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Last Updated 04-01-2019

Fritz Haber -- b.12/9/1868 d.1/29/1934 (65)
Chemist, Inventor, Physicist, German
Misc: Ammonia synthesizing

Heinz Haber -- b.5/15/1913 d.2/13/1990 (76)
Physicist, German

Jacques Hadamard -- b.12/8/1865 d.10/17/1963 (97)
Mathematician, French
Misc: Number theorist

Chris Hadfield -- b.8/29/1959 N.S.
Astronaut, Canadian
Misc: the first Canadian to walk in space

John Hadley -- b.4/16/1682 J-LD d.2/14/1744 J-LD (61)
Inventor, Mathematician, English
Misc: the first reflecting telescope

Ernest Haeckel -- b.2/16/1834 d.8/9/1919 (85)
Scientist, Zoologist, German

Otto Hahn -- b.3/8/1879 d.7/28/1968 (89)
Chemist, Physicist, German
Misc: radioactivity (nuclear fission) co-discoverer

Samuel Hahnemann -- b.4/10/1755 d.7/2/1843 (88)
Physician, German
Misc: homeopathy founder

Fred W. Haise -- b.11/14/1933
Astronaut, Engineer
Misc: Apollo 13

Michael Halberstam -- b.8/9/1932 d.12/5/1980 (48)
Writer, Cardiologist

J. B. S. Haldane -- b.11/5/1892 d.12/1/1964 (72)
Author, Scientist, British

Clara McBride Hale -- b.4/1/1905 d.12/18/1992 (87)
Nurse, Philanthropist
Names/Places: NN:Mother Hale
Misc: founded the Hale House in Harlem

George Hale -- b.6/29/1868 d.2/21/1938 (69)
Misc: founder of the Yerkes and Mount Palomar observatories

Stephen Hales -- b.9/7/1677 N.S. or 9/17/1677 O.S. d.1/4/1761
Physiologist, Clergyman, English

Rob Halford -- b.8/25/1951
Engineer, Rock & Roll Singer, English
Names/Places: RN:Robert John Arthur Halford
Group Names: Judas Priest

Asaph Hall -- b.10/15/1829 N.S. d.11/22/1907 N.S. (78)
Misc: discovered Mars' moons, Phobos and Deimos and calculated their orbits

Carla Hall -- b.5/12/1964
Chef, Personality
TV Shows: The Chew

Charles Martin Hall -- b.12/6/1863 d.12/27/1914 (51)
Chemist, Inventor
Misc: discovered the electrolytic method of producing aluminum, thus bringing the metal into wide commercial use.

Granville Hall -- b.2/1/1844 d.4/24/1924 (80)
Writer, Psychologist, Educator
Misc: founder of Child Psychology

James Hall -- b.9/12/1811 d.8/7/1898 (86)

Sir James Hall -- b.1/17/1761 d.6/23/1832 (71)
Chemist, Geologist, Scotish

Lyman Hall -- b.4/12/1724 d.10/19/1790 (66)
Revolutionary, Physician, Clergyman, Statesman, Governor
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Marshall Hall -- b.2/18/1790 d.8/11/1857 (67)
Physician, British

Matt Hall -- b.9/16/1981 N.S.
Pilot, Australian

Sir Edmund Halley -- b.10/29/1656 O.S. or 11/8/1656 N.S. d.1/14/1742 (85)
Astronomer, Mathematician, English
Names/Places: b. in London, England
Misc: observed comet named for him in 1682; first to calculate a comet's orbit.

Andrew S. Hallidie -- b.3/16/1836 d.4/24/1900 (64)
Misc: invented the cable car

William Stewart Halsted -- b.9/23/1852 d.9/7/1922 (69)
Misc: established the first surgical school in the U.S.

Jean Hamburger -- b.7/15/1909 d.2/2/1992 (82)
Misc: Kidney Transplant pioneer

Alice Hamilton -- b.2/27/1869 d.9/22/1970 (101)
Pathologist, Physician

Sir William Rowan Hamilton -- b.8/4/1805 d.9/2/1865 (60)
Mathematician, Irish
Misc: Geometrics, Quantum mechanics; born at midnight a minute after 11:59pm Aug 3

Armand Hammer -- b.5/21/1898 N.S. d.12/10/1990 N.S. (92)
Art Collector, Doctor, Financier, Manufacturer
Misc: Occidental Petroleum chairman; owned a seat on Arm & Hammer board; his name was a pun on the company (he's not M.C.'s dad!)

Oscar Hammerstein -- b.5/8/1847 d.8/1/1919 (72)
Scientist, Inventor, German
Misc: Cigar maker, opera impresario & theater builder; Oscar II's granddad

E. Cuyler Hammond -- b.6/14/1912 d.11/3/1986 (74)
Misc: the first person to link smoking with lung cancer

John Hays Hammond Jr. -- b.4/13/1888 d.2/12/1965 (76)
Engineer, Inventor

Laurens Hammond -- b.1/11/1895 d.7/1/1973 (78)
Engineer, Inventor
Misc: Electric Organs

Thomas Hancock -- b.5/8/1786 d.3/26/1865 (78)
Inventor, Merchant, English
Misc: rubber patents, founded a British rubber industry

Ruth Handler -- b.11/4/1916 d.4/27/2002 (85)
Misc: the Barbie Doll, her son's name was Ken, and her daughter's name was Barbara

Joseph Hansom -- b.10/26/1803 d.6/29/1882 (78)
Architect, Inventor
Misc: Patent Safety Cab [2-wheeled, horse-driven cab with the driver seated above and behind the passengers]: the Hansom cab

Christopher Hansteen -- b.9/26/1784 N.S. d.4/11/1873 N.S. (88)
Astronomer, Physiologist, Norweigan
Misc: noted for his research in geomagnetism.

Rolla Harger -- b.1/14/1890 d.8/8/1983 (93)
Scientist, Inventor
Misc: the Drunkometer

Lawrence Hargrave -- b.1/29/1850 d.7/6/1915 (65)
Inventor, English
Misc: inventor of The Box Kite

James Hargreaves -- b.??/??/1720 d.4/22/1778
Misc: born in late 1720, baptized Jan 8, 1721

Gaylord Harnwell -- b.9/29/1903 d.4/18/1982 (78)
Physicist, Educator
Misc: President of the University of Pennsylvania

Ainsley Harriott -- b.2/28/1957 N.S.
Chef, TV Host, English
TV Shows: "Can't Cook, Won't Cook", Good Morning

Elisha Harris -- b.3/5/1824 d.1/31/1884 (59)
Misc: founded American Public Health Association

Marvin Harris -- b.8/18/1927 d.10/25/2001 (74)
Anthropologist, Historian
Misc: cultural materialism theoretician

Dr. Thomas Anthony Harris -- b.4/18/1910 d.5/4/1995 (85)
Author, Psychiatrist
Book Titles: I'm OK, You're OK

John Harrison -- b.3/24/1693 Ju-1 or 4/3/1693 N.S. d.3/24/1776 N.S. (82)
Inventor, English
Misc: the chronometer

Halden Hartline -- b.12/22/1903 d.3/17/1983 (79)
Scientist, Physiologist

William Harvey -- b.4/1/1578 J-LD d.6/3/1657 J-LD (79)
Physician, English
Misc: discovered blood circulation & heart function

H. B. Hass -- b.1/25/1902 d.2/13/1987 (85)

Stephen Hawking -- b.1/8/1942 N.S. d.3/14/2018 N.S. (76)
Author, Scientist, Theorist, Physicist, Astrophysicist, English
Misc: Black Holes & Baby Universes
Book Titles: A Brief History of Time

Steven Hawley -- b.12/12/1951 N.S.
Misc: flew on five Space Shuttle missions

Sir Walter Haworth -- b.3/19/1883 d.3/19/1950 (67)
Chemist, British

George Dewey Hay -- b.11/9/1895 d.5/9/1968 (72)
Inventor, Announcer
Misc: created the Grand Ole Opry; promoter of country music

Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden -- b.9/7/1829 d.12/22/1887 (58)

Isaac Israel Hayes -- b.3/5/1832 d.12/17/1881 (49)
Misc: Arctic

Elwood Haynes -- b.10/14/1857 d.4/13/1925 (67)
Misc: built one of the first U.S. autos

Dr. John Harlan Haynes Jr. -- b.3/7/1937

Marcella Hazan -- b.4/15/1924 d.9/29/2013 (89)
Author, Chef, Italian

Louis Alan Hazeltine -- b.8/7/1886 d.5/24/1964 (77)
Engineer, Inventor, Physicist
Misc: invented the neutrodyne circuit, making commercial radio possible.

John Heathcoat -- b.8/7/1783 d.1/18/1861 (77)
Misc: lace-making machinery

Oliver Heaviside -- b.5/18/1850 d.2/3/1925 (74)
Misc: he predicted the existance of the ionosphere, which is used to reflect radio waves

Sven Hedin -- b.2/19/1865 d.11/26/1952 (87)
Scientist, Explorer, Swedish

Dr. Henry Heimlich -- b.2/3/1920 d.12/17/2016 N.S. (96)
Author, Physician
Names/Places: son-in-law of Arthur Murray
Misc: developed an anti-choking procedure

Ernst Heinrich Heinkel -- b.1/24/1888 d.1/30/1958 (70)
Inventor, German
Misc: first rocket-powered aircraft

Karl G. Heinze -- b.10/17/1926 d.10/5/1993 (66)
Astronaut, Astronomer

Werner Karl Heisenberg -- b.12/5/1901 d.2/1/1976 (74)
Philosopher, Physicist, German
Misc: discovered a way to formulate quantum mechanics in terms of matrices (1925). For that discovery, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for 1932.

Philip S. Hench -- b.2/28/1896 d.3/30/1965 (69)
Scientist, Engineer, Physicist

Donald Ainslie Henderson -- b.9/7/1928 N.S. d.8/19/2016 N.S. (87)
Physician, Educator
Misc: Epidemiologist; helped eradicate smallpox throughout the world from 1967-1977

Peter Henderson -- b.6/9/1822 d.1/17/1890 (67)
Scientist, American, Scotish
Names/Places: NN: The Father of American Horticulture

Richard Henderson -- b.4/20/1735 d.1/30/1785 (49)
Pioneer, Jurist, Colonist, Merchant
Misc: attempted to create a colony called Transylvania

Joseph Henry -- b.12/17/1797 d.5/13/1878 (80)
Inventor, Physicist
Misc: pioneer of electromagnetism

William (Chemist) Henry -- b.12/12/1775 N.S. d.9/2/1836 N.S. (60)
Chemist, Physician, English
Misc: in 1803, he proposed what is now called Henry's law, which states that the amount of a gas absorbed by a liquid is in proportion to the pressure of the gas above the liquid, provided that no chemical action occurs.

Matthew A. Henson -- b.8/8/1866 d.3/9/1955 (88)
Misc: reached North Pole with Peary on 6/4/1909.

Don Herbert -- b.7/10/1917 d.6/12/2007 (89)
Author, Scientist, TV/Radio Actor, TV Host
TV Shows: Watch Mr. Wizard (star)

George Herbert -- b.6/26/1866 d.4/5/1923 (56)
Scientist, Archaeologist

Carlos "Danny" Herrera -- b.7/21/1901 N.S. d.5/11/1992 N.S. (90)
Misc: Margaritas

James Bryan Herrick -- b.8/11/1861 d.3/7/1954 (92)
Misc: the first to observe and describe sickle-cell anemia.

Caroline Herschel -- b.3/16/1750 N.S. d.1/9/1843 N.S. (92)
Astronomer, German
Misc: the first lady of astronomy; was 98?

Sir John F. W. Herschel -- b.3/7/1792 d.5/11/1871 (79)
Astronomer, English
Misc: discovered Uranus, added over 500 nebulae and clusters of stars to those already known.

Sir William Herschel -- b.11/15/1738 d.8/25/1822 (83)
Astronomer, Composer, German
Names/Places: RN:Friedrich Wilhelm
Misc: discovered Uranus in 1781

Alfred D. Hershey -- b.12/4/1908 d.5/22/1997 (88)
Scientist, Biologist
Misc: who, along with Max Delbruck and Salvador Luria, won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1969. The prize was given for research done on bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria).

Oskar Hertwig -- b.4/21/1849 d.10/25/1922 (73)
Scientist, German
Misc: Fertilization; embryologist

Gustav Hertz -- b.7/22/1887 d.10/30/1975 (88)
Physicist, German
Misc: quantum physicist (Nobel 1925)

Heinrich Hertz -- b.2/22/1857 d.1/1/1894 (36)
Physicist, German
Misc: the first to broadcast and receive radio waves

Gerhard Herzberg -- b.12/25/1904 d.3/3/1999 (94)
Physicist, Canadian, German
Misc: winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work in determining the electronic structure and geometry of molecules, especially free radicals--groups of atoms that contain odd numbers of electrons.

Victor Hess -- b.6/24/1883 d.12/17/1964 (81)
Physicist, Austrian

Johannes Hevel -- b.1/28/1611 N.S. d.1/28/1687 N.S. (76)
Astronomer, Polish

Georg Hevesy -- b.8/1/1885 d.7/5/1966 (80)
Chemist, Hungarian

Antony Hewish -- b.5/11/1924
Scientist, Astronomer, Astrophysicist, English
Misc: won a Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery of pulsars.

Thor Heyerdahl -- b.10/6/1914 d.4/18/2002 (87)
Writer, Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Ethnologist, Explorer, Norweigan

Corneille Heymans -- b.3/28/1892 d.7/18/1968 (76)
Physiologist, Belgiumese

Jaroslav Heyrovský -- b.12/20/1890 d.3/27/1967 (76)
Chemist, Czech

David Hilbert -- b.1/23/1862 d.2/14/1943 (81)
Mathematician, German

Archibald Hill -- b.9/26/1886 d.6/3/1977 (90)
Physiologist, Biophysicist, British

George W. Hill -- b.3/3/1838 d.4/16/1914 (76)
Misc: Moon Orbit

Sir Rowland Hill -- b.12/3/1795 d.8/27/1879 (83)
Inventor, Educator, English
Misc: administrator, originator of the penny postage system, principally known for his development of the modern postal service, which was subsequently adopted throughout the world; introduced first adhesive postage stamp (1840)

Sir Edmund Percival Hillary -- b.7/20/1919 d.1/11/2008 (88)
Explorer, New Zealand
Misc: one of the first two men to scale Mt. Everest Mountain on May 29, 1953

Peter Hillary -- b.12/26/1954
Author, Explorer, Philanthropist, New Zealand
Misc: Reached the North Pole with his father Neil Armstrong in 1986

Stephen Hillenburg -- b.8/21/1961 N.S. d.11/26/2018 N.S. (57)
Animator, Cartoonist, Biologist, Director
TV Shows: SpongeBob SquarePants (creator), Rocko's Modern Life (director)

Stewart Hillis -- b.9/28/1943 N.S. d.7/21/2014 N.S. (70)
Doctor, Physician, Soccer Figure, Scotish
Misc: in the Scottish Football Hall of Fame for being the doctor for the Scotland national football team

Sir Cyril Hinshelwood -- b.6/19/1897 d.10/9/1967 (70)
Scientist, Engineer, Physician, British

Dr. William A. Hinton -- b.12/15/1883 d.8/7/1959 (75)
Scientist, Physician

Hippocrates -- b.??/??/460BC d.??/??/377BC
Physician, Greek

Charles E. Hires -- b.8/19/1851 d.7/31/1937 (85)
Inventor, Manufacturer
Misc: root beer; Hires co.

William Maxwell Hitzig -- b.12/15/1904 d.8/1/1983 (78)
Physician, Austrian

Leonard Hobbs -- b.12/20/1896 d.11/1/1977 (80)
Misc: developed the J-57 split-compressor turbojet aircraft engine, the first with 10,000 pounds of thrust

Alan Lloyd Hodgkin -- b.2/5/1914 d.12/20/1998 (84)
Scientist, Biophysicist, British

Dorothy Hodgkin -- b.5/12/1910 d.7/29/1994 (84)
Scientist, Chemist, Egyptian
Misc: vitamin B-12 research

Thomas Hodgkin -- b.8/17/1798 d.4/5/1866 (67)
Physician, English
Misc: early described (1832) the malignant disease of lymph tissue that bears his name.

Richard Hoe -- b.9/12/1812 d.6/7/1886 (73)
Misc: developed and manufactured the first successful rotary printing press.

Jacobus Van't Hoff -- b.8/30/1852 d.3/1/1911 (58)
Chemist, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: a Dutch physical and organic chemist and the first winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Albert Hoffman -- b.1/11/1906 d.4/29/2008 (102)
Chemist, India, Swiss
Misc: discovered the hallucinogenic drug LSD

Heinrich Hoffman -- b.6/13/1809 N.S. d.9/20/1894 N.S. (85)
Illustrator, Children's Author, Psychiatrist, German

Samuel Hoffman -- b.4/15/1902 d.6/26/1995 (93)
Misc: led U.S. efforts to develop rocket engines for space vehicles.

Roy Hofheinz -- b.4/10/1912 d.11/22/1982 (70)
Engineer, Businessperson, Sports Figure
Misc: builder of the Houston Astrodome in 1965

Robert Hofstadter -- b.2/5/1915 d.11/17/1990 (75)
Misc: his popular books on the political, social, and intellectual trends in U.S. history garnered two Pulitzer Prizes.

Ima Hogg -- b.7/10/1882 d.8/19/1975 (93)
Art Collector, Scientist, Philanthropist
Misc: founded the Houston Symphony

Clifford M. Holland -- b.3/13/1883 d.10/7/1924 (41)
Misc: Holland subway tunnel

John Philip Holland -- b.2/24/1841 d.8/12/1914 (73)
Engineer, Inventor, Irish
Misc: pioneered the modern submarine and the first to be formally commissioned by the U.S. Navy and the first Royal Navy submarine, the Holland 1.; some say b. Feb 24, 1840 but incorrect according to the Christian Brothers' register in Limerick which contains the notation "J.P. Holland....entered June 15, 1858, aged 17."

William Holland -- b.8/16/1848 d.12/13/1932 (84)

Dr. Herman Hollerith -- b.2/29/1860 d.11/17/1929 (69)
Misc: invented first electric tabulating machine, the punched card.

Alexander Holley -- b.7/20/1832 d.1/29/1882 (49)
Misc: Steel Mills

Robert W. Holley -- b.1/28/1922 d.2/11/1993 (71)
Scientist, Biochemist, Educator
Misc: worked with RNA (Nobel 1968)

Holling C. Holling -- b.8/2/1900 d.9/7/1973 (73)
Children's Author, Naturalist

Paul Hollywood -- b.3/1/1966 N.S.
Chef, Panelist, English
Book Titles: 100 Great Breads, The Great British Bake Off, How to Bake, Bread, American Baking Competition
TV Shows: The Great British Bake Off (judge)

Dr. Harry Nicholls Holmes -- b.7/10/1879 d.7/1/1958 (78)
Misc: crystalized vitamin A

Oliver Wendell Holmes -- b.8/29/1809 N.S. d.10/7/1894 N.S. (85)
Author, Novelist, Poet, Physician, Judge/Jurist
Names/Places: b. in Cambridge, MA; Old Ironsides

Benjamin Holt -- b.1/1/1849 d.12/5/1920 (71)
Misc: The Tractor

Soichiro Honda -- b.11/17/1906 d.8/5/1991 (84)
Engineer, Executive, Industrialist, Manufacturer, Japanese
Misc: the founder of Honda Motor Company, Ltd

Mark Honeywell -- b.12/29/1874 d.9/13/1964 (89)
Inventor, Businessperson

Sir Joseph Hooker -- b.6/30/1817 d.12/10/1911 (94)
Scientist, Botanist, English

Earnest Albert Hooten -- b.11/20/1887 d.5/3/1954 (66)
Anthropologist, American

Sir Frederick Hopkins -- b.6/20/1861 d.5/16/1947 (85)
Biochemist, English

Grace Murray Hopper -- b.12/9/1906 d.1/1/1992 (85)
Military Leader, Inventor, Mathematician, Computer Software Programmer
Names/Places: NN:the first Lady of Software
Misc: COBOL computer language inventor

George Hormel -- b.12/4/1860 d.6/5/1946 (85)
Inventor, Businessperson
Misc: invented the first canned ham & chili; Hormel Meat Packing Co. founder

Karen Horney -- b.9/16/1885 d.12/4/1952 (67)
Psychiatrist, German
Misc: neo freudian psycho analyst

William Horrocks -- b.7/3/1776 d.??/??/1849

Sir Victor Horsley -- b.4/14/1857 d.7/16/1916 (59)
Surgeon, British

Khaled Hosseini -- b.3/4/1965
Writer, Novelist, Physician, Afghanistan
Book Titles: The Kite Runner, A Thousand Spendid Suns

Eugene J. Houdry -- b.4/18/1892 d.7/18/1962 (70)

Richard R. Hough -- b.??/??/1917 N.S. d.7/9/1992 N.S.
Engineer, Executive, Swimmer
Misc: set several world records in the sport of swimming while at Princeton University.

Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield -- b.8/28/1919 d.8/12/2004 (84)
Scientist, Engineer, English
Misc: CATscan developer

Edwin James Houston -- b.7/9/1847 d.3/1/1914 (66)
Misc: electrical engineer who influenced the development of commercial lighting in the United States.

Elias Howe -- b.7/9/1819 d.10/3/1867 (48)
Names/Places: b. in Spencer, MA
Misc: The Sewing Machine

John Howe -- b.7/20/1793 d.9/10/1876 (83)
Misc: sewing machine

Sir Fred Hoyle -- b.6/24/1915 d.8/20/2001 (86)
Author, Astronomer, Cosmologist, English
Misc: proposed the steady-state universe theory.

L. Ron Hubbard -- b.3/13/1911 d.1/24/1986 (74)
Artist, Author, Scriptwriter, Philosopher, Explorer, Educator, Humanitarian, Composer
Names/Places: RFMN:Lafayette Ronald
Misc: Administrator; Church of Scientology scientologist founder
Book Titles: Dianetics (Read it!)

Edwin Powell Hubble -- b.11/20/1889 d.9/28/1953 (63)
Names/Places: b. in Marshfield, MO
Misc: discoverer of galaxies

David Hunter Hubel -- b.2/27/1926 d.9/22/2013 (87)
Scientist, Canadian

Robert Huber -- b.2/20/1937
Biochemist, German

Conrad Hubert -- b.4/15/1856 d.3/12/1928 (71)
Inventor, Businessperson
Misc: founded Everready Flashlight Co.

Henry Hudson -- b.9/12/1575 J-LD d.6/22/1611 J-LD (35)
Navigator, British
Misc: Named a river & a bay after him

William Henry Hudson -- b.8/4/1841 d.8/18/1922 (81)
Author, Naturalist, Argentine

Charles B. Huggins -- b.9/22/1901 d.1/12/1997 (95)
Surgeon, Canadian
Misc: cancer researcher

Sir William Huggins -- b.2/7/1824 d.5/12/1910 (86)
Scientist, Astronomer, English
Misc: discovered nature of spiral "nebulae"; one of the first to use the spectroscope; with it he revolutionized the observation of celestial bodies; discoverer of stellar nature of Andromeda

David Edward Hughes -- b.5/16/1831 d.1/22/1900 (68)
Inventor, Professor, British
Misc: famed for the Printing Telegraph & Microphone

Howard Robard Hughes -- b.12/24/1905 d.4/5/1976 (72)
Aviator, Industrialist, Zillionaire, Movie Producer
Names/Places: b. in Houston, TX; d. in Houston
Misc: Pilot Of The Spruce Goose, reclusive billionaire, moviemaker, plane builder

Joshua Humphreys -- b.6/17/1751 d.1/12/1838 (86)
Names/Places: NN: The Father of the American Navy
Misc: Shipbuilder of the Constitution frigate

Jerome Hunsaker -- b.8/26/1886 d.9/10/1984 (98)
Aeronautical, Engineer
Misc: he made major innovations in the design of lighter-than-air ships, seaplanes, and carrier-based aircraft.

Bonnie Hunt -- b.9/22/1961
Nurse, Actress, Comedienne, TV Talk Show Hostess, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer
Misc: some say b. 1960 or 1961
TV Shows: Davis Rules, The Building, The Bonnie Hunt Show (sitcom as Bonnie Kelly), Life with Bonnie (as Bonnie Molloy), The Bonnie Hunt Show (talk show as hostess)
Movie Titles: Return to Me, Cars, Jumanji, Jerry Maguire, The Green Mile, Cheaper By The Dozen (series)

Walter Hunt -- b.7/29/1796 d.6/8/1859 (62)
Misc: Safety Pin, Fountain Pen, Coal Stove

Ellsworth Huntington -- b.9/16/1876 d.10/17/1947 (71)
Misc: explored the influence of climate on civilization.

Benjamin Huntsman -- b.6/4/1704 d.6/20/1776 (72)
Inventor, English
Misc: inventor and manufacturer of cast or crucible steel.

Zora Neale Hurston -- b.1/7/1891 d.1/28/1960 (69)
Author, Short Story Writer, Anthropologist
Misc: Folklorist

Obed Hussey -- b.10/7/1790 d.8/4/1860 (69)

William Hussey -- b.8/10/1862 d.10/28/1926 (64)
Misc: most famous for the discovery and study of close binary stars.

James Hutton -- b.6/3/1726 N.S. d.3/26/1797 N.S. (70)
Geologist, Scotish

Andrew Fielding Huxley -- b.11/22/1917 d.5/30/2012 (94)
Physiologist, English

Sir Julian S. Huxley -- b.6/22/1887 d.2/14/1975 (87)
Author, Philosopher, Scientist, Biologist, English

Thomas Henry Huxley -- b.5/4/1825 d.6/29/1895 (70)
Author, Philosopher, Biologist, Educator, English
Names/Places: NN:T.H.
Misc: whose speculations on philosophy and religion and whose promotion of Darwinism led him to an advocacy of agnosticism.

Christiaan Huygens -- b.4/14/1629 d.7/8/1695 (66)
Astronomer, Mathematician, Physicist, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: Saturn's Rings and Titan discoverer; founder of the wave theory of light; or d. Jul 8?

Alpheus Hyatt -- b.4/5/1838 d.1/15/1902 (63)
Scientist, Palentologist, Zoologist

John Wesley Hyatt -- b.11/28/1837 d.5/10/1920 (82)
Misc: patented celluloid, 1st practical synthetic material

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