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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Dennis Gabor -- b.6/5/1900 N.S. d.2/9/1979 N.S. (78)
Scientist, Engineer, Inventor, Hungarian
Misc: of holography (3D laser photography)

Yuri Alexseyevich Gagarin -- b.3/9/1934 d.3/27/1968 (34)
Cosmonaut, Russian
Names/Places: LN:Gargarin?
Misc: the first person in space in 108-minute voyage around the earth aboard Vostok 1

Daniel Carleton Gagdusek -- b.9/9/1923 d.12/12/2008 (85)
Scientist, Physician

Ernest Gaines -- b.1/15/1933
Author, Inventor
Misc: the lifeboat
Book Titles: A Lesson Before Dying, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, A Gathering of Old Men

Robert Gale -- b.10/11/1945
Misc: co-founder of the International Bone Marrow Registry

Galen -- b.??/??/129 d.4/2/200 (70)
Writer, Physician, Greek

Galileo Galilei -- b.2/15/1564 J-LD or 2/15/1565 Ju-1 or 2/25/1565 N.S. d.12/29/1641 J-LD (76) or 1/8/1642 N.S. (76)
Astronomer, Inventor, Mathematician, Physicist, Italian
Names/Places: b. in Pisa; d. in Arcetri, Italy
Misc: he developed the astronomical telescope with which he discovered craters on the moon and the satellites of Jupiter.

Yisrael Galili -- b.1/1/1923 d.3/7/1995 (72)
Misc: the man who invented the Galil submachine (or Uzi) gun and helped create Israel's famed Uzi submachine gun; NN:Father of the Rifle

Franz Joseph Gall -- b.3/9/1758 N.S. d.8/22/1828 N.S. (70)
Doctor, French, German
Misc: frenology

Johann Gottfried Galle -- b.6/9/1812 d.7/10/1910 (98)
Astronomer, Weatherman, German
Misc: discovered Neptune by telescope

Dr. Robert Gallo -- b.3/23/1937
Scientist, Biochemist
Misc: AIDS research

Evariste Galois -- b.10/25/1811 d.5/31/1832 (20)
Mathematician, French
Misc: famous for his contributions to the part of higher algebra known as group theory. His theory solved many long-standing unanswered questions, including the impossibility of trisecting the angle and squaring the circle.

Sir Francis Galton -- b.2/16/1822 d.1/17/1911 (88)
Scientist, Explorer, English

Luigi Galvani -- b.9/9/1737 N.S. d.12/4/1798 N.S. (61)
Physician, Physicist, Italian
Misc: established bioelectric forces exist within living tissue.

James Norris Gamble -- b.8/9/1836 N.S. d.7/2/1932 N.S. (95)
Inventor, Businessperson
Misc: Ivory Soap developer

Henry Gannett -- b.8/24/1846 d.11/5/1914 (68)
Misc: father of mapmaking

Martin Gardner -- b.10/21/1914 d.5/22/2010 (95)
Misc: a popular mathematics and science writer specializing in recreational mathematics.

Jake Garn -- b.10/12/1932
Astronaut, Senator
Names/Places: FMN:Edwin Jacob

André-Jacques Garnerin -- b.1/31/1769 N.S. d.8/18/1823 N.S. (54)
Aeronautical, Balloonist, Inventor, French
Misc: the first person to use a parachute regularly and successfully. He perfected the parachute and made jumps from greater altitudes than had been possible before.

Owen K. Garriott -- b.11/22/1930
Scientist, Astronaut, Engineer

Roland Garros -- b.10/6/1888 d.10/5/1918 (29)
Aviator, Canadian

Ina Garten -- b.2/2/1948
Chef, TV Host

John Gary -- b.11/29/1932 d.1/4/1998 (65)
Inventor, TV Host, Folk Singer
Names/Places: b. in Watertown, N.Y.
Misc: invented the Aqualung

Patrick Gass -- b.6/12/1771 N.S. d.4/2/1870 N.S. (98)
Explorer, Publisher
Misc: sargent of the Lewis and Clark expedition

Herbert Spencer Gasser -- b.7/5/1888 d.5/11/1963 (74)

John "Bet A Million" Gates -- b.5/8/1855 N.S. d.8/9/1911 N.S. (56)
Misc: Promoter; Speculator; barbed wire manufacturer which became the American Steel & Wire Co.

Richard Gatling -- b.9/12/1818 d.2/26/1903 (84)
Misc: the hand-cranked machine gun

Albert Gaudry -- b.9/16/1827 d.11/27/1908 (81)
Scientist, Geologist, Palentologist, French

Carl Friedrich Gauss -- b.4/30/1777 d.2/23/1855 (77)
Astronomer, Mathematician, Physicist, German
Misc: one of the greatest mathematician of all time.

Emile Gautier -- b.10/19/1864 d.1/16/1940 (75)
Geographer, French

Hubert Gautier -- b.8/21/1660 N.S. d.9/27/1737 N.S. (77)
Scientist, Engineer, French
Misc: authored the first book on bridge building.

Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac -- b.12/6/1778 d.5/9/1850 (71)
Chemist, Physicist, French

Sir Patrick Geddes -- b.10/2/1854 d.4/17/1932 (77)
Biologist, Physicist, Educator, Scotish

Karl Gegenbaur -- b.8/21/1826 N.S. d.6/14/1903 N.S. (76)
Scientist, German
Misc: anatomist who demonstrated that the field of comparative anatomy offers important evidence in support of evolutionary theory.

Hans Geiger -- b.9/30/1882 d.9/24/1945 (62)
Physicist, German

Ernst Geitner -- b.6/12/1783 d.10/24/1852 (69)
Chemist, Inventor, Physician, German

Murray Gell-Mann -- b.9/15/1929
Misc: winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics for 1969 for his work pertaining to the classification of subatomic particles and their interactions.

Genghis Khan Temujin -- b.5/31/1162 or 5/31/1167 d.8/18/1227
Misc: Roman Mongol conqueror

Alwyn Gentry -- b.1/6/1945 d.8/3/1993 (48)
Biologist, Botanist
Misc: made major contributions to the understanding of the vegetation of tropical forests.

Innokentii Gerasimov -- b.12/9/1905 O.S. or 12/22/1905 N.S. d.??/??/1985
Scientist, Geographer, Russian

William Gerhard -- b.7/23/1809 d.4/28/1872 (62)

Charles Gerhardt -- b.8/21/1816 d.8/19/1856 (40)
Chemist, French
Misc: developed a classification of organic compounds. His idea that all organic compounds were based on four main types ( i.e., hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, ammonia, and water) was opposed by his contemporaries.

Hugo Gernsback -- b.8/16/1884 d.8/19/1967 (83)
Inventor, Publisher
Misc: Radio & electronic devices; responsible for Science Fiction becoming an independent literary form

Arnold Gesell -- b.6/21/1880 d.5/29/1961 (80)
Physician, Psychologist
Misc: who pioneered the use of motion-picture cameras to study the physical and mental development of normal infants and children; his books influenced child rearing in the United States.

Abraham Gesner -- b.5/2/1797 d.4/29/1864 (66)
Geologist, Inventor, Physicist, Canadian
Misc: invented kerosene

William Giauque -- b.5/12/1895 d.3/28/1982 (86)
Chemist, American, Canadian
Misc: discovered method of producing temperatures near absolute zero

Josiah Willard Gibbs -- b.2/11/1839 d.4/28/1903 (64)
Scientist, Chemist, Engineer, Mathematician, Physicist, Theologian

Oliver Gibbs -- b.2/21/1822 d.12/9/1908 (86)

William Francis Gibbs -- b.8/24/1886 d.9/6/1967 (81)
Architect, Engineer
Misc: WWII Naval ships and destroyers

Edward George Gibson -- b.11/8/1936
Astronaut, Engineer, Physicist
Misc: Skylab 4

Albert Gihon -- b.9/28/1833 d.11/17/1901 (68)

Albert C. Gilbert -- b.2/13/1884 d.1/24/1961 (76)
Inventor, Manufacturer
Misc: Erector set

Walter Gilbert -- b.3/21/1932
Scientist, Biochemist, Physicist, Educator

William Gilbert -- b.5/24/1544 J-LD d.11/30/1603 J-LD (59)
Philosopher, Scientist, Astronomer, Physician, English
Misc: a pioneer researcher into magnetism; regarded by some as "The Father of Electrial Engineering or Electricity and Magnetism"

Frank Gilbreth -- b.7/7/1868 d.6/14/1924 (55)

Lillian Moller Gilbreth -- b.5/24/1878 d.1/2/1972 (93)

Percy Gilchrist -- b.12/27/1851 d.12/16/1935 (83)
Inventor, English

David Gill -- b.6/12/1843 d.1/24/1914 (70)
Astronomer, Scotish

Jocelyn Ruth Gill -- b.10/29/1916 d.4/??/1984 (67)

King Camp Gillette -- b.1/5/1855 d.7/9/1932 (77)
Inventor, Manufacturer
Misc: Safety razor father

James Melville Gilliss -- b.9/6/1811 d.2/9/1865 (53)
Naval Officer, Astronomer
Misc: founded the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., the first U.S. observatory devoted entirely to research.

William Gilpin -- b.10/4/1813 d.1/20/1894 (80)
Soldier, Explorer, Pioneer

Robert Rowe Gilruth -- b.10/8/1913 d.8/17/2000 (86)
Aeronautical, Aviator, Engineer
Misc: developed X-1, the first plane to break the sound barrier

Peter Gimbel -- b.2/14/1927 d.7/12/1987 (60)

Haim Ginott -- b.8/5/1922 d.11/4/1973 (51)
Author, Writer, Psychologist, Educator

Art Ginsburg -- b.7/29/1931 d.11/21/2012 (81)
Names/Places: NN:Mr. Food

Vitaly Lazarevich Ginzburg -- b.9/21/1916 d.11/8/2009 (93)
Physicist, Astrophysicist, Soviet
Misc: whose research ranged over superconductivity, theories of radio-wave propagation, radio astronomy, and the origin of cosmic rays.

Giovanni Giorgi -- b.11/27/1871 d.8/19/1950 (78)
Physicist, Italian
Misc: who proposed a widely used system for the definition of electrical, magnetic, and mechanical units of measurement.

James Glaisher -- b.4/7/1809 d.2/7/1903 (93)
Astronomer, Weatherman, English

Donald A. Glaser -- b.9/21/1926 d.2/28/2013 (86)
Misc: winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1960 for his invention and development of the bubble chamber (q.v.), a research instrument used to observe the behaviour of subatomic particles.

Sheldon Lee Glashow -- b.12/5/1932
Physicist, Educator
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: electromagnetic interaction with Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam (qq.v.) (Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979)

Dr. William Glasser -- b.5/11/1925 d.8/23/2013 (88)
Author, Psychiatrist
Misc: His unorthodox emphasis on personal responsibility for mental problems sold millions of books, caught the attention of educators and earned him an international following.

John Herschel Glenn Jr. -- b.7/18/1921 d.12/8/2016 N.S. (95)
Astronaut, Senator
Names/Places: b. in Cambridge, Ohio
Misc: the first American to orbit the Earth on 2-20-62

Joseph Farwell Glidden -- b.1/18/1813 d.10/9/1906 (93)
Misc: invented the first commercially useable barbed wire

John Glover -- b.2/2/1817 d.5/1/1902 (85)
Chemist, English
Misc: Sulfuric acid

Calvin Goddard -- b.10/30/1891 d.2/22/1955 (63)
Scientist, Criminologist

Robert Hutchings Goddard -- b.10/5/1882 d.8/10/1945 (62)
Philosopher, Physicist
Names/Places: NN: The Father of Modern American Rocketry

Kurt Godel -- b.4/28/1906 d.1/14/1978 (71)
Mathematician, Czech
Misc: Incompleteness Theorem

George Washington Goethals -- b.6/29/1858 d.1/21/1928 (69)
General, Army Officer, Scientist, Engineer
Misc: chief engineer of the Panama Canal

Thomas Gold -- b.5/22/1920 d.6/22/2004 (84)
Misc: established the steady-state theory of the universe.

Joseph Goldberger -- b.7/16/1874 d.1/17/1929 (54)
Physician, Austrian

Maurice Goldhaber -- b.4/18/1911 d.5/11/2011 (100)
Misc: noted nuclear and particle physicist

Duff Goldman -- b.12/17/1974 N.S.

Dr. Peter Carl Goldmark -- b.12/2/1906 d.12/7/1977 (71)
Engineer, Inventor, TV Executive, Hungarian
Misc: of CBS; developed the first commercial colour-television system and the 33 1/3 revolutions-per-minute (rpm) long-playing (LP) phonograph record, which revolutionized the recording industry.

Joseph L. Goldstein -- b.4/18/1940
Misc: Cholesterol research

Camillo Golgi -- b.7/7/1843 N.S. d.1/21/1926 N.S. (82)
Neurologist, Physician, Italian

Sir Daniel Gooch -- b.8/24/1816 d.10/15/1889 (73)
Chef, English
Misc: laid the first successful transatlantic cables

Dame Jane Goodall -- b.4/3/1934 N.S.
Author, Anthropologist, Ethnologist, English
Names/Places: b. in London; Baroness van Lawick-Goodall
Misc: studied African chimps

Charles Goodnight -- b.3/5/1836 d.12/12/1929 (93)
Misc: Cattleman; Rancher

Ernest Goodpasture -- b.10/17/1886 d.9/20/1960 (73)
Misc: mumps vaccine founder

Hannibal Goodwin -- b.4/21/1822 d.12/31/1900 (78)
Inventor, Clergyman
Misc: flexible photographic film

Charles Goodyear -- b.12/29/1800 d.7/1/1860 (59)
Misc: Goodyear Co. & Blimp founder; inventor (vulcanization process for rubber)

Sir Eugene Goossens -- b.5/26/1893 d.6/13/1962 (69)
Engineer, Conductor/Composer, English

Archer Gordon -- b.1/8/1921 d.9/18/1994 (73)
Misc: father of CPR

George Phineas Gordon -- b.4/21/1810 d.1/27/1878 (67)
Inventor, Printer

Dr. Jay Gordon -- b.5/10/1948
Author, Pediatrician
Misc: Children's Advocate

Richard Francis Gordon Jr. -- b.10/5/1929 d.11/6/2017 N.S. (88)
Misc: Gemini 11, Apollo 12

Daniel Gorenstein -- b.1/1/1923 d.8/26/1992 (69)

William Crawford Gorgas -- b.10/3/1854 d.7/3/1920 (65)
Scientist, Doctor
Misc: fought yellow fever and malaria with mosquito control

Chester Gorman -- b.3/11/1938 d.6/7/1981 (43)
Anthropologist, Archaeologist

John Gorrie -- b.10/3/1803 N.S. d.6/29/1855 N.S. (51)
Scientist, Inventor, Physician, Humanitarian
Misc: Refrigeration & ice making process pioneer

Philip Henry Gosse -- b.4/6/1810 d.8/23/1888 (78)
Misc: inventor of the institutional aquarium, writer (Omphalos); with that invention, it was the dawning of the age of .... AQUARIUMS (GROAN)

Pierre Gougelman -- b.2/16/1877 d.6/1/1963 (86)
Misc: invented the plastic used to make artificial eyes

Benjamin Apthorp Gould -- b.9/27/1824 d.11/26/1896 (72)
Misc: his star catalogs helped fix the list of constellations of the Southern Hemisphere.

George Gould -- b.11/8/1848 d.8/8/1922 (73)
Misc: Ophthalmologist; first bifocal maker

Gordon Gould -- b.7/17/1920 d.9/16/2005 (85)
Misc: coined the word "laser": acronym for Light Amplification Emission of Radiation; not b. July 19

Laurence Gould -- b.8/22/1896 d.6/21/1995 (98)
Explorer, Geologist
Misc: the Map of Antarctica carries some names of landmards as tributes to him.

Stephen Jay Gould -- b.9/10/1941 d.5/20/2002 (60)
Author, Sci-fi Writer, Palentologist, Zoologist, Educator

Evarts Graham -- b.3/19/1883 d.3/4/1957 (73)

Sylvester W. Graham -- b.7/5/1794 d.9/11/1851 (57)
Misc: Graham Crackers

Zenobe T. Gramme -- b.4/4/1826 d.1/20/1901 (74)
Misc: the electric motor

Temple Grandin -- b.8/29/1947 N.S.
Misc: Professor of animal science and advocate for better conditions for livestock.

Ragnar A. Granit -- b.10/30/1900 d.3/31/1990 (89)
Physician, Physiologist, Finnish

Giovanni Grassi -- b.3/27/1854 N.S. d.5/4/1925 N.S. (71)
Scientist, Physician, Zoologist, Italian

Henry Graves -- b.??/??/???? d.9/1/1907 (86)
Misc: Chicago's oldest settler

Asa Gray -- b.11/18/1810 d.1/30/1888 (77)
Scientist, Botanist

Elisha Gray -- b.8/2/1835 d.1/21/1901 (65)
Misc: Founder of the Western Electric Company, he filed a patent on a telephone device only hours after Alexander Graham Bell.

Robert Gray -- b.5/10/1755 d.9/??/1806
Explorer, Navigator
Misc: first to carry the U.S. Flag around the world as the captain of the first ship to circumnavigate the globe and explorer of the Columbia River. Died between July and September of 1806

Cary Grayson -- b.10/11/1878 d.2/15/1938 (59)
Naval Officer, Surgeon
Misc: U.S. Navy Medical Director

Adolphus Greeley -- b.3/27/1844 d.10/20/1935 (91)
Soldier, Explorer, Publisher
Misc: founded National Geographic Society; Arctic explorer

Andrew M. Greeley -- b.2/5/1928 d.5/29/2013 (85)
Author, Sociologist, Reverend

George F. Green -- b.??/??/1830 d.6/??/1892 (60)
Misc: patented the first electric dental drill on January 26, 1875

Chester Greenwood -- b.12/4/1858 d.7/5/1937 (78)
Misc: Earmuffs

John Robert Gregg -- b.6/17/1867 d.2/23/1948 (80)
Inventor, Irish
Misc: inventor of the shorthand system

Lori Greiner -- b.12/9/1969 N.S.
Inventor, Entrepreneur
Misc: invented a plastic earring organizer
TV Shows: Shark Tank

Zane Grey -- b.1/31/1875 d.10/23/1939 (64)
Novelist, Dentist
Names/Places: FN:Pearl
Misc: Western frontier, American West novels

Donald Redfield Griffin -- b.8/3/1915 d.11/7/2003 (88)
Physicist, Biophysicist, Zoologist

Victor Grignard -- b.5/6/1871 N.S. d.12/13/1935 N.S. (64)
Chemist, French

Francesco M. Grimaldi -- b.4/2/1618 N.S. d.12/28/1663 N.S. (45)
Mathematician, Physicist, Priest, Italian
Misc: Light defraction

George Bird Grinnell -- b.9/20/1849 d.4/11/1938 (88)
Author, Naturalist
Misc: co-created Glacier National Park

Virgil "Gus" Grissom -- b.4/3/1926 N.S. d.1/27/1967 N.S. (40)
Misc: died in Apollo I fire

Valentina Grizodubova -- b.5/10/1909 d.4/28/1993 N.S. (83)
Aviator, Russian
Misc: one of the first female pilots in the Soviet Union

Robert Ellsworth Gross -- b.5/11/1897 d.9/3/1961 (64)
Aviator, Manufacturer
Misc: airplanes

Gilbert Grosvenor -- b.10/28/1875 d.2/4/1966 (90)
Writer, Geographer, Editor, Turkey
Misc: National Geographic

Sir William Grove -- b.7/11/1811 d.8/1/1896 (85)
Physicist, Welsh (Wales)

LeRoy Grumman -- b.1/4/1895 d.10/4/1982 (87)
Aeronautical, Engineer

Charles Edward Guillaume -- b.2/15/1861 d.6/13/1938 (77)
Physicist, Swiss

Roger Guillemin -- b.1/11/1924
Physiologist, French

Joseph Ignace Guillotin -- b.5/28/1738 N.S. d.3/26/1814 N.S. (75)
Inventor, Physician, French
Misc: of the Guillotine: a radical cure for dandruff (Ha Ha!)

Pierre Louis Guinand -- b.??/??/1748 d.2/13/1824
Glassmaker, Inventor, Optician, Swiss
Names/Places: aka P.L. Guinand

Cato Maximilian Guldberg -- b.8/11/1836 d.1/14/1902 (65)
Chemist, Norweigan
Misc: with Peter Waage, formulated the law of mass action, which details the effect of concentration, mass, and temperature on chemical reaction rates.

Allvar Gullstrand -- b.6/5/1862 N.S. d.7/28/1930 N.S. (68)
Scientist, Optician, Swedish
Misc: Ophthalmologist

Massena "Andy" Gump -- b.1/6/1910 d.8/10/1998 (88)
Misc: His portable toilet empire brought convienient relief to millions of Southern Californians for over 40 years

Dr. Sanjay Gupta -- b.10/23/1969
Doctor, Correspondent
Misc: CNN medical reporter

Georges Gurdjieff -- b.1/13/1866 N.S. or 1/13/1872 N.S. or 1/13/1877 N.S. d.10/29/1949 N.S.
Author, Explorer
Misc: no source agrees when he was born

Johannes Gutenberg -- b.2/23/1400 J-LD d.2/3/1468 J-LD (67)
Inventor, Printer, German
Misc: moveable type print

Alan Guth -- b.2/27/1947
Cosmologist, Physicist

Arnold Henry Guyot -- b.9/28/1807 d.2/8/1884 (76)
Geologist, Geographer, Educator
Misc: his extensive meteorological observations led to the founding of the U.S. Weather Bureau. The guyot, a flat-topped volcanic peak rising from the ocean floor, is named after him.

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