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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Charles Saatchi -- b.6/9/1943
Businessperson, British
Misc: Advertiser; of Saatchi and Saatchi

Maurice Saatchi -- b.6/21/1946
Politician, Executive, English, Iraqian
Misc: CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi

Felix Sabetes -- b.9/9/1945
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Sports Figure, Cuban
Names/Places: RN: Feliciano Sergio Sabates Jr.
Misc: NASCAR team owner

Margaret Sage -- b.9/8/1828 d.11/4/1918 (90)

Russell Sage -- b.8/4/1816 d.7/22/1906 (89)
Congressperson, Financier
Misc: played a part in organizing his country's railroad and telegraph systems.

Russell Sage -- b.7/24/1847 d.??/??/????
Misc: I can't find the date he died

Emily Saliers -- b.7/22/1963
Restaurateur, Songwriter, Folk Singer, Lesbian
Group Names: Indigo Girls

Haym Salomon -- b.4/7/1740 N.S. d.1/6/1785 N.S. (44)
Revolutionary, Financier, Polish
Misc: helped financed the American Revolution

Howard Samuels -- b.12/3/1919 d.10/26/1984 (64)
Statesman, Industrialist, Philanthropist, Civil Rights Leader

Aaron Sánchez -- b.2/12/1976 N.S.
Chef, Restaurateur, Personality

Sheryl Sandberg -- b.8/28/1969 N.S.

Colonel Harland David Sanders -- b.9/9/1890 d.12/16/1980 (90)
Names/Places: b. near Henryville, Indiana
Misc: Kentucky Fried Chicken founder

Margaret Higgins Sanger -- b.9/14/1879 d.9/6/1966 (86)
Nurse, Founder, Feminist, Social Reformer
Misc: Planned Parenthood founder; Birth control; b. 1883 is wrong

Vincent Sardi Jr. -- b.7/23/1915 d.1/4/2007 (91)
Businessperson, Restaurateur

Vincent Sardi Sr. -- b.12/23/1885 d.11/19/1969 (83)
Businessperson, Restaurateur, Italian

David Sarnoff -- b.2/27/1891 d.12/12/1971 (80)
Inventor, Pioneer, Executive, Russian
Names/Places: b. in Uzlian
Misc: Founded NBC & RCA, later bought by G.E.

Robert Sarnoff -- b.7/2/1918 d.2/22/1997 (78)
Businessperson, Executive
Names/Places: David's son
Misc: RCA head; NBC head 1955-65

Charles J. Sax -- b.2/1/1791 d.4/26/1865 (74)
Inventor, Manufacturer, Belgiumese
Misc: of saxophones

Richard Mellon Scaife -- b.7/3/1932 d.7/4/2014 (82)
Publisher, Businessperson
Misc: The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Hugh Scanlon -- b.10/26/1913 d.1/27/2004 (90)
Labor Leader, British

Rudolph Schaefer -- b.7/9/1900 N.S. d.9/2/1982 N.S. (82)
Businessperson, Brewer, Yachtsperson

Earl A. Scheib -- b.2/28/1907 N.S. d.2/29/1992 N.S. (85)
Misc: mass car painter; unsure of DOB but a newspaper reported something about him celebrating a birthday

Nicholas Schenck -- b.11/14/1881 d.3/4/1969 (87)
Businessperson, Film Executive, Russian

Oskar Schindler -- b.4/28/1908 d.10/9/1974 (66)
Businessperson, German
Misc: credited with saving over 1,100[1][2] Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his enamelware and ammunitions factories.

Phyllis Stewart Schlafly -- b.8/15/1924 d.9/5/2016 N.S. (92)
Author, Leader, Political Activist
Misc: antifeminist; Eagle Forum Pres

Benno C. Schmidt Jr. -- b.3/20/1942
Misc: former Yale University president

John Schnatter -- b.11/23/1961 N.S.
Misc: editor's note: we're sorry, due to my employment by a business who directly competes with him, we refuse to identify the name of his business he represents on a website owned by the employee of one of his competitors.

Otto Schnering -- b.10/9/1891 d.1/10/1953 (61)
Names/Places: b. in Chicago
Misc: Baby Ruth candy bars

Dr. William Scholl -- b.6/22/1882 d.3/29/1968 (85)
Businessperson, Manufacturer
Misc: founder & president of his own company

Tom Scholz -- b.3/10/1947
Engineer, Inventor, Philanthropist, Music Producer, Songwriter, Keyboardist, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Boston (naturally)
Group Names: Boston

Emil Schram -- b.11/23/1893 d.9/18/1987 (93)
Misc: head of the New York Stock Exchange

Dick Schultz -- b.9/5/1929
Executive, College Baseball Coach, College Basketball Coach
Misc: reform-minded executive director of NCAA from 1988-93; announced resignation on May, 11, 1993, in wake of special investigator's report citing Univ. of Virginia with improper student-athlete loan program during Schultz's tenure as athletic director (1981-87).

Howard Schultz -- b.7/19/1953 N.S.
Entrepreneur, NBA Owner
Misc: Starbucks founder, chairman and CEO
Sports Teams: Seattle SuperSonics (owned 2002-2006)

Charles Schwab -- b.2/18/1862 d.10/18/1939 (77)
Misc: U.S. Steel Corp.

Frederick August Otto Schwarz -- b.10/18/1836 d.5/17/1911 (74)
Misc: Toy retailer who started FAO Schwarz.

Eric Scott -- b.10/20/1958
Businessperson, Actor
TV Shows: The Waltons (as Ben Walton)

Brent Scowcroft -- b.3/19/1925
Government Official, Businessperson, Executive
Misc: Former White House national security adviser.

John Sculley -- b.4/6/1939
Businessperson, Executive

Joseph E. Seagram -- b.4/15/1841 d.8/18/1919 (78)
Politician, Businessperson, Philanthropist, British, Canadian
Misc: distillery founder; major owner of thoroghbred racehorses

William Ralph Seagraves -- b.4/21/1929 d.9/27/1998 (69)
Businessperson, Drag Racer
Misc: initiated R.J. Reynolds sponorship of motorsports

Richard W. Sears -- b.12/7/1863 d.9/28/1914 (50)
Businessperson, Merchant
Misc: Sears Roebuck & Co. founder

Miles Seed -- b.2/24/1843 d.12/4/1913 (70)
Inventor, Manufacturer, English
Misc: photographic dry plates for X-Rays & astronomy

Albert Shanker -- b.9/14/1928 N.S. d.2/22/1997 N.S. (68)
Misc: of Labor, American Federation of Teachers

Burt Shavitz -- b.5/15/1935 d.7/5/2015 (80)
Misc: Beekeeper; Burt's Bees personal care product line

Run Run Shaw -- b.11/23/1907 d.1/7/2014 (106)
Philanthropist, Entertainment Figure
Misc: one of the most influential figures in the Asian entertainment industry. May have been born on November 19, 1907. Some sources state b. 1906

Robert Shayne -- b.10/4/1900 d.11/29/1992 (92)
Financier, TV/Movie/Stage Actor
Names/Places: RN:Robert Shaen Dawe
TV Shows: The Adventure of Superman (as Insp. William Henderson)

Henry Alden Sherwin -- b.9/27/1842 N.S. d.6/16/1916 N.S. (73)
Businessperson, Manufacturer
Misc: formed a paint company with Edward Williams called the Sherwin-Williams Company in 1866.

Craig Shipley -- b.1/7/1963
Executive, MLB Player, Australian

"Toots" Shor -- b.5/6/1903 d.1/23/1977 (73)
Businessperson, Restaurateur

Mitzi Lee Shore -- b.7/25/1930 N.S. d.4/11/2018 N.S. (87)
Names/Places: Pauly's mother
Misc: founder of The Comedy Store, a comedy club, in Los Angeles in 1972 and became owner in 1974.

Eunice Shriver -- b.7/10/1921 d.8/11/2009 (88)
Founder, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: Sargent's wife, Maria's mom
Misc: Special Olympics International founder

Sargent Shriver -- b.11/9/1915 d.1/18/2011 (95)
Attorney/Lawyer, Businessperson, Executive
Names/Places: FN:Robert Jr., JFK's brother in law, Maria's dad
Misc: the first Peace Corps director

Heath Shuler -- b.12/31/1971
Congressperson, Businessperson, NFL Quarterback

George P. Shultz -- b.12/13/1920
Economist, Statesman, Presidential Aide, Businessperson
Misc: ex-Secretary of State

Benjamin "Buggsy" Siegel -- b.2/28/1906 d.6/20/1947 (41)
Businessperson, Outlaw
Misc: Gangster; shot dead at the Beverly Hills, Calif., mansion of his girlfriend, Virginia Hill, at the order of mob associates; gangster who created casinos in Las Vegas, see?

Al Silver -- b.1/9/1914 d.3/4/1992 (78)
Executive, Music Figure
Misc: Record exec

Richard Simmons -- b.7/12/1948
Author, Entrepreneur, Merchant, Teacher, Actor, TV Host, Producer, Clown, Exerciser
Names/Places: b. in New Orleans; NN: The Court jester of Health
Misc: Deal-a-Meal program; D.T. was unable to avoid meeting this guy as he stormed into his old Cox Cable job
Video Titles: Sweating to the Oldies (video series)
TV Shows: General Hospital (as himself), The Richard Simmons Show (host)

Zalmon Simmons -- b.9/10/1828 d.2/10/1910 (81)
Inventor, Manufacturer
Misc: Bedsprings

Kerry Simon -- b.6/17/1955 N.S. d.9/11/2015 N.S. (60)
Chef, Restaurateur

Norton Simon -- b.2/5/1907 d.6/2/1993 (86)
Art Collector, Executive, Industrialist
Names/Places: Jennifer Jones' hubby
Misc: of Simon & Schuster

Frank Sinatra -- b.12/12/1915 d.5/14/1998 (82)
Roman Catholic, Executive, Movie Actor, Variety Show Host, Movie Director, Pop Crooner
Names/Places: b. Hoboken, N.J.; NN:Ol' Blue Eyes, The Chairman of the Board; RFN:Francis Albert; wed Ava Gardner, then Mia Farrow, then Barbara Marx
Misc: he did it HIS way, his "Love and Marriage" song became the theme for the TV series "Married...With Children"
Song Titles: (Theme From) New York New York, Stardust, Fly Me To The Moon, I've Got You Under My Skin, Come Fly With Me, It Was a Very Good Year, Love and Marriage, Witchcraft, Strangers in the Night, That's Life, Somethin' Stupid, My Way
Album Titles: The Voice of Frank Sinatra, Songs by Sinatra, In The Wee Small Hours, Songs for Swingin' Lovers, A Swingin' Affair, Come Fly With Me, Only The Lonely, Nice 'n' Easy, September of My Years, Strangers in the Night, Sinatra at the Sands
TV Shows: The Frank Sinatra Show
Movie Titles: From Here to Eternity, Scarface, The Man with the Golden Arm, The Manchurian Candidate, On The Town, Guys and Dolls, High Society, Pal Joey, Tony Rome

Samuel Knox Skinner -- b.6/10/1938
Politician, Government Official, Lawyer, Businessperson
Misc: former Secretary of transportation; former White House Chief of Staff

Rick Sklar -- b.??/??/1930 d.6/22/1992
Misc: Radio Program Director who was one of the originators of Top 40 Radio

Samuel Slater -- b.6/9/1768 d.4/21/1835 (66)
Manufacturer, British
Misc: first cotton mill founder

Carlos Slim -- b.1/28/1940 N.S.
Businessperson, Philanthropist, Teacher, Mexican
Misc: one of the richest person in the world in the 2010s decade

Curtis Sliwa -- b.3/26/1954
Leader, Political Activist, Radio Talk Show Host
Misc: founded the Guardian Angels

Alfred P. Sloan Jr. -- b.5/23/1875 d.2/17/1966 (90)
Executive, Industrialist, Philanthropist
Misc: General Motors Corporation leader

John Sloane -- b.4/20/1883 d.??/??/????
Misc: chairman of W & J Sloane Furniture Co.

Tavis Smiley -- b.9/13/1964
Author, Commentator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Radio Talk Show Host
Misc: Radio and TV Personality

Cyrus Smith -- b.9/9/1899 d.4/4/1990 (90)
Misc: American Airlines

Frederick Smith -- b.8/11/1944
Businessperson, Executive
Misc: Federal Express founder

Horace Smith -- b.10/28/1808 d.1/15/1893 (84)
Inventor, Businessperson, Manufacturer
Misc: Smith and Wesson revolvers with Daniel Baird Wesson

Jedediah Strong Smith -- b.1/6/1799 d.5/27/1831 (32)
Explorer, Fur Trader

John Smith -- b.9/13/1938 d.5/12/1994 (55)
Labor Leader, British
Misc: British Labor Party leader

Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith -- b.8/8/1879 d.11/16/1950 (71)
Philanthropist, Social Reformer
Misc: Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder

Roger Smith -- b.7/12/1925 d.11/29/2007 (82)
Misc: General Motors chairman, the subject of Roger And Me

Sophia Smith -- b.8/27/1796 d.6/12/1870 (73)
Misc: founded Smith College in 1875

Ed Snider -- b.1/6/1933 N.S. d.4/11/2016 N.S. (83)
Jewish, Businessperson, Hockey Figure
Names/Places: RN:Edward M. "Ed" Snider
Sports Teams: Chairman of Comcast Spectacor, a company that owns the Philadelphia Flyers

Richard Snyder -- b.4/6/1933
Misc: Simon & Schuster chairman

Russell M. Solomon -- b.9/22/1925 N.S. d.3/4/2018 N.S. (92)
Art Collector, Entrepreneur
Misc: Tower Records founder

Suzanne Somers -- b.10/16/1946
Author, Judaism convert, Merchant, TV/Movie Actress, TV Talk Show Hostess, Singer, Exerciser
Names/Places: b. in San Bruno, CA; RN:Suzanne Mahoney; Alan Hammel's wife
Misc: Thighmaster seller
TV Shows: Three's Company's Christmas "Chrissy" Snow, She's the Sheriff's Hildy Granger, Step by Step's Carol Foster Lambert, Suzanne Somers Show (talk show)
Movie Titles: American Graffiti (that blonde girl in the car!)

George Soros -- b.8/12/1930
Author, Philanthropist, Investor, Hungarian
Misc: billionaire and activist

Paul Soros -- b.6/5/1926 d.6/15/2013 (87)
Engineer, Businessperson, Philanthropist, Hungarian
Misc: a successful innovator in shipping

Wilma Porter Soss -- b.3/13/1900 d.10/10/1986 (86)

Blanca Soto -- b.1/5/1979 N.S.
Businessperson, Actress, Producer, Model, Mexican

Albert Goodwill Spalding -- b.9/2/1849 N.S. d.9/9/1915 N.S. (66)
Businessperson, Executive, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:Father of Baseball
Misc: A.G. Spalding & Brothers Sporting Goods Co.; N.L. co-founder
Sports Teams: Rockford Forest Citys (National Association of Baseball Players, 1866-1870), Boston Red Stockings (League Player, 1871-1875), Chicago White Stockings (League Player 1876-1878, League Manager 1876-1877)

Phil Spector -- b.12/26/1939
Executive, Outlaw, Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in New York City; Ronnie's hubby
Misc: created the "wall of sound" overdubbing & "sound on sound" layering

Jakob Stainer -- b.7/14/1621 d.??/??/1683
Manufacturer, German
Misc: violins

A. Leland Stanford -- b.3/9/1824 d.6/21/1893 (69)
Senator, Governor, Businessperson, Philanthropist
Misc: railroad official; University founder

Pete Stark -- b.11/11/1931
Congressperson, Businessperson

Ellsworth Statler -- b.10/26/1863 d.4/16/1928 (64)
Misc: founded the Statler chain of hotels

Jules Stein -- b.4/26/1896 d.4/29/1981 (85)
Doctor, Businessperson
Misc: MCA founder, president, & chairman

Gloria Steinem -- b.3/25/1934
Lecturer, Journalist, Editor, Businessperson, Feminist, Political Activist
Names/Places: b. in Toledo, Ohio
Misc: Ms. Magazine founder

Henry Engelhard Steinway -- b.2/15/1797 d.2/7/1871 (73)
Inventor, Manufacturer, German
Names/Places: NN: The Father of the The Steinway Piano

William Steinway -- b.3/5/1836 d.11/30/1896 (60)
Inventor, Manufacturer
Misc: The Steinway piano

Uriah Smith Stephens -- b.8/3/1821 d.2/13/1882 (60)
Labor Leader
Misc: was instrumental in founding the Knights of Labor, the first national labour union in the United States.

Leonard Stern -- b.3/25/1938
Businessperson, Philanthropist, Investor
Misc: Hartz Group CEO and chairman

John Stetson -- b.5/5/1830 d.2/18/1906 (75)
Misc: largest hat factory in the world

Edward R. Stettinius Jr. -- b.10/22/1900 d.10/31/1949 (49)
Presidential Aide, Industrialist
Misc: FDR's last Secretary of State

John Peters Stevens -- b.2/2/1868 d.10/29/1929 (61)
Misc: founded J.P. Stevens, one of the biggest firms in the American textile industry.

Roger L. Stevens -- b.3/12/1910 d.2/2/1998 (87)
Philanthropist, Stage Producer
Misc: founding chairman of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Jim Stewart -- b.7/29/1930 N.S.
Executive, Music Figure
Misc: Stax label founder

Donna J. Stone -- b.2/23/1933 d.12/12/1994 (61)
Poet, Philanthropist

Carl Stotz -- b.2/20/1910 d.6/4/1992 (82)
Founder, Sports Figure
Misc: Little League Baseball

Russell Stover -- b.5/6/1888 d.5/11/1954 (66)
Misc: Eskimo Pie creator & prez

Antonio Stradivari -- b.??/??/1644 d.12/18/1737 (93)
Manufacturer, Violinist, Italian
Misc: the most renowned violin-maker in history; d. in Cremona, Italy.

Isidor Straus -- b.2/6/1845 d.4/15/1912 (67)
Merchant, German
Misc: co-owner of Macy's department store with his brother Nathan

Nathan Straus -- b.1/31/1848 d.1/11/1931 (82)
Merchant, Philanthropist, German
Misc: owner of Macy's department store in New York City and a pioneer in public health and child welfare; he has been considered the person who did the most for the city's welfare in the first quarter of the 20th century.

Levi Strauss -- b.2/26/1829 d.9/26/1902 (73)
Inventor, Manufacturer
Misc: Jeans

Lewis L. Strauss -- b.1/31/1896 d.1/21/1974 (77)
Naval Officer, Scientist, Businessperson, Philanthropist

Clement Studebaker -- b.3/12/1831 d.11/27/1901 (70)
Misc: the largest producer of wagons & carriages in America

Louis Stulberg -- b.4/14/1901 d.12/??/1977 (76)
Labor Leader

Joseph Sturge -- b.8/2/1793 d.5/14/1859 (65)
Misc: Quaker pacifist, and political reformer who was most important as a leader of the antislavery movement.

Louise Suggs -- b.9/7/1923 d.8/7/2015 N.S. (91)
Businessperson, Golfer
Misc: LPGA founder; won 11 Majors and 50 LPGA events overall from 1949-62.

Louis Wade Sullivan -- b.11/3/1933
Physician, Government Official, Businessperson
Misc: ex-Secretary of U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services

John J. Sweeney -- b.5/5/1934
Labor Leader
Misc: AFL-CIO president (1955-2009)

Gustavus Swift -- b.6/24/1839 d.3/29/1903 (63)
Inventor, Manufacturer
Misc: refrigerated railroad cars; Swift and Company founder

Gerard Swope -- b.12/1/1872 d.11/20/1957 (84)
Economist, Executive, Industrialist
Names/Places: b. St. Louis, Mo., U.S. d. New York, N.Y.
Misc: President of the General Electric Company (1922-39; 1942-44) in the United States. He greatly expanded the company's line of consumer products and pioneered profit-sharing and other benefits programs for its employees.

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