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Last Updated 06-01-2019

John Dalton -- b.9/6/1766 N.S. d.7/27/1844 N.S. (77)
Chemist, Physicist, Teacher, English
Misc: Atomic theorist pioneer, developed the table of atomic weights, hence is known as one of the fathers of modern physical science.

Blythe Danner -- b.2/3/1943
Political Activist, TV/Movie/Stage Actress
Names/Places: b. in Philadelphia; Gwyenth Paltrow's mom
TV Shows: Adam's Rib, Tattingers, Will and Grace (occasional), Huff
Movie Titles: Meet The Fockers, The Lucky One, Howl's Moving Castle, Butterflies Are Free, X-Files, Meet the Parents

Lorenzo Da Ponte -- b.3/10/1749 N.S. d.8/17/1838 N.S. (89)
Professor, Librettist, Italian

John Davies -- b.6/29/1953
Teacher, Actor, Director
Misc: teacher of college level actors

Natalie Davies -- b.1/??/1983
Political Activist
Names/Places: Chrissie Hynde & Ray's daughter
Misc: Environmental Activist

Angela Davis -- b.1/26/1944
Professor, Political Activist
Misc: black activist

John H. M. D. Davis -- b.4/5/1914 d.11/3/1992 (78)
Cardiologist, Professor, Movie Actor
Movie Titles: Our Gang (as Jackie Davis)

Patti Ann Davis-Reagan -- b.10/21/1952
Writer, Environmentalist, Actress, Singer
Names/Places: Nancy Reagan and Ronald's daughter
Misc: some say b. Oct 22

Doris Day -- b.4/3/1922 N.S. d.5/13/2019 N.S. (97)
Christian Scientist, Vegetarian, TV/Movie Actress, Producer, Adult-Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in Cincinnatti, Oh.; RN:Doris Mary von Kappelhoff; NN: Girl Next Door
TV Shows: Doris Day Show (as Doris Martin)
Movie Titles: Tha Man Who Knew Too Much, Pillow Talk, Calamity Jane

Dorothy Day -- b.11/8/1897 d.11/29/1980 (83)
Author, Social Reformer
Misc: Catholic Worker Movement

Simone de Beauvoir -- b.1/9/1908 d.4/14/1986 (78)
Novelist, Essayist, Philosopher, Feminist, French

Eugene Victor Debs -- b.11/5/1855 d.10/20/1926 (70)
Politician, Labor Leader, Social Reformer
Misc: American Railway railroad labor union founder

Eugenio María de Hostos -- b.1/11/1839 d.8/11/1903 (64)
Author, Educator

Guido Deiro -- b.9/1/1886 N.S. d.7/26/1950 N.S. (63)
Teacher, Vaudevillan, Composer, Singer, Italian
Names/Places: Pietro's brother

Édouard René de Laboulaye -- b.1/18/1811 d.5/25/1883 (72)
Writer, Poet, Jurist, Educator, French

Jane Delano -- b.3/13/1862 d.4/15/1919 (57)
Nurse, Educator
Misc: mobilized Red Cross nurses in WWI; some say b. March 12

Charles-Michel de L'Épée -- b.11/24/1712 N.S. d.12/23/1789 N.S. (77)
Philanthropist, Educator, French
Misc: developed one-hand sign alphabet, teacher of deaf-mutes

António de Macedo -- b.7/5/1931 N.S. d.10/5/2017 N.S. (86)
Writer, Lecturer, Professor, Filmmaker, Portuguese

André DeShields -- b.1/12/1946
Novelist, Professor, Actor, Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Composer, Lyricist, Singer
Movie Titles: Extreme Measures

Paul-Henri-Benjamin D'Estournelles -- b.11/22/1852 d.5/15/1924 (71)
Diplomat, Pacifist, French

John Dewey -- b.10/20/1859 d.6/1/1952 (92)
Philosopher, Psychologist, Social Reformer, Educator

Melvil Dewey -- b.12/10/1851 d.12/26/1931 (80)
Librarian, Educator
Misc: Dewey decimal book classification inventor

Denis Diderot -- b.10/5/1713 N.S. d.7/31/1784 N.S. (70)
Writer, Philosopher, Encyclopediaist, French

John E. Dinwiddle -- b.10/27/1902 d.??/??/1959
Architect, Educator

Dorothea Lynde Dix -- b.4/4/1802 d.7/17/1887 (85)
Philanthropist, Social Reformer, Political Activist
Misc: aroused interest in treatment of mental inmates

Carl Djerassi -- b.10/29/1923 d.1/30/2015 (91)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, Chemist, Inventor, Professor, Austrian
Misc: Birth control pill creator

J. Fran Dobie -- b.9/26/1888 d.9/18/1964 (75)
Author, Professor

Frederick A. Douglass -- b.2/14/1817 d.2/20/1895 (78)
Author, Journalist, Publisher, Editor, Social Reformer, Abolitionist
Misc: b. Feb 7?

Charles F. Dowd -- b.4/25/1825 d.??/??/1904
Misc: four standard time zones proposer

Harry Doyle -- b.2/23/1941
Educator, Singer, Canadian
Group Names: Echoes

Saint Clair Drake -- b.1/2/1911 d.6/15/1990 (79)
Anthropologist, Sociologist, Educator

Claudia Dreifus -- b.11/24/1944
Author, Lecturer, Journalist, Educator

Peter Drucker -- b.11/19/1909 d.11/11/2005 (95)
Misc: a self-described social ecologist

Ray "The Bulldog" Drummond -- b.11/23/1946
Teacher, Jazz Bassist

W. E. B. Du Bois -- b.2/23/1868 d.8/27/1963 (95)
Writer, Historian, Civil Rights Leader, Social Reformer, Educator
Names/Places: RFMN:William Edward Burghardt
Misc: NAACP founding member; Black influencer

Walter Ducloux -- b.4/17/1913 d.1/25/1997 (83)
Educator, Conductor, Swiss

Sir William Dugdale -- b.9/12/1605 J-LD d.2/10/1686 J-LD (80)
Writer, Scholar, English

Paul Abraham Dukas -- b.10/1/1865 N.S. d.5/17/1935 N.S. (69)
Critic, Scholar, Teacher, Composer, French
Movie Titles: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (composer)

Dr. Red Duke -- b.11/16/1928 d.8/25/2015 N.S. (86)
Surgeon, Professor, TV Host
Names/Places: RN:James Henry Duke Jr., M.D.

Abigail Duniway -- b.10/22/1834 d.10/11/1915 (80)

Freeman Dyson -- b.12/15/1923
Mathematician, Physicist, Professor, English

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