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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Alfred Vail -- b.9/25/1807 d.1/18/1859 (51)
Inventor, Manufacturer
Names/Places: MN:Lewis
Misc: telegraph pioneer and an associate and financial backer of Samuel F.B. Morse in the experimentation that made the telegraph a commercial reality.

Buddy Valastro -- b.3/3/1977 N.S.

Marcela Valladolid -- b.7/19/1978
Author, Cookbook Writer, Chef
TV Shows: Mexican Made Easy, The Kitchen

Árminius Vámbéry -- b.3/19/1832 d.9/15/1913 (81)
Explorer, Traveler, Hungarian

James Alfred Van Allen -- b.9/7/1914 d.8/9/2006 (91)
Misc: rocket developer; discovered Van Allen radiation belts

George Vancouver -- b.6/22/1757 d.5/10/1798 (40)
Author, Explorer, Navigator, British
Misc: surveyed Pacific coast from S.F. to Vancouver

Dr. Robert Van De Graaff -- b.12/20/1901 d.1/16/1967 (65)
Inventor, Physicist
Misc: built a high-voltage electrostatic energy generator

Hendrik Christoffel Van De Hulst -- b.11/19/1918 d.7/31/2000 (81)
Astronomer, Mathematician, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: predicted theoretically the 21-centimetre radio waves produced by interstellar hydrogen atoms. His calculations later proved valuable in mapping the Milky Way Galaxy and were the basis for radio astronomy during its early development.

Charles Joseph Van Depoele -- b.4/27/1846 d.3/18/1892 (45)
Scientist, Inventor, Belgiumese
Misc: over 250 patents including the electric railway

Simon Van der Meer -- b.11/24/1925 d.3/4/2011 (85)
Physicist, Dutch (Netherlands)

Johannes Van Der Waals -- b.11/23/1837 d.3/8/1923 (85)
Physicist, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: research on the gaseous and liquid states of matter. His work made the study of temperatures near absolute zero possible.

Sir John Robert Vane -- b.3/29/1927 d.11/19/2004 (77)
Scientist, English

Jan van Helmont -- b.1/12/1580 d.12/30/1644 (64)
Chemist, Physician, Physiologist, Belgiumese
Misc: some say b. in 1579

Gilbert Van Kamp -- b.12/25/1814 d.4/4/1900 (85)
Inventor, Businessperson
Misc: canning foods; founded the Van Camp canning company

Antony van Leeuwenhoek -- b.10/24/1632 d.8/26/1723 (90)
Scientist, Naturalist, Zoologist, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: pioneering microscope maker; discovered microbes

Cornelius B. Van Niel -- b.11/4/1897 d.3/10/1985 (87)

John H. Van Vleck -- b.3/13/1899 d.10/27/1980 (81)

Dorothy Vaughan -- b.9/20/1910 N.S. d.11/10/2008 N.S. (98)
Misc: worked for NASA

Louis Vauquelin -- b.5/16/1763 N.S. d.11/14/1829 N.S. (66)
Chemist, French
Misc: discovered chromium, beryllium

Charles Lacy Veach -- b.9/18/1944 d.10/3/1995 (51)

Alpheus Verrill -- b.7/23/1871 d.11/14/1954 (83)
Author, Explorer, Inventor

Andreas Vesalius -- b.12/31/1514 d.10/15/1564 (49)
Scientist, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: influential Flemish anatomist

Amerigo Vespucci -- b.3/9/1454 d.2/22/1512 (57)
Explorer, Navigator, Merchant, Italian
Misc: not b. 1454 courtesy of Larousse Spanish Dictionary

Paul Vieille -- b.9/2/1854 d.1/14/1934 (79)
Scientist, French
Misc: smokeless powder

Alan John Villiers -- b.9/23/1903 d.3/3/1982 (78)
Photographer, Author, Sailor, Adventurer, Australian

Rudolf Virchow -- b.10/13/1821 d.9/5/1902 (80)
Author, Scientist, Politician, Educator, German
Misc: father of cellular pathology

Artturi Limari Virtanen -- b.1/15/1895 d.11/11/1973 (78)
Scientist, Biochemist, Finnish

Dr. David Viscott -- b.5/24/1938 d.10/14/1996 (58)
Misc: worked for KABC radio in Los Angeles

Laura Vitale -- b.11/7/1986 N.S.

Hermann Wilhelm Vogel -- b.3/26/1834 d.12/17/1898 (64)
Chemist, German

Gabriel Voisin -- b.2/5/1880 d.12/25/1973 (93)
Aviator, French

Alessandro Volta -- b.2/18/1745 N.S. d.3/5/1827 N.S. (82)
Chemist, Inventor, Physicist, Italian
Names/Places: RN:Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta
Misc: named the volt, a unit of electrical measurement, after him

Vito Volterra -- b.5/3/1880 d.10/11/1940 (60)
Mathematician, Italian

Arthur Von Auwers -- b.9/12/1838 d.1/24/1915 (76)
Astronomer, German
Misc: star catalogs

Karl Ernst von Baer -- b.2/29/1792 d.11/28/1876 (84)
Misc: Embryologist

Adolf Von Bayer -- b.10/31/1835 d.8/20/1917 (81)
Chemist, German

Emil Adolph von Behring -- b.3/15/1854 d.3/31/1917 (63)
Scientist, Bacteriologist, Immunologist, Physiologist, German
Names/Places: aka: Emil Adolf Behring

Georg von Békésy -- b.6/3/1899 d.6/13/1972 (73)
Scientist, Hungarian

Wilhelm von Biela -- b.3/19/1782 d.2/18/1856 (73)
Military Leader, Astronomer, German

Wernher Von Braun -- b.3/23/1912 d.6/16/1977 (65)
Scientist, Engineer, German
Misc: Rockets

Ulf Von Euler -- b.2/7/1905 d.3/9/1983 (78)
Scientist, Biochemist, Swedish

Joseph Von Fraunhofer -- b.3/6/1787 N.S. d.6/7/1826 N.S. (39)
Physicist, Optician, German
Misc: studied the Sun's spectrum

Karl Von Frisch -- b.11/20/1886 d.6/12/1982 (95)
Scientist, Austrian
Misc: bee expert

Karl Ferdinand Von Gräfe -- b.3/8/1787 d.7/4/1840 (53)
Misc: helped create modern plastic surgery

Otto von Guericke -- b.11/20/1602 Ju-1 or 11/30/1602 N.S. d.5/11/1686 Ju-1 (83) or 5/21/1686 N.S. (83)
Inventor, Physicist, German
Misc: demonstrated the vacuum, also invented the first air pump.

Albrecht Von Haller -- b.10/16/1708 d.12/12/1777 (69)
Poet, Scientist, Swiss
Misc: Experimental Physiology founder

Hermann Von Helmholtz -- b.8/31/1821 d.9/8/1894 (73)
Scientist, Inventor, Physicist, Physiologist, German
Names/Places: MN:Ludwig Ferdinand
Misc: best-known for his statement of the law of conservation of energy.

August Wilhelm von Hofmann -- b.4/8/1818 d.5/2/1892 (74)
Chemist, German

Alexander Von Humboldt -- b.9/14/1769 d.5/6/1859 (89)
Scientist, Explorer, Geographer, Naturalist, German

Paul Von Janko -- b.6/2/1856 d.3/17/1919 (62)
Engineer, Inventor, Pianist, Hungarian
Misc: the piano

Julius Wagner Von Jauregg -- b.3/7/1857 d.9/27/1940 (83)
Scientist, Neurologist, Physician, Austrian

Theodore Von Kármán -- b.5/11/1881 d.5/6/1963 (81)
Engineer, Hungarian
Misc: aeronautical; designed the Bell X-1 airplane that was the 1st to break the sound barrier

Klaus Von Klitzing -- b.6/28/1943
Physicist, German

Richard Von Krafft-Ebing -- b.8/14/1840 d.12/22/1902 (62)
Psychologist, German

Adam Johann Von Krusenstern -- b.11/19/1770 d.8/24/1846 (75)
Navigator, Russian

Johann Von Lamont -- b.12/13/1805 d.8/6/1879 (73)
Astronomer, Physicist, Scotish
Misc: noted for discovering that the magnetic field of the Earth fluctuates with a period somewhat in excess of 10 years.

Max Von Laue -- b.10/9/1879 d.4/23/1960 (80)
Physicist, German
Misc: recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1914 for his work on the diffraction of X-rays in crystals.

Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz -- b.7/1/1646 N.S. d.11/14/1716 N.S. (70)
Philosopher, Scientist, Mathematician, German

Justis Von Liebig -- b.5/12/1803 d.4/18/1873 (69)
Chemist, German
Misc: Choloform discoverer; organic chemistry & agricultural chemistry founder

John Von Neumann -- b.12/28/1903 d.2/8/1957 (53)
Astronomer, Mathematician

Julius von Payer -- b.9/2/1841 N.S. d.8/29/1915 N.S. (73)
Painter, Explorer, Austrian
Misc: arctic explorer

Georg von Reichenbach -- b.8/24/1771 N.S. d.5/21/1826 N.S. (54)
Astronomer, German

Julius Von Sachs -- b.10/2/1832 d.5/29/1897 (64)
Scientist, Botanist, German

Werner Von Siemens -- b.12/13/1816 d.12/6/1892 (75)
Inventor, Industrialist, German
Names/Places: FN:Ernst
Misc: electrical engineer who played an important role in the development of the telegraph industry.

Karl Von Voit -- b.10/31/1831 d.1/31/1908 (76)
Physiologist, German
Misc: animal metabolism

August von Wassermann -- b.2/21/1866 d.3/16/1925 (59)
Scientist, Bacteriologist, Physician, Jewish, German

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