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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca -- b.8/5/1827 N.S. d.8/23/1892 N.S. (65)
Revolutionary, Head of State, Brazilian
Misc: Leader of the coup that toppled Emperor Pedro II. He became the first president of the Brazilian republic.

Richard Dale -- b.11/6/1756 d.2/26/1826 (69)
Revolutionary, Naval Officer

Gabriele D'Annunzio -- b.3/12/1863 d.3/1/1938 (74)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, Poet, Soldier, Italian

Georges Jacques Danton -- b.10/26/1759 N.S. d.4/5/1794 N.S.
Revolutionary, French
Misc: French revolutionary leader

Allan McLean "Scotty" Davidson -- b.3/6/1892 N.S. d.6/16/1915 N.S. (23)
Soldier, NHL Right Wing, Canadian
Misc: was killed in action in World War I while fighting in Belgium
Sports Teams: Toronto Blueshirts (likely from 1912-1914)

William E. Davie -- b.6/20/1756 d.11/29/1820 (64)

William Davies -- b.4/6/1745 d.??/??/????

Benjamin O. Davis Jr. -- b.12/18/1912 d.7/4/2002 (89)
General, Military Leader
Misc: Lt. Gen.

Benjamin O. Davis Sr. -- b.7/1/1877 d.11/26/1970 (93)
Military Leader
Misc: Brigade General

Ian Davison -- b.6/30/1931
Revolutionary, British

Pete Dawkins -- b.3/8/1938
General, Politician, College Football Player
Misc: Heisman Trophy (1958)
Sports Teams: U.S. Army (1956-1958)

Jonathan Dayton -- b.10/16/1760 d.10/9/1824 (63)
Revolutionary, Soldier, Congressperson

William Friske Dean -- b.8/1/1899 d.8/24/1981 (82)
Misc: World War II and the Korean War

Silas Deane -- b.12/24/1737 J-LD or 1/4/1738 N.S. d.9/23/1789 (51)
Revolutionary, Politician, Diplomat, Merchant
Misc: First U.S. diplomat sent abroad (1776), who helped secure much-needed French aid for the American Revolutionary cause.

Henry Dearborn -- b.2/23/1751 d.6/6/1829 (78)
Military Leader

Paul Comte de Barras -- b.6/30/1755 N.S. d.1/29/1829 N.S. (73)
Revolutionary, French

Cyranno de Bergerac -- b.3/6/1619 N.S. d.7/28/1655 N.S. (36)
Dramatist/Playwright, Poet, Soldier, French
Book Titles: A Voyage to the Moon

Stephen Decatur -- b.1/5/1779 d.3/22/1820 (41)
Naval Officer
Misc: war of 1812; he commanded the U.S. forces who won a battle on the shores of Tripoli to free Christian captives in Algeria.

José de Diego -- b.4/16/1866 d.7/16/1918 (52)
Revolutionary, Puerto Rican

Donald de Freeze -- b.11/15/1943 d.5/17/1974 (30)
Names/Places: aka Cinque Mtune

Louis De Frontenac -- b.5/22/1622 d.11/28/1698 (76)
Soldier, Courtier, French

Charles de Gaulle -- b.11/22/1890 d.11/9/1970 (79)
Soldier, Statesman
Names/Places: b. in Lille; MN:Andre Joseph Marie
Misc: French president (1958-69)

Augustín de Iturbide -- b.9/27/1783 N.S. d.7/19/1824 N.S. (40)
Soldier, King, Mexican
Misc: Emperor

Johann Baron de Kalb -- b.6/29/1721 d.8/19/1780 (59)
Soldier, Hero, German

Choderlos De Laclos -- b.10/18/1741 N.S. d.9/5/1803 N.S. (61)
Writer, Novelist, Army Officer, French

Marquis de Lafayette -- b.9/6/1757 N.S. d.5/20/1834 N.S. (76)
General, Statesman, French
Names/Places: RN:Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier
Misc: American Revolutionary Soldier

Sieur de La Vérendrye -- b.11/17/1685 N.S. d.12/5/1749 N.S. (64)
Military Leader, Explorer, Canadian, French

Giovanni de' Medici -- b.4/6/1498 d.11/30/1526 (28)
Soldier, Italian

Pedro de Mendoza -- b.??/??/1487 N.S. d.6/23/1537 N.S. (0)
Soldier, Explorer, Spanish

Francisco de Miranda -- b.3/28/1750 d.7/14/1816 (66)
Revolutionary, Soldier, Traveler, Venezuelan
Misc: French Revolution

Louis Joseph de Montcalm -- b.2/17/1712 O.S. or 2/28/1712 N.S. d.9/14/1759 N.S. (47)
Military Leader, Soldier, French

Anton Denikin -- b.12/16/1872 d.8/8/1947 (74)
Misc: General who led the anti-Bolshevik ("White") forces on the southern front during the Russian Civil War (1918-20).

Robert Dennison -- b.4/13/1901 d.3/14/1980 (78)
Naval Officer

Jeremiah Denton Jr. -- b.7/15/1924 d.3/28/2014 (89)
Hero, Senator

Marquis de Sade -- b.6/2/1740 d.12/2/1814 (74)
Writer, General, French
Names/Places: RN:Donatien Alphonse Francois, Comte de Sade
Misc: the word sadism is derived from his name

Jacob Devers -- b.9/8/1887 d.10/15/1979 (92)
Misc: WWII General

Vance De Voe Brand -- b.5/9/1931
Naval Officer, Aeronautical, Astronaut, Engineer

George Dewey -- b.12/26/1837 d.1/16/1917 (79)
Naval Officer
Misc: Admiral, Naval commodore, Manilla hero

Porfirio Díaz -- b.9/15/1830 d.7/2/1915 (84)
Soldier, Head of State, Mexican
Misc: President of Mexico 1877-80, 84-1911

Karl Donitz -- b.9/16/1891 d.12/22/1980 (89)
Naval Officer, German
Misc: creator of Germany's World War II U-boat fleet who for a few days succeeded Adolf Hitler as German head of state.

James Harold Doolittle -- b.12/14/1896 d.9/27/1993 (96)
General, Aviator
Misc: Air Force; WWII; led the 1st bombing raid of the war on Japan on 4-18-42

Hugh Casall Tremenheere Dowding -- b.4/24/1882 d.2/15/1970 (87)
Hero, Scotish

Henry Taylor Downing -- b.1/16/1849 d.11/6/1948 (99)
Misc: Confederate Veteran

Alfred Dreyfus -- b.10/19/1859 d.7/12/1935 (75)
Army Officer, Jewish, French
Misc: whose conviction on a false charge of treason in 1894 became the centre of a controversy that divided French society for decades

Kenneth Dryden -- b.8/8/1947
Policeman, Lawyer, Businessperson, NHL Goaltender, Canadian
Misc: led Montreal to 6 Stanley Cup titles; playoff MVP as rookie in 1971; won or shared 5 Vezina Trophies.
Sports Teams: Montreal Voyageurs (AHL), Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens

Alene B. Duerk -- b.3/29/1920 N.S. d.7/21/2018 N.S. (98)
Naval Officer
Misc: the first woman to be selected for flag rank in the U. S. Navy.

George J. Dufek -- b.2/10/1903 d.2/10/1977 (74)
Military Leader, Naval Officer, Explorer
Misc: polar

Clinton Duffy -- b.8/24/1898 d.10/11/1982 (84)
Misc: San Quenton prison warden

John Duffy -- b.6/10/1894 d.??/??/????
Hero, Sheriff

John Duffy -- b.??/??/1930 d.3/21/1993 (62)
Hero, Sheriff

Jules Sébastian César Dumont d'Urville -- b.5/23/1790 d.5/8/1842 (51)
Naval Officer, Explorer, French

Dale Dye -- b.10/8/1944
Author, Captain, Businessperson, Actor

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