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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Al Raby -- b.2/19/1933 d.11/23/1988 (55)
Civil Rights Leader
Misc: Chicago's mayor in 1983

Jeannette Rankin -- b.6/11/1880 d.5/18/1973 (92)
Congressperson, Feminist, Social Reformer, Suffragate
Misc: the first woman elected to Congress

David Rasche -- b.8/7/1944
Writer, Teacher, Actor, Comedian
Names/Places: pron: Rah-she
Misc: was at one time a member of Chicago's Second City improvisation group.
TV Shows: Sledge Hammer (as Det. Sledge Hammer), Ryan's Hope, Nurses (as Michael Milkentype), High Society (as Peter), All My Children, Impastor, Veep (as Jim Marwood)
Movie Titles: Burn After Reading, Men in Black 3, Just Married, An Unmarried Woman, Manhattan

Phylicia Rashad -- b.6/19/1948
Vegetarian, Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Houston, TX; Ahmad's wife, Debbie's sister, RLN:Ayers-Allen
TV Shows: Little Bill, The Cosby Show (as Clair Huxtable), Cosby (as Ruthie Lucas)
Movie Titles: Creed

Joseph Rauh -- b.1/3/1911 d.9/3/1992 (81)
Civil Rights Leader

Maureen Reagan -- b.1/4/1941 d.8/8/2001 (60)
Political Activist
Names/Places: Jane Wyman & Ronald's daughter

Jay Redding -- b.10/13/1906 d.3/2/1988 (81)
Writer, Educator

Dewey Redman -- b.5/17/1931 d.9/2/2006 (75)
Teacher, Composer, Reeds, Saxophonist, Jazz Musician

Reverend Roy James J. Reeb -- b.1/1/1927 d.3/11/1965 (38)
Civil Rights Leader
Misc: white minister from Boston; he died after being beaten by whites during civil rights disturbances in Selma, Ala.

Robert B. Reich -- b.6/24/1946
Author, Commentator, Economist, Government Official, Professor
Misc: Labor secretary; b, June 23?

Helen Rogers Reid -- b.11/23/1882 d.7/27/1970 (87)
Publisher, Executive, Feminist

Edwin Oldfather Reischauer -- b.10/15/1910 d.9/1/1990 (79)
Ambassador, Diplomat, Scholar
Misc: of Japan

Jules Renard -- b.2/22/1864 d.5/22/1910 (46)
Author, Educator, French
Misc: d. Feb 22?

Walter Philip Reuther -- b.9/1/1907 d.5/9/1970 (62)
Leader, Labor Leader, Social Reformer
Misc: president of Congress of Industrial Organizations; president of United Auto Workers 1946-70; formed AFL-CIO

Hiram Rhodes Revels -- b.9/27/1827 d.1/16/1901 (73)
Clergyman, Senator, Educator
Misc: first black Senator on 2-25-1870

Osborne Reynolds -- b.8/23/1842 d.2/21/1912 (69)
Engineer, Physicist, Educator, British
Misc: best known for his work in hydraulics and hydrodynamics.

Stanley Richards -- b.4/23/1918 d.7/26/1980 (62)
Dramatist/Playwright, Critic, Screen/Scriptwriter, Educator

Burton Richter -- b.3/22/1931 N.S. d.7/18/2018 N.S. (87)
Scientist, Physicist, Educator
Misc: discovered J-particles, 1976 Nobel

Larry Ridley -- b.9/3/1937
Educator, Jazz Bassist
Misc: Music Educator

Marlon Riggs -- b.2/3/1957 N.S. d.4/5/1994 N.S. (37)
Poet, Educator, Political Activist, Filmmaker
Misc: won Emmy and Peabody awards for documentaries on blacks and gays.

Jacob August Riis -- b.5/3/1849 d.5/26/1914 (65)
Photographer, Journalist, Social Reformer, American, Danish (Denmark)

Wilson C. Riles -- b.6/27/1917 d.4/1/1999 (81)
Misc: the first black state official elected in California

Larry Rivers -- b.8/17/1923 N.S. d.8/14/2002 N.S. (78)
Cartoonist, Painter, Sculptor, Teacher, Actor, Filmmaker, Musician
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RN:Yitzroch Loiza Grossberg
Misc: pop artist; Washington crossing the Delaware 1953

Marcus Roberts -- b.8/7/1963
Teacher, Arranger, Composer, Bandleader, Jazz Pianist

Paul Bustill Robeson -- b.4/9/1898 d.1/23/1976 (77)
Civil Rights Leader, Movie/Stage Actor, Bass Singer/Basso, NFL Player
Names/Places: b. in Princeton, NJ
Movie Titles: Song of Freedom, Big Fella, My Song Goes Forth, Show Boat, King Solomon's Mines

Andrew Robinson -- b.2/14/1942
Professor, Actor
TV Shows: Star Trek DS9 (as Garak)

Harriet Jane Hanson Robinson -- b.2/8/1825 d.12/22/1911 (86)

James Harvey Robinson -- b.6/29/1863 d.2/16/1936 (72)
Historian, Educator

Terre Roche -- b.4/10/1953
Author, Teacher, Songwriter, Guitarist
Group Names: The Roches

Laurence S. Rockefeller -- b.5/26/1910 d.7/11/2004 (94)
Naturalist, Conservationist
Names/Places: b. in New York City

Mr. Fred Rogers -- b.3/20/1928 d.2/27/2003 (74)
Author, Vegetarian, Educator, TV Host, TV Producer
Names/Places: b. in Latrobe, Pa.
Misc: Presbytarian minister
TV Shows: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (host)

Anne Roiphe -- b.12/25/1935
Author, Writer, Journalist, Feminist

Carlos P. Romulo -- b.1/14/1899 d.12/15/1985 (86)
Diplomat, Educator

Eleanor Roosevelt -- b.10/11/1884 d.11/7/1962 (78)
First Lady, Social Reformer, Humanitarian
Names/Places: b. and d. in New York City; FN:Anna; LN:Roosevelt; Franklin's wife

Ingrid Rossellini -- b.6/18/1952
Names/Places: a twin; Ingrid Bergman & Roberto's daughter

Dave Rowntree -- b.5/8/1964
Political Activist, Alternative Rock Drummer, English
Group Names: Blur

Josiah Royce -- b.11/20/1855 d.9/14/1916 (60)
Philosopher, Professor, American

Dr. Erno Rubik -- b.7/13/1944
Inventor, Mathematician, Educator, Hungarian
Misc: Rubik's Cube, the puzzle that drove America nuts in 1981; when he was an infant, he had a Rubik's diaper

Jerry Rubin -- b.7/14/1938 d.11/28/1994 (56)
Political Activist
Misc: leading anti-Vietnam War protester of the 1960s who later made headlines by his enthusiastic embrace of capitalism; d. hit by car.

William Rubin -- b.8/11/1927 d.1/22/2006 (78)
Executive, Scholar
Misc: of museums

Mark Rudd -- b.6/2/1947
Political Activist

Benjamin Rush -- b.12/24/1745 J-LD or 1/4/1746 N.S. d.4/19/1813 N.S. (67)
Revolutionary, Physician, Humanitarian
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Dean Rusk -- b.2/9/1909 d.12/20/1994 (85)
Statesman, Government Official, Teacher
Names/Places: RN:David
Misc: Secretary of state

Bayard Rustin -- b.3/17/1910 d.8/24/1987 (77)
Civil Rights Leader, Political Activist

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