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Last Updated 01-01-2020

Charles Babbage -- b.12/26/1791 N.S. d.10/18/1871 N.S. (79)
Mathematician, Professor, English
Misc: invented the calculating machine, developed the first speedometer

Irving Babbitt -- b.8/2/1865 d.7/15/1933 (67)
Writer, Critic, Teacher, French
Misc: leader of the movement in literary criticism known as the "New Humanism," or Neohumanism.

Joan Baez -- b.1/9/1941
Political Activist, Actress, Folk Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Staten Island, N.Y.
Misc: advocate of human rights
Song Titles: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Ben Bagdikian -- b.1/26/1920 d.3/11/2016 N.S. (96)
Author, Journalist, Educator, Turkey
Names/Places: b. in the Ottoman Empire, now modern-day Turkey

Richard W. Bailey -- b.10/26/1939 d.4/2/2011 (71)
Linguist, Scholar
Misc: scholar of the English language

Eric Baker -- b.9/22/1920 d.7/11/1976 (55)
Misc: co-founder of Amnesty International

Emily Greene Balch -- b.1/8/1867 d.1/9/1961 (94)
Social Reformer

James Arthur Baldwin -- b.8/2/1924 d.11/30/1987 (63)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, Essayist, Civil Rights Leader, Gay

Roger Nash Baldwin -- b.1/21/1884 d.8/26/1981 (97)
Attorney/Lawyer, Social Reformer
Misc: A.C.L.U. founder

Dennis Banks -- b.4/12/1937 N.S. d.10/29/2017 N.S. (80)
Author, Lecturer, Teacher, Political Activist, Native American

Imamu Amiri Baraka -- b.10/7/1934 d.1/9/2014 (79)
Dramatist/Playwright, Essayist, Poet, Political Activist
Names/Places: RN:LeRoi Jones

Chris Barber -- b.4/17/1930
Educator, Trombonist, Bandleader, Jazz Musician, English

Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard -- b.5/5/1809 d.4/27/1889 (79)
Misc: Columbia University president

Henry Barnard -- b.1/24/1811 d.7/5/1900 (89)
Social Reformer

Thomas Barnardo -- b.7/4/1845 d.9/19/1905 (60)
Social Reformer
Misc: In 1870, he founded the first of the "Dr. Barnardo's Homes" for destitute boys in London.

Alfred Hamilton Barr Jr. -- b.1/28/1902 d.8/15/1981 (79)
Artist, Scholar
Misc: art historian; museum director

Bernard "Bernie" Barrow -- b.12/30/1927 d.8/4/1993 (65)
Professor, Soap Actor
TV Shows: Edge of Night, Ryan's Hope, Loving

Vernon Bartlett -- b.4/30/1894 d.1/18/1983 (88)
Writer, Politician, Civil Rights Leader, British

Clarissa Harlowe "Clara" Barton -- b.12/25/1821 N.S. d.4/12/1912 N.S. (90)
Nurse, Philanthropist, Social Reformer, Humanitarian
Names/Places: b. in Oxford, MA; aka "The Angel of the Battlefield".
Misc: American Red Cross Founder

Walter Jackson Bate -- b.5/23/1918 d.7/26/1999 (81)
Author, Biographer, Educator

Katharine Lee "Kathie" Bates -- b.8/12/1859 d.3/28/1929 (69)
Author, Poet, Editor, Educator, Lyricist
Song Titles: America the Beautiful (lyricist)

Harold Battiste -- b.10/28/1931 d.6/19/2015 N.S. (83)
Teacher, Music Producer, Arranger, Composer, Bandleader
Misc: producer of funky R&B tunes
Song Titles: You Send Me (Sam Cooke), You Talk Too Much (Joe Jones), Ya Ya (Lee Dorsey), I Got You Babe (Sonny and Cher)

Frank Baxter -- b.5/4/1896 d.1/18/1982 (85)
Educator, TV Host
TV Shows: Shakespeare on TV

Meredith Baxter -- b.6/21/1947
Vegetarian, TV Actress
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles; Whitney Blake's daughter, David Birney's ex-wife
TV Shows: Bridget Loves Bernie (as Bridget), Family (as Nancy Lawrence Maitland), Family Ties (as Elyse Keaton)

Charles Austin Beard -- b.11/27/1874 d.9/1/1948 (73)
Historian, Educator

Bede The Venerable -- b.??/??/673 d.??/??/735
Historian, Scholar

Catherine Beecher -- b.9/6/1800 N.S. d.5/12/1878 N.S. (77)
Suffragate, Educator
Names/Places: Henry Ward Beecher & Harriet Beecher's sister

Henry Ward Beecher -- b.6/24/1813 d.3/8/1887 (73)
Author, Orator, Clergyman, Social Reformer, Abolitionist
Names/Places: Catherine Beecher & Harriet Beecher Stowe's brother

Clifford Whittingham Beers -- b.3/30/1876 d.7/9/1943 (67)
Social Reformer, Humanitarian
Misc: mental hygiene pioneer

Edward Bellamy -- b.3/26/1850 N.S. d.5/22/1898 N.S. (48)
Author, Social Reformer

Andrés Bello -- b.11/29/1781 d.10/15/1865 (83)
Author, Poet, Philosopher, Humanist, Diplomat, Scholar, Educator, Chilean

Lerone Bennett Jr. -- b.10/17/1928 d.2/14/2018 N.S. (89)
Writer, Editor, Historian, Scholar

Egbert Benson -- b.6/21/1746 d.8/24/1833 (87)
Revolutionary, Scholar

Robby Benson -- b.1/21/1956
Writer, Jewish, Professor, Soap Actor, TV/Movie Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Dallas, Texas; RN:Robbie Segal
Misc: a USC professor
TV Shows: Beauty & The Beast (as the beast) Sabrina the Teenage Witch (as Edward "Ted" Spellman season 1), Exosquad
Movie Titles: Prince Valiant, Ice Castles, One on One, The Chosen, Godfather, Die Laughing, Ode to Billy Joe, Tribute

Jeremy Heinrich Bentham -- b.2/15/1748 N.S. or 2/4/1747 J-LD d.6/6/1832 N.S. (84)
Philosopher, Economist, Social Reformer, English

Henry Bergh -- b.8/29/1813 N.S. d.3/12/1888 N.S. (74)
Philanthropist, Humanitarian
Misc: ASPCA founder 1866 and the first prez

Robert Bernstein -- b.1/5/1923 N.S. d.5/27/2019 N.S. (96)
Political Activist
Misc: the president of Random House

Daniel Berrigan -- b.5/9/1921 d.4/30/2016 N.S. (94)
Poet, Priest, Political Activist

Bertice Berry -- b.11/12/1960
Author, Lecturer, Educator, TV Talk Show Hostess

Wendell Berry -- b.8/5/1934
Novelist, Essayist, Short Story Writer, Poet, Farmer, Environmental Activist
Misc: cultural critic

Dr. Mary McCleod Bethune -- b.7/10/1875 d.5/18/1955 (79)
Social Reformer, Educator

Alan Betts -- b.3/11/1927 d.11/25/2005 N.S. (78)

Ernest Bevin -- b.3/9/1881 d.4/14/1951 (70)
Statesman, Educator, British
Misc: played an important role in diplomacy after World War II (1884-1951)

Nicholas Biddle -- b.1/8/1786 d.2/27/1844 (58)
Statesman, Diplomat, Attorney/Lawyer, Financier, Educator
Misc: made 2nd Bank of US 1st effective central bank.

James Hadley Billington -- b.6/1/1929 N.S. d.11/20/2018 N.S. (89)
Author, Government Official, Teacher
Misc: Librarian of Congress

Alice Stone Blackwell -- b.9/14/1857 d.3/15/1950 (92)
Author, Social Reformer

Edward Joseph "Ed" Blackwell -- b.10/10/1929 N.S. d.10/7/1992 N.S. (62)
Teacher, Jazz Drummer

Ran Blake -- b.4/20/1935
Educator, Composer, Jazz Pianist

Sarah Gibson Blanding -- b.11/22/1898 d.3/3/1985 (86)
Misc: first US fem college head (Vassar 1946-64)

Dr. David H. Blankenhorn -- b.11/16/1924 d.5/9/1993 (68)

Harriot Blatch -- b.1/20/1856 d.11/20/1940 (84)
Writer, Suffragate

Ernest Bloch -- b.7/24/1880 d.7/15/1959 (78)
Lecturer, Teacher, Composer, Conductor, Swiss
Names/Places: b. Geneva

Alan Bloom -- b.9/14/1930 d.10/7/1992 (62)
Author, Scholar

Harold Bloom -- b.7/11/1930 N.S. d.10/14/2019 N.S. (89)
Writer, Literary Critic, Professor

Amelia "Jenks" Bloomer -- b.5/27/1818 N.S. d.12/30/1894 N.S. (76)
Writer, Social Reformer, Suffragate
Names/Places: b. in Homer, New York
Misc: popularized the garment that bears her name -"bloomers"

Susan Elizabeth Blow -- b.6/7/1843 N.S. d.3/27/1916 N.S. (72)
Misc: pioneered kindergarten education

Nellie Bly -- b.5/5/1867 d.1/27/1922 (54)
Journalist, Civil Rights Leader
Names/Places: RN:Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman
Misc: Women's rights; her name became a synonym for female star reporter

Maxine Bocher -- b.8/28/1867 d.9/12/1918 (51)
Mathematician, Educator

Allan Boesak -- b.2/23/1945
Clergyman, Reverend, Political Activist, South African
Misc: Anti-apartheid activist

Boethius -- b.??/??/480 d.??/??/524
Misc: Latin

Derek Bok -- b.3/22/1930
Lawyer, Leader, Educator
Misc: The former president of Harvard University

Julian Bond -- b.1/14/1940 d.8/15/2015 N.S. (75)
Quaker, Politician, Civil Rights Leader, Political Activist
Misc: former NAACP Chairman

Yelena Bonner -- b.2/15/1923 d.6/8/2011 (88)
Political Activist, Russian

Daniel J. Boorstin -- b.10/1/1914 d.2/28/2004 (89)
Author, Government Official, Scholar
Misc: ex-Librarian of Congress

Ballington Booth -- b.7/28/1857 d.10/5/1940 (83)
Social Reformer
Misc: founded Volunteers of America

Maud Ballington Booth -- b.9/13/1865 d.8/26/1948 (82)
Social Reformer
Misc: U.S. Salvation Army leader and cofounder of the Volunteers of America.

William Booth -- b.4/10/1829 d.8/20/1912 (83)
General, Missionary, Preacher, Social Reformer, Humanitarian, British, English
Misc: Salvation Army founder

Robert Heron Bork -- b.3/1/1927 d.12/19/2012 (85)
Judge/Jurist, Scholar
Misc: ex-Supreme Court nominee

Norman E. Borlaug -- b.3/25/1914 N.S. d.9/12/2009 N.S. (95)
Scientist, Humanitarian
Misc: Agronomist; agriculture (Nobel 1970)

Edward Bouchet -- b.9/15/1852 d.10/28/1918 (66)

Nadia Boulanger -- b.9/16/1887 d.10/22/1979 (92)
Teacher, Music Producer, Conductor/Composer, French
Misc: music teacher

David Bowie -- b.1/8/1947 d.1/10/2016 N.S. (69)
Painter, Protestant, Vegetarian, Movie Actor, Music Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist, Saxophonist, Rock & Roll Performer, English
Names/Places: b. in London; RN:David Robert Heywood Jones; Iman's hubby
Group Names: The Tin Machine, soloist
Song Titles: The Laughing Gnome, Space Oddity, The Jean Genie, Drive-In Saturday, Life on Mars?, Sorrow, Rebel Rebel, Diamond Dogs, Knock on Wood, Young Americans, Fame, Golden Years, Sound and Visiopn, Heroes, Breaking Glass, Boys Keep Swinging, DJ, Ashes to Ashes, Fashion, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), Under Pressure (with Queen), Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy (with Bing Crosby), Let's Dance, China Girl, Modern Love, Blue Jean, Tonight (with Tina Turner), This is Not America (with the Pat Metheny Group), Dancing in the Street (with Mick Jagger), Absolute Beginners, Underground, Day-In Day-Out, Never Let Me Down, Jump They Say
Album Titles: David Bowie, Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold the World, Hunky Dory, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Aladdin Sane, Pin Ups, Diamond Dogs, Young Americans, Station to Station, Low, Heroes, Lodger, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), Let's Dance, Tonight, Never Let Me Down, Tin Machine, Tin Machine II, Black Tie White Noise, The Buddha of Suburbia, Outside, Earthling, Hours..., Heathen, Reality, The Next Day, Blackstar
Video Titles: Video EP, Serious Moonlight, Love You Till Tuesday, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: The Motion Picture, Jazzin' For Blue Jean, Ricochet, Day-In Day-Out, Glass Spider, Black Tie White Noise, The Video Collection, Best of Bowie, A Reality Tour
Movie Titles: The Man Who Fell to Earth, Just a Gigolo, The Snowman, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Jazzin' to Blue Jean, Labyrinth, Absolute Beginners, The Last Temptation of Chrrist, The Linguini Incident, Basquiat, Gunslinger's Revenge, Everybody Loves Sunshine

Sir Cecil Maurice Bowra -- b.4/8/1898 d.7/4/1971 (73)
Critic, Scholar, British
Misc: professor of poetry (Oxford University)

Ernest Leroy Boyer -- b.9/13/1928 d.12/8/1995 (67)

Charles Brace -- b.6/19/1826 d.8/11/1890 (64)
Social Reformer

Joanne Brackeen -- b.7/26/1938
Educator, Composer, Jazz Pianist
Misc: Music Educator

John Brademas -- b.3/2/1927 d.7/11/2016 N.S. (89)
Politician, Congressperson, Leader, Educator
Misc: New York University President

Bobby Bradford -- b.7/19/1934
Teacher, Composer, Cornetist, Bandleader, Jazz Trumpeter

Sarah Brady -- b.2/6/1942 d.4/3/2015 (73)
Political Activist, Actress
Names/Places: Jim's wife
Misc: handgun control activist

Louis Braille -- b.1/4/1809 N.S. d.1/6/1852 N.S. (43)
Inventor, Educator, Teacher, French
Names/Places: b. in Coupvray
Misc: Invented a reading system for the blind; d. Jan 6?

Thomas Brattle -- b.6/20/1658 J-LD d.5/18/1713 J-LD (54)
Merchant, Educator
Misc: Harvard University treasurer

Fernand Braudel -- b.8/24/1902 d.11/28/1985 (83)
Historian, Educator, French
Misc: one of the most important historiographers of the 20th century.

Berke Breathed -- b.6/21/1957
Comic Strip Cartoonist, Vegetarian
Book Titles: Bloom County, Outland

Sophonisba Breckinridge -- b.4/1/1866 d.7/30/1948 (82)
Social Reformer

Lee Breuer -- b.2/6/1937 N.S.
Poet, Playwright, Educator, Stage Director, Lyricist

Kingman Brewster Jr. -- b.6/17/1919 d.11/8/1988 (69)
Ambassador, Attorney/Lawyer, Leader, Educator
Misc: Yale University president

Ruby Bridges -- b.9/8/1954 N.S.
Civil Rights Leader

Laura Bridgman -- b.12/21/1829 d.5/24/1889 (59)
Misc: the first successfully educated blind & deaf-mute person in the world

Albert Brisbane -- b.8/2/1809 d.6/1/1890 (80)
Author, Social Reformer

Vera Brittain -- b.12/19/1893 d.3/29/1970 (76)
Author, Feminist, British

Ed Broadbent -- b.3/21/1936
Politician, Professor, Canadian
Misc: Political Scientist

John Mercer Brooke -- b.12/18/1826 d.12/14/1906 (79)
Naval Officer, Scientist, Engineer, Educator

Van Wyck Brooks -- b.2/16/1886 d.5/2/1963 (77)
Critic, Editor, Historian, Educator

H. Rap Brown -- b.10/4/1943
Civil Rights Leader
Names/Places: now known as Jamil Abdullah al-Amin

Harold Brown -- b.9/19/1927 N.S. d.1/4/2019 N.S. (91)
Scientist, Presidential Aide, Educator
Misc: ex-sec of Defense

John Brown -- b.5/9/1800 d.12/2/1859 (59)
Civil Rights Leader, Abolitionist
Misc: was hanged for treason; leader of attack on Harpers Ferry, born in northeast Ohio.

Olympia Brown -- b.1/5/1835 d.10/23/1926 (91)
Feminist, Suffragate

Rita Mae Brown -- b.11/28/1944
Writer, Mystery Writer, Screenwriter, Feminist
Book Titles: Rubyfruit Jungle

Robert Latham Brown -- b.6/20/1947
Author, Teacher, Movie Producer
Misc: Production Manager
Movie Titles: Indiana Jones (series), Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Thing, Starship Troopers

Sir Thomas Browne -- b.10/19/1605 J-LD d.10/19/1682 J-LD (77)
Author, Physician, Scholar, English

Carol Browner -- b.12/16/1955
Lawyer, Businessperson, Environmentalist

Alice Browning -- b.11/5/1907 d.10/15/1985 (77)
Author, Educator

Susan Brownmiller -- b.2/15/1935
Author, Journalist, Feminist, Political Activist
Book Titles: "Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape"

David Darius Brubeck -- b.6/14/1947
Educator, Composer, Jazz Pianist
Names/Places: Dave's son
Group Names: Two Generaions of Brubeck

Jerome Seymour Bruner -- b.10/1/1915 d.6/5/2016 N.S. (100)
Psychologist, Educator

Robert Brustein -- b.4/21/1927
Dramatist/Playwright, Stage Critic, Philanthropist, Educator, Producer
Misc: founded American Repertory Theatre

James Bryce -- b.5/10/1838 d.1/22/1922 (83)
Statesman, Scholar, British

Harold Brynner -- b.8/10/1881 d.6/1/1968 (86)
Author, Writer, Poet, Translator, Scholar

Dr. Lyman Bryson -- b.7/11/1888 d.11/24/1959 (71)

Zbigniew Brzezinski -- b.3/28/1928 N.S. d.5/26/2017 N.S. (89)
Author, Government Official, Educator, Professor, Polish
Misc: former National Security adviser

Igor Buketoff -- b.5/29/1915 d.9/7/2001 (86)
Teacher, Arranger, Conductor

McGeorge Bundy -- b.3/30/1919 N.S. d.9/16/1996 N.S. (77)
Statesman, Government Official, Educator
Misc: national security advisor

Gary Burton -- b.1/23/1943
Teacher, Composer, Vibraphonist, Bandleader, Jazz Pianist

Leo Buscaglia -- b.3/31/1924 d.6/12/1998 (74)
Author, Educator, Italian
Names/Places: NN:Dr. Hug
Misc: some say b. 1925

Vannevar Bush -- b.3/11/1890 d.6/28/1974 (84)
Scientist, Engineer, Educator, Computer Company Engineer
Misc: M.I.T.; constructed the world's first analog computer when he was 35 in 1925. It took up an entire 20 x 30 foot room. We can do the same job today with a computer that sits on our desks

Nicholas Murray Butler -- b.4/2/1862 d.12/7/1947 (85)
Educator, American

Donald Byrd -- b.12/9/1932 d.2/4/2013 (80)
Educator, Composer, Flugelhorn, Jazz Trumpeter
Misc: jazz-rock flugelhornist

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