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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Kim Dae-Jung -- b.12/3/1925 d.8/18/2009 (83)
Head of State
Misc: Eighth President of the Republic of Korea 1998-2003

Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca -- b.8/5/1827 N.S. d.8/23/1892 N.S. (65)
Revolutionary, Head of State, Brazilian
Misc: Leader of the coup that toppled Emperor Pedro II. He became the first president of the Brazilian republic.

Edouard Daladier -- b.6/18/1884 d.10/10/1970 (86)

Dalai Lama XIV -- b.7/6/1935
Religious Leader, Head of State
Names/Places: RN:Gejong Tenzin Gyatso
Misc: the 14th spiritual leader of Tibet's Lamaistic Buddhists

Richard J. Daley -- b.5/15/1902 d.12/20/1976 (74)
Misc: Mayor of Chicago

Richard M. Daley -- b.4/24/1942
Misc: Mayor of Chicago

George Mifflin Dallas -- b.7/10/1792 d.12/31/1864 (72)
Vice President
Misc: 11th U.S. Vice President 1845-1849

Alfonse M. d'Amato -- b.8/1/1937

Richard Henry Dana Jr. -- b.8/1/1815 d.1/6/1882 (66)
Novelist, Attorney/Lawyer

John Claggett Danforth -- b.9/5/1936

Peter V. Daniel -- b.4/24/1784 d.5/31/1860 (76)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: Associate Justice 1841-60

Mitch Daniels -- b.4/7/1949

Christopher Darden -- b.4/7/1956
Lecturer, Attorney, Lawyer, Actor

George W. "Buddy" Darden -- b.11/22/1943
Congressperson, Lawyer

Clarence Seward Darrow -- b.4/18/1857 d.3/13/1938 (80)
Misc: Evolutionist; defense attorney at the Scopes monkey trial; d. in Chicago

Thomas Andrew Daschle -- b.12/9/1947
Names/Places: NN:Tom

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva -- b.10/27/1945
Head of State, Brazilian
Misc: President of Brazil 2003-2010

Dennis Daugaard -- b.6/11/1953 N.S.

Gary Davidson -- b.8/13/1934
Attorney/Lawyer, Businessperson, Sports Figure
Misc: founder of alternative pro leagues in football (WFL), basketball (ABA), and hockey (WHA)

Clifton Davis -- b.10/4/1945
Evangelist, Minister, TV Actor, Composer, Songwriter, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Chicago
TV Shows: Love American Style, That's My Mama (as Clifton Curtis), Amen (as Rev. Reuben Gregory)

David Davis -- b.3/9/1815 d.6/26/1886 (71)
Supreme Court Justice, Senator

Deane Davis -- b.11/7/1900 d.12/8/1990 (90)

Dwight Filley Davis -- b.7/5/1879 d.11/28/1945 (66)
Presidential Aide, Tennis Player
Misc: Secretary of War under President Coolidge; donated tennis's Davis Cup

Gray Davis -- b.12/26/1942
Misc: California 1999-2003

Jefferson Davis -- b.6/3/1808 d.12/6/1889 (81)
Head of State
Names/Places: b. in Christian County, Kentucky; d. in New Orleans
Misc: The only President of The Confederate States of America (1861-65) the country ever had!

Jimmie Davis -- b.9/11/1899 d.11/5/2000 (101)
Governor, Songwriter, Gospel Singer, Country Singer
Misc: Governor or Louisiana 1944-48 and 60-64; may have been born as late as 1902

John W. Davis -- b.4/13/1873 d.3/24/1955 (81)

Charles Gates Dawes -- b.8/27/1865 d.4/23/1951 (85)
Vice President, Attorney/Lawyer, Songwriter
Names/Places: b. in Marietta, Ohio
Misc: 30th U.S. Vice President 1925-29

Pete Dawkins -- b.3/8/1938
General, Politician, College Football Player
Misc: Heisman Trophy (1958)
Sports Teams: U.S. Army (1956-1958)

William L. Dawson -- b.4/26/1886 d.11/9/1970 (84)

William Rufus Day -- b.4/17/1849 d.7/9/1923 (74)
Supreme Court Justice

Jonathan Dayton -- b.10/16/1760 d.10/9/1824 (63)
Revolutionary, Soldier, Congressperson

Alfred Deakin -- b.8/3/1856 d.10/7/1919 (63)
Prime Minister, Australian
Misc: P.M. (1903-04, 1905-08, 1909-10), who shaped many of the policies of the new commonwealth, especially those dealing with restriction of nonwhite immigration, social welfare, and protection of domestic industry.

Nathan Deal -- b.8/25/1942
Governor, Attorney

Arthur H. Dean -- b.10/16/1898 d.11/30/1987 (89)
Government Official, Attorney/Lawyer

Howard Dean -- b.11/17/1948
Misc: former Vermont Governor

John Wesley Dean III -- b.10/14/1938
Author, Presidential Aide, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: ex-White House counsel; Watergate figure

Silas Deane -- b.12/24/1737 J-LD or 1/4/1738 N.S. d.9/23/1789 (51)
Revolutionary, Politician, Diplomat, Merchant
Misc: First U.S. diplomat sent abroad (1776), who helped secure much-needed French aid for the American Revolutionary cause.

Michael Deavers -- b.4/11/1938 d.8/18/2007 (69)
Presidential Aide
Misc: president Ronald Reagan's adviser

Marquis François de Barbé-Marbois -- b.1/31/1745 N.S. d.2/12/1837 N.S. (92)
Diplomat, French

Bill De Blasio -- b.5/8/1961
Misc: New York City

Eugene Victor Debs -- b.11/5/1855 d.10/20/1926 (70)
Politician, Labor Leader, Social Reformer
Misc: American Railway railroad labor union founder

Kurt Debus -- b.11/29/1908 d.10/10/1983 (74)
Government Official
Misc: director of NASA's Cape Canaveral

Violeta Barrios de Chamorro -- b.10/18/1929
King, Head of State, Nicaraguan
Misc: of Nicaragua

François René de Chateaubriand -- b.9/4/1768 N.S. d.7/4/1848 N.S. (79)
Novelist, Poet, Explorer, Historian, Statesman, French
Misc: cooked steak the French way

Dennis De Concini -- b.5/8/1937

Javier Pérez de Cuéllar -- b.1/19/1920
Diplomat, Peruvian
Misc: ex-U.N. Secretary General

Morris Dees -- b.12/16/1936

Anita Lucette DeFrantz -- b.10/4/1952
Attorney/Lawyer, Olympic Athlete
Misc: attorney who is one of 2 American delegates to the International Olympic Committee (James Easton is the other); first woman to represent U.S. on IOC; member of USOC Executive Committee; member of bronze medal U.S. women's eight-oared shell at Montreal in 1976; in the CRCA Hall of Fame

Alcide de Gasperi -- b.4/3/1881 d.8/19/1954 (73)
Politician, Native American

Charles de Gaulle -- b.11/22/1890 d.11/9/1970 (79)
Soldier, Statesman
Names/Places: b. in Lille; MN:Andre Joseph Marie
Misc: French president (1958-69)

Carlos Salinas de Gortari -- b.4/3/1948
Head of State, Mexican
Misc: ex-Mexico president

Terry Dehere -- b.9/12/1971
Politician, Restaurateur, NBA Player

Cristina Fernández De Kirchner -- b.2/19/1953
President, Argentine
Misc: President of Argentine 2007-2015

Frederik Willem "F.W." de Klerk -- b.3/18/1936
Head of State, South African
Misc: president of South Africa 1989-94

Édouard René de Laboulaye -- b.1/18/1811 d.5/25/1883 (72)
Writer, Poet, Jurist, Educator, French

Marquis de Lafayette -- b.9/6/1757 N.S. d.5/20/1834 N.S. (76)
General, Statesman, French
Names/Places: RN:Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier
Misc: American Revolutionary Soldier

Miguel de la Madrid -- b.12/12/1934 d.4/1/2012 (77)
Head of State, Mexican
Misc: President of Mexico 1982-88

Alphonse de Lamartine -- b.10/21/1790 N.S. d.2/28/1869 N.S. (78)
Novelist, Poet, Politician, French

Tom DeLay -- b.4/8/1947

Ernesto Zedillo De Leon -- b.12/27/1951
President, Mexican
Misc: President of Mexico 1994-2000

Ferdinand de Lesseps -- b.11/19/1805 d.12/7/1894 (89)
Engineer, Inventor, Diplomat, French
Misc: built the Suez Canal

Donald Dell -- b.6/17/1938
Attorney, Tennis Player

Ronald V. Dellums -- b.11/24/1935 N.S. d.7/30/2018 N.S. (82)
Congressperson, Mayor
Misc: House Armed Services Chairman

Ron De Lugo -- b.8/2/1930
Misc: U.S. delegate

Fernando Collor De Mello -- b.8/12/1949
Head of State, Brazilian
Misc: ex-of Brazil 1990-92

Jacques Demers -- b.8/25/1944
Senator, NHL Player, Canadian
Misc: former head coach of the World Hockey Association and the National Hockey League

Jim DeMint -- b.9/2/1951

Charles Louis de Montesquieu -- b.1/18/1689 N.S. d.2/10/1755 N.S. (66)
Philosopher, Jurist, French
Names/Places: MN:de Secondat, baron de La Brede and de

Eugene Dennis -- b.8/10/1905 d.1/31/1961 (55)
Misc: American Communist Party leader and labour organizer.

Jeremiah Denton Jr. -- b.7/15/1924 d.3/28/2014 (89)
Hero, Senator

Alan Dershowitz -- b.9/1/1938
Author, Commentator, Jurist, Lawyer
Misc: for O.J. Simpson 1995

Edward J. Derwinski -- b.9/15/1926 d.1/15/2012 (85)
Government Official
Misc: ex-Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing -- b.2/2/1926
Head of State, French
Misc: president of France 1974-81

Paul-Henri-Benjamin D'Estournelles -- b.11/22/1852 d.5/15/1924 (71)
Diplomat, Pacifist, French

C. de Talleyrand-Perigord -- b.2/2/1754 d.5/17/1838 (84)
Names/Places: FN:Charles Maurice

Sebastián Lerdo De Tejada -- b.4/24/1823 d.4/21/1889 (65)
Head of State, Mexican
Misc: Mexico president 1872-76

Tomás de Torquamada -- b.??/??/1420 d.9/16/1498
Explorer, Head of State, Spanish
Misc: Inquisitor

George Deukmejian -- b.6/6/1928 N.S. d.5/8/2018 N.S. (89)
Misc: of California 1983-1991

Éamon de Valera -- b.10/14/1882 d.8/29/1975 (92)
Head of State, Prime Minister
Misc: Ireland's first Prime minister, active revolutionary, led 1916 Easter Rebellion, founded Fianna Fail Party, took Ireland out of Commonwealth and renamed Eire, born in New York, N.Y.; one of Ireland's most prominent figures in its quest for independence; d. at a nursing home near Dublin

Betsy DeVos -- b.1/8/1958 N.S.
Government Official
Misc: Education Secretary

Thomas E. Dewey -- b.3/24/1902 d.3/16/1971 (68)
Misc: Governor of New York; presidential candidate 1944 and 1948

Bobby Diamond -- b.8/23/1943
Attorney, Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Fury (as Joey Newton), Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (as Duncan Gillis), Emergency + 4 (voice)
Movie Titles: Airborne, Billie

Porfirio Díaz -- b.9/15/1830 d.7/2/1915 (84)
Soldier, Head of State, Mexican
Misc: President of Mexico 1877-80, 84-1911

Ted DiBiase -- b.1/18/1954
Minister, Sports Commentator, Wrestler
Names/Places: aka The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase; RN: Theodore Marvin DiBiase Sr.
Misc: former wrestler and wrestling manager

Sir Henry Dickens -- b.1/16/1849 d.12/21/1933 (84)
Names/Places: Charles' son

John Dickinson -- b.11/2/1732 N.S. or 10/22/1732 J-LD d.2/14/1808 N.S. (75)
Statesman, American
Names/Places: NN:The Penman of the Revolution; b. in Talbot County, Province of Maryland, British America
Misc: some sources indicate he was born on November 4, 8, 12 or 13.

John George Diefenbaker -- b.9/18/1895 d.8/16/1979 (83)
Prime Minister, Statesman, Attorney/Lawyer, Canadian
Misc: P.M. 1957-63

Thomas Dimsdale -- b.5/29/1712 d.12/30/1800 (88)
Doctor, Physician, Politician, Banker, English

John D. Dingell Jr. -- b.7/8/1926 N.S. d.2/7/2019 N.S. (92)

Ngo Dinh Dlem -- b.1/3/1901 d.11/2/1963 (62)
Head of State, South Vietnam
Misc: The first president of South Vietnam

David Norman Dinkins -- b.7/10/1927
Misc: the first black Mayor of New York City 1990-93

Edward D. Diprete -- b.7/8/1934
Misc: 70th Governor of Rhode Island 1985-1991

Everett McKinley Dirksen -- b.1/4/1896 d.9/7/1969 (73)
Senator, Singer
Misc: Senate Republican leader

Benjamin Disraeli -- b.12/21/1804 d.4/19/1881 (76)
Novelist, Prime Minister, Statesman, British
Misc: Earl of Beaconsfield; P.M. of England

Alan J. Dixon -- b.7/7/1927 d.7/6/2014 (86)

Robin Dixon -- b.4/21/1935
Politician, Olympic Athlete, English
Misc: 2 man bobsled (Olympic-gold-1960)

Sharon Pratt Dixon -- b.1/30/1944
Names/Places: RN: Sharon Pratt Kelly, now known as Sharon Pratt
Misc: Washington D.C.

Anatoly Dobrynin -- b.11/16/1919 d.4/6/2010 (90)
Diplomat, Russian
Misc: of Russia

Christopher J. Dodd -- b.5/27/1944 N.S.
Senator, Lawyer

Samuel K. Doe -- b.5/6/1950 d.9/10/1990 (40)
Head of State
Misc: Liberia president

Elizabeth Hanford Dole -- b.7/29/1936
Names/Places: Robert's wife
Misc: Secretary of transportation, Secretary of Labor, American Red Cross head, 2000 Repulbican presidential candidate

Robert J. "Bob" Dole -- b.7/22/1923 N.S.
Names/Places: b. in Russell, KS; Elizabeth's hubby
Misc: ex-Senate Minority Leader; 1996 presidential candidate

Sanford Dole -- b.4/23/1844 d.6/9/1926 (82)
Governor, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: First president of the Republic of Hawaii (1894-1900), and first governor of the Territory of Hawaii (1900-03) after it was annexed by the United States.

Engelbert Dollfuss -- b.10/4/1892 d.7/25/1934 (41)
Head of State, Austrian

Pete V. Domenici -- b.5/7/1932 d.9/13/2017 N.S. (85)

Shaun Donovan -- b.1/24/1966
Government Official
Misc: HUD Secretary

Byron Dorgan -- b.5/14/1942

Andrea Doria -- b.11/30/1466 d.11/25/1560 (93)
Statesman, Italian
Misc: Genoese statesman, condottiere (mercenary commander), and admiral who was the foremost naval leader of his time.

David S. Doty -- b.6/30/1929

Emily Taft Douglas -- b.4/19/1899 d.1/28/1994 (94)
Author, Congressperson

Helen Gahagan Douglas -- b.11/25/1900 d.6/28/1980 (79)
Congressperson, Movie Actress
Names/Places: Melvyn's wife

Sir James Douglas -- b.8/15/1803 d.8/2/1877 (73)
Governor, Canadian
Misc: the first governor of British Columbia

Lloyd Cassel Douglas -- b.8/27/1877 d.2/13/1951 (73)
Novelist, Minister

Stephen Arnold Douglas -- b.4/23/1813 d.6/3/1861 (48)
Politician, Senator
Names/Places: NN:The Little Giant
Misc: debated Abraham Lincoln

William Orville Douglas -- b.10/16/1898 d.1/19/1980 (81)
Author, Supreme Court Justice
Misc: 81st Supreme Court justice (1939-75)

Paul Doumer -- b.3/22/1857 d.5/6/1932 (75)
Statesman, French

Tom Drake -- b.12/5/1930 d.2/2/2017 N.S. (86)
Politician, Attorney, Wrestler
Misc: Alabama House of Representatives 1960-1992, Speaker 1983-1987

Courtnee Draper -- b.4/24/1985
Artist, Lawyer, Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress, Singer
Movie Titles: Surf's Up, Ponyo, The Thirteenth Year
Video Games: Disney Infinity (series), Bioshock Infinite (series)

John Dryden -- b.8/7/1839 d.11/24/1911 (72)
Senator, Businessperson
Misc: the founder of the Prudential Insurance Company of America, the first company to issue industrial life insurance in the United States.

Kenneth Dryden -- b.8/8/1947
Policeman, Lawyer, Businessperson, NHL Goaltender, Canadian
Misc: led Montreal to 6 Stanley Cup titles; playoff MVP as rookie in 1971; won or shared 5 Vezina Trophies.
Sports Teams: Montreal Voyageurs (AHL), Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens

Jose Napoleon Duarte -- b.11/23/1925 d.2/23/1990 (64)
Head of State
Misc: El Salvador prez

Alexander Dubcek -- b.11/27/1921 d.11/7/1992 (70)
Head of State
Misc: ex-Czech commie leader; his failed attempt to loosen the Communist grip on his country became known as the Prague Spring

Doug Ducey -- b.4/9/1964 N.S.

Tammy Duckworth -- b.3/12/1968 N.S.

Kezia Dugdale -- b.8/28/1981 N.S.
Politician, Scotish

Michael S. Dukakis -- b.11/3/1933

David Duke -- b.7/1/1950
Politician, Racist
Misc: ex-KKK, or so we think

Allen Welsh Dulles -- b.4/7/1893 N.S. d.1/29/1969 N.S. (75)
Presidential Aide, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: ex-CIA head 1953-61

John Foster Dulles -- b.2/25/1888 d.5/24/1959 (71)
Senator, Statesman, Government Official, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: U.S. Sec of State 1953-59

Arne Duncan -- b.11/6/1964
Government Official
Misc: former Education Secretary

Pierre S. du Pont IV -- b.1/22/1935
Governor, Lawyer, Industrialist
Misc: Delaware governor (1977-1985)

Richard J. Durbin -- b.11/21/1944

David F. Durenberger -- b.8/19/1934

Rodrigo Duterte -- b.3/28/1945 N.S.
President, Phillipean

Francois Duvalier -- b.4/14/1907 d.4/21/1971 (64)
Names/Places: NN:Papa Doc
Misc: of Haitia

Jean-Claude Duvalier -- b.7/3/1951 d.10/4/2014 (63)
Head of State
Names/Places: son of Papa Doc; aka Baby Doc
Misc: ex-Haitian pres-for-life

Gabriel Duvall -- b.12/6/1752 d.3/6/1844 (91)
Supreme Court Justice

Bernard J. Dwyer -- b.1/24/1921 d.10/31/1998 (77)

Mervyn Dymally -- b.5/12/1936 d.10/7/2012 (76)

Roy P. Dyson -- b.11/15/1948

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