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Last Updated 01-22-2019

Catherine Parr -- b.??/??/1512 d.9/7/1548
Names/Places: 6th and last wife of Henry VIII.

Peter The Great -- b.5/30/1672 O.S. or 6/9/1672 N.S. d.1/28/1725 O.S. (52) or 2/8/1725 N.S. (52)
King, Russian
Misc: the first Czar/Emperor of Russia (1682-1725)

Peter Mark Andrew Phillips -- b.11/15/1977
Misc: 9th in successtion to the British Throne

Kaysone Phomvihane -- b.12/13/1920 d.11/21/1992 (71)
Misc: of Laos

Antoninus Pius -- b.9/19/86AD d.3/7/161 (74)
Misc: Roman emperor from AD 138 to 161.

Pocahontas -- b.??/??/1595 d.3/??/1617
Names/Places: FN:Matoaka
Misc: American Indian Princess

Prince Albert -- b.8/26/1819 d.12/14/1861 (42)
Names/Places: Prince Consort of England & Queen Victoria's hubby

Prince Albert Grimaldi -- b.3/14/1958
Prince, Bobsledder, Olympic Athlete, Monacoian
Names/Places: Prince Rainier & Princess Grace's son
Misc: Prince of Monaco; Olympics 1988

Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward -- b.2/19/1960
Prince, English
Names/Places: Duchess Fergie's hubby, Queen Liz's 2nd son
Misc: Duke of York, Prince of England

Prince Charles -- b.11/14/1948
Prince, Welsh (Wales)
Names/Places: b. in London; RN:Charles Philip Arthur George; Princess Anne's brother, Lady Di's hubby, Elizabeth II's 1st son, Lord Spencer's brother-in-law, future King of England
Misc: Prince of Wales

Prince Edward -- b.3/10/1964
Prince, British
Names/Places: Queen Liz's 3rd son

Prince Edward Of England -- b.6/15/1330 J-LD d.6/8/1376 J-LD (45)
Prince, English
Names/Places: son of Edward III and known as The Black Prince

Prince George Alexander Louis Of Cambridge -- b.7/22/2013
Prince, British
Names/Places: Kate Middleton and Prince William's son

Prince Henry Charles Albert David Of Wales -- b.9/15/1984
Prince, British
Names/Places: Chuck & Di's 2nd son

Prince Henry The Navigator -- b.3/4/1394 d.11/13/1460 (66)
Navigator, Prince
Misc: Prince of Portugal; sponsored Portuguese voyages of discovery

Prince Itō Of Japan -- b.10/16/1841 d.10/26/1909 (68)
King, Head of State, Japanese
Names/Places: RN: Ito Hirobumi
Misc: Japanese premier; The Biemarck of Japan

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici -- b.1/1/1449 d.4/9/1492 (43)
Poet, Prince, Head of State, Italian
Names/Places: aka Lorenzo the Magnificent
Misc: Floretine ruler

Prince Louis Ferdinand -- b.11/9/1907 d.9/25/1994 (86)
Names/Places: grandson of Germany's last emperor
Misc: Adolf Hitler's opponent

Prince Louis Of Cambridge -- b.4/23/2018 N.S.
Names/Places: Kate Middleton and Prince William's son

Prince Metternich -- b.5/15/1773 d.6/11/1859 (86)
Prince, Statesman, Austrian
Names/Places: FN:Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar von Coblenz
Misc: Prince of Germany

Prince Naruhito Of Japan -- b.2/23/1960
Names/Places: Prince Akhito & Princess Michiko's son

Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf -- b.6/15/2015 N.S.
Names/Places: Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Christopher O'Neill's son; Duke of Angermanland

Prince Philip Mountbatten -- b.6/10/1921
Prince, Greek
Names/Places: b. in Corfu; Duke of Edinburgh & Prince of England; Queen Elizabeth II's hubby

Prince Pierre -- b.9/5/1987
Names/Places: Princess Caroline & Stefano Casiraghi's son

Prince Potemkin -- b.9/30/1739 Ju-1 or 10/11/1739 N.S. d.10/5/1791 Ju-1 (52) or 10/16/1791 N.S. (52)
Military Leader, Prince, Statesman, Russian
Names/Places: FN:Grigori Aleksandrovich

Prince Rainier III -- b.5/31/1923 d.4/6/2005 (81)
Names/Places: RN:Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand; Grace Kelly's widower
Misc: Prince of Monaco

Prince Reza -- b.10/31/1960
Prince, Iranian
Names/Places: RN: Reza Pahlavi; the son of the former Shah of Iran

Prince William Philip Arthur Louis -- b.6/21/1982
Prince, Welsh (Wales)
Names/Places: Diana and Charles' son
Misc: Prince of Wales

Princess Andrea -- b.6/8/1984
Names/Places: Princess Caroline's daughter

Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Windsor -- b.8/15/1950
Princess, Sports Figure, Olympic Athlete, English
Names/Places: Queen Elizabeth II's daughter; Capt. Mark Phillips' ex-wife, Tim Laurence's wife
Misc: Horsewoman; Princess of Britian

Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary Of York -- b.8/8/1988
Names/Places: aka Baby Yorklet
Misc: Duchess Fergie & Prince Andrew's daughter

Princess Caroline Grimaldi -- b.1/23/1957
Names/Places: b. in Monte Carlo; of Monaco; RN:Caroline Louise Marguerite Grimaldi; Grace Kelly & Prince Rainier's daughter, Prince Albert's sister

Princess Caroline Lee Bouvier Radziwill -- b.3/3/1933
Princess, Socialite
Names/Places: aka Lee Radziwill-Ross; b. in New York City; Jackie O's sister

Princess Charlotte Of Cambridge -- b.5/2/2015
Names/Places: Kate Middleton and Prince William's daughter

Princess Diana -- b.7/1/1961 d.8/31/1997 (36)
Princess, English
Names/Places: b. in Sandringham; MN:Frances Spencer
Misc: of Wales

Princess Eugenie -- b.3/23/1990
Princess, English
Names/Places: Fergie & Andrew's daughter

Princess Helen Marina Lucy Windsor -- b.4/28/1964
Princess, English
Names/Places: aka Lady Helen Taylor; daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent, Queen Elizabeth's first cousin.

Princess Juliana -- b.4/30/1909 d.3/20/2004 (94)
Misc: Queen of the Netherlands (1948-80)

Princess Madeleine -- b.6/10/1982 N.S.
Princess, Swedish
Names/Places: Princess of Sweeden, aka Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland

Princess Mako -- b.10/23/1991
Names/Places: Prince Akishino & Princess Kiko's girl, Akhito's granddaughter

Princess Margaret Rose -- b.8/21/1930 d.2/9/2002 (71)
Princess, Scotish
Names/Places: Queen Elizabeth II's sister
Misc: of Britian

Princess Maria-Olympia -- b.7/25/1996
Names/Places: daughter of Greece's Crown Prince Paulos and Crown Princess Marie Chantal Miller

Princess Stephanie -- b.2/1/1965
Princess, Pop Singer
Names/Places: RMLN:Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi; Grace Kelly's & Prince Rainier's daughter, Caroline's sister
Misc: Princess of Monaco

Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree -- b.7/14/1977
Princess, Swedish

Princess Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips -- b.5/15/1981
Misc: daughter of Princess Anne and 10th in succession to British throne.

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