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Last Updated 01-01-2020

Abbas I Shah Of Persia -- b.1/27/1571 d.1/19/1629 (57)
Head of State

Mahmoud Abbas -- b.3/26/1935
President, Palestinian

Sir John Joseph Caldwell Abbott -- b.3/12/1821 d.10/30/1893 (72)
Prime Minister, Attorney/Lawyer, Canadian
Misc: PM of Canada 1891-92

Lyman Abbott -- b.12/18/1835 d.10/22/1922 (86)
Religionist, Theologian, Minister

Tony (Politician) Abbott -- b.11/4/1957 N.S.
Prime Minister, Australian, English
Misc: the 28th Prime Minister of Australia

Elliott Abrams -- b.1/24/1948
Government Official, Diplomat, Lawyer
Misc: ex-state dept. official

Absolutely Nobody -- b.??/??/???? d.10/25/1993 (37)
Names/Places: RN:David Powers
Misc: Washington lt-gov candidate

Bella Abzug -- b.7/24/1920 d.3/31/1998 (77)
Jewish, Congressperson, Attorney/Lawyer, Feminist
Misc: the first Jew in Congress

Dean Acheson -- b.4/11/1893 d.10/12/1971 (78)
Misc: U.S. secretary of state (1949-53) and adviser to four presidents, who became the principal creator of U.S. foreign policy in the Cold War period following World War II, during which he helped to create the Western alliance in opposition to the Soviet Union

Gary L. Ackerman -- b.11/19/1942

Alexander Acosta -- b.1/16/1969 N.S.
Government Official
Misc: Labor Secretary

Abigail Smith Adams -- b.11/11/1744 O.S. or 11/22/1744 N.S. d.10/28/1818 (73)
First Lady
Names/Places: John's wife; John Quincy Adams' mom

Annette Adams -- b.3/12/1877 d.10/26/1956 (79)
Judge/Jurist, Attorney/Lawyer

Brockman Adams -- b.1/13/1927 d.9/10/2004 (77)
Senator, Government Official
Misc: ex-Secretary of Transportation

Charles Francis Adams -- b.8/18/1807 d.11/21/1886 (79)
Misc: played an important role in keeping Britain neutral during the U.S. Civil War (1861-65) and in promoting the arbitration of the important "Alabama" claims.

Eve Adams -- b.9/10/1908 d.8/23/1991 (82)
Presidential Aide
Misc: U.S. Mint Director

Gerry Adams -- b.10/6/1948
Head of State
Misc: of Sinn Fein

John Adams -- b.10/30/1735 N.S. or 10/19/1735 J-LD d.7/4/1826 N.S. (90)
Revolutionary, President/Vice President, Attorney/Lawyer, American
Names/Places: b. in Braintree, MA; John Quincy Adams' dad
Misc: the first U.S. Vice President; 2nd U.S. President (1797-1801); Declaration of Independence signer

John Quincy Adams -- b.7/11/1767 d.2/23/1848 (80)
President, Congressperson
Names/Places: b. in Braintree, Mass; John's son
Misc: 6th U.S. President (1825-29)

Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams -- b.2/12/1775 d.5/15/1852 (77)
First Lady
Names/Places: John Quincy's wife

Samuel Adams -- b.9/27/1722 N.S. or 9/16/1722 J-LD d.10/2/1803 N.S. (81)
Revolutionary, Statesman
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Tom Adams -- b.9/24/1931 N.S. d.3/11/1985 N.S. (53)
Prime Minister
Misc: Prime Minister of Barbados

Joseph Addison -- b.5/1/1672 J-LD d.6/17/1719 J-LD (47)
Essayist, Poet, Playwright, Politician, English

Konrad Adenauer -- b.1/5/1876 d.4/19/1967 (91)
Statesman, German
Misc: the first chancellor of the Federal German Republic (West Germany) 1949-63

Spiro Theodore Agnew -- b.11/9/1918 d.9/17/1996 (77)
Vice President
Names/Places: b. in Baltimore, MD
Misc: 39th U.S. Vice President; John Denver sang a song about him, though rather short.

Art Agnos -- b.9/1/1938
Misc: 39th Mayor of San Francisco 1988-1992

Emilio Aguinaldo -- b.3/23/1869 d.2/6/1964 (94)
Revolutionary, Military Leader, Politician, Phillipean
Misc: the First President of the Phillipines 1899-1901

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- b.10/28/1956
Head of State, Iranian
Misc: President of Iran 2005-2013

George Aiken -- b.8/20/1892 d.11/19/1984 (92)
Poet, Senator

Daniel K. Akaka -- b.9/11/1924 N.S. d.4/6/2018 N.S. (93)
Senator, Hawaiian
Misc: Rep-D-Hawaii 1977-

Nouri al-Maliki -- b.6/20/1950
Prime Minister, Iraqian

Carl Albert -- b.5/10/1908 d.2/4/2000 (91)
Misc: White House speaker

Heinrich Albertz -- b.1/22/1915 d.5/18/1993 (78)
Mayor, German
Misc: Mayor of West Berlin; opposed the Nazis

Madeleine Albright -- b.5/15/1937
Politician, Ambassador, Diplomat
Misc: ex-Secretary of State

Alcibiades -- b.??/??/450BC d.??/??/404BC
Politician, Greek

Miguel Aleman -- b.9/29/1902 d.5/14/1983 (80)
Head of State, Mexican
Misc: Mexico President 1946-52

Alexander The Great -- b.9/20/356BC d.6/13/323BC (32)
Head of State, Greek, Gay
Misc: Monarch & conqueror; d. of fever in Babylon

Clifford Alexander Jr. -- b.9/21/1933
Presidential Aide, Lawyer, Businessperson
Misc: Secretary of Army 1970s

Lamar Alexander -- b.7/3/1940
Senator, Government Official
Misc: ex-Secretary of Education

Raul Alfonsin -- b.3/12/1927 d.3/31/2009 (82)
Head of State
Misc: Argentine president (1983-89)

Dante Alighieri -- b.6/1/1265 d.9/14/1321 (56)
Author, Poet, Politician, Italian
Names/Places: or FN:Durante
Misc: sources give b. May 9, 14, 27, 29, and 30

Joseph Alioto -- b.2/11/1916 d.1/29/1998 (81)
Misc: San Francisco

Samuel Alito -- b.4/1/1950
Supreme Court Justice

Florence Ellinwood Allen -- b.3/23/1884 d.9/12/1966 (82)
Misc: the first woman to serve on a state supreme court

Maryon Pittman Allen -- b.11/30/1925 N.S. d.7/23/2018 N.S. (92)
Journalist, Senator

Mel Allen -- b.2/14/1913 d.6/16/1996 (83)
Attorney/Lawyer, TV Host, Baseball Announcer
Names/Places: b. in Birmingham, Ala.; NN:Mr. TV Baseball; RN:Melvin Allen Israel
Misc: How about that?; Ford C. Frick award winner in 1978
Sports Teams: New York Yankees (sportscaster)
TV Shows: NBC Sports, This Week in Baseball
Movie Titles: Movietone Newsreels

Salvador Allende Gossens -- b.7/26/1908 d.9/11/1973 (65)
Head of State, Chilean

Gloria Allred -- b.7/3/1941
Attorney/Lawyer, Feminist

Yigol Alton -- b.10/10/1918 d.2/29/1980 (61)
Politician, Israeli
Misc: former Israeli foreign minister who had played an important role in the Jewish state's fight for independence

Idi Amin -- b.1/1/1926 d.8/16/2003 (77)
Head of State, Uganda
Names/Places: LN:Dada
Misc: Uganda president; the most amazing man that you ever seen; he's the general, the president, the king of the sea!

Toney Anaya -- b.4/29/1941

Eugenie Moore Anderson -- b.5/26/1909 d.3/31/1997 (87)
Ambassador, Diplomat

Glenn Anderson -- b.2/21/1913 d.12/13/1994 (81)

John B. Anderson -- b.2/15/1922 d.12/3/2017 N.S. (95)

Giulio Andreotti -- b.1/14/1919 d.5/6/2013 (94)
Statesman, Italian
Misc: a seven time prime minister (or premier) of Italy

John A. Andrew -- b.5/31/1818 d.10/30/1867 (49)

Mark Andrews -- b.5/19/1926

Yuri V. Andropov -- b.6/15/1914 N.S. or 6/2/1914 Ju-1 d.2/9/1984 N.S. (69)
Head of State, Russian
Misc: Soviet Premier 1982-84

Cecil D. Andrus -- b.8/25/1931 d.8/24/2017 N.S. (85)

Kofi Annan -- b.4/8/1938 N.S. d.8/18/2018 N.S. (80)
Diplomat, Ghana
Misc: former U.N. Secretary-General

Giacomo Antonelli -- b.4/2/1806 d.11/6/1876 (70)
Statesman, Italian

Mark Antony -- b.1/14/83BC Romn d.8/1/30BC O.S. (53)
Statesman, Roman
Names/Places: RN:Marcus Antonius
Misc: Roman general; his birthday in the Roman Calendar was originally called XVII Kal. Feb. translated to January 14 in relation to the start of the month, but under Caesar's calendar reform, the day relative to the start of January was changed to XIX Kal. Feb. when the month was extended from 29 to 31 days. His old XVII Kal. Feb day slid to the equivilent of January 16 in the Julian calendar

Benigno Aquino III -- b.2/8/1960
President, Phillipean

Benigno Aquino Jr. -- b.11/27/1932 d.8/21/1983 (50)
Politician, Phillipean
Misc: of Phillippines

Benigno S. Aquino -- b.9/9/1894 d.8/21/1983 (88)
Head of State, Phillipean
Misc: of Phillipines; killed in Manilla

Corazon "Cory" Aquino -- b.1/25/1933 d.8/1/2009 (76)
Head of State
Misc: Phillipine Leader 1986-92

Sir Jeffrey Archer -- b.4/15/1940
Novelist, Politician, English
Book Titles: Kane & Abel

Oswaldo López Arellano -- b.6/30/1921 d.5/16/2010 (88)
Head of State
Misc: President of Honduras

Moshe Arens -- b.12/27/1925 N.S. d.1/7/2019 N.S. (93)
Engineer, Politician, Government Official, Diplomat, Israeli

William L. Armstrong -- b.3/16/1937 d.7/5/2016 N.S. (79)

Thurman Arnold -- b.6/2/1891 d.11/7/1969 (78)

Kenneth J. Arrow -- b.8/23/1921 d.2/21/2017 N.S. (95)
Writer, Economist, Political Theorist

Chester Alan Arthur -- b.10/5/1829 N.S. d.11/18/1886 N.S. (57)
President/Vice President, Attorney
Names/Places: b. in Fairfield, VT; d. in New York (some sources list 1830)
Misc: 20th U.S. Vice President; 21st U.S. President 1881-85

Ellen Lewis Herndon Arthur -- b.8/30/1837 d.1/12/1880 (42)
First Lady
Names/Places: Chester's wife

John D. Ashcroft -- b.5/9/1942
Politician, Governor, Government Official, Attorney
Misc: former Attorney General

James Mitchell Ashley -- b.11/14/1824 d.9/16/1896 (71)

William Henry Ashley -- b.3/26/1778 d.3/26/1838 (60)
Explorer, Politician, Fur Trader

Reubin Askew -- b.9/11/1928 d.3/13/2014 (85)

Les Aspin -- b.7/21/1938 d.5/21/1995 (56)
Congressperson, Government Official
Misc: Defense Secretary

Hubert H. Asquith -- b.9/12/1852 d.2/15/1928 (75)
Prime Minister, British
Misc: 1908-16

Bashar Assad -- b.9/11/1965
Head of State, Syrian
Names/Places: aka Bashar al-Assad
Misc: of Syria

Hafez al Assad -- b.10/6/1930 d.6/10/2000 (69)
Head of State, Syrian
Misc: President of Syrian

Lady Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor -- b.5/19/1879 d.5/2/1964 (84)
Politician, American, English
Names/Places: aka Viscountess Astor
Misc: the first woman elected to British Parliament

Miguel A. Asturias -- b.10/19/1899 d.6/9/1974 (74)
Author, Diplomat

Atahualpa -- b.3/20/1497 d.8/29/1533 (36)
Head of State
Misc: The last Sapa Inca or soverign emperor of the Tahuantinsuyu

Kemal Ataturk -- b.5/19/1881 d.11/10/1938 (57)
Writer, Army Officer, Statesman
Names/Places: RN:Mustafa Kemal
Misc: Ottoman and Turkish army officer

David R. Atchison -- b.8/11/1807 d.1/26/1886 (78)
Misc: was 11-1/2th U.S. President for one day on 3-4-1849

Clement Richard Attlee -- b.1/3/1883 d.10/8/1967 (84)
Prime Minister, British
Names/Places: FN:Earl
Misc: P.M. 1945-51

Lee Atwater -- b.2/27/1951 d.3/29/1991 (40)
Politician, Blues Guitarist
Misc: Republican National Committee chief chairman

Louis Auchincloss -- b.9/27/1917 d.1/26/2010 (92)
Author, Writer, Novelist, Attorney/Lawyer

Vincent Auriol -- b.8/25/1884 d.1/1/1966 (81)
Head of State

Warren Austin -- b.11/12/1877 d.12/25/1962 (85)
Senator, Ambassador

Alan Autry -- b.7/31/1952 N.S.
Politician, TV Actor, Director, NFL Quarterback
Names/Places: aka:Carlos Brown, RN:Carlos Alan Autry
Misc: one-time Mayor of Fresno, California
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers
TV Shows: Grace Under Fire, In the Heat of the Night (as Lt./Dep. Bubba Skinner), Sons of Thunder, Hart of Dixie
Movie Titles: House, Southern Comfort, At Close Range

David Axelrod -- b.2/22/1955
Government Official
Misc: White House adviser

Julio Turbay Ayala -- b.6/18/1916 d.9/13/2005 (89)
Statesman, Ambassador
Misc: Colombian President

Patricio Aylwin -- b.11/26/1918 d.4/19/2016 N.S. (97)
Author, Head of State, Politician, Senator, Lawyer, Professor, Chilean
Misc: The first Chile president 1990-94

Kelly Ayotte -- b.6/27/1968

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