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Last Updated 01-22-2019

Ellen Ochoa -- b.5/10/1958 N.S.

Severo Ochoa -- b.9/24/1905 N.S. d.11/1/1993 N.S. (88)
Biochemist, Spanish

Bill Oddie -- b.7/7/1941
Artist, Author, Writer, Naturalist, Actor, Comedian, Composer, Musician, English

Allan G. O'Dell -- b.5/6/1903 d.1/17/1994 (90)
Misc: created rhyming roadside as signs

Hans Christian Oersted -- b.8/14/1777 d.3/9/1851 (73)
Chemist, Physicist, Danish (Denmark)
Misc: discovered that electric currents create magnetic fields.

Francis Ogden -- b.3/3/1783 d.??/??/1857

George Ohm -- b.3/16/1789 d.7/6/1854 (65)
Mathematician, Physicist, German
Misc: founded his own Ohm law describing voltage & resistance relationships

John O'Keefe -- b.11/18/1939 N.S.
Neuroscientist, Professor, American, British
Misc: won a Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the brain's GPS-like system

Heinrich Olbers -- b.10/11/1758 d.3/2/1840 (81)
Astronomer, Physician, German
Misc: devised method for determining a comet's orbit

Richard Dixon Oldham -- b.7/31/1858 d.7/15/1936 (77)
Geologist, Irish
Misc: seismologist who discovered evidence for the existence of the Earth's core.

Ranson Eli Olds -- b.6/3/1864 d.8/26/1950 (86)
Scientist, Manufacturer
Misc: Olds Motor Vehicle Co. founder

Kevin O'Leary -- b.7/9/1954
Writer, Inventor, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Personality, Internet Company Executive, Canadian
Names/Places: NN: Mr. Wonderful and The Undertaker
Misc: founded the software company SoftKey
TV Shows: Shark Tank (business executive and personality)

James Oliver -- b.1/1/1914 d.12/2/1981 (67)

Jamie Oliver -- b.5/27/1975
Chef, Restaurateur, Personality, English
Misc: TV Chef

Raymond Oliver -- b.3/27/1909 d.11/5/1990 (81)
Author, Chef
Misc: great 20th century chef

Phoebe Omlie -- b.11/21/1902 d.7/17/1975 (72)

G. K. O'Neill -- b.2/6/1927 d.4/27/1992 (65)
Inventor, Physicist
Misc: Space Colonization

Ellison S. Onizuka -- b.6/24/1946 d.1/28/1986 (39)

Heike Onnes -- b.9/21/1853 d.2/21/1926 (72)
Physicist, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: produced liquid helium, discovered superconductivity

Jan H. Oort -- b.4/28/1900 d.11/5/1992 (92)
Astronomer, Physicist, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: rotation of the earth's galaxy; hypothesized "Oort Cloud"

J. Robert Oppenheimer -- b.4/22/1904 d.2/18/1967 (62)
Names/Places: FN:Julius
Misc: head of the Manhattan (A-bomb) Project; creator of the nuclear bomb

Mathieu Orfila -- b.4/24/1787 d.3/12/1853 (65)
Chemist, French, Spanish
Misc: science of toxicology father

Hugh Orr -- b.1/2/1715 d.12/6/1798 (83)
Inventor, Scotish

Sir William Osler -- b.7/12/1849 d.12/29/1919 (70)
Author, Physician, Educator, Canadian
Misc: circulatory system

Wilhelm Friedrich Ostwald -- b.9/2/1853 d.4/4/1932 (78)
Philosopher, Chemist, German
Misc: Nobel 1909; He is, in the words of Asimov, "One of the chief founders of modern physical chemistry", The Nobel Prize was awarded; "in recognition of his work on catalysis and for his investigations into the fundamental principles governing chemical equilibria and rates of reaction"

Elisha Graves Otis -- b.8/3/1811 d.4/8/1861 (49)
Inventor, Manufacturer
Misc: developer of the first safe passenger elevator.

Nikolaus August Otto -- b.6/10/1832 d.1/26/1891 (58)
Inventor, German
Misc: developed the four-stroke internal-combustion engine, which offered the first practical alternative to the steam engine as a power source.

William Oughtred -- b.3/5/1575 Ju-1 or 3/5/1574 J-LD d.6/30/1660 J-LD (85)
Inventor, Mathematician, British
Misc: invented Slide Rules

Robert F. Overmyer -- b.7/14/1936 d.3/22/1996 (59)

Sir Richard Owen -- b.7/20/1804 d.12/18/1892 (88)
Scientist, Zoologist, English
Misc: created the word "Dinosaur" meaning "terrible reptile"

M. J. Owens -- b.1/1/1859 d.12/27/1923 (64)
Misc: an inventor of machines that could automate the production of glass bottles.

Dr. Mehmet Oz -- b.6/11/1960
Doctor, TV Host

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