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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Luigi Facta -- b.11/16/1861 d.11/5/1930 (68)
Prime Minister, Italian
Misc: Italy's last prime minister before the fascist leader Benito Mussolini gained power (Oct. 31, 1922).

Sir Arthur William Fadden -- b.4/13/1895 d.4/21/1973 (78)

Charles Warren Fairbanks -- b.5/11/1852 N.S. d.6/4/1918 N.S. (66)
Vice President
Misc: 26th U.S. Vice President 1905-9; he was sometimes referred to as "the last of America's log-cabin statesmen."

Lauch Faircloth -- b.1/14/1928

Amintore Fanfani -- b.2/6/1908 d.11/20/1999 (91)
Politician, Italian
Misc: premier of Italy

Nigel Farage -- b.4/3/1964 N.S.
Politician, English
Misc: helped found the United Kingdom Independence Party

Frances Farenthold -- b.10/2/1926
Politician, Attorney, Educator, Political Activist
Names/Places: NN:Sissy Farenthold

Charles Farrell -- b.8/9/1901 d.5/6/1990 (88)
Mayor, TV/Movie Actor
TV Shows: Seventh Heaven, My Little Margie (as Vernon Albright)

Alexander A. Farrelly -- b.12/29/1923 d.9/10/2002 (78)
Misc: was the governor of the United States Virgin Islands serving from 1987 to 1995

Orval E. Faubus -- b.1/7/1910 d.12/14/1994 (84)
Misc: whose refusal to let nine black students into Little Rock's Central High School in 1957 forced President Eisenhower to send in federal troops

Anthony S. Fauci -- b.12/24/1940
Immunologist, Physician, Government Official
Misc: Federal health administrator

Walter Edward Fauntroy -- b.2/6/1933
Pastor, Politician, Civil Rights Leader
Misc: Delegate; former pastor of the New Bethel Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.

Russell D. Feingold -- b.3/2/1953

Dianne Feinstein -- b.6/22/1933
Senator, Mayor
Misc: San Francisco Mayor, U.S. Senator

Rebecca Felton -- b.6/10/1835 d.1/24/1930 (94)
Author, Commentator, Senator
Misc: the first woman senator

Millicent Fenwick -- b.2/25/1910 d.9/16/1992 (82)
Writer, Editor, Congressperson
Misc: Vogue Editor; told us to "get out and vogue" decades before MaDonna did.

Franz Ferdinand -- b.12/18/1863 d.6/28/1914 (50)
Politician, Leader, Austrian
Misc: Austrian Archduke

Miriam Amanda Ferguson -- b.6/13/1875 d.6/25/1961 (86)
Misc: was the first female Governor of Texas in 1925

Cristina Fernández -- b.2/19/1953 N.S.
President, Argentine

Geraldine Anne Ferraro -- b.8/26/1935 d.3/26/2011 (75)
Misc: the first woman nominated as a candidate of a major political party for U.S. Vice President in 1984.

José Figueres Ferrer -- b.9/9/1906 d.6/8/1990 (83)
Head of State, Costa Rican
Misc: Costa Rica leader

William Few -- b.6/8/1748 d.7/16/1828 (80)
Senator, Statesman

David Dudley Field -- b.2/13/1805 N.S. d.4/13/1894 N.S. (89)
Lawyer, American
Misc: whose advocacy of law codification had international effects.

Stephen Johnson Field -- b.11/4/1816 d.4/9/1899 (82)
Supreme Court Justice

Cleo Fields -- b.11/22/1962
Congressperson, Attorney

Abigail Powers Fillmore -- b.3/13/1798 d.3/30/1853 (55)
First Lady
Names/Places: Millard's wife #1

Caroline Carmichael McIntosh Fillmore -- b.10/21/1813 d.8/11/1881 (67)
First Lady
Names/Places: Millard's wife #2

Millard Fillmore -- b.1/7/1800 d.3/8/1874 (74)
President/Vice President
Names/Places: b. in Summerhill, NY
Misc: 12th U.S. Vice President; 13th U.S. President 1850-53

Robert Finch -- b.10/9/1925 d.10/10/1995 (70)
Politician, Actor

Vigdis Finnbogadottir -- b.4/15/1930
Head of State, Icelandian

Joan Finney -- b.2/12/1925 d.7/28/2001 (76)
Misc: Populist

Hamilton Fish -- b.8/3/1808 N.S. d.9/7/1893 N.S. (85)
Statesman, Presidential Aide
Misc: sec of state under Grant

Hamilton Fish -- b.12/7/1888 d.1/18/1991 (102)

Marlin Fitzwater -- b.11/24/1942
Government Official
Misc: White House spokesman & press secretary under Bush

Ari Fleischer -- b.9/13/1960
Government Official

Lawrence "Larry" Fleisher -- b.9/26/1930 N.S. d.5/4/1989 N.S. (58)
Attorney, Sports Figure
Misc: Sports Agent

Arthur Flemming -- b.6/12/1905 d.9/7/1996 (91)
Politician, Government Official

Arthur Fletcher -- b.12/22/1924 d.7/12/2005 (80)
Government Official, NFL Player
Misc: Deptartment of Labor assistant secretary, the highest ranking black in the Nixon administration

Daniel Flood -- b.11/26/1903 d.5/28/1994 (90)

James J. "Jim" Florio -- b.8/29/1937 N.S.

William Floyd -- b.12/17/1734 d.8/4/1821 (86)
Revolutionary, Congressperson, Statesman
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn -- b.8/7/1890 d.9/5/1964 (74)
Presidential Aide, Feminist, Political Activist

Paul Flynn -- b.2/9/1935 N.S. d.2/17/2019 N.S. (84)
Politician, British

Thomas S. Foley -- b.3/6/1929 d.10/18/2013 (84)
Misc: (Rep-D-WA, 1965-94)/majority whip/speaker of house

Jim Folsom Jr. -- b.5/14/1949

Marion Folsom -- b.11/23/1893 d.9/27/1976 (82)
Government Official
Misc: wrote the 1935 Social Security Act

Hiram L. Fong -- b.10/1/1906 d.8/18/2004 (97)
Misc: Hawaii's first U.S. Senator

Malcolm Stevenson Forbes Jr. -- b.7/18/1947
Publisher, Politician
Names/Places: NN: Steve

Betty Ford -- b.4/8/1918 d.7/8/2011 (93)
First Lady, Philanthropist, Dancer
Names/Places: b. in Chicago; RN:Elizabeth Bloomer Warren Ford; Gerald's wife
Misc: founded own clinic

Ed Ford -- b.6/13/1887 d.1/27/1970 (82)
Senator, Comedian, Panelist
TV Shows: Can You Top This?

Gerald Rudolph Ford -- b.7/14/1913 d.12/26/2006 (93)
President/Vice President, Golfer
Names/Places: RN: Leslie Lynch King Jr.; Betty's husband; b. in Omaha, NE
Misc: the 40th U.S. Vice President and 38th U.S. President (1974-76), both non-elected positions, a first (Tyler was the first non-elected President); lettered as center on undefeated Michigan football teams in 1932 and '33, team MVP of 1934 squad; he received contract offers from the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions, which he turned down in favor of law school.

Harold Ford Jr. -- b.5/11/1970 N.S.

Rob Ford -- b.5/28/1969 N.S. d.3/22/2016 N.S. (46)
Misc: 64th Mayor of Toronto

Wendell Hampton Ford -- b.9/8/1924 d.1/22/2015 (90)
Misc: Minority Whip

Kirk Fordice -- b.2/10/1934 d.9/7/2004 (70)

James V. Forrestal -- b.2/15/1892 d.5/22/1949 (57)
Names/Places: MN: Vincent
Misc: the first Secretary of Defense

Abe Fortas -- b.6/19/1910 d.4/5/1982 (71)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: Associate Supreme Court Justice 1965-69

Vincent Foster Jr. -- b.1/15/1945 d.7/20/1993 (48)

Charles Fourier -- b.4/7/1772 d.10/10/1837 (65)
Politician, Socialist

Wyche Fowler Jr. -- b.10/6/1940
Politician, Senator, Ambassador

Jackie Fox -- b.12/20/1959
Attorney, Punk Rock Bassist
Names/Places: RN:Jacqueline Louise Fuchs
Group Names: The Runaways

Vincente Fox -- b.7/2/1942
Head of State
Misc: ex-President of Mexico

Barney Frank -- b.3/31/1940
Congressperson, Gay

Al Franken -- b.5/21/1951
Author, Comedy Writer, Senator, Comedian, TV Producer
TV Shows: Saturday Night Live (semi-regular 1976-80 & frequent guest aka Stuart "Daily Affirmation" Smalley among other characters, and a writer)

Felix Frankfurter -- b.11/15/1882 d.2/22/1965 (82)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: 80th Supreme Court Justice (1939-62)

Barbara Franklin -- b.3/19/1940 N.S.
Presidential Aide
Misc: Secretary of Commerce

Benjamin Franklin -- b.1/17/1706 N.S. or 1/6/1705 J-LD or 1/6/1706 Ju-1 d.4/17/1790 N.S. (84)
Author, Philosopher, Scientist, Inventor, Publisher, Printer, Statesman, Diplomat, Philanthropist, American
Names/Places: b. in Boston; d. in Philadelphia
Misc: Postmaster General; Declaration of Independence signer; invented bifocals, streetlights, lightning rods, stoves, & harmonicas; Elder Statesman of the American Revolution; 1st Ambassador of France; on a $100 bill; in the International Swimming Hall of Fame
Book Titles: Poor Richard's Almanac

Dawn Fraser -- b.9/4/1937 N.S.
Politician, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian
Misc: the first woman to break the 1-minute barrier at 100 meters (59.9 in 1962); the only swimmer to win the same event in three successive Olympics: gold medals in 100m freestyle at 3 consecutive Olympics (1956,60,64).

Peter Fraser -- b.8/28/1884 d.12/12/1950 (66)
Prime Minister, Statesman
Misc: his leadership during World War II increased New Zealand's international stature.

Louis Freeh -- b.1/6/1950 N.S.
Government Official, Attorney
Misc: Former FBI director

Frederick Theodore Frelinghuysen -- b.8/4/1817 d.5/20/1885 (67)

Colonel Frederick Frelinghuysen -- b.4/13/1753 d.4/13/1804 (51)
Revolutionary, Senator, Statesman, Attorney/Lawyer

John Charles Fremont -- b.1/21/1813 d.7/13/1890 (77)
General, Explorer, Pioneer, Governor
Names/Places: NN:Pathfinder
Misc: mapmaker and explorer of Western United States

Clement Freud -- b.4/24/1924 d.4/15/2009 (84)
Writer, Politician, British

William H. Frist -- b.2/22/1952
Surgeon, Senator
Names/Places: RN: William Harrison Frist Sr., NN: Bill
Misc: began his career as a heart and lung transplant surgeon

Alberto Fujimori -- b.7/26/1938 N.S. or 8/4/1938 N.S.
Head of State, Peruvian
Misc: Peru President 1990-2000

James "J." William Fulbright -- b.4/9/1905 d.2/9/1995 (89)
Misc: sen-D-Arkansas

Melville Weston Fuller -- b.2/11/1833 d.7/4/1910 (77)
Supreme Court Chief Justice
Misc: 8th Chief Justice 1888-1910

Jaime B. Fuster -- b.1/12/1941 d.12/3/2007 (66)

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