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Last Updated 01-22-2019

Samuel Harold "Sam" Lacy -- b.10/23/1903 N.S. d.5/8/2003 N.S. (99)
Editor, Columnist, Sports Commentator, Sports Writer

Arthur Betz Laffer -- b.8/14/1940

Bill Lagattuta -- b.7/7/1953

Edwin Lahey -- b.1/11/1902 d.7/1/1969 (67)

Brian Lamb -- b.10/9/1941
Journalist, Businessperson, TV Executive
Misc: C-SPAN founder

Harold Albert Lamb -- b.9/1/1892 d.4/9/1962 (69)
Writer, Novelist, Short Story Writer, Screen/Scriptwriter, Historian

Ann Landers -- b.7/4/1918 d.6/22/2002 (83)
Jewish, Columnist
Names/Places: b. in Sioux City; RN:Anne Dugan Brown or Eppie Lederer or Esther Pauline Friedman; Abigail van Buren's twin sis

Sir Allen Lane -- b.9/21/1902 d.7/7/1970 (67)
Publisher, English
Misc: Penguin Books founder

Andrew Lang -- b.3/31/1844 d.7/20/1912 (68)
Author, Novelist, Poet, Children's Author, Historian, Scotish
Misc: Folk and Fairy Tale Collector, Folklorist, Mysteries, Mythology
Book Titles: The Blue Book of Fairy Tales

Christian Lange -- b.9/17/1869 d.12/11/1938 (69)
Historian, Diplomat, Pacifist, Norweigan

Ringold Wilmer Lardner Sr. -- b.3/5/1885 N.S. d.9/25/1933 N.S. (48)
Short Story Writer, Humorist, Journalist, Columnist, Sports Writer
Names/Places: aka Ring Lardner
Misc: best known about his satirical writings about sports, marriage, and theatre drama

Oliver Waterman Larkin -- b.8/17/1896 d.12/17/1970 (74)
Author, Historian, Educator

Carl W. Larsen -- b.2/8/1919 d.7/31/1993 (74)

Roy Larsen -- b.4/20/1899 d.9/7/1979 (80)
Misc: Time & Life Inc.

Stieg Larssson -- b.8/15/1954 d.11/9/2004 (50)
Writer, Journalist, Swedish

Joseph Lash -- b.12/2/1909 d.8/22/1987 (77)
Author, Journalist

Victor Lasky -- b.1/7/1918 d.2/22/1990 (72)
Author, Journalist, Columnist
Misc: anti-communist

Matt Lauer -- b.12/30/1957
Newsperson, Correspondent
Names/Places: b. in New York City
TV Shows: PM Magazine, HBO Entertainment News, Today

James L. Laughlin -- b.4/2/1850 d.11/28/1933 (83)
Misc: helped found the Federal Reserve System

Bill Lawrence -- b.1/29/1916 d.3/2/1972 (56)
TV Shows: ABC News

David Lawrence -- b.12/25/1888 d.2/11/1973 (84)
Publisher, Editor
Misc: founder of US News and World Report

Mark Lawson -- b.4/11/1962
Author, Journalist, English

Nigella Lawson -- b.1/6/1960 N.S.
Chef, Journalist, Personality, English
Book Titles: How to Eat
TV Shows: Nigella Bites, The Taste, Nigella Kitchen

Niguel Lawson -- b.3/11/1932
Journalist, Government Official, English

Victor Lawson -- b.9/9/1850 d.8/19/1925 (74)
Publisher, Editor
Misc: Associated Press prez

Robin Leach -- b.8/29/1941 N.S. d.8/24/2018 N.S. (76)
Journalist, TV Host, Producer, English
Names/Places: b. in London, England
TV Shows: Fame Fortune & Romance, Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Runaway with the Rich & Famous
Movie Titles: She-Devil, Maxed Out, Troop Beverly Hills

Stephen Leacock -- b.12/30/1869 d.3/28/1944 (74)
Novelist, Humorist, Economist, Educator, Canadian

Mike Leadbitter -- b.3/12/1942 d.11/16/1974 (32)
Editor, Music Figure, British
Misc: a leading authority on blues music

Frances Lear -- b.7/14/1923 d.9/30/1996 (73)
Author, Editor
Names/Places: Norman's ex-

Margaret Leech -- b.11/7/1893 d.2/24/1974 (80)
Author, Historian
Names/Places: aka Margaret Pulitzer

Gene Lees -- b.2/8/1928 d.4/22/2010 (82)
Music Critic, Journalist, Biographer, Composer, Lyricist, Singer, Canadian

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt -- b.6/14/1934
Novelist, Critic, Journalist

James "Jim" Lehrer -- b.5/19/1934 N.S.
Dramatist/Playwright, Newscaster, Journalist
Names/Places: b. in Wichita, KS
TV Shows: MeNeil/Lehrer report

Mark Lemon -- b.11/30/1809 d.5/23/1870 (60)
Misc: Punch and The Field magazines founder

Emil Lengyel -- b.4/26/1895 d.2/1/1985 (89)
Author, Historian

Mike Leonard -- b.11/30/1947
TV Shows: Today Show

Wassily Leontief -- b.8/5/1906 d.2/5/1999 (92)
Economist, German
Misc: father of input-output analysis in econometrics

Max Lerner -- b.12/20/1902 d.6/5/1992 (89)
Writer, Journalist, Columnist, Educator, Russian
Misc: New York Post

Dean Lesher -- b.8/4/1903 d.5/13/1993 (89)

Doris Lessing -- b.10/22/1919 d.11/17/2013 (94)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, Short Story Writer, Poet, Biographer, Librettist, English
Names/Places: b. in Persia

Albert Rice Leventhal -- b.10/30/1907 d.1/6/1976 (68)
Book Titles: Little Golden Books (developer)

Irving R. Levine -- b.8/26/1922 d.3/26/2009 (86)
Newscaster, Journalist

Joseph Moses Levy -- b.12/15/1812 d.10/12/1888 (75)
Journalist, English
Misc: founder of the London newspaper "Daily Telegraph."

George Lewes -- b.4/18/1817 d.11/28/1878 (61)
Philosopher, Publisher, Editor, English
Names/Places: George Eliot's hubby

Anthony (Journalist) Lewis -- b.3/27/1927 d.3/25/2013 (85)
Journalist, Columnist
Misc: N.Y. Times

Flora Lewis -- b.4/25/1918 d.6/2/2002 (84)
Journalist, Columnist

Fulton Lewis Jr. -- b.4/30/1903 d.8/20/1966 (63)
Newscaster, Journalist

Michael Monroe Lewis -- b.10/15/1960
Author, Journalist
Book Titles: Liar's Poker (1989), Moneyball (2003), The Blind Side (2006), The Big Short (2010), Flash Boys (2014)

Oscar Lewis -- b.5/5/1893 d.7/11/1992 (99)
Author, Historian

Alexander Liberman -- b.9/4/1912 d.11/19/1999 (87)
Photographer, Painter, Sculptor, Editor, Flautist, Saxophonist, Russian

A. J. Liebling -- b.10/18/1904 d.12/28/1963 (59)
Author, Journalist
Names/Places: RFN:Abbott Joseph

Doris Lilly -- b.12/26/1926 d.10/9/1991 (64)
Writer, Journalist
Misc: gossip columnist who wrote of millionaires

Rush Limbaugh -- b.1/12/1951
Author, Commentator, TV Talk Show Host
Names/Places: b. in Kansas City, KS; MN:Hudson
Misc: has his own radio and television talk shows; Al Franken says he is a big fat idiot.

Fred J. Lincoln -- b.1/19/1937 d.1/17/2013 (75)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Commentator, Actor, Producer/Director, Cinematographer
Misc: XXX

G. Gould Lincoln -- b.7/26/1880 d.12/1/1974 (94)
Misc: Dean of Washington Political Writers

Pia Lindström -- b.9/20/1938
Critic, Newscaster, Journalist, Producer, Swedish
Names/Places: Ingrid Bergman's daughter

James A. Linen III -- b.6/20/1912 d.2/1/1988 (75)
Misc: publisher & president of Time

Walter Lippmann -- b.9/23/1889 d.12/14/1974 (85)
Author, Philosopher, Journalist, Editor, Columnist
Misc: Political analyst; who in a 60-year career made himself one of the most widely respected political columnists in the world.

Peter Lisagor -- b.8/5/1915 d.12/10/1976 (61)
Correspondent, Journalist

Beth Littleford -- b.7/17/1968 N.S.
Correspondent, Actress
TV Shows: The Hard times of RJ Berger, The Daily Show, Dog with a Blog (as Ellen Jennings)
Movie Titles: Crazy Stupid Love, Drillbit Taylor

Horace Liveright -- b.12/10/1883 d.9/24/1933 (49)
Publisher, Stage Producer

Mary Ashton Livermore -- b.12/19/1821 d.5/23/1905 (83)
Publisher, Social Reformer, Suffragate, Political Activist

Vicki Liviakis -- b.??/??/????
TV Shows: Front Page

Livy -- b.??/??/64BC or ??/??/59BC d.??/??/17AD
Historian, Roman

John Gibson Lockhart -- b.6/14/1794 d.11/25/1854 (60)
Author, Editor, Scotish
Misc: Britannica gives b. July 14, Wikipedia gives b. June 12

Kurt Loder -- b.5/5/1945
Correspondent, Journalist
Misc: former MTV News Correspondent

Jacques Loeb -- b.4/7/1859 N.S. d.2/11/1924 N.S. (64)
Scientist, Physiologist, Biographer, American, German
Misc: biophysiologist

Frank Henry Loesser -- b.6/29/1910 d.7/28/1969 (59)
Publisher, Music Producer, Composer/Songwriter, Lyricist, Librettist, Musician

Lara Logan -- b.3/29/1971
Correspondent, Journalist, South African

Louis Lomax -- b.8/16/1922 d.7/30/1970 (47)
Writer, Journalist, Commentator

Jack London -- b.1/12/1876 d.11/22/1916 (40)
Novelist, Journalist
Names/Places: RFN:John Griffth
Book Titles: The Call of the Wild, Sea Wolf

James Barton Longacre -- b.8/11/1794 d.1/1/1869 (74)
Engraver, Portraitist, Publisher

Lord Beveridge -- b.5/5/1879 d.3/16/1963 (83)
Economist, British

Lord Morley -- b.12/24/1838 d.9/23/1923 (84)
Editor, Statesman, English

Elita Loresca -- b.6/28/1977 N.S.
Newscaster, American, Phillipean

George Horace Lorimer -- b.10/6/1867 d.10/22/1937 (70)
Misc: of Saturday Evening Post 1899-1937

Benson Lossing -- b.2/12/1813 d.6/3/1891 (78)
Engraver, Historian

Edmund George Love -- b.2/14/1912 d.8/30/1990 (78)
Author, Historian, Teacher

Elijah Parish Lovejoy -- b.11/9/1802 d.11/7/1837 (34)
Publisher, Abolitionist

James Russell Lowell -- b.2/22/1819 d.8/12/1891 (72)
Essayist, Poet, Editor, Diplomat, Abolitionist

Robert A. W. Lowndes -- b.9/4/1916 d.7/14/1998 (81)
Sci-fi Writer, Editor, American
Names/Places: MN:Augustine Ward; used 50 pen names for his own writings

Clare Boothe Luce -- b.4/10/1903 d.10/9/1987 (84)
Author, Dramatist/Playwright, Journalist, Congressperson, Ambassador, Diplomat, Actress
Misc: wikipedia says b. Mar 10; UPI says b. Apr 10

Henry Robinson Luce -- b.4/3/1898 d.2/28/1967 (68)
Publisher, Editor, Businessperson, Chinese
Misc: of Time, Life, Sports Illustrated, & Fortune

Emil Ludwig -- b.1/25/1881 d.9/17/1948 (67)
Biographer, German
Names/Places: LN:Cohn

J. Anthony Lukas -- b.4/25/1933 d.6/5/1997 (64)
Author, Journalist
Misc: won two Pulitzer Prizes for writing about social upheavals of the 1960s and '70s; d. suicide

Joan Lunden -- b.9/19/1950
Journalist, TV Talk Show Hostess
Names/Places: b. in Sacramento; Michael Krauss' ex-
Misc: some say b. 1951
TV Shows: Good Morning America, Everyday

Edgar Lustgarten -- b.5/3/1907 d.12/15/1979 (72)
Author, Journalist

Gary Lycan -- b.11/18/1944 d.4/9/2013 (68)
Misc: Orange County Register radio columnist

Joseph Lynes Jr. -- b.12/2/1910 d.9/14/1991 (80)
Photographer, Writer, Editor, Historian
Misc: Managing editor of Harper's Magazine

Francis D. Lyon -- b.7/29/1905 d.10/8/1996 (91)
Editor, Movie Director

Leonard Lyons -- b.9/10/1906 d.10/7/1976 (70)
Names/Places: RLN:Sucher

Sophie Levy Lyons -- b.12/24/1848 d.5/7/1924 (75)

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