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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Lech Kaczynski -- b.6/18/1949 d.4/10/2010 (60)
Head of State
Misc: President of Poland 2005-death

János Kádár -- b.5/26/1912 N.S. d.7/6/1989 N.S. (77)
Head of State, Hungarian
Misc: Communist Party leader

Elena Kagan -- b.4/28/1960
Supreme Court Justice

Rabbi Meir Kahane -- b.8/1/1932 d.10/5/1990 (58)
Religious Leader, Jewish, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: Jewish Defense League founder

Chiang Kai-Shek -- b.10/31/1887 d.4/5/1975 (87)
Head of State
Names/Places: b. in Chekaing Province
Misc: the first Chinese president

Toshiki Kaifu -- b.1/2/1931
Head of State, Japanese
Misc: Premier of Japan 1989-91

Tim Kaine -- b.2/26/1958
Governor, Government Official
Misc: Gov.; of Virginia; Democratic National Chairman

Constantine Karamanlis -- b.2/23/1907 O.S. or 3/8/1907 N.S. d.4/23/1998 (91)
Head of State, Greek
Misc: Premier of Greece

Hamid Karzai -- b.12/24/1957
Head of State, Afghanistan
Misc: former President of Afghanistan

John Kasich -- b.5/13/1952 N.S.
Politician, Governor
Book Titles: Courage is Contagious

Nancy Landon Kassebaum -- b.7/29/1932
Names/Places: LN:Baker; Alf Landon's daughter

Robert W. Kasten Jr. -- b.6/19/1942

Nicholas Katzenbach -- b.1/17/1922 d.5/8/2012 (90)
Government Official
Misc: former Attorney General

Irving R. Kaufman -- b.6/24/1910 d.2/1/1992 (81)
Misc: sentenced the Rosenbergs to the electric chair in 1951

Joseph Kaufman -- b.3/27/1899 d.2/13/1981 (81)
Judge/Jurist, Attorney/Lawyer

Napoleon Kaufman -- b.6/7/1973
Minister, NFL Runningback

Kenneth Kaunda -- b.4/28/1924
Head of State, Zambian
Misc: led Zambia to independence in 1964 and served as that nation's president until 1991.

Brett Kavanaugh -- b.2/12/1965 N.S.
Supreme Court Justice

Thomas Kean -- b.4/21/1935
Governor, Movie Actor, Movie Producer

Estes Kefauver -- b.7/26/1903 d.8/10/1963 (60)
Misc: Legislator who led the 1950-51 Senate investigation of organized crime

Robert Joseph "Bob" Kelleher -- b.3/5/1913 d.6/20/2012 (99)
Judge/Jurist, Tennis Player

Clarence M. Kelley -- b.10/24/1911 d.8/5/1997 (85)
Government Official
Misc: ex-FBI director

Frank B. Kellogg -- b.12/22/1856 d.12/21/1937 (80)
Misc: Secretary of State (1925-29), tried to outlaw war (Nobel 1929)

Chris Kelly -- b.8/18/1970 N.S.
Attorney, Internet Website Entrepreneur
Misc: From September 2005 to August 2009, he served as Chief Privacy Officer, first General Counsel, and Head of Global Public Policy at Facebook

Jack Kelly -- b.9/16/1927 d.11/7/1992 (65)
Mayor, TV/Movie Actor, Game Show Host
Names/Places: b. in Astoria, NY; Nancy's brother
TV Shows: Maverick (as Bret Maverick), The Hardy Boys (as Harry Hammond)

John F. Kelly -- b.5/11/1950 N.S.
Government Official
TV Shows: Homeland Security Secretary

Gouverneur Kemble -- b.1/25/1786 d.9/18/1875 (89)
Congressperson, Diplomat, Manufacturer

Jack Kemp -- b.7/13/1935 d.5/2/2009 (73)
Congressperson, Government Official, NFL Quarterback
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles
Misc: Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 1996 Vice Presidential Candidate with Bob Dole

Dirk Kempthorne -- b.10/29/1951

George Frost Kennan -- b.2/16/1904 d.3/17/2005 (101)
Author, Historian, Diplomat
Misc: ex-U.S. Ambassador to USSR

Anthony M. Kennedy -- b.7/23/1936
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: the 106th Supreme Court Justice 1988-

Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy -- b.2/22/1932 d.8/25/2009 (77)

John F. Kennedy Jr. -- b.11/25/1960 d.7/16/1999 (38)
Names/Places: b. in Washington, D.C.; Jacqueline Onassis & JFK's son

John Fitzgerald Kennedy -- b.5/29/1917 d.11/22/1963 (46)
President, Senator
Names/Places: b. in Brookline, MA; Jacqueline Onassis's hubby
Misc: the 35th and youngest U.S. President 1961-63; on a half-dollar coin

John Pendleton Kennedy -- b.10/25/1795 d.8/18/1870 (74)
Novelist, Presidential Aide
Misc: Secretary of the Navy

Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. -- b.9/6/1888 d.11/18/1969 (81)
Diplomat, Financier
Names/Places: b. in Boston; Patriarch; Rose's hubby, Robert, Edward, & John F.'s dad; d. in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts

Joseph Patrick Kennedy II -- b.9/24/1952
Names/Places: aka Joe; Ethel & Robert's son

Robert Francis Kennedy -- b.11/20/1925 d.6/6/1968 (42)
Senator, Attorney/Lawyer
Names/Places: b. in Brookline, Mass
Misc: Attorney General

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. -- b.1/17/1954
Author, Attorney, Environmental Activist
Names/Places: Robert Francis Kennedy's son

Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg -- b.11/27/1957
Author, Ambassador, Attorney
Names/Places: b. in New York City; JFK & Jackie's daughter

Enda Kenny -- b.4/24/1951
Prime Minister, Irish
Misc: The Taoiseach (prime minister) of Ireland

James Kent -- b.7/31/1763 d.12/12/1847 (84)
Jurist, Scholar

Jomo Kenyatta -- b.10/20/1893 d.8/22/1978 (84)
Prime Minister, Kenyan
Misc: first Prime Minister of Kenya

Uhuru Kenyatta -- b.10/26/1961 N.S.
President, Kenyan

Aleksandr Feodorovich Kerensky -- b.4/22/1881 Ju-1 or 5/4/1881 N.S. d.6/11/1970 N.S. (89)
Statesman, Russian
Misc: Russian Revolutionist

John Kerr -- b.11/15/1931 d.2/2/2013 (81)
Attorney/Lawyer, TV/Movie/Stage Actor
TV Shows: Peyton Place, Arrest & Trial
Movie Titles: South Pacific, Pit and Pendulum

J. Robert "Bob" Kerry -- b.8/27/1943 N.S.
Senator, Governor
Names/Places: or LN:Kerrey?

John F. Kerry -- b.12/11/1943
Misc: Presidental Candidate 2004

Francis Scott Key -- b.8/1/1779 d.1/11/1843 (63)
Author, Poet, Attorney/Lawyer, Composer
Names/Places: b. in Frederick County, MD
Misc: Wrote "The Star Spanged Banner" in 1814 after witnessing the British bombardment of Fort McHenry. It became the US National Anthem in 1931; 59 years after that, Francis turned in his grave when Roseanne screeched it into the Barr-Strangled Banner at a Padre ballgame.
Song Titles: The Star Spangled Banner (songwriter)

John Key -- b.8/9/1961 N.S.
Prime Minister, New Zealand

Alan Keyes -- b.8/7/1950
Author, Diplomat, Political Activist, Entertainment Figure, Radio Talk Show Host

Ali Khameni -- b.7/17/1939
Head of State
Misc: Supreme Leader of Iran

Aga Khan III -- b.11/2/1877 d.7/11/1957 (79)
Statesman, India

Sadiq Khan -- b.10/8/1970 N.S.
Mayor, English

Ayatollah Khomeini -- b.5/17/1903 d.6/4/1989 (86)
Head of State
Names/Places: FN:Ruhollah
Misc: Iran leader; June 4 date of decease is Iran time, some say b. 1901 or 1902 or Sep 23 1902, another news source said b. 1900

Nikita S. Khrushchev -- b.4/15/1894 N.S. or 4/3/1894 Ju-1 d.9/11/1971 N.S. (77)
Head of State, Russian
Misc: Soviet leader 1953-64; d. heart attack

Ban Ki-Moon -- b.6/13/1944
Government Official, South Korean
Misc: former U.N. Secretary-General

Kiara -- b.5/14/1963 N.S.
Lawyer, Actress, TV Hostess, Pop Singer, Venezuelan
Names/Places: RN: Gloria Sabrina Gómez Delgado

Kid Rock -- b.1/17/1971 N.S.
Minister, Actor, Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Rapper
Names/Places: RN: Robert James Ritchie Sr.
Misc: in the WWE Hall of Fame
Song Titles: Cowboy, Only God Knows Why, Picture, All Summer Long
Album Titles: Devil Without a CAuse, Cocky, Kid Rock, Rock and Roll Jesus, Born Free, Rebel Soul, First Kiss, Sweet Southern Sugar

Kurt Georg Kiesinger -- b.4/6/1904 d.3/9/1988 (83)
Diplomat, German

Wendy Kilbourne -- b.6/29/1964
Attorney/Lawyer, TV Actress
Names/Places: James Read's wife
TV Shows: Midnight Caller (as Devon King)

James Rhyne Killian -- b.7/24/1904 d.1/29/1988 (83)
Presidential Aide, Government Official
Names/Places: NN: The Father of Public Television
Misc: MIT president, President Dwight David Eisenhower adviser, NASA co-developer

Kim Jong Un -- b.1/8/1983
Head of State
Misc: of Korea

Sumner Increase Kimball -- b.9/2/1834 d.6/20/1923 (88)
Presidential Aide, Government Official

King Peter II -- b.9/6/1923 d.11/3/1970 (47)
Head of State
Misc: The last king of Yugoslavia.

Angus King -- b.3/31/1944 N.S.

Bernice King -- b.3/28/1963
Names/Places: Coretta Scott King and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter

Bruce King -- b.4/6/1924 d.11/13/2009 (85)

Rufus King -- b.3/24/1755 d.4/29/1827 (72)
Misc: framer of the U.S. Constitution

Thomas Butler King -- b.8/27/1800 d.5/10/1864 (63)
Congressperson, Attorney/Lawyer, Philanthropist
Misc: National Observatory founder in Wash,D.C.

William Lyon MacKenzie King -- b.12/17/1874 d.7/22/1950 (75)
Statesman, Canadian
Misc: Prime minister of Canada (1921-26, 1926-30, 1935-48) and leader of the Liberal Party, who helped preserve the unity of the English and French populations of Canada.

William Rufus Devane King -- b.4/7/1786 d.4/18/1853 (67)
Vice President
Misc: 13th U.S. Vice President

Neil Kinnock -- b.3/28/1942
Politician, Welsh (Wales)

Charles Kirbo -- b.3/15/1917 d.9/2/1996 (79)

Paul Kirk -- b.1/18/1938
Senator, Lawyer

Jeane J. Kirkpatrick -- b.11/19/1926 N.S. d.12/7/2006 N.S. (80)
Ambassador, Diplomat, Educator
Names/Places: b. in Duncan, OK; MN:Jordan
Misc: foreign policy expert; ex-U.N. ambassador

Craig Kirkwood -- b.8/10/1974
Lawyer, Actor
TV Shows: Running the Halls (as Miles Taylor)
Movie Titles: Remember the Titans, Hounded, Calendar Girls, Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Sergey M. Kirov -- b.3/27/1886 N.S. or 3/15/1886 Ju-1 d.12/1/1934 N.S. (48)
Communist, Russian

Henry Kissinger -- b.5/27/1923
Jewish, Politician, Secretary of State, German
Names/Places: RFN:Heinz Alfred
Misc: Foreign policy expert; Secretary of State (1973-77), Nobel Peace Prize (1973)

Vitali Klitschko -- b.7/19/1971 N.S.
Politician, Boxer, Ukrainian

Amy Klobuchar -- b.5/25/1960

William (Pete) Knight -- b.11/18/1929 d.5/7/2004 (74)
Astronaut, Aviator, Politician
Misc: X-15 pilot

Joe Knollenberg -- b.11/28/1933 N.S. d.2/6/2018 N.S. (84)

Edward Irwin Koch -- b.12/12/1924 d.2/1/2013 (88)
Misc: New York City mayor

Helmut Kohl -- b.4/3/1930 N.S. d.6/16/2017 N.S. (87)
Head of State, Politician, German
Misc: West German chancellor

Herb Kohl -- b.2/7/1935
Senator, Businessperson

Teddy Kollek -- b.5/27/1911 d.1/2/2007 (95)
Mayor, Israeli
Misc: Mayor of Jerusalem

Dr. Charles Everett Koop -- b.10/14/1916 d.2/25/2013 (96)
Government Official
Misc: ex-surgeon gen'l; looks like Dr. Demento

Jacques Kosciusko-Morizet -- b.1/31/1913 N.S. d.5/15/1994 N.S. (81)
Ambassador, Diplomat, Professor

Lajos Kossuth -- b.9/19/1802 d.3/20/1894 (91)
Revolutionary, Statesman, Hungarian

Alexei N. Kosygin -- b.2/20/1904 d.12/18/1980 (76)
Head of State
Misc: Soviet premier

Juanita M. Kreps -- b.1/11/1921 d.7/5/2010 (89)
Government Official
Misc: University administrator

John Krol -- b.10/26/1910 d.3/3/1996 (85)
Head of State
Misc: Cardinal; ret-Archbishop of Philidelphia

Paul Kruger -- b.10/10/1825 d.7/14/1904 (78)
Head of State, South African
Misc: South African Republic president

Juscelino Kubitschek -- b.9/12/1902 d.8/22/1976 (73)
Head of State, Brazilian
Misc: of Brazil 1956-61

Thomas H. Kuchel -- b.8/15/1910 d.11/21/1994 (84)

Dennis J. Kucinch -- b.10/8/1946

Bowie Kent Kuhn -- b.10/28/1926 d.3/15/2007 (80)
Lawyer, MLB Executive
Names/Places: Jim Bowie's descendant
Misc: the 5th MLB Commissioner 1969-83

Ted Kulongoski -- b.11/5/1940

Bela Kun -- b.2/20/1886 d.8/29/1938 (52)
Misc: no source agrees on what year he died with years ranging from 1937 to 1939

Madeleine M. Kunin -- b.9/28/1933
Governor, Diplomat

William M. Kuntsler -- b.7/7/1919 d.9/4/1995 (76)
Attorney/Lawyer, Political Activist

Jared Kushner -- b.1/10/1981 N.S.
Government Official
Misc: Presidential adviser

Fela Anikolapu Kuti -- b.10/15/1938 d.8/2/1997 (58)
Politician, Composer, Singer, Keyboardist, Pianist, Saxophonist, Trumpeter, Bandleader, Nigerian
Misc: Afrobeat creator

Nguyen Cao Ky -- b.9/8/1930 d.7/23/2011 (80)
Head of State, South Vietnam
Misc: South Vietman president

Aung San Suu Kyi -- b.6/19/1945
Author, Poet, Politician, Statesman, Diplomat, Burmese
Misc: Nobel peace laureate

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