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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Bent Fabric -- b.12/7/1924
Executive, Music Executive, Composer, Pianist, Danish (Denmark)
Names/Places: RN:Bent Fabricus-Bjerre aka Frank Bjorn
Song Titles: Alley Cat

James G. Fair -- b.12/3/1831 d.12/28/1894 (63)
Financier, Irish

William Fargo -- b.5/20/1818 d.8/3/1881 (63)
Businessperson, Executive
Names/Places: MN:George
Misc: with partner Henry Wells, founded Wells Fargo & Co. in 1852; American Express co-founder

James Farmer -- b.1/12/1920 d.7/9/1999 (79)
Founder, Civil Rights Leader
Misc: of Congress of Racial Equity

Robert F. Fausti -- b.??/??/???? d.11/28/1992 (57)

Farrah Fawcett -- b.2/2/1947 d.6/25/2009 (62)
Roman Catholic, Merchant, TV/Movie Actress, Commercial Actress
Names/Places: b. in Corpus Christi, Tex.; FN:Mary; Lee Majors' then Ryan O'Neal's wife
Misc: Poster queen of the 1970s; Wella Balsam commercials; some say 1946 or 1942
TV Shows: The Burning Bed (TV movie), Harry-O (as next door neighbor), Charlie's Angels (as Jill Munroe), Good Sports (as Gayle)

Irvin Feld -- b.5/9/1918 d.9/6/1984 (66)
Businessperson, Producer
Misc: Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus prez

Joseph Fels -- b.12/16/1853 d.2/22/1914 (60)
Manufacturer, Philanthropist

Dorr E. Felt -- b.3/18/1862 d.8/7/1930 (68)
Inventor, Industrialist

Franz Ferdinand -- b.12/18/1863 d.6/28/1914 (50)
Politician, Leader, Austrian
Misc: Austrian Archduke

Lawrence Ferlinghetti -- b.3/24/1919
Painter, Author, Poet, Publisher, Businessperson
Misc: one of the founders of the Beat movement in San Francisco in the mid 1950s.
Book Titles: A Coney Island of the Mind

Cyrus West Field -- b.11/30/1819 d.7/12/1892 (72)
Financier, Merchant
Misc: Laid the first Atlantic Telegraph cable

Marshall Field -- b.8/18/1834 d.1/16/1906 (71)
Businessperson, Merchant, Philanthropist
Misc: Marshall's dept stores 1881; was 72?

Marshall Field III -- b.9/28/1893 d.11/8/1956 (63)
Publisher, Philanthropist, Banker
Misc: founded Chicago Sun, pub'd Chicago Sun Times, owned N.Y. Daily News

Debbi Fields -- b.9/18/1956
Businessperson, Executive
Misc: Mrs. Field's Cookies Inc. founder

Guy Fieri -- b.1/22/1968
Chef, Businessperson, Restaurateur, Game Show Host

Edward Albert Filene -- b.9/3/1860 d.9/26/1937 (77)
Merchant, Philanthropist
Misc: U.S. Credit Union originator

Lincoln Filene -- b.4/5/1865 d.8/27/1957 (92)

Karen Fineman -- b.2/25/1965
Businessperson, Philanthropist, Personality

Manny Fingerhut -- b.11/20/1914 d.2/23/1995 (80)
Misc: who founded Fingerhut Corp. with his brother and helped build it into a multimillion-dollar business

Carly Fiorina -- b.9/6/1954
Businessperson, Executive

Harvey Firestone Jr. -- b.4/20/1898 d.6/1/1973 (75)
Misc: Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. chairman; where the rubber meets the road.

Harvey Samuel Firestone -- b.12/20/1868 d.2/7/1938 (69)
Author, Inventor, Executive, Industrialist, Manufacturer
Misc: Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. founder where the rubber meets the road

Avery Fisher -- b.3/4/1906 d.2/26/1994 (87)
Businessperson, Philanthropist
Misc: electronics empire founder

Jim Fisk -- b.4/1/1835 N.S. d.1/7/1872 N.S. (36)
Misc: known variously as "Big Jim," "Diamond Jim," and "Jubilee Jim" was an American stockbroker and corporate executive who has been referred to as one of the "robber barons" of the Gilded Age.

John Fitch -- b.1/21/1743 d.7/2/1798 (55)
Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Misc: Clockmaker; Gunsmith; Surveyor; had a working steamboat years before Fulton.

Edmund Fitzgerald -- b.3/1/1895 d.1/9/1986 (90)
Misc: civic leader whose name became a household word after the ship bearing his name sunk in Lake Superior in a storm in 1975.

Frank Fitzsimmons -- b.4/7/1908 d.5/6/1981 (73)
Misc: of labor

Henry M. Flagler -- b.1/2/1830 d.5/20/1913 (83)
Businessperson, Financier
Misc: Standard Oil co-founder

Father Edward Joseph Flanagan -- b.7/13/1886 d.5/15/1948 (61)
Religious Leader, Philanthropist
Misc: Boys Town founder

Bobby Flay -- b.12/10/1964
Chef, Restaurateur, Personality

Charles Lou Fleischmann -- b.11/3/1835 d.12/10/1897 (62)
Manufacturer, Hungarian
Misc: manufacturer of yeast and other consumer food products during the 19th century

Henry Clay Folger Jr. -- b.6/18/1857 d.6/11/1930 (72)
Businessperson, Industrialist
Misc: Founded Folger Shakespeare Library

Betty Ford -- b.4/8/1918 d.7/8/2011 (93)
First Lady, Philanthropist, Dancer
Names/Places: b. in Chicago; RN:Elizabeth Bloomer Warren Ford; Gerald's wife
Misc: founded own clinic

Edsel Ford -- b.11/6/1893 d.5/26/1943 (49)
Businessperson, Executive
Names/Places: Henry's son
Misc: Automobile exec; had a car named after him

Eileen Ford -- b.3/25/1922 d.7/9/2014 (92)
Misc: Modeling Agency head

Henry Ford -- b.7/30/1863 d.4/7/1947 (83)
Inventor, Businessperson, Manufacturer, Auto Racer, American
Names/Places: b. in Dearborn, MI
Misc: developed the first popular cheap car: The Model T; founded Ford Motor Co.; father of modern industrial production; not an auto racer but in the Motorsports Hall of Fame for founding a motor company.

Henry Ford II -- b.9/4/1917 d.9/29/1987 (70)
Executive, Manufacturer
Names/Places: Henry's grandson
Misc: Automaker; industrialist and head of Ford Motor Company for 34 years (1945-79). He is generally credited with reviving the firm.

Earl Kenneth "Ken" Forsse -- b.9/25/1936 d.3/19/2014 (77)
Author, Inventor, Businessperson, Producer
Misc: created the hit toy Teddy Ruxpin and his animated series
TV Shows: The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin (creator)

Joseph Foss -- b.4/17/1915 N.S. d.1/1/2003 N.S. (87)
Misc: N.R.A. president; the leading fighter ace of the United States Marine Corps during World War II.

Steve Fossett -- b.4/22/1944 d.9/3/2007 (63)
Adventurer, Aviator, Balloonist, Businessperson
Misc: date of death is estimated

Tom "Stubby" Fouts -- b.11/24/1918 N.S. d.5/24/2004 N.S. (85)
Farmer, Actor, Comedian, Singer

William Clifton "Bill" France Jr. -- b.4/4/1933 N.S. d.6/4/2007 N.S. (74)
Executive, Auto Racer
Misc: served from 1972-2000 as the head of NASCAR

Emile Perry Francis -- b.9/13/1926
Executive, NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian
Names/Places: NN:The Cat
Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers

Bethenny Frankel -- b.11/4/1970 N.S.
Author, Entrepreneur, TV Talk Show Hostess, Personality
TV Shows: The Real Housewives of New York City

Benjamin Franklin -- b.1/17/1706 N.S. or 1/6/1705 J-LD or 1/6/1706 Ju-1 d.4/17/1790 N.S. (84)
Author, Philosopher, Scientist, Inventor, Publisher, Printer, Statesman, Diplomat, Philanthropist, American
Names/Places: b. in Boston; d. in Philadelphia
Misc: Postmaster General; Declaration of Independence signer; invented bifocals, streetlights, lightning rods, stoves, & harmonicas; Elder Statesman of the American Revolution; 1st Ambassador of France; on a $100 bill; in the International Swimming Hall of Fame
Book Titles: Poor Richard's Almanac

Douglas A. Fraser -- b.12/18/1916 d.2/23/2008 (91)
Misc: former UAW president

Simon Fraser -- b.5/20/1776 d.8/18/1862 (86)
Explorer, Fur Trader, Scotish
Misc: charted much of what is now the Canadian province of British Columbia

Alan Freed -- b.12/15/1921 N.S. d.1/20/1965 N.S. (43)
Executive, Songwriter, Radio Disc Jock
Names/Places: RN: Albert James Freed
Misc: The Father & coiner of the term "Rock & Roll"; payola accepter

Charles Lang Freer -- b.2/25/1854 N.S. d.9/25/1919 N.S. (65)
Artist, Art Collector, Businessperson, Industrialist

Henry Clay Frick -- b.12/19/1849 d.12/2/1919 (69)
Misc: U.S. Steel co-founder

Harvey Fruehauf -- b.12/15/1893 d.10/14/1968 (74)

Jakob Fugger -- b.3/6/1459 J-LD d.12/30/1525 J-LD (66)
Executive, Financier, British
Names/Places: aka Jacob the Rich
Misc: Trader

Alfred Carl Fuller -- b.1/13/1885 d.12/4/1973 (88)
Manufacturer, Canadian
Misc: Fuller Brush Co. founder

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