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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Junko Tabei -- b.9/22/1939 N.S. d.10/20/2016 N.S. (77)
Explorer, Mountaineer, Japanese
Misc: the first woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.

Charles Sumner Tainter -- b.8/25/1854 d.4/20/1940 (85)
Misc: co-inventor of the radiophone; associate with Alexander Graham Bell

Peter Tait -- b.4/28/1831 d.7/4/1901 (70)
Mathematician, Physicist, Scotish

William Henry Fox Talbot -- b.2/11/1800 d.9/17/1877 (77)
Photographer, Chemist, Inventor, Physicist, English
Misc: developer of photography

Tamerlane -- b.4/9/1336 d.2/18/1405 (68)
Names/Places: FN:Timur
Misc: Mongol conqueror

Igor Tamm -- b.7/8/1895 d.4/12/1971 (75)
Physicist, Russian

Sergei Taneyev -- b.11/25/1856 N.S. or 11/13/1856 Ju-1 d.6/6/1915 Ju-1 (58) or 6/19/1915 N.S. (58)
Author, Theorist, Teacher, Composer, Pianist, Russian

Antoni Tapies -- b.12/13/1923 d.2/6/2012 (88)
Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Theorist

Edward Tatum -- b.12/14/1909 d.11/5/1975 (65)
Misc: molecular geneticist

Vic Tayback -- b.1/6/1930 d.5/25/1990 (60)
Chef, TV/Movie Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
Misc: some say b. in 1929; famous chili maker?
TV Shows: Alice (as Mel Sharples)
Movie Titles: Griff, Khan

Albert Taylor -- b.1/1/1879 d.12/11/1961 (82)
Engineer, Physicist
Misc: made important early contributions to the development of radar

Brook Taylor -- b.8/18/1685 Ju-1 d.12/29/1731 Ju-1 (46)
Mathematician, English
Misc: contributions to the development of calculus.; Taylor's Theorem

Frederick Winslow Taylor -- b.3/20/1856 d.3/21/1915 (59)
Misc: father of scientific management

Joseph H. Taylor Jr. -- b.3/29/1941
Astronomer, Physicist
Misc: who, with Russell A. Hulse, was the corecipient of the 1993 Nobel Prize for Physics for their joint discovery of the first binary pulsar.

Lucy Hobbs Taylor -- b.3/14/1833 d.10/3/1910 (77)
Misc: the first woman dentist in America

Marc Scott Taylor -- b.??/??/1949
Scientist, Actor
TV Shows: Quincy M.E. (as Marc and a technical advisor)

Edwin Teale -- b.6/2/1899 d.10/18/1980 (81)
Author, Naturalist

Thomas Telford -- b.8/9/1757 d.9/2/1834 (77)
Inventor, English
Misc: the design and construction (1819-26) of the Menai Bridge in Wales.

Edward Teller -- b.1/15/1908 d.9/9/2003 (95)
Physicist, Hungarian
Names/Places: b. in Budapest; NN:The Father of the Hydrogen Bomb

Howard M. Temin -- b.12/10/1934 d.2/9/1994 (59)
Scientist, Educator

Fiorella Terenzi -- b.??/??/1961
Astrophysicist, Musician, Italian
Misc: Music from the Galaxies creates musical notes out of radio signals from space

Valentina Vladimirovna Nikolaeva Tereshkova -- b.3/6/1937
Cosmonaut, Engineer, Russian
Misc: the first woman in space (Vostok 6)

Lewis M. Terman -- b.1/15/1877 d.12/21/1956 (79)
Misc: developed Stanford-Binet IQ test

Nikola Tesla -- b.7/10/1856 d.1/7/1943 (86)
Engineer, Inventor, Physicist, Austrian, Hungarian
Misc: electrical; born at the stroke of midnight; developed alternating current

James Thatcher -- b.2/14/1754 d.5/26/1844 (90)

Abbott Thayer -- b.8/12/1849 d.5/29/1921 (71)
Painter, Naturalist, Teacher
Misc: created camoflage, a combination of colors for military uniforms that are hard to see in combat; Stan Ridgeway sang about a marine with the name Camouflage

Sylvanus Thayer -- b.6/9/1785 N.S. d.9/7/1872 N.S. (87)
Engineer, Educator
Names/Places: NN: The Father of the Military Academy

David Theile -- b.1/17/1938 N.S.
Surgeon, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian

Max Theiler -- b.1/30/1899 d.8/11/1972 (73)
Scientist, Physician, South African
Misc: Yellow fever vaccine maker

Art Themen -- b.11/26/1939
Surgeon, Tenor-sax, Jazz Performer, English

Hugh Theorell -- b.7/6/1903 d.8/15/1982 (79)
Biochemist, Swedish
Misc: studied enzymes (Nobel 1955)

Kenneth Vivian Thimann -- b.8/5/1904 d.1/15/1997 (92)
Physiologist, English
Misc: for plants; isolated auxin, an important plant growth hormone.

Lewis Thomas -- b.11/25/1913 d.12/3/1993 (80)
Author, Biologist, Physician

Lowell Thomas -- b.4/6/1892 d.8/29/1981 (89)
Author, Traveler, Newscaster, Journalist, Commentator, Editor
Names/Places: b. in Woodington, Ohio
Misc: Capital Cities Broadcasting Corp. co-founder; Reporter, Broadcaster, Legendary commentator and adventurer; "So Long Until Tomorrow"; Movietone movie news announcer

Sidney G. Thomas -- b.4/16/1850 d.2/1/1885 (34)

William Isaac Thomas -- b.8/13/1863 d.12/5/1947 (84)
Psychologist, Sociologist
Misc: methodology contributor

David Thompson -- b.4/30/1770 d.2/10/1857 (86)
Explorer, Geographer, Fur Trader, Canadian, English
Misc: Columbia River

Edward Thompson -- b.9/28/1856 d.5/11/1935 (78)

John Thompson -- b.12/31/1860 d.6/21/1940 (79)
Army Officer, Inventor
Misc: Submachine gun

Elihu Thomson -- b.3/29/1853 d.3/13/1937 (83)
Inventor, British
Misc: Electrician; founded G.E. Company (which will eventually suck)

Sir George Thomson -- b.5/3/1892 d.9/10/1975 (83)
Physicist, British
Misc: demonstrated electron diffraction, 1937 Nobel.

Joseph Thomson -- b.2/14/1858 d.8/2/1895 (37)
Explorer, Geologist, Naturalist, Physicist, Scotish

Sir Joseph Thomson -- b.12/18/1856 d.8/30/1940 (83)
Explorer, Physicist, Scotish
Names/Places: MN:John
Misc: discovered the electron (Nobel 1906)

Henry David Thoreau -- b.7/12/1817 d.5/6/1862 (44)
Author, Poet, Philosopher, Naturalist, Pacifist
Names/Places: b. in Concord, Mass.
Misc: always had Ralph Waldo Emerson around to bail him out of trouble; he was known as the "Hermit of Walden" because he lived in the woods around Walden pond for several years.

Max Thorek -- b.3/10/1880 d.1/25/1960 (79)
Physician, Hungarian

Edward Lee Thorndike -- b.8/31/1874 d.8/9/1949 (74)
Misc: animal behaviour

Laura Thorne -- b.3/23/1956
Chef, Stuntwoman
Movie Titles: Camp Rock, Mama, Maps to the Stars

William Thornton -- b.5/20/1759 d.3/28/1828 (68)
Architect, Inventor, British
Misc: public official, best known as the creator of the original design for the Capitol at Washington, D.C.

Charles Thurber -- b.1/2/1803 d.11/7/1886 (83)
Misc: Typewriter

Nikolaas Tinbergen -- b.4/15/1907 d.12/21/1988 (81)
Scientist, Ethnologist, Zoologist, Dutch (Netherlands)

Samuel Chao Chung Ting -- b.1/27/1936
Scientist, Physicist

Arne Wilhelm Tiselius -- b.8/10/1902 d.10/29/1971 (69)
Biochemist, Swedish

François Tisserand -- b.1/13/1845 d.10/20/1896 (51)
Astronomer, French

Gherman Stepanovich Titov -- b.9/11/1935 d.9/20/2000
Navigator, Navigator, Soviet
Misc: the first man to spend a day in space (Vostok 2), and the second man to orbit the Earth.

Sir Henry Thomas Tizard -- b.4/23/1885 d.10/9/1959 (74)
Chemist, Inventor, Physicist, British
Misc: Radar development

Alexander Todd -- b.10/2/1907 d.1/10/1997 (89)
Chemist, Scotish

David Todd -- b.3/19/1855 d.6/1/1939 (84)
Misc: He produced a complete set of photographs of the 1882 transit of Venus.

Isaac Todhunter -- b.11/23/1820 d.3/1/1884 (63)
Mathematician, English

Richard Tolman -- b.3/4/1881 d.9/5/1948 (67)
Misc: Einstein's associate

Clyde Tombaugh -- b.2/4/1906 d.1/17/1997 (90)
Misc: discovered Pluto with no help from Walt Disney

Shinichiro Tomonaga -- b.3/31/1906 d.7/8/1979 (73)
Physicist, Japanese

William H. Dr. Tooley -- b.11/13/1925 d.6/17/1992 (66)

John Torrey -- b.8/15/1796 d.3/10/1873 (76)
Scientist, Botanist, Chemist

Evangelista Torricelli -- b.10/15/1608 N.S. d.10/25/1647 N.S. (39)
Scientist, Inventor, Mathematician, Italian
Misc: invented the barometer

Ithiel Town -- b.10/3/1784 N.S. d.6/13/1844 N.S. (59)
Architect, Engineer, Inventor

Charles Hard Townes -- b.7/28/1915 d.1/27/2015 (99)
Inventor, Physicist, Educator
Misc: developed lasers

Francis Everett Townsend -- b.1/13/1867 d.9/1/1960 (93)
Author, Physician
Misc: activist for Social Security

John Kirk Townsend -- b.8/10/1809 d.2/6/1851 (41)
Scientist, Naturalist, Ornithologist

Morris Travers -- b.1/24/1872 d.8/25/1961 (89)
Chemist, British

Edward John Trelawney -- b.11/13/1792 d.8/13/1881 (88)
Author, Explorer, Traveler, English

Pierre-Marie Jérôme Trésaguet -- b.1/15/1716 N.S. d.3/11/1796 N.S. (80)
Engineer, Inventor, French

Richard Trevithick -- b.4/13/1771 d.4/22/1833 (62)
Inventor, British
Misc: inventor of the steam locomotive

Anthony Trollope -- b.4/24/1815 d.12/6/1882 (67)
Novelist, Inventor, English
Misc: invented the mailbox

Charlie Trotter -- b.9/8/1959 d.11/5/2013 (54)
Chef, Businessperson

William Trowbridge -- b.5/25/1828 d.8/12/1892 (64)

Edward Livingston Trudeau -- b.10/5/1848 N.S. d.11/15/1915 N.S. (67)
Physician, American

Douglas Trumbull -- b.4/8/1942
Geologist, Movie Director
Misc: fx designer

Ts'ai Lun -- b.??/??/????
Misc: of Paper; fl.c.105AD

Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky -- b.9/17/1857 N.S. or 9/5/1857 Ju-1 d.9/19/1935 N.S. (78)
Scientist, Russian
Misc: father of Cosmonautics, rocketry & space research

Jethro Tull -- b.3/30/1674 N.S. d.2/21/1741 N.S. (66)
Scientist, Agriculturalist, English
Misc: March 30 was the date he was baptized

Earl S. Tupper -- b.7/28/1907 d.10/5/1983 (76)
Misc: Tupperware; buried in a giant Tupperware coffin(?)

Herbert Westren Turnbull -- b.8/31/1885 d.5/4/1961 (75)
Mathematician, English

Herbert Hall Turner -- b.8/13/1861 d.8/20/1930 (69)
Astronomer, English
Misc: pioneered many of the procedures now universally employed in determining stellar positions from astronomical photographs.

Thomas Turner -- b.4/16/1877 d.4/21/1978 (101)
Biologist, Civil Rights Leader, Educator

Walter Turner -- b.4/3/1866 d.??/??/????
Engineer, Inventor, British
Misc: 400 patents

Alan Turning -- b.6/23/1912 d.6/7/1954 (41)
Mathematician, Computer Scientist, British
Misc: computer code breaker

Merle Anthony Tuve -- b.6/27/1901 d.5/20/1982 (80)

John Tyndall -- b.8/2/1820 d.12/4/1893 (73)
Physicist, Irish
Misc: demonstrated why the sky is blue

Neil DeGrasse Tyson -- b.10/5/1958
Author, Scientist, Cosmologist, Astrophysicist

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