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Last Updated 01-22-2019

Robin Wagner -- b.8/31/1933
Misc: Broadway sets

Sir Emery Walker -- b.4/2/1851 d.7/22/1933 (82)
Painter, Engraver, British

Henry Walker -- b.5/14/1843 d.1/14/1929 (85)
Painter, Sculptor

Horatio Walker -- b.5/12/1858 d.9/27/1938 (80)
Painter, Canadian

Mort Walker -- b.9/3/1923 d.1/27/2018 N.S. (94)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Names/Places: LN:Addison
Book Titles: Beetle Bailey, Hi & Lois

Ralph T. Walker -- b.11/28/1889 d.1/17/1973 (83)

Raoul Wallenberg -- b.8/4/1912 d.7/17/1947 (34)
Architect, Statesman, Swedish
Misc: credited with saving 100,000 Jews in Budapest from the Nazis during World War II. Presumed deceased on July 17, 1947. He was the second person to receive honorary U.S. citizenship [1981]

Sir Barnes Neville Wallis -- b.9/26/1887 d.10/30/1979 (92)
Designer, English
Misc: military engineer who invented the innovative "dambuster" bombs used in World War II.

Horace Walpole -- b.9/24/1717 d.3/2/1797 (79)
Architect, Author, Novelist, Historian, Statesman, English
Names/Places: NN:4th Earl of Oxford
Misc: gothic romance

Thomas Walter -- b.9/4/1804 d.10/30/1887 (83)

Alexander Wang -- b.12/26/1983 N.S.
Fashion Designer

Vera Wang -- b.6/27/1949
Fashion Designer
Misc: in the Figure Skating Hall of Fame

Roland A. Wank -- b.4/6/1898 N.S. d.1/22/1970 N.S. (71)
Architect, Austrian, Hungarian

Jay Ward -- b.9/21/1920 d.10/12/1989 (69)
Animator, Producer
Misc: animator Tom Sito of California is certain Jay was born Sep 21, though Sep 20 is from some other sources.
TV Shows: The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, George of the Jungle, Dudley Do-Right, Hoppity Hooper, Mr. Peabody, Fractured Fairy Tales, World of Commander McBragg (and many other cartoons)

Pendleton Ward -- b.7/8/1982 N.S.
Animator, Screenwriter, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Bravest Warriors (creator), Adventure Time (creator and actor)
Video Games: Adventure Time (series), Lego Dimensions (series)

Andy Warhol -- b.8/6/1928 d.2/22/1987 (58)
Artist, Producer, Gay
Names/Places: b. in Pittsburgh, PA; RN:Andrew Warhola
Misc: Campbell's soupcans, Brillo boxes, Marilyn Monroe, Mao Tse-Tung; Pop art; some say 1927

James Warren -- b.2/24/1913 N.S. d.3/28/2001 N.S. (88)
Artist, Actor

Whitney Warren -- b.1/29/1864 d.4/23/1943 (79)

Friedrich Hundert Wasser -- b.12/15/1928 d.2/19/2000 (71)
Artist, Austrian

Dick Waterman -- b.7/14/1935
Photographer, Writer
Misc: Blues music promoter

Franklin Watkins -- b.12/30/1894 d.??/??/1972

Jean-Antoine Watteau -- b.10/10/1684 N.S. d.7/18/1721 N.S. (36)
Painter, French
Misc: baptized Oct 10 (no record of actual birthdate)

Bill Watterson -- b.7/4/1958
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Book Titles: Calvin and Hobbes

George Frederic Watts -- b.2/23/1817 d.7/1/1904 (87)
Painter, Sculptor, English

Sidney Waugh -- b.1/17/1904 d.6/30/1963 (59)
Glass Sculptor

William Webb -- b.6/19/1816 d.10/30/1899 (83)
Misc: shipbuilder

Bruce Weber -- b.3/29/1946
Photographer, Director

Max Weber -- b.4/18/1881 d.10/4/1961 (80)
Painter, Polish, Russian

Robert Weber -- b.4/22/1924 d.10/20/2016 N.S. (92)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Misc: The New Yorker magazine

Harold T. Webster -- b.9/21/1885 d.9/22/1952 (67)
Comic Strip Cartoonist

Josiah Wedgwood -- b.7/12/1730 d.1/3/1795 (64)
Artist, Potterist, Inventor, English

Thomas Wedgwood -- b.5/14/1771 N.S. d.7/10/1805 N.S. (34)
Photographer, Inventor, British
Names/Places: Josiah's son

Weegee -- b.6/12/1899 d.12/26/1968 (69)
Photographer, Photojournalist

William Wegman -- b.12/2/1943
Photographer, Artist
Misc: Dog photographer

Len Wein -- b.6/12/1948 N.S. d.9/10/2017 N.S. (69)
Comic Book Artist, Writer, Editor
Names/Places: Wolverine (co-creator), DC Comics' Swamp Thing (co-creator)

Chester Weinberg -- b.9/23/1930 d.4/24/1985 (54)
Fashion Designer

Adolph A. Weinman -- b.12/11/1870 d.8/8/1952 (81)
Sculptor, German

Robert W. Weir -- b.6/18/1803 d.5/1/1889 (85)
Painter, Educator

John Weitz -- b.5/25/1923 d.10/3/2002 (79)
Fashion Designer, Author, Spy, American, German
Misc: sportsman

Wim Wenders -- b.8/14/1945
Photographer, Author, Playwright, Producer/Director, German

Stow Wengenroth -- b.7/25/1906 d.1/22/1978 (71)
Artist, Lithographer

Benjamin West -- b.10/10/1738 d.3/11/1820 (81)
Painter, American, English

Erin Westmore -- b.10/29/1904 d.2/1/1987 (82)
Misc: Makeup Artist

Perc Westmore -- b.10/29/1904 d.9/30/1970 (65)
Artist, Cosmetic Executive, British
Misc: make-up artist

Edward Weston -- b.3/24/1886 d.1/1/1958 (71)

Russell Westover -- b.3/8/1886 d.5/3/1966 (80)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Misc: Tillie the Toiler

Cullen Whipple -- b.9/4/1801 N.S. d.10/23/1868 N.S. (67)
Machinist, Inventor
Misc: patented the screw machine

James Whistler -- b.7/10/1834 d.7/17/1903 (69)
Painter, Etcher
Names/Places: b. in Lowell, Ma.; MN:Abbott McNeill; b. Jul 14?
Misc: the world famous painter of his mother, Whistler's Mother

Stanford White -- b.11/9/1853 d.6/25/1906 (52)
Misc: Madison Square Garden, Washington Arch

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney -- b.1/9/1875 d.4/18/1942 (67)

Olaf Wieghorst -- b.4/30/1899 d.4/27/1988 (88)
Misc: famous Western artist

Leigh A. Wiener -- b.8/25/1929 d.5/11/1993 (63)
Photographer, Photojournalist

Kurt Wiese -- b.4/22/1887 d.5/27/1974 (87)
Illustrator, Author, German

Archibald M. Willard -- b.8/22/1836 d.10/11/1918 (82)
Misc: Spirit of '76; some say Aug 26

Frank Willard -- b.9/21/1893 d.1/11/1958 (64)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Misc: Moon Mullins

Mo Willems -- b.2/11/1968 N.S.
Animator, Children's Author
Book Titles: Knuffle Bunny, Pigeon (series)
TV Shows: Sesame Street

Billy Dee Williams -- b.4/6/1937
Painter, Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
Names/Places: b. in New York City; a twin
TV Shows: 18 Wheels of Justice, Chiefs, Dynasty (as Brady Lloyd 1984-85), General Hospital Night Shift (as Tousssaint DuBois)
Movie Titles: Batman (1989), The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Brian's Song (TV movie), Lady Sings the Blues

Christine Williams -- b.1/7/1945 N.S.
Artist, Actress, Model, Playmate, American, English
Misc: October 1963

Garth Williams -- b.4/16/1912 d.5/8/1996 (84)
Illustrator, Children's Author
Book Titles: Charlotte's Web, Little House On The Prarie

Gluyas Williams -- b.7/23/1888 d.2/13/1982 (93)
Comic Strip Cartoonist

Harland Williams -- b.11/14/1962
Artist, Children's Author, Actor, Comedian, Radio Talk Show Host, Cartoon Voice Actor, Radio Broadcaster, Musician, American, Canadian
TV Shows: Simon (as Simon)
Movie Titles: Dumb and Dumber, Down Periscope, RocketMan, Wag the Dog, There's Something About Mary, Superstar, The Whole Nine Yards, Freddy Got Fingered, Because of Winn-Dixie, Robots, Surf School, Meet the Robinsons, The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, Madagascar 2, My Life in Ruins, Robot and Monster

J. R. Williams -- b.3/30/1888 N.S. d.6/17/1957 N.S. (69)
Comic Strip Cartoonist, Canadian
Misc: The Willets Family, Out Our Way

Mason Williams -- b.8/24/1938
Photographer, Author, Comedy Writer, Composer, Songwriter, Folk Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Abilene, Texas
Misc: some say b. 1936
Song Titles: Classical Gas
TV Shows: Andy Williams Show (writer), Glen Campbell Show (writer), Smothers Brothers (regular and writer), Pat Paulsen Show (writer), Saturday Night Live (writer)

Robert Williams -- b.3/2/1943 N.S.
Cartoonist, Painter
Misc: Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine founder

Gahan Wilson -- b.2/18/1930
Comic Strip Cartoonist, Illustrator, Author
Misc: Macabre style, appearing in "The New Yorker", "Playboy", and other magazines.

Peta Wilson -- b.11/18/1970
Designer, Actress, Model, Australian
TV Shows: La Femme Nikita (star)
Movie Titles: Superman Returns, Beautiful, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Tom Wilson -- b.8/1/1931 d.9/16/2011 (80)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Misc: creator of Ziggy
Book Titles: Ziggy

Harry Winston -- b.3/1/1896 d.12/28/1978 (82)
Jewelry Designer

Anna Wintour -- b.11/3/1949 N.S.
Fashion Designer, Journalist, Editor, English
Misc: Vogue editor-in-chief

Aliya Wolf -- b.1/17/1975
Photographer, Model, Playmate
Misc: February 2004

Erwin Wolfson -- b.3/27/1902 d.6/26/1962 (60)
Misc: Pan-Am building builder

Gwen Wong -- b.8/12/1942 N.S.
Artist, Actress, Model, Playmate, Phillipean
Names/Places: RN:Gwen Lipscomb
Misc: April 1967

Beatrice Wood -- b.12/24/1892 d.3/12/1998 (105)
Artist, Potterist

Grant Wood -- b.2/13/1892 d.2/12/1942 (49)
Misc: painter of the American Gothic

Charles Woodbury -- b.7/14/1864 d.1/21/1940 (75)

Diane Woodruff -- b.9/1/1940 d.11/19/1993 (53)

Jackson Woolley -- b.??/??/1910 d.1/19/1992 (81)
Artist, Stage Actor

Thomas Woolner -- b.12/17/1825 d.10/7/1892 (66)
Sculptor, Poet, English

Mary Woronov -- b.12/8/1943
Painter, Author, Actress
Names/Places: NN:Cult Queen

Charles Frederick Worth -- b.10/13/1825 d.3/10/1895 (69)
Fashion Designer, British

Sir Christopher Wren -- b.10/20/1632 J-LD or 10/30/1632 N.S. d.2/25/1723 Ju-1 (90) or 3/8/1723 N.S. (90)
Architect, Astronomer, Mathematician, English
Misc: 52 London Churches; greatest English architect of his time, built many of the cathedrals in London

Frank Lloyd Wright -- b.6/8/1867 d.4/9/1959 (91)
Misc: some say b. 1869 & was 89

John Lloyd Wright -- b.12/12/1892 d.12/20/1972 (80)
Architect, Engineer
Names/Places: Frank's son
Misc: Invented Lincoln Logs in 1916.

Joseph Wright -- b.7/16/1756 d.9/13/1793 (37)

Russel Wright -- b.4/3/1904 N.S. d.12/21/1976 N.S. (72)
Misc: of industrials

Lee Wulf -- b.2/10/1905 d.4/28/1991 (86)
Artist, Author, Lecturer, Filmmaker, Sports Figure
Misc: expert angler; one of the world's best known and most respected sports fishermen

William Wurster -- b.10/20/1895 d.9/19/1973 (77)
Architect, Educator

Alexander Wyant -- b.1/11/1836 d.11/29/1892 (56)

James Wyatt -- b.8/3/1746 d.9/4/1813 (67)
Architect, English

Andrew Wyeth -- b.7/12/1917 d.1/16/2009 (91)
Names/Places: N.C.'s son

Carolyn Wyeth -- b.10/26/1909 d.3/1/1994 (84)
Names/Places: Andrew's sis

Henriette Wyeth -- b.10/22/1907 d.4/3/1997 (89)
Names/Places: N.C.'s daughter, Andrew's sis

James "Jamie" Wyeth -- b.7/6/1946 N.S.
Names/Places: Andrew's son

N. C. Wyeth -- b.10/22/1882 d.10/19/1945 (62)
Artist, Illustrator, Muralist
Names/Places: Andrew's dad

Victoria Wyndham -- b.5/22/1945
Sculptor, Soap Actress
TV Shows: Guiding Light (as Charlotte Waring Bauer), Another World (as Rachel Davis Matthews Clark Frame Cory Cory Cory Hutchins / Justine)

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