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Last Updated 01-22-2019

Herb Caen -- b.4/3/1916 d.1/25/1997 (80)
Author, Journalist, Columnist
Misc: San Francisco Chronicle

Ned Calmer -- b.7/16/1907 d.3/9/1986 (78)
Writer, Newscaster, Journalist, Commentator, TV Host

Helen M. Cam -- b.8/22/1885 d.2/9/1968 (82)
Historian, Educator, British

Giuliana Camerino -- b.12/8/1920 d.5/10/2010 (89)
Fashion Designer, Fashion Editor, Italian
Names/Places: founded the Roberta di Camerino fashion house in Venice

Joseph John Campbell -- b.3/26/1904 d.10/30/1987 (83)
Author, Mythologist, Scholar

Vincent Canby -- b.7/27/1924 d.10/15/2000 (76)
Movie Critic, Stage Critic, Journalist
Misc: New York Times

Cass Canfield -- b.4/26/1897 d.3/27/1986 (88)
Publisher, Biographer

Erwin Canham -- b.2/13/1904 d.1/3/1982 (77)

Lisa Canning -- b.11/7/1966
Journalist, Actress, Radio Disc Jock
TV Shows: Into The Night with Rick Dees, General Hospital, Young & The Restless
Movie Titles: Scream, The Day After Tomorrow

Jimmy Cannon -- b.4/10/1909 d.12/5/1973 (64)
Journalist, Sports Writer, Boxing Figure
Misc: in the International Boxing (for coverage of that sport) and National Sportscasters Halls of Fame

Moritz Benedikt Cantor -- b.8/23/1829 d.4/10/1920 (90)
Mathematician, Historian, German
Misc: a 19th century great

Philip J. Caputo -- b.1/10/1941
Author, Journalist
Book Titles: A Rumor of War

Roger Caras -- b.5/24/1928 d.2/18/2001 (72)
Writer, Correspondent

Patricia Carbine -- b.1/31/1931

Emma Carleton -- b.??/??/1850 d.??/??/1925

Richard Carlile -- b.12/8/1790 d.2/10/1843 (52)
Journalist, English
Misc: a notable champion of the freedom of the press

Tucker Carlson -- b.5/16/1969

Thomas Carlyle -- b.12/4/1795 d.2/5/1881 (85)
Essayist, Critic, Philosopher, Historian, Scotish
Book Titles: The French Revolution: A History, On Heroes, Hero-Worship, The Heroic in History, The Heroic in History, The History of Friedrich II of Prussia

John Carmody -- b.3/28/1924 d.3/1/1999 (74)
Misc: Washington Post

Robert Caro -- b.10/30/1935
Author, Journalist
Book Titles: The Power Broker, The Years of Lyndon Johnson

Liz Carpenter -- b.9/1/1920 d.3/20/2010 (89)
Author, Journalist

Caleb Carr -- b.8/2/1955
Author, Novelist, Historian
Book Titles: The Alienist, The Angel of Darkness, The Lessons of Terror: A History of Warfare Against Civilians

Dr. Ben Carson -- b.9/18/1951
Author, Surgeon, Commentator, Politician, Government Official
Misc: political commentator

Hodding Carter III -- b.4/7/1935
Newscaster, Journalist, Commentator, Politician
Names/Places: FN:William
Misc: Media Commentator

Jade Carter -- b.6/11/1976
Editor, Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: JAG
Movie Titles: Office Ninja, Awakening Arthur, Love of War, The Waterhole

James Carville -- b.10/25/1944
Commentator, Actor, Producer
Misc: political strategist

Tom Cassidy -- b.8/12/1949 d.5/26/1991 (41)
Misc: CNN anchorman

Cato The Elder -- b.??/??/234BC d.??/??/149BC
Historian, Statesman, Roman
Names/Places: FN:Marcus Porcius

Bruce Catton -- b.10/9/1899 d.8/28/1978 (78)
Writer, Journalist, Historian
Book Titles: The Civil War

Neil Cavuto -- b.9/22/1958

William Caxton -- b.8/13/1422 d.??/??/1491
Author, Printer, British
Misc: the first to print a book in English language: Recuyell of the Histories of Troy; ca. 1415-1422 -ca. March 1492

Jimmy Cefalo -- b.10/6/1956
Journalist, Game Show Host, Sportscaster, NFL Wide Receiver
Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins (broadcaster)

Bennett Cerf -- b.5/25/1898 d.8/12/1971 (73)
Humorist, Publisher, Businessperson, Panelist
Misc: Random House Publishers founder
TV Shows: What's My Line

John R. Chamberlain -- b.10/28/1903 d.4/9/1995 (91)
Author, Literary Critic, Columnist, Educator

John Graham Chambers -- b.2/12/1843 d.3/4/1883 (40)
Journalist, Boxing Figure, Welsh (Wales)
Misc: who in 1867 devised the Marquess of Queensberry rules, which helped to define the rules in boxing.

Stan Chambers -- b.8/11/1923 d.2/13/2015 (91)
Misc: Longtime KTLA reporter

Whittaker Chambers -- b.4/1/1901 N.S. d.7/9/1961 N.S. (60)
Journalist, Editor
Names/Places: RN:J. Vivian Chambers

John Chancellor -- b.7/14/1927 d.7/12/1996 (68)
Newscaster, Journalist, Commentator
Names/Places: b. in Chicago
TV Shows: NBC Evening News; Today Show (1961-62)

Dorothy Chandler -- b.5/19/1901 d.7/6/1997 (96)
Publisher, Executive, Philanthropist
Names/Places: Norman's wife
Misc: Los Angeles Times with hubby

Norman Chandler -- b.9/14/1899 d.10/20/1973 (74)
Misc: L.A. Times

Otis Chandler -- b.11/23/1927 d.2/27/2006 (78)
Publisher, Editor
Misc: L.A. Times, Times Mirror Co. chief editor

Edward Channing -- b.1/15/1856 d.1/7/1931 (74)
Author, Historian

Elaine Chao -- b.3/26/1953
Economist, Government Official, Taiwan
Misc: Labor Secretary

Samuel Charters -- b.8/1/1929 d.3/18/2015 (85)
Writer, Poet, Historian, Music Producer, Musicologist, Musician
Misc: a noted and widely published author on the subjects of blues and jazz music, as well as a writer of fiction.

Edna Woolman Chase -- b.3/14/1877 d.5/20/1957 (80)
Misc: fashion; of Vogue

Harrison V. Chase -- b.8/17/1913 d.2/6/2000 (86)
Misc: co-founder & co-editor of Chase's Annual Events

Helen M. Chase -- b.12/4/1924
Book Titles: Chase's Annual Events (co-editor)

Stuart Chase -- b.3/8/1888 d.11/16/1985 (97)

Sylvia Chase -- b.2/23/1938 N.S. d.1/3/2019 N.S. (80)
Newscaster, Journalist
TV Shows: ABC News, 20/20

William D. Chase -- b.4/8/1922
Librarian, Editor
Misc: founder of Chase's Annual Events

Leo Cherne -- b.9/8/1912 d.1/12/1999 (86)
Commentator, Economist

Ron Chernow -- b.3/3/1949
Author, Writer, Journalist, Historian, Biographer

Maxine Cheshire -- b.4/5/1930
Misc: reporter

G. K. Chesterton -- b.5/29/1874 d.6/14/1936 (62)
Author, Novelist, Poet, Critic, Journalist, English
Names/Places: RFN:Gilbert Keith

Peter Chew -- b.4/5/1924 d.7/16/2006 (82)
Author, Journalist
Misc: wrote about horses, mules, and middle-aged men

Marquis W. Childs -- b.3/17/1903 d.6/30/1990 (87)
Author, Journalist, Columnist

Gilbert Chinard -- b.10/17/1881 d.2/8/1972 (90)
Biographer, French

Spencer Christian -- b.7/23/1947
TV Shows: Good Morning America

Marian Christy -- b.11/9/1932

Connie Chung -- b.8/20/1946
Newscaster, Correspondent, Journalist, TV Talk Show Hostess
Names/Places: b. in Washington, DC; RN:Constance Yuh Wah; Maury Povich's wife
Misc: NBC, then CBS news
TV Shows: CBS Evening News co-anchor 1993-95, Connie Chung

Randolph Churchill -- b.5/28/1911 d.6/6/1968 (57)
Correspondent, Journalist, Politician, English
Names/Places: Winston's son

Buddy Cianci -- b.4/30/1941 N.S. d.1/28/2016 N.S. (74)
Commentator, Mayor, Attorney, Outlaw, Radio Talk Show Host
Misc: Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island 1975-84 and 1991-2002

Craig Claiborne -- b.9/4/1920 d.1/22/2000 (79)
Author, Chef, Editor, Columnist, Gay
Misc: food critic, cookbooks

Raymond Clapper -- b.4/30/1892 d.2/2/1944 (51)

John (Economist) Clark -- b.1/26/1847 d.3/21/1938 (91)
Writer, Economist
Names/Places: MN:Bates

John Maurice Clark -- b.11/30/1884 d.6/27/1963 (78)

Sir Kenneth MacKenzie Clark -- b.7/13/1903 d.5/21/1983 (79)
Author, Historian, Narrator, English
Misc: art historian

Jane Clayson -- b.4/25/1967
Author, Newscaster, Journalist
TV Shows: The Early Show

Cassandra Clayton -- b.??/??/1956
Newscaster, Correspondent

Jack Clement -- b.4/5/1931 d.8/8/2013 (82)
Publisher, Music Producer, Songwriter, Country Singer
Names/Places: NN:Cowboy
Misc: in the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame

Gianni Clerici -- b.7/24/1930
Journalist, Sports Commentator, Tennis Player, Italian

Nick Clooney -- b.1/13/1934
Newscaster, Journalist, Game Show Host
Names/Places: Rosemary's brother, George's father
TV Shows: The Money Maze

Ronald Coase -- b.12/29/2010 d.9/2/2013 (2)

Paul Coates -- b.3/10/1921 d.11/16/1968 (47)

Betsy Cobb -- b.??/??/???? d.3/17/1991 (76)
Names/Places: RLN:Simon

Frank Irving Cobb -- b.8/6/1869 d.12/21/1923 (54)
Misc: who succeeded Joseph Pulitzer as editor of the; New York World, and who became famous for his "fighting" editorials. He was described as "liberal but sane, brilliant but sound."

Ron Cochran -- b.9/20/1912 d.7/25/1994 (81)
Newscaster, TV Host
TV Shows: CBS News, ABC News

Claud Cockburn -- b.4/12/1904 d.12/15/1981 (77)
Publisher, British

Linda Cohn -- b.11/10/1959
Journalist, Sports Writer, Sportscaster

Margaret Coit -- b.5/30/1919 d.3/15/2003 (83)
Author, Historian

Frank Moore Colby -- b.2/10/1865 N.S. d.3/3/1926 N.S. (61)
Essayist, Editor, Educator, Encyclopediaist, American

John Coleman -- b.10/15/1934 d.1/20/2018 N.S. (83)
Weatherman, Meterologist
Misc: co-founder of The Weather Channel in 1982

Richard Coles -- b.3/26/1962
Priest, Journalist, Songwriter, Hip-Pop Keyboardist, English
Misc: Church of England priest; some say b. June 23
Group Names: The Communards

Steve Coll -- b.10/8/1958
Author, Journalist, Executive

John Collier -- b.12/12/1849 d.??/??/????
Publisher, Irish

Charles Collingwood -- b.6/4/1917 d.10/3/1985 (68)
Newscaster, Journalist, Commentator
Misc: A CBS classy & founding correspondent

Alan Colmes -- b.9/24/1950 N.S. d.2/23/2017 N.S. (66)
Commentator, TV Talk Show Host, Internet Website Blogger

Ferdinand Columbus -- b.8/15/1488 d.??/??/1539
Biographer, Spanish
Names/Places: Christopher's son
Misc: estimated date of birth

Henry Steele Commager -- b.10/25/1902 d.3/2/1998 (95)
Author, Historian, Educator
Book Titles: Atlas of the Civil War

John R. Commons -- b.10/13/1862 d.5/11/1945 (82)
Historian, Economist

Ann Compton -- b.1/19/1947
Newscaster, Journalist
TV Shows: ABC News, CNN

Walter Compton -- b.10/9/1912 d.12/9/1959 (47)
TV Shows: DuMont Evening News

Frank Conniff -- b.4/24/1914 d.5/25/1971 (57)
Misc: reporter

Cyril Connolly -- b.9/10/1903 d.11/26/1974 (71)
Author, Critic, Journalist, Editor, English

Bob Considine -- b.11/4/1906 d.9/25/1975 (68)
Author, Writer, Newscaster, Journalist, Columnist, Sports Commentator, Sports Writer
Book Titles: Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, The Babe Ruth Story

Alistair Cooke -- b.11/20/1908 d.3/30/2004 (95)
Author, Journalist, Actor, TV Host, English
Names/Places: b. in Manchester; FN:Alfred
Misc: BBC Radio's Letters From America
TV Shows: Omnibus, Masterpiece Theater (1971-93)

James Fenimore Cooper -- b.9/15/1789 N.S. d.9/14/1851 N.S. (61)
Novelist, Critic, Historian
Misc: America's first major novelist
Book Titles: Last of the Mohicans

Dan Cordtz -- b.5/1/1927
Newscaster, Journalist

Richard Corliss -- b.3/6/1944 d.4/23/2015 (71)
Movie Critic, Editor
Misc: Time Magazine film critic for 35 years

Leanza Cornett -- b.6/10/1971
Correspondent, Actress
TV Shows: E.T.

Samuel E. Cornish -- b.??/??/1793 or ??/??/1795 d.11/6/1858

Axel Corti -- b.5/7/1933 d.12/29/1993 (60)
Newscaster, Filmmaker

Howard Cosell -- b.3/25/1918 d.4/23/1995 (77)
Commentator, Attorney/Lawyer, Sportscaster
Names/Places: b. in Winston-Salem, N.C.; RLN:Kosell then Cohen
Misc: Boxingcaster; his caustic "tell it like it is" style made him the world's most celebrated sportscaster and turned "Monday Night Football" into a national institution; some say b. 1920
Book Titles: I Never Played The Game
TV Shows: ABC Sports, SportsBeat, Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell (not the NBC SNL that also premiered in 1975), Speaking of Everything, Monday Night Baseball, Monday Night Football

Thomas B. Costain -- b.5/8/1885 d.10/8/1965 (80)
Author, Novelist, Journalist, Editor, Canadian

Chris Costello -- b.8/15/1947
Biographer, Movie Actress
Names/Places: Lou's daughter

François Coty -- b.5/3/1874 N.S. d.7/25/1934 N.S. (60)
Publisher, Industrialist, French
Misc: Newspapers & Perfumes

Ann Coulter -- b.12/8/1961

Katherine "Katie" Couric -- b.1/7/1957
TV Shows: Today (co-anchor 1991-2006), Now, CBS Evening News, Katie

Norman Cousins -- b.6/24/1915 N.S. d.11/30/1990 N.S. (75)
Author, Poet, Publisher, Editor
Names/Places: b. in Union Hill, NJ
Misc: Saturday Review editor; nature of illness; some say b. 1915

Gardner Cowles Jr. -- b.1/31/1903 d.7/8/1985 (82)
Misc: Look Magazine founder

John Cowles Sr. -- b.12/14/1898 d.2/25/1983 (84)

Malcolm Cowley -- b.8/24/1898 d.3/27/1989 (90)
Novelist, Essayist, Poet, Literary Critic, Journalist, Editor

Elizabeth "May" Craig -- b.12/24/1889 d.7/15/1975 (85)
Newscaster, Correspondent, Journalist, Panelist

Donald Creighton -- b.7/15/1902 d.12/19/1979 (77)
Historian, Canadian

Cristina -- b.1/29/1948
Journalist, Actress, TV Talk Show Hostess, American, Cuban
Names/Places: LN:Saralegui
TV Shows: Cristina

Benedetto Croce -- b.2/25/1866 d.11/20/1952 (86)
Philosopher, Editor, Historian, Statesman, Italian
Misc: humanist, and foremost Italian philosopher of the first half of the 20th century.

Walter Cronkite -- b.11/4/1916 d.7/17/2009 (92)
Episcopalian, Newscaster, Journalist
Names/Places: b. in St. Joseph, MO; NN:The Most Trusted Man in America; MN:Leonard Jr.
Misc: ...and that's the way it is.
TV Shows: CBS Evening News Anchorman (1962-81), You Are There, It's News to Me, Pick the Winner, The 20th Century, Universe

John Crosby -- b.5/18/1912 d.9/7/1991 (79)
Novelist, Columnist

Stanley Crouch -- b.12/14/1945
Writer, Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, Poet, Columnist, Biographer, Teacher, Actor, Drummer
Book Titles: Don't the Moon Look Lonesome?

Paul Crowder -- b.12/30/1962
Editor, Director, Rock & Roll Performer, English

Candy Crowley -- b.12/26/1948

Bosley Crowther -- b.7/13/1905 d.3/7/1981 (75)
Author, Critic, Journalist
Misc: worked for the New York Times for 27 years

Catherine Cryer -- b.11/6/1954

Chris Cuomo -- b.8/9/1970
Journalist, TV Host
TV Shows: Good Morning America

Eve Curie -- b.12/6/1904 d.10/22/2007 (102)
Biographer, Pianist, French
Names/Places: daughter of Madame Curie

Ann Curry -- b.11/19/1956

Merle Curti -- b.9/15/1897 d.3/9/1996 (98)
Author, Historian

Charlotte Curtis -- b.12/19/1928 d.4/16/1987 (58)
Journalist, Editor, Columnist

Cyrus Curtis -- b.6/18/1850 d.6/7/1933 (82)
Misc: Saturday Evening Post, Ladies' Home Journal

George William Curtis -- b.2/24/1824 N.S. d.8/31/1892 N.S. (68)
Writer, Editor
Misc: of Harper's Weekly

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