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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Antoine De La Mothe Caddillac -- b.3/5/1658 N.S. d.10/15/1730 N.S. (72)
Military Leader, Explorer, French
Misc: founded Detroit,MI

Sherian Grace Cadoria -- b.1/26/1943
Army Officer
Misc: the first black female general in the United States Army and the highest ranking female at the time of her retirement in 1990 with the rank of Brigadier General.

John Cadwalader -- b.1/10/1742 d.2/10/1786 (44)
Misc: a commander of Pennsylvania troops during the American Revolutionary War.

Julius Caesar -- b.7/13/100BC Romn or 7/12/100BC Romn d.3/15/44BC O.S. (55)
General, King, Statesman, Gay
Names/Places: FN:Gaius
Misc: Roman Emperor 100-44 B.C.; born on the Roman calendar on IV Id. Quin. matching the 12th day of the month of July; ordered the month of his birth to be named after him; killed on the Ides of March by Brutus, Cassius, & other Romans

Calamity Jane -- b.5/1/1852 d.8/1/1903 (51)
Hero, Adventurer, Frontiersman
Names/Places: RN:Martha Jane Canary Burke
Misc: Marksperson, Dance Hall Girl, Indian Fighter

Simon Cameron -- b.3/8/1808 d.6/26/1889 (81)
Army Officer

Tedford H. Cann -- b.9/3/1897 N.S. d.1/26/1963 N.S. (65)
Naval Officer, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Evans Carlson -- b.2/26/1896 d.5/27/1947 (51)
Soldier, Hero

Gerald Paul Carr -- b.8/22/1932
Hero, Aeronautical, Astronaut, Engineer
Names/Places: NN: Jerry

Charles Carroll -- b.9/19/1737 d.11/14/1832 (95)
Revolutionary, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: the last living person to sign the Declaration of Independence

Kit Carson -- b.12/24/1809 d.5/23/1868 (58)
General, Soldier, Hero, Frontiersman, Guide, Scout
Names/Places: RN:Christopher Carson
Misc: Trapper; Indian agent; his contributions to westward expansion in the United States rank him among the nation's great folk heroes.

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova -- b.4/2/1725 N.S. d.6/4/1798 N.S. (73)
Author, Soldier, Adventurer, Spy, Italian
Names/Places: MN:Jacopo, LN:de Seingait
Misc: Romantic Exploiter; Seminarian; Rogue; Philanderer

Richard Caswell -- b.8/3/1729 d.11/10/1789 (60)
Revolutionary, Attorney/Lawyer

Jean Cavalier -- b.11/28/1681 N.S. d.5/17/1740 N.S. (58)
Revolutionary, French

Eugene Andrew Cernan -- b.3/14/1934 d.1/16/2017 N.S. (82)
Naval Officer, Astronaut
Misc: Gemini 9, Apollo 10, 17

Ensor Chadwick -- b.2/28/1844 d.1/27/1919 (74)
Military Leader, Naval Officer, French

Joshua Chamberlain -- b.9/8/1828 d.2/24/1914 (85)
Soldier, Educator

Samuel P. Chase -- b.4/17/1741 d.6/19/1811 (70)
Revolutionary, Supreme Court Justice, Judge/Jurist, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Claire Lee Chennault -- b.9/6/1890 d.7/27/1958 (67)
Misc: Air Force Officer; brigadier general who commanded the U.S. Army Air Forces in China (1942-45) and created the American Volunteer Group (AVG), best known as the Flying Tigers.

Francis Chesney -- b.3/16/1789 d.1/30/1872 (82)
Soldier, Explorer, Irish

John Churchill -- b.5/26/1650 J-LD d.6/16/1722 J-LD (72)
Soldier, English
Misc: ancestor of Winston; first Duke of Marlborough; some say b. June 24, 1650

El Cid -- b.??/??/1043 d.7/10/1099
Military Leader, Hero, Spanish
Names/Places: RN:Rodrigo Ruy Diez de Bivar
Misc: b. c. 1040-1043

Mary Clancy -- b.??/??/???? d.3/17/1958 (87)
Misc: Store detective

Dr. Barney C. Clark -- b.1/21/1921 d.3/23/1983 (62)
Misc: the first recipient of a permanent artificial heart, died at the University of Utah's Medical Center after 112 days with the device.

George Rogers Clark -- b.11/19/1752 d.2/13/1818 (65)
Revolutionary, General, Soldier

Mark W. Clark -- b.5/1/1896 d.4/17/1984 (87)
Misc: U.S. Army officer during World War II, who commanded Allied forces (1943-44) during the hard-fought and successful Italian campaign against the Axis powers.

Wesley Clark -- b.12/23/1944
Misc: retired General

Lucius D. Clay -- b.4/23/1897 d.4/16/1978 (80)
General, Banker
Misc: U.S. Army officer who became the first director of civilian affairs in defeated Germany after World War II.

Moses Cleaveland -- b.1/29/1754 d.11/16/1807 (53)
Soldier, Frontiersman, Pioneer, Lawyer
Misc: founded Cleveland Ohio

Henry Clinton -- b.4/16/1730 d.12/23/1795 (65)
Army Officer, Politician, British

Lord Robert Clive -- b.9/29/1725 d.11/22/1774 (49)
Soldier, Explorer, English
Misc: founded the British empire in India

Clifton Clowers -- b.10/30/1891 d.8/15/1994 (102)
Misc: celebrated in the hit song Wolverton Mountain, really exists

George Clymer -- b.3/16/1739 d.1/23/1813 (73)
Revolutionary, Statesman, Merchant
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Wilbur J. Cohen -- b.6/10/1913 N.S. d.5/17/1987 N.S. (73)
Hero, Government Official
Misc: the first person to have a Social Security card; drafted Social Security Act; some sources give b. June 13, 1913

Joseph Lawton Collins -- b.5/1/1896 d.12/12/1987 (91)

Michael Collins -- b.10/16/1890 d.8/22/1922 (31)
Revolutionary, Irish

Nathan E. Cook -- b.10/10/1885 d.9/10/1992 (106)
Misc: the last surviving U.S. veteran of the Spanish-American War of 1898

Margaret Corbin -- b.11/12/1751 d.1/16/1800 (48)
Revolutionary, Hero

Charlotte Corday -- b.7/27/1768 d.7/17/1793 (24)
Revolutionary, French
Misc: assassin of French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat (murdered July 13, 1793)

Davy Crockett -- b.8/17/1786 d.3/6/1836 (49)
Soldier, Adventurer, Explorer, Frontiersman
Names/Places: NN: King of the Wild Frontier; RFN:David
Misc: grinned down bears

Oliver Cromwell -- b.5/24/1753 d.1/4/1853 (99)
Revolutionary, Government Official
Misc: served with Washington

Lord Oliver Cromwell -- b.4/25/1599 J-LD or 5/5/1599 N.S. d.9/3/1658 J-LD (59) or 9/13/1658 N.S. (59)
Military Leader, Soldier, Statesman, British
Names/Places: aka James I of England
Misc: Lord protector leader of Great Britian 1653-1658

George Crook -- b.9/8/1828 N.S. or 9/8/1829 N.S. or 9/3/1830 N.S. d.3/21/1890 N.S. (61)
Army Officer
Misc: Indian fighter

Enoch Crowder -- b.4/11/1859 d.5/7/1932 (73)
Army Officer

Adm. William J. Crowe Jr. -- b.1/2/1925 d.10/18/2007 (82)
Military Leader
Misc: Admiral; head of Joint Chiefs of Staff

Kristen W. "Krissy" Culler -- b.11/18/1971
Misc: U.S. Navy; high-ranking midshipperson at Annapolis

George Armstrong Custer -- b.12/5/1839 d.6/25/1876 (36)
General, Army Officer
Misc: U.S. cavalry officer who distinguished himself in the U.S. Civil War (1861-65) but later led his men to death in one of the most controversial battles in U.S. history at Little Big Horn.

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