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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Robert MacCrate -- b.7/18/1921 d.4/6/2016 N.S. (94)
Lawyer, Leader
Misc: A.B.A. president

Harry Mac Donough -- b.3/30/1871 d.9/26/1931 (60)
Executive, Tenor, Canadian
Names/Places: RN:John S. MacDonald

Walter Mack -- b.10/19/1895 d.3/18/1990 (94)
Misc: was 94 or 98?; Pepsi Cola empire builder

John MacKay -- b.11/28/1831 d.7/20/1902 (70)
Financier, Industrialist
Misc: Miner

Rowland H. Macy -- b.8/30/1822 d.3/29/1877 (54)
Misc: opened the R.H. Macy department store in 1858

Bernard Madoff -- b.4/29/1938
Financier, Outlaw

Grover Magnin -- b.12/4/1885 d.3/1/1969 (83)
Misc: Retailer

Jeb Magruder -- b.11/5/1934 d.5/11/2014 (79)
Author, Minister, Businessperson, Outlaw
Misc: Watergate participant

John Malone -- b.3/7/1941
Businessperson, Executive, Philanthropist
Misc: T.C.I. C.E.O.

Horace Mann -- b.5/4/1796 d.8/2/1859 (63)
Author, Philanthropist, Educator
Names/Places: NN: The Father of Public Education in the U.S.

Stanley Marcus -- b.4/20/1905 d.1/22/2002 (96)
Names/Places: son of founder of Neiman-Marcus

Rohan Marley -- b.5/19/1972
Entrepreneur, College Football Player, Jamaican
Names/Places: Bob Marley's son; Lauryn Hill's husband

John Marriott -- b.9/17/1900 d.8/13/1985 (84)
Businessperson, Executive
Misc: Marriott hotel & restaraunt chain founder

John Williard Marriott Jr. -- b.3/25/1932
Mormon, Businessperson
Misc: Marriott Corp CEO

Franklin Mars -- b.9/24/1882 N.S. d.4/8/1934 N.S. (51)
Misc: Mars candy company founder

J. Howard Marshall -- b.1/24/1905 d.8/4/1995 (90)
Zillionaire, Celebrity Spouse
Names/Places: wed Anna Nicole Smith
Misc: oil tycoon who helped build Coastal Corp. and Union Texas Petroleum

Glenn Martin -- b.1/17/1886 d.12/4/1955 (69)
Aviator, Manufacturer
Misc: the first monoplane maker; airplane inventor whose bombers and flying boats played important roles in World War II.

Lynn Martin -- b.12/26/1939
Government Official, Businessperson
Misc: ex-Secretary of Labor

Georgette Masbacher -- b.1/16/1947
Cosmetic Executive
Misc: La Prairie cosmetics

"Bat" Masterson -- b.11/26/1853 d.10/25/1921 (67)
Hero, Scout, Journalist, Columnist, Statesman, Farmer
Names/Places: RFMN:William Barclay
Misc: Laborer; Buffalo Hunter; Army Scout; Saloon Owner; Gambler; Lawman; Sportsman; Gunman; Boxing Promoter; Dodge City deputy; Ford County sheriff

Stephen Mather -- b.7/4/1867 d.1/22/1930 (62)
Misc: organizer of the U.S. National Park Service

Kōnosuke Matsushita -- b.11/27/1894 N.S. d.4/27/1989 N.S. (94)
Businessperson, Japanese
Misc: founder of Panasonic

Reuben Mattus -- b.1/8/1913 d.1/27/1994 (81)
Misc: who parlayed the nonsensical name Haagen-Dazs into a multimillion-dollar ice cream fortune

Robert Maxwell -- b.6/10/1923 d.11/5/1991 (68)
Jewish, Publisher, Zillionaire, British, Czech
Names/Places: RN:Jan Ludwick Hoch
Misc: New York Daily News owner, Maxwell Communications Corp., Mirror Group of Newspapers

Oscar F. Mayer -- b.3/29/1859 d.3/11/1955 (95)
Misc: Meat packer

Oscar G. Mayer -- b.3/10/1888 d.3/5/1965 (76)
Misc: president & chairman of Oscar Mayer Company

Charles Horace Mayo -- b.7/19/1865 d.5/26/1939 (73)
Surgeon, Philanthropist
Misc: Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation founder

Billy Mays -- b.7/20/1958 N.S. d.6/28/2009 N.S. (50)
Misc: OxiClean commercial pitchman

Elmer Maytag -- b.9/18/1883 d.7/20/1940 (56)
Inventor, Businessperson, Manufacturer
Misc: The Washing Machine; Maytag Co. founder

William Gibbs McAdoo -- b.10/31/1863 d.2/1/1941 (77)
Misc: U.S. secretary of the treasury (1913-18), a founder and chairman (1914) of the Federal Reserve Board, and director general of the U.S. railroads during and shortly after World War I (1917-19).

David McCall -- b.3/13/1928 d.4/18/1999 (71)
Misc: Ad executive who created "Schoolhouse Rock," Emmy award-winning 1970s educational cartoon.

Sir Paul McCartney -- b.6/18/1942
Executive, Vegetarian, Movie Actor, Producer, Songwriter, Bassist, Keyboardist, Pianist, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, English
Names/Places: b. in Liverpool; wed to Linda McCartney; FN:James
Misc: was knighted in 1997; 2x Rock and Roll Hall of Famer as a member of Beatles and a soloist
Group Names: The Quarrymen, Moondogs, Silver Beatles, Beatles, Wings, soloist
Song Titles: Please Please Me, From Me to You, She Loves You, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Roll Over Beethoven, I Saw Her Standing There, All My Loving, Twist and Shout, Can't Buy Me Love, A Hard Day's Night, I Feel Fine, Ticket to Ride, Help!, We Can Work It Out, Paperback Writer, Yellow Submarine, Penny Lane, All You Need is Love, Hello Goodbye, Lady Madonna, Hey Jude, Get Back, The Ballad of John and Yoko, Let It Be, Yesterday, Back in the U.S.S.R., The Beatles Movie Medley (previous titles as part of The Beatles), Hi Hi Hi, My Love, Live and Let Die, Helen Wheels, Jet, Band on the Run, Jet, Junior's Farm, Listen to What the Man Said, Silly Love Songs, Let 'Em In, Maybe I'm Amazed, Mull of Kintyre, With a Little Luck, Goodnight Tonight, Getting Closer, Arrow Through Me, Spies Like Us (previous titles as part of Wings), Another Day, Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, Coming Up, Ebony and Ivory (with Stevie Woner), Take It Away, The Girl is Mine (with Michael Jackson), Say Say Say (with Michael Jackson), Pipes of Peace, No More Lonely Nights, Spies Like Us
Album Titles: Please Please Me, With the Beatles, Beatlemania! With the Beatles, Introducing...The Beatles, Meet the Beatles!, Twist and Shout, The Beatles Second Album, The Beatles' Long Tall Sally, A Hard Day's Night, Something New, Beatles for Sale, Beatles '65, Beatles VI, Helo!, Rubber Soul, Yesterday and Today, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The White Album, Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road, Let It Be (previous titles as part of The Beatles), Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway, Band on the Run, Venus and Mars, Wings at the Speed of Sound, London Town, Back to the Egg (previous titles as part of Wings), McCartney, Ram, McCartney II, Tug of War, Pipes of Peace, Give My Regards to Broad Street, Press to Play
Video Titles: Rockshow, Get Back, Paul is Live in Concert on the New World Tour, Standing Stone, Live at the Cavern Club
Movie Titles: Give My Regards to Broad Street

Cyrus Hall McCormick -- b.2/15/1809 d.5/13/1884 (75)
Inventor, Manufacturer
Misc: patented the Mechanical Reaper

Lisa Raye McCoy-Misick -- b.9/23/1966 N.S.
Fashion Designer, Businessperson, Actress, Director, Model
Names/Places: aka LisaRaye or Lisa Raye McCoy
TV Shows: All of Us (as Neese James), Single Ladies (as Keisha Greene)
Movie Titles: Beauty Shop, The Players Club, Civil Brand

Richard "Dick" McDonald -- b.2/16/1909 d.7/14/1998 (89)
Misc: who with his brother pioneered an innovative quick-service restaurant that evolved into McDonald's Corp.

James McDonnell -- b.4/9/1899 d.8/22/1980 (81)
Misc: aircraft; McDonnell-Douglas Co. co-founder

James McDougal -- b.8/25/1940 d.3/8/1998 (57)
Misc: the flamboyant Arkansas savings and loan operator whose business dealing with President and Mrs. Clinton spurred the Whitewater investigation

James McGill -- b.10/6/1744 d.12/19/1813 (69)
Frontiersman, Politician, Businessperson, Founder, Fur Trader, Scotish

Gordon McKay -- b.5/4/1821 d.??/??/1903
Inventor, Manufacturer
Misc: shoe making machines

John McKeen -- b.6/4/1903 N.S. d.2/23/1978 N.S. (74)

John McLaughlin -- b.10/19/1784 d.9/3/1857 (72)
Pioneer, Fur Trader, Canadian

Andrew McNally -- b.3/4/1836 d.5/7/1904 (68)
Publisher, Businessperson, Irish
Misc: co-founder of Rand McNally & Co.

Robert S. McNamara -- b.6/9/1916 d.7/5/2009 (93)
Government Official, Banker
Names/Places: MN:Strange
Misc: Defense Secretary 1961-68 and World Bank President

Mike McPhee -- b.7/14/1960
Banker, NHL Left Wing, Canadian

Norris McWhirter -- b.8/12/1925 d.4/19/2004 (78)
Publisher, Brewer, British
Names/Places: Ross's twin
Book Titles: The Guinness Book of World Records

Ross McWhirter -- b.8/12/1925 d.11/27/1975 (50)
Publisher, Brewer, British
Names/Places: Norris's twin
Book Titles: The Guinness Book of World Records

George Meany -- b.8/16/1894 d.1/10/1980 (85)
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: the first president of the AFL-CIO

John Mecom -- b.1/13/1911 d.10/12/1981 (70)
Misc: oilman

Frederick Of Hollywood Mellinger -- b.11/26/1913 d.6/2/1990 (76)
Misc: Fredericks Of Hollywood founder

Andrew William J. Mellon -- b.3/24/1855 d.8/26/1937 (82)
Presidential Aide, Financier, Industrialist
Misc: Secretary of Treasury; d. Aug 27?

Paul Mellon -- b.6/11/1907 d.2/1/1999 (91)
Misc: put Van Goghs in American museums

Edwin Meredith -- b.12/23/1876 d.6/17/1928 (51)
Publisher, Businessperson
Misc: Better Homes & Garden founder

Charles E. Merrill -- b.10/19/1885 d.10/6/1956 (70)
Businessperson, Executive, Financier
Misc: Merrill Lynch co-developer

Dina Merrill -- b.12/29/1923 d.5/22/2017 N.S. (93)
Philanthropist, TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Producer
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RN:Nedenia Hutton; Cliff Robertson's wife
TV Shows: Batman (as Calamity Jan)
Movie Titles: The Player, Operation Petticoat, Caddyshack II, Butterfield 8

Joseph Meyerhoff -- b.4/8/1899 d.2/2/1985 (85)
Businessperson, Philanthropist
Misc: Builder

Andre Michelin -- b.1/16/1853 d.4/4/1931 (78)
Industrialist, French
Misc: Tire Company king

Thomas Mifflin -- b.1/10/1744 d.1/20/1800 (56)
Revolutionary, Politician, Merchant

Michael Milken -- b.7/4/1946
Financier, Philanthropist, Criminal
Misc: Junk bond king

Arjay Miller -- b.3/4/1916 d.11/3/2017 N.S. (101)
Misc: Stanford Dean

Arnold Miller -- b.4/25/1923 d.7/12/1985 (62)
Misc: labor union official; United Mine Workers president

Yvette Mimieux -- b.1/8/1942
Businessperson, Actress, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Hollywood, CA
Misc: retired from acting in 1992; some say b. 1941 or 1939
Movie Titles: The Black Hole, Dark of the Sun, The Time Machine, Where the Boys Are

Katsushige Mita -- b.4/6/1924 presumed deceased
Businessperson, Japanese
Misc: Hitachi president; referred to as "The late Katsushuige" in a web search. I cannot find the date of his death.

George John Mitchell -- b.8/20/1933
Senator, Lawyer, Businessperson
Misc: former Senate majority leader

George P. Mitchell -- b.5/21/1919 d.7/26/2013 (94)
Businessperson, Philanthropist
Names/Places: NN: The Father of Fracking

Shay Mitchell -- b.4/10/1987 N.S.
Author, Entrepreneur, Actress, Model, Canadian
TV Shows: Pretty Little Liars (as Emily Fields)
Movie Titles: Mother's Day, Immediately Afterlife

Christopher Mitchum -- b.10/16/1943
Screenwriter, Politician, Businessperson, Actor

Lakshmi Mittal -- b.6/15/1950
Businessperson, India

Dineh Mohajer -- b.9/2/1972
Misc: founder of Hard Candy Cosmetics Inc.

John Molson -- b.12/28/1763 N.S. d.1/11/1836 N.S. (72)
Businessperson, Brewer

Chips Moman -- b.6/12/1937 d.6/13/2016 N.S. (79)
Executive, Music Figure, Music Producer, Songwriter, Musician, Guitarist
Misc: produced for Elvis Presley, Bobby Womack, and others
Song Titles: (Hey, Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (songwriter)

Thomas S. Monaghan -- b.3/25/1937
Businessperson, Restaurateur, NFL Owner
Names/Places: b. in Ann Arbor, MI
Misc: Dominos Pizza founder; he was delivered as infant in under 30 minutes
Sports Teams: Detroit Tigers (former owner)

Robert Gerald Mondavi -- b.6/18/1913 d.5/16/2008 (94)
Misc: a leading California vineyard operator

Les Moonves -- b.10/6/1949
Misc: former CBS chief executive officer

Dickie Moore -- b.1/6/1931 d.12/19/2015 N.S. (84)
Philanthropist, NHL Left Wing, Canadian
Misc: not to be confused with actor Dickie Moore (of Our Gang); played 1951-1968
Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, St. Louis Blues, Buffalo Bisons (AHL)

George Moore -- b.4/1/1905 d.4/21/2000 (95)
Financier, Banker

J. P. Morgan -- b.4/17/1837 d.3/31/1913 (75)
Financier, Industrialist
Names/Places: RFMN: John Pierpont
Misc: formed the U.S. Steel Corp.

J. P. Morgan Jr. -- b.9/7/1867 d.3/13/1943 (75)
Financier, Banker

Taikichiro Mori -- b.3/1/1904 d.1/30/1993 (88)
Businessperson, Zillionaire
Misc: real estate baron

Robert (Banker) Morris -- b.1/20/1734 O.S. or 1/31/1734 N.S. d.5/8/1806 N.S. (72)
Revolutionary, Financier, Merchant, English
Misc: banker who came to be known as the financier of the U.S. War of Independence (1775-83); Declaration of Independence signer

William Richard Morris -- b.10/10/1877 d.8/22/1963 (85)

Joy Morton -- b.9/27/1855 N.S. d.5/10/1934 N.S. (78)
Businessperson, Entrepreneur
Misc: founded the Morton Salt Company

Robert Adam Mosbacher -- b.3/11/1927 d.1/24/2010 (82)
Politician, Presidential Aide, Businessperson, Yachtsperson
Misc: Secretary of Commerce

John Mosley -- b.10/17/1914 d.1/28/1996 (81)
Misc: Recording expert

Stewart Rawlings Mott -- b.12/4/1937 d.6/12/2008 (70)

Christian Mueller -- b.6/23/1839 d.1/7/1926 (86)
Manufacturer, German
Misc: noodles

Malcolm Muir -- b.7/19/1885 d.1/30/1979 (93)
Publisher, Businessperson, Executive
Misc: Business Week, Newsweek

Brian Mulroney -- b.3/20/1939
Prime Minister, Attorney/Lawyer, Executive, Canadian
Misc: 18th P.M. Canada (1984-93)

Clint Murchison -- b.4/11/1895 d.6/20/1969 (74)
Businessperson, Entrepreneur

Rupert Murdoch -- b.3/11/1931
Publisher, Businessperson, Australian
Names/Places: b. in Melbourne; FN:Keith
Misc: creator of Fox Televison Network

Arthur Murray -- b.4/4/1895 d.3/3/1991 (95)
Entrepreneur, Variety Show Host, Dancer
Names/Places: RN:Teichman or Tykeman; Kathryn's hubby & partner
Misc: Dancing instructor; dance school chain founder
TV Shows: Arthur Murray Party (host)

Jim Murray -- b.12/29/1919 d.8/16/1998 (78)
Journalist, Businessperson, Sports Writer
Misc: Sports Illustrated founder; sports columnist for LA Times since 1961; 14-time Sportswriter of the Year; won Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1990.

Phillip Murray -- b.5/25/1886 d.11/9/1952 (66)
Leader, Social Reformer, Scotish
Misc: founder and president of CIO & United Steel Workers of America

Elon Musk -- b.6/28/1971 N.S.
Entrepreneur, Internet Company Entrepreneur
Misc: founded PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors

Abel Muzorewa -- b.4/14/1925 d.4/8/2010 (84)
Clergyman, Prime Minister, Leader, African
Misc: Zimbabwe Rhodesia Prime Minister

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