1933 d.9/4/2014 (81)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Actress, Comedienne, TV Talk Show Hostess, Director, Panelist
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; RN:Joan Alexandra Sandra Molinsky; Edgar Rosenberg's wife
Misc: The 'Can We Talk?' rasper, own jeweley line; some say b. 10-12 or 1937
TV Shows: Hollywood Squares (panelist), The Late Show (host), Joan Rivers Show (host)

Hal Roach -- b.1/14/1892 d.11/2/1992 (100)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Actor, Film Executive, Movie Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Elmira, NY
Misc: Veteran Comic Producer; discovered Laurel & Hardy
Movie Titles: Our Gang (producer), Little Rascals (producer)

John Roarke -- b.2/29/1952
Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Fridays (regular)
Movie Titles: The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, Courage Under Fire, S.F.Q.

Marty Robbins -- b.9/26/1925 d.12/8/1982 (57)
Movie Actor, Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist, Country Performer
Names/Places: b. in Glendale, AZ; RN:Martin David Robinson
Misc: Grand Ole Opry regular; stock car racer
Song Titles: I'll Go On Alone, Singing The Blues, A White Sport Coat, El Paso, Don't Worry
Album Titles: Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs, Return of the Gunfighter, R.F.D., Drifter, Tonight Carmen, I Walk Alone, El Paso City, Adios Amigo

Tom Robbins -- b.7/22/1936
Misc: his best-selling novels are seriocomedies, also known as comedy-drama
Book Titles: Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Austin Roberts -- b.9/19/1945
Songwriter, Singer, Musician
Misc: collaborator on Hanna Barbera cartoons

Bob Roberts -- b.4/27/1879 d.1/21/1930 (50)
Novelty Singer
Names/Places: NN:Ragtime
Song Titles: The Woodchuck Song (1904)

Brad Roberts -- b.1/10/1964
Modern Rock Singer/Guitarist, Canadian
Misc: "Weird Al" parodied the band's song "Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmm" into "Headline News"
Group Names: Crash Test Dummies
Song Titles: Superman's Song, Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, Swimming in Your Ocean, Afternoons and Coffeespoons, The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead, He Liked to Feel It, Keep a Lid on Things
Album Titles: The Ghosts That Haunt Me (1991), God Shuffled His Feet (1993), A Worm's Life (1996), Give Yourself a Hand (1999), I Don't Care That You Don't Mind (2001), Jingle All the Way (2002), Puss 'n' Boots (2003), Songs of the Unforgiven (2004), Oooh La La! (2010)
Video Titles: Symptomology of a Rock Band: The Case of Crash Test Dummies

Doris Roberts -- b.11/4/1930 d.4/17/2016 N.S. (85)
TV Actress
Names/Places: b. in St. Louis, MO
Misc: some say b. 1925, 1928 or 1929
TV Shows: Mary Hartman Mary Hartman (as Dorelda), Soap (as Flo), St. Elsewhere (as bag lady), Angie (as Theresa Falco), Maggie, Remington Steele (as Mildred Krebs), Dream On (as Angie Pedalbee), Everybody Loves Raymond (as Marie Barone), Keeping Up With The Steins

Eric Roberts -- b.4/18/1956
Actor, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Biloxi, MS.; Julia's brother
TV Shows: Less Than Perfect (as Will Butler)
Movie Titles: The Dark Knight, The Expendables, The Cable Guy

John Roberts -- b.11/10/1971
Writer, Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Bob's Burgers (as Linda), Gravity Falls (as Xyler)

Pernell Roberts -- b.5/18/1928 d.1/24/2010 (81)
TV Actor, TV Host
Names/Places: b. in Waycross, GA
Misc: some say b. in 1928
TV Shows: Bonanza (as Adam Cartwright), Trapper John MD (as Dr. John McIntyre aka Trapper John), FBI:The Untold Stories (narrator)

Roy Roberts -- b.3/19/1900 d.5/28/1975 (75)
TV Shows: Bewitched (as Frank Stephens), The Gale Storm Show (as Capt. Huxley), Petticoat Junction (as Norman Curtis), The Beverly Hillbillies (as John Cushing), The Lucy Show (as Harrison Cheever), Gunsmoke (as Mr. Bodkin)

Cliff Robertson -- b.9/9/1923 d.9/10/2011 (88)
TV/Movie Actor, Movie Director
Names/Places: b. in San Diego; RFMN:Clifford Parker III; Dina Merrill's hubby
TV Shows: Batman (as Shame), Falcon Crest (as Dr. Michael Ranson)
Movie Titles: Spiderman (2002)

Clive Robertson -- b.12/17/1965
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, English
TV Shows: Starhunter, Wicked Wicked Games (as Theodore Crawford), Sunset Beach, General Hospital
Movie Titles: Crazy Girls Undercover, The Ant Bully

Sir George Robey -- b.9/20/1869 d.11/29/1954 (85)
Movie/Stage Actor, Comedian, English

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