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Last Updated 01-22-2019

Bruce E. Babbitt -- b.6/27/1938
Governor, Government Official
Misc: ex-Arizona gov, ex-Secretary of Interior

Michele Bachmann -- b.4/6/1956

Sir Francis Bacon -- b.1/22/1561 J-LD d.4/9/1626 J-LD (65)
Essayist, Philosopher, Scientist, Statesman, Attorney/Lawyer, English

Sir Charles Bagot -- b.9/23/1781 d.5/19/1843 (61)

Benjamin Bailar -- b.4/21/1934 N.S. d.2/20/2017 N.S. (82)
Presidential Aide
Misc: ex-U.S. Postmaster general

F. Lee Bailey -- b.6/10/1933
Author, Attorney, TV Host, Game Show Host
Names/Places: b. in Waltham, MA; FN:Francis
Misc: defended Patty Hearst

Jean Sylvain Bailly -- b.9/15/1736 N.S. d.11/12/1793 N.S. (57)
Astronomer, Mayor, French
Misc: noted for his computation of an orbit for Halley's Comet (1759) and for his studies of the four satel lites of Jupiter then known.

Fredrik Bajer -- b.4/21/1837 d.1/22/1922 (84)
Politician, Danish (Denmark)
Misc: Legislator

Howard H. Baker Jr. -- b.11/15/1925 d.6/26/2014 (88)
Senator, Government Official
Misc: Secretary of State, White House Chief of Staff

James A. Baker III -- b.4/28/1930
Government Official
Misc: ex-U.S. Secretary of the Treasury; Bush's ex-White House Chief of Staff & Secretary of State

John Baldacci -- b.1/30/1955

Malcolm Baldrige -- b.10/4/1922 d.7/25/1987 (64)
Government Official
Misc: Secretary of Commerce under Reagan

Henry Baldwin -- b.1/14/1780 d.4/21/1844 (64)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court (1830-44).

Roger Nash Baldwin -- b.1/21/1884 d.8/26/1981 (97)
Attorney/Lawyer, Social Reformer
Misc: A.C.L.U. founder

Stanley Baldwin -- b.8/3/1867 d.12/14/1947 (80)
Prime Minister, British
Misc: Prime Minister from 1923-29 and 1935-37

Sir Arthur James Balfour -- b.7/25/1848 d.3/19/1930 (81)
Prime Minister, English
Misc: British Prime Minister 1902-05; the First Earl of Balfour

George W. Ball -- b.12/21/1909 d.5/26/1994 (84)
Economist, Government Official, Diplomat, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: ex-under Secretary of State

Joseph Ball -- b.11/3/1905 d.12/18/1993 (88)

Margaret Ballinger -- b.1/11/1894 d.??/??/1980
Author, Politician

George Bancroft -- b.10/3/1800 N.S. d.1/17/1891 N.S. (90)
Author, Historian, Statesman
Names/Places: NN:The Father of American History

George Bancroft -- b.9/30/1882 d.10/2/1956 (74)
Historian, Government Official, Actor
Misc: Secretary of the Navy

Sirimavo Bandaranaike -- b.4/17/1916 d.10/10/2000 (84)
Prime Minister
Misc: the first woman Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

Norman H. Bangerter -- b.1/4/1933 d.4/14/2015 (82)

Abolhassan Bani-Sadr -- b.3/22/1933
Head of State, Iranian
Misc: Iran leader

Ehud Barak -- b.2/12/1942
Politician, Government Official, Israeli
Misc: former Israeli Defense Minister

Domonic Barber -- b.10/6/1945 N.S.
Attorney/Lawyer, Lawyer
Misc: Howard Stern, Jessica Hahn, Joe Buttafucco

Haley Barbour -- b.10/22/1947 N.S.
Author, Politician, Governor
Misc: Former Republican National Chairman

Philip P. Barbour -- b.5/25/1783 d.2/25/1841 (57)
Supreme Court Justice

Walworth Barbour -- b.6/4/1908 d.7/21/1982 (74)
Statesman, Ambassador

Carl Barger -- b.8/18/1930 d.12/9/1992 (62)
Attorney/Lawyer, MLB Executive
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates (president)

Alben William Barkley -- b.11/24/1877 d.4/30/1956 (78)
Vice President
Misc: 35th U.S. Vice President
TV Shows: Meet The Veep (host in 1953)

Joel Barlow -- b.3/24/1754 N.S. d.12/26/1812 N.S. (58)
Writer, Poet, Politician, Diplomat, American
Misc: political writer

Benjamin Barr-Lindsey -- b.11/25/1869 d.3/26/1943 (73)
Author, Judge/Jurist

Raymond Barre -- b.4/12/1924 d.8/25/2007 (83)
Prime Minister, French

Justo Rufino Barrios -- b.7/19/1835 d.4/2/1885 (49)
General, Head of State, Guatemala
Misc: President of Guatemala

Marion S. Barry Jr. -- b.3/6/1936 d.11/23/2014 (78)
Misc: Washington D.C. mayor 1979-90, 95-99

Karl Barth -- b.5/10/1886 d.12/10/1968 (82)
Theologian, Minister, Swiss

Sidney K. Barthelmy -- b.3/17/1942

Josiah Bartlett -- b.11/21/1729 J-LD or 12/2/1979 N.S. d.5/19/1795 (65)
Revolutionary, Physician, Judge/Jurist, Statesman
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Vernon Bartlett -- b.4/30/1894 d.1/18/1983 (88)
Writer, Politician, Civil Rights Leader, British

Bernard Mannes Baruch -- b.8/19/1870 d.6/20/1965 (94)
Statesman, Financier, Philanthropist
Misc: Government adviser; A confidant of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, son of a Confederate Army surgeon, an architect of the Baruch Plan which called for international control over atomic energy after World War 2.

Edward Bates -- b.9/4/1793 d.3/25/1869 (75)
Misc: attorney general under Lincoln

F. Batista Y Zaldivar -- b.1/16/1901 d.8/6/1973 (72)
Head of State, Dictator, Cuban
Names/Places: FN:Fulgencio
Misc: the man Fidel Castro deposed

Max Baucus -- b.12/11/1941

James Asheton Bayard -- b.7/28/1767 d.8/6/1815 (48)
Congressperson, Senator

John B. Bayard -- b.8/11/1738 d.1/7/1807 (68)
Revolutionary, Statesman, Merchant

Thomas Bayard -- b.10/29/1828 d.9/28/1898 (69)
Senator, Ambassador, Diplomat

Birch Bayh -- b.1/22/1928

Evan Bayh -- b.12/26/1955

Jacob D. Beam -- b.3/24/1908 d.8/16/1993 (85)
Ambassador, Diplomat

Abraham Beame -- b.3/20/1906 d.2/10/2001 (94)
Jewish, Mayor
Misc: New York's first Jewish mayor

Judge Roy Bean -- b.??/??/1825 d.3/16/1903
Names/Places: NN:The Law of the Pecos

Baron William Beaverbrook -- b.5/25/1879 d.6/9/1964 (85)
Publisher, Government Official, British
Names/Places: aka Lord
Misc: Newspaperman

Marie François Beernaert -- b.7/26/1829 d.10/6/1912 (83)
Statesman, Belgiumese
Misc: President of Belgium 1884-94; Nobel Peace Prize 1909

Menachem Begin -- b.8/16/1913 d.3/9/1992 (78)
Prime Minister, Polish
Misc: Israeli P.M. (1977-80, 81-83, Nobel 1979)

Griffin Bell -- b.10/31/1918 d.1/5/2009 (90)
Government Official
Misc: Attorney General

Rex Bell -- b.10/16/1905 d.7/4/1962 (56)
Governor, Movie Actor
Names/Places: Clara Bow's hubby
Misc: Cowboy star

Melvin Belli -- b.7/29/1907 d.7/9/1996 (88)
Author, Attorney/Lawyer
Names/Places: NN:The King Of Torts
Misc: famed criminal attorney

Andrés Bello -- b.11/29/1781 d.10/15/1865 (83)
Author, Poet, Philosopher, Humanist, Diplomat, Scholar, Educator, Chilean

David Green Ben-Gurion -- b.10/16/1886 d.12/1/1973 (87)
Prime Minister, Statesman, Polish
Names/Places: RLN:Green
Misc: Israel's founding father, the first Prime Minister 1948-53, 55; d. in Tel-Aviv

Eduard Benes -- b.5/28/1884 d.9/3/1948 (64)
Statesman, Austrian

Robert F. Bennett -- b.9/18/1933 d.5/4/2016 N.S. (82)

Wallace F. Bennett -- b.11/13/1898 d.12/19/1993 (95)

William Bennett -- b.4/14/1932
Prime Minister, Canadian
Misc: the 27th Premier of the Canadian province of British Columbia 1975-1986

William J. Bennett -- b.7/31/1943
Politician, Presidential Aide
Misc: Drug Czar; Secretary of Education under Bush

Duane Benson -- b.8/5/1945
Politician, NFL Linebacker
Misc: Super Bowl II
Sports Teams: Oakland Raiders

Helen Delich Bentley -- b.11/28/1923 d.8/6/2016 N.S. (92)

Thomas Hart (Politician) Benton -- b.3/14/1782 d.4/10/1858 (76)
Names/Places: NN:Old Bullion

William Benton -- b.4/1/1900 d.3/18/1973 (72)
Publisher, Politician
Book Titles: Encyclopedia Britannica (publisher)

Lloyd Bentsen Jr. -- b.2/11/1921 d.5/23/2006 (85)
Senator, Government Official
Misc: US Secretary of Treasury

Pierre Bérégovoy -- b.12/23/1925 N.S. d.5/1/1993 N.S. (67)
Head of State, French
Misc: French premier 1992-93

Samuel Richard "Sandy" Berger -- b.10/28/1945 N.S. d.12/2/2015 N.S. (70)
Government Official
Misc: U.S. National Security Advisor

Bob Bergland -- b.7/22/1928
Government Official
Names/Places: RN: Robert Selmer Bergland
Misc: U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under President Carter.

Silvio Berlusconi -- b.9/29/1936
Head of State, Italian
Misc: Italian premier

Emile Zola Berman -- b.11/2/1902 d.7/3/1981 (78)

Ben Bernanke -- b.12/13/1953
Government Official
Misc: Federal Reserve Chairman

Steve Beshear -- b.9/21/1944 N.S.
Misc: Governor of Kentucky 2007-2015

Rómulo Betancourt -- b.2/22/1908 d.9/28/1981 (73)
Head of State, Venezuelan
Names/Places: NN: The Father of Venezuelan Democracy

Jackson E. Betts -- b.5/26/1904 d.8/13/1993 (89)

Ernest Bevin -- b.3/9/1881 d.4/14/1951 (70)
Statesman, Educator, British
Misc: played an important role in diplomacy after World War II (1884-1951)

Benazir Bhutto -- b.6/21/1953 d.12/27/2007 (54)
Prime Minister
Misc: Pakistan political leader

Zulfikar Ali Khan Bhutto -- b.1/5/1928 d.4/4/1979 (51)
Prime Minister
Misc: of Pakistan

Mario Biaggi -- b.10/26/1917 d.6/24/2015 (97)

Nicholas Biddle -- b.1/8/1786 d.2/27/1844 (58)
Statesman, Diplomat, Attorney/Lawyer, Financier, Educator
Misc: made 2nd Bank of US 1st effective central bank.

Beau Biden -- b.2/3/1969 d.5/30/2015 (46)
Politician, Attorney/Lawyer
Names/Places: Joe's son

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. -- b.11/20/1942
Vice President, Senator
Misc: 47th Vice President of the U.S. 2009-2017

John Bigelow -- b.11/25/1817 d.12/19/1911 (94)
Author, Diplomat

Theodore G. Bilbo -- b.10/13/1877 d.8/21/1947 (69)

James Hadley Billington -- b.6/1/1929
Government Official
Misc: Librarian of Congress

David "Dave" Bing -- b.11/24/1943
Baptist, Mayor, Businessperson, NBA Guard
Misc: 1968 NBA scoring leader; some say b. Nov 29; Detroit Mayor 2009-2013
Sports Teams: Detroit Pistons (1966-1975), Washington Bullets (1975-1977), Boston Celtics (1977-1978)

George Caleb Bingham -- b.3/20/1811 d.7/7/1879 (68)
Painter, Politician

Hiram Bingham -- b.11/19/1875 d.6/6/1956 (80)
Archaeologist, Explorer, Statesman
Misc: discoverer of the Inca city of Machu Picchu.

Jeff Bingham -- b.10/3/1943

Rose Bird -- b.11/2/1936 d.12/4/1999 (63)
Misc: ousted Calif Supreme Court Judge

Augustine Birrell -- b.1/19/1850 d.11/20/1933 (83)
Author, Statesman, English

Hugo L. Black -- b.2/27/1886 d.9/25/1971 (85)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: (Sen-D-Ala)/78th Supreme Court justice (1937-71)

Harry A. Blackmun -- b.11/12/1908 d.3/4/1999 (90)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: Roe Vs. Wade author; justice 1970-94

Sir William Blackstone -- b.7/10/1723 d.2/14/1780 (56)
Author, Judge, Jurist, Politician, English

Rod Blagojevich -- b.12/10/1956

James Gillespie Blaine -- b.1/31/1830 d.1/27/1893 (62)
Journalist, Politician
Misc: the 'Plumed Knight' co-founder of The Republican Party

John Blair -- b.??/??/1732 d.8/31/1800
Supreme Court Justice

Tony Blair -- b.5/6/1953
Prime Minister, British

Louis Blanc -- b.10/29/1811 d.12/6/1882 (71)
Historian, Socialist

Cuauhtémoc Blanco -- b.1/17/1973 N.S.
Politician, Soccer Player, Mexican

Samuel Blatchford -- b.3/9/1820 d.7/7/1893 (73)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: Associate Justice 1882-93

Ben Blaz -- b.2/14/1928 d.1/8/2014 N.S. (85)
Misc: Delegate

François Blondel -- b.6/15/1618 N.S. d.1/21/1686 N.S. (67)
Soldier, Engineer, Diplomat, French

Michael Bloomberg -- b.2/14/1942
Mayor, Philanthropist
Misc: former New York City mayor

Leon Blum -- b.4/9/1872 d.3/30/1950 (77)
Writer, Statesman, Ambassador, Socialist, French
Misc: ambassador to the U.S.; some say b. in 1870

Richard Blumenthal -- b.2/13/1946

W. Michael Blumenthal -- b.1/3/1926
Government Official
Misc: U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under President Carter

Robert Bly -- b.12/23/1926
Author, Poet, Translator, Editor, Government Official
Misc: leader of the mythopoetic men's movement

John Boehner -- b.11/17/1949

Lindy Boggs -- b.3/13/1916 d.7/27/2013 (97)
Names/Places: Hall's wife

Charles E. Bohlen -- b.8/30/1904 d.1/1/1974 (69)

Derek Bok -- b.3/22/1930
Lawyer, Leader, Educator
Misc: The former president of Harvard University

Simon Bolivar -- b.7/24/1783 d.12/17/1830 (47)
Revolutionary, Statesman, Venezuelan
Names/Places: b. in Caracas, Venezuela; NN:El Libertador; d. in Colombia
Misc: liberator of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, & Bolivia; Latin American revolt leader for independence from Spain; Bolivia was named for him

Richard Bolling -- b.5/17/1916 d.4/21/1991 (74)

John Bolton -- b.11/20/1948
Ambassador, Diplomat, Lawyer
Misc: former U.S. Ambassador of the U.N.

Christopher Samuel Bond -- b.3/6/1939
Names/Places: NN: Kit

Julian Bond -- b.1/14/1940 d.8/15/2015 N.S. (75)
Quaker, Politician, Civil Rights Leader, Political Activist
Misc: former NAACP Chairman

Sonny Bono -- b.2/16/1935 d.1/5/1998 (62)
Author, Mayor, Comedian, Producer, Producer, Songwriter, Pop Singer
Names/Places: RFN:Salvatore Philip; Cher's hubby 1964-74; b. in Detroit
Misc: Mayor of Palm Springs
Group Names: Sonny and Cher, soloist

Cory Booker -- b.4/27/1969 N.S.

Daniel J. Boorstin -- b.10/1/1914 d.2/28/2004 (89)
Author, Government Official, Scholar
Misc: ex-Librarian of Congress

William E. Borah -- b.6/29/1865 d.1/19/1940 (74)

Sir Robert Laird Borden -- b.6/26/1854 d.6/10/1937 (82)
Prime Minister, Canadian
Misc: the 8th Prime Minister of Canada 1911-20

David Lyle Boren -- b.4/21/1941
Senator, Governor

Cesare Borgia -- b.9/13/1475 d.3/11/1507 (31)
Soldier, Politician

Robert Heron Bork -- b.3/1/1927 d.12/19/2012 (85)
Judge/Jurist, Scholar
Misc: ex-Supreme Court nominee

Rudy Boschwitz -- b.11/7/1930

Louis Botha -- b.9/27/1862 d.8/27/1919 (56)
Head of State
Misc: South African soldier and statesman.; Premier of Transvaal 1907-1910 he was the first prime minister of the Union of South Africa (1910-1919).

P. W. Botha -- b.1/12/1916 d.10/31/2006 (90)
Head of State
Misc: ex-South African prez

Pik Botha -- b.4/27/1932 N.S. d.10/12/2018 N.S. (86)
Politician, South African
Misc: Minister of Foreign Affairs

Robert Bourassa -- b.7/14/1933 d.10/2/1996 (63)
Head of State
Misc: Premier of Quebec, Canada (1970-76, 1985-1994)

Léon Bourgeois -- b.5/21/1851 d.9/29/1925 (74)
Statesman, Canadian

Boutros Boutros-Ghali -- b.11/14/1922 d.2/16/2016 N.S. (0)
Politician, Government Official, Diplomat, Egyptian
Misc: UN Secretary General

Chester Bowles -- b.4/5/1901 d.5/25/1986 (85)
Author, Economist, Politician, Presidential Aide, Diplomat, Businessperson

Barbara Boxer -- b.11/11/1940
Congressperson, Senator

Charles Brackett -- b.11/26/1892 d.3/9/1969 (76)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Attorney/Lawyer, Movie Producer

John Brademas -- b.3/2/1927 d.7/11/2016 N.S. (89)
Politician, Congressperson, Leader, Educator
Misc: New York University President

William I Bradford -- b.3/19/1590 Ju-1 or 3/19/1589 J-LD d.5/9/1657 J-LD (67)
Governor, British
Misc: Pilgrim father of Plymouth Colony; note: Britain used the version of the Julian calendar (the Julian3-25) where the year number changed on March 25, so according to their calendar, it was 1589, but on the Julian (or Julian-1) calender when the year number changed on January 1, it was 1590; the date of his decease was for the Julian3-25 calendar though identical to that of the Julian-1 calendar.

William Bradford IV -- b.9/14/1755 N.S. d.8/23/1795 N.S. (39)
Revolutionary, Judge, Government Official, Lawyer
Misc: the second Attorney General

Joseph P. Bradley -- b.3/14/1813 d.1/22/1892 (78)
Supreme Court Justice

Thomas "Tom" Bradley -- b.12/29/1917 d.9/29/1998 (80)
Misc: Los Angeles Mayor

William W. "Bill" Bradley -- b.7/28/1943 N.S.
Author, Senator, NBA Coach, NBA Forward, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: RN:William Warren Bradley
Misc: 3-time All-America at Princeton, captain of gold medal-winning 1964 U.S. Olympic team; Three-time All-American at Princeton (1963-65); Olympic gold medal (1964); USBWA College Player of the Year (1965); NCAA Tournament MOP (1965); Sullivan Award as top amateur athlete in the U.S. (1965); Rhodes Scholar; European Champions Cup (now Euroleague) title with Simmenthal Milan (1966); two NBA titles (New York Knicks, 1970, 1973); first player ever to win Olympic gold medal, Euroleague title, and NBA title; U.S. Senator (D,NJ) since 1979.
Sports Teams: New York Knicks (1967-1977)

James Brady -- b.8/29/1940 d.8/4/2014 (73)
Presidential Aide
Misc: Press Secretary, Secret Service Agent, D.C. police officer

Nicholas F. Brady -- b.4/11/1930
Secretary of the Treasury
Misc: Secretary of Treasury under presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush

Louis Dembitz Brandeis -- b.11/13/1856 d.10/5/1941 (84)
Jewish, Supreme Court Justice
Misc: the first Jewish member of the nation's highest court (1916-39)

Willy Brandt -- b.12/18/1913 d.10/8/1992 (78)
Politician, Leader, German
Names/Places: FN:Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm
Misc: ex-West German Chancellor

Terry E. Branstad -- b.11/17/1946

Karl Hjalmar Branting -- b.11/23/1860 d.2/24/1925 (64)
Politician, Swedish

Carter Braxton -- b.9/10/1736 d.10/10/1797 (61)
Revolutionary, Statesman
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Rossano Brazzi -- b.9/18/1916 d.12/24/1994 (78)
Attorney/Lawyer, TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Movie Director, Singer, Italian
Misc: some say b. 1915
TV Shows: The Survivors
Movie Titles: South Pacific

David Brearly -- b.6/11/1745 d.8/16/1790 (45)
Revolutionary, Soldier, Judge/Jurist

John B. Breaux -- b.3/1/1944

John Breckinridge -- b.12/2/1760 d.12/14/1806 (46)
Policeman, Statesman, Lawyer
Names/Places: b. in Staunton, Va., d. Lexington, Ky., U.S.
Misc: Kentucky politician who sponsored Thomas Jefferson's Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions advocating a states' rights view of the Union.

John Cabell Breckinridge -- b.1/21/1821 d.5/17/1875 (54)
Vice President, Statesman, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: 14th U.S. Vice President

Phil Bredesen -- b.11/21/1943
Misc: 48th Governor of Tennessee 2003-2011

William J. Brennan Jr. -- b.4/25/1906 d.7/24/1997 (91)
Supreme Court Justice

David J. Brewer -- b.6/20/1837 d.3/28/1910 (72)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: Supreme Court Justice 1889-1910

Kingman Brewster Jr. -- b.6/17/1919 d.11/8/1988 (69)
Ambassador, Attorney/Lawyer, Leader, Educator
Misc: Yale University president

Stephen Breyer -- b.8/15/1938
Supreme Court Justice

Leonid Ilich Brezhnev -- b.12/19/1906 N.S. or 12/6/1906 Ju-1 d.11/10/1982 N.S. (75)
Head of State, Russian
Misc: Soviet leader 1964-82

Aristide Briand -- b.3/28/1862 d.3/7/1932 (69)
Head of State, French

Lord Brikenhead -- b.7/12/1872 d.9/30/1930 (58)
Statesman, English

Ed Broadbent -- b.3/21/1936
Politician, Professor, Canadian
Misc: Political Scientist

William E. Brock -- b.11/23/1930
Senator, Government Official
Misc: U.S. Secretary of Labor (1985-87)

Edward W. Brooke -- b.10/26/1919 d.1/3/2015 (95)
Senator, Presidential Aide
Misc: Attorney general; the first black to be popularly elected to the U.S. Senate.

Angie Brooks -- b.8/24/1928 d.9/9/2007 (79)

David Brooks -- b.8/11/1961
Political Commentator

Jack Brooks -- b.12/18/1922 d.12/4/2012 (89)

Jeffrey Brotman -- b.9/27/1942 N.S. d.8/1/2017 N.S. (74)
Attorney, Businessperson
Misc: co-founder and chairman of Costco Wholesale Corporation

Henry Peter Brougham -- b.9/19/1778 d.5/7/1868 (89)
Orator, Jurist, Scotish

Corrine Brown -- b.11/11/1946

Edmund G. Brown Sr. -- b.4/21/1905 d.2/16/1996 (90)
Names/Places: MN:Pat; Jerry's father
Misc: California governor 1959-67

Gordon Brown -- b.2/20/1951
Head of State, Scotish
Misc: ex-British Prime Minister

Hank Brown -- b.2/12/1940
Politician, Senator

Harold Brown -- b.9/19/1927 N.S. d.1/4/2019 N.S. (91)
Scientist, Presidential Aide, Educator
Misc: ex-sec of Defense

Henry Billings Brown -- b.3/2/1836 d.9/4/1913 (77)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: Associate Justice 1890-1906

Jerry Brown -- b.4/7/1938
Governor, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: ex-ex-California Governor Moonbeam, ex-Oakland mayor, ex-California Attorney General

Jesse Brown -- b.3/27/1944 d.8/15/2002 (58)
Government Official
Misc: Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Kate Brown -- b.6/21/1960 N.S.

Kathleen Brown -- b.9/25/1945

Lee Brown -- b.10/4/1937
Presidential Aide
Misc: Drug Czar nominee

Ronald H. "Ron" Brown -- b.8/1/1941 N.S. d.4/3/1996 N.S. (54)
Misc: Democratic Party chairman, then Commerce Secretary; d. in plane crash in Croatia.

Scott (Politician) Brown -- b.9/12/1959 N.S.
Politician, Attorney

Sherrod Brown -- b.11/9/1952

Willie Brown -- b.3/20/1934
Misc: ex-CA Assembly speaker

Sam Brownback -- b.9/12/1956

George H. Browne -- b.1/6/1811 d.9/26/1885 (74)

Samuel Brownell -- b.4/3/1900 d.10/12/1990 (90)
Misc: Education Commissioner

Carol Browner -- b.12/16/1955
Lawyer, Businessperson, Environmentalist

Gro Brundtland -- b.4/20/1939
Prime Minister, Norweigan
Misc: ex Prime Minister of Norway

Marcus Junius Brutus -- b.??/??/85BC d.??/??/42BC
Politician, Roman

Richard H. Bryan -- b.7/16/1937
Senator, Governor, Attorney
Misc: 25th Governor of Nevada 1983-1989

William Jennings Bryan -- b.3/19/1860 d.7/26/1925 (65)
Orator, Politician, Attorney/Lawyer
Names/Places: NN:The Great Commoner
Misc: Secretary of State

James Bryce -- b.5/10/1838 d.1/22/1922 (83)
Statesman, Scholar, British

Zbigniew Brzezinski -- b.3/28/1928 N.S. d.5/26/2017 N.S. (89)
Author, Government Official, Educator, Professor, Polish
Misc: former National Security adviser

James Buchanan -- b.4/23/1791 d.6/1/1868 (77)
Names/Places: b. in Franklin County, Pa.; d. near Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Misc: the 15th president of the United States (1857-61)

Patrick J. Buchanan -- b.11/2/1938
Commentator, Columnist, Politician
Names/Places: b. in Washington, D.C.
Misc: Political conservative; Presidental candidate
TV Shows: Crossfire

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