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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Roger Wagner -- b.1/16/1914 d.9/17/1992 (78)
Educator, Musician, Conductor, French
Misc: choral director

Terry Waite -- b.5/31/1939
Author, Clergyman, Humanitarian, Hostage, English
Misc: Austrich; ex-Anglican Church Envoy

Mary Edwards Walker -- b.11/26/1832 d.2/21/1919 (86)
Physician, Surgeon, Civil Rights Leader

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward -- b.8/31/1844 d.1/28/1911 (66)
Author, Feminist

Robert Penn "Red" Warren -- b.4/24/1905 N.S. d.9/15/1989 N.S. (84)
Novelist, Essayist, Poet, Critic, Publisher, Educator, Actor
Names/Places: b. in Guthrie, KY
Misc: the first U.S. poet laureate '86, All the King's Men & his poetry won 3 Pulitzer Prizes
Book Titles: All The King's Men

Booker Taliaferro Washington -- b.4/5/1856 d.11/14/1915 (59)
Author, Social Reformer, Educator
Names/Places: b. in Franklin County, Virginia
Misc: Vocational training for blacks

Steve Waterman -- b.9/8/1960
Educator, Producer, Composer, Jazz Trumpeter, British
Movie Titles: Stuart Little (series, producer), Casper (producer, 1995), Alvin and the Chipmunks (series, producer)

Bobby Watson -- b.8/23/1953
Educator, Composer, Alto-sax, Soprano-sax, Bandleader

André Watts -- b.6/20/1946 N.S.
Professor, Pianist, German
Misc: Concert Pianist

Wavy Gravy -- b.5/15/1936
Political Activist, Entertainment Figure
Misc: Counterculture icon

George Weah -- b.10/1/1966 N.S.
Politician, Humanitarian, Soccer Striker, Liberian

Dennis Weaver -- b.6/4/1924 d.2/24/2006 (81)
Vegetarian, TV Actor, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: b. in Joplin, MO
Misc: WWII Navy flyer
TV Shows: Gunsmoke (as Chester Goode), Kentucky Jones (star), Gentle Ben (as Tom Wedloe), McCloud (as Dep. Marshal Sam McCloud), Pearl, Centennial, Stone (as Det. Sgt. Daniel Stone), Emerald Point NAS (as Rear Adm. Thomas Mallory), Buck James (star)

Max Weber -- b.4/21/1864 d.6/14/1920 (56)
Author, Scientist, Sociologist, Professor, German
Misc: Theorist of Liberal Imperialism

Noah Webster -- b.10/16/1758 d.5/28/1843 (84)
Author, Lexicographer, Journalist, Politician, Teacher
Book Titles: American Dictionary of the English Language (compiler)

Chen Wei -- b.2/21/1969
Human Rights Activist, Chinese

Robert W. Weir -- b.6/18/1803 d.5/1/1889 (85)
Painter, Educator

Egon Wellesz -- b.10/21/1885 d.11/9/1974 (89)
Scholar, Composer, Austrian
Misc: opera music

Ida Wells -- b.7/16/1862 d.3/25/1931 (68)
Journalist, Editor, Political Activist
Names/Places: aka Ida Bell Wells-Barnett
Misc: founded Negro Fellowship League

Charles Wesley -- b.12/2/1891 d.8/16/1987 (95)
Author, Writer, Historian, Educator

Randy Weston -- b.4/6/1926 N.S. d.9/1/2018 N.S. (92)
Teacher, Composer, Jazz Pianist

Clifton R. Wharton Jr. -- b.9/13/1926

Eleazar Wheelock -- b.4/22/1711 d.4/24/1779 (68)
Misc: founder of Dartmouth College

George Hoyt Whipple -- b.8/28/1878 d.2/1/1976 (97)
Pathologist, Astrophysicist, Educator
Misc: Nobel-1934

Andrew D. White -- b.11/7/1832 d.11/4/1918 (85)
Misc: founded Cornell Univ with Ezra Cornell, prez 1868-1885 also

David Manning White -- b.??/??/???? d.12/17/1993 (76)
Author, Journalist, Professor

Helen Magill White -- b.11/28/1853 d.10/28/1944 (90)
Misc: first U.S. woman to earn a Ph.D.

Richard Grant White -- b.5/23/1822 d.4/8/1885 (62)
Author, Critic, Scholar

Walter Francis White -- b.7/1/1893 d.3/21/1955 (61)
Author, Civil Rights Leader, Social Reformer

John Greenleaf Whittier -- b.12/17/1807 d.9/7/1892 (84)
Essayist, Poet, Journalist, Abolitionist
Misc: influential Quaker poet and ardent advocate for the abolition of slavery.

John Edgar Wideman -- b.6/14/1941
Writer, Professor

Charles Marie Widor -- b.2/21/1844 d.3/12/1937 (93)
Teacher, Composer, Organist, French

Elie Wiesel -- b.9/30/1928 N.S. d.7/2/2016 N.S. (87)
Author, Political Activist, Romanian
Names/Places: RFN:Eliezer

William Wilberforce -- b.8/24/1759 d.7/29/1833 (73)
Politician, Philanthropist, Social Reformer, British
Misc: House of Commons; campaigned successfully for the abolition of slavery (1807) in the British Empire.

Patricia Wilde -- b.7/16/1928
Teacher, Choreographer, Ballerina, Canadian

Roy Wilkins -- b.8/30/1901 d.9/8/1981 (80)
Pioneer, Editor, Civil Rights Leader, Social Reformer, Political Activist
Misc: N.A.A.C.P.

Emma Hart Willard -- b.2/23/1787 d.4/15/1870 (83)
Founder, Educator
Misc: Women's Christian Temperance Union

Frances Elizabeth Willard Willard -- b.9/28/1839 N.S. d.2/17/1898 N.S. (58)
Social Reformer, Suffragate, Educator
Misc: founder of the Women's Christian Temperance Union

Betty Williams -- b.5/22/1943
Political Activist, Irish
Misc: of North Ireland

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams -- b.1/18/1858 d.8/4/1931 (73)
Surgeon, Educator
Misc: performed the first open heart operation

Hosea Williams -- b.1/5/1926 d.11/16/2000 (74)
Civil Rights Leader
Misc: worked closely with Martin Luther King Jr.; was with King in Memphis, Tenn., helping support striking sanitation workers on April 4, 1968, the night King was assassinated.

Marianne Williamson -- b.7/8/1952
Author, Lecturer, Teacher

John Wilmerding -- b.4/28/1938
Writer, Professor
Misc: art expert

Gerald Wilson -- b.9/4/1918 d.9/8/2014 (96)
Educator, Arranger, Composer, Bandleader, Jazz Trumpeter

Septimus Winner -- b.5/11/1827 d.11/22/1902 (75)
Teacher, Songwriter, Musician

John Winthrop -- b.12/19/1714 d.5/3/1779 (64)
Astronomer, Physicist, Educator
Misc: first American astronomer

John Witherspoon -- b.2/5/1723 d.11/15/1794 (71)
Revolutionary, Clergyman, Educator, Scotish
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Annie Wittenmyer -- b.8/26/1827 d.2/2/1900 (72)
Social Reformer

Harris Wofford -- b.4/9/1926 N.S. d.1/21/2019 N.S. (92)
Senator, Attorney, Political Activist

Mary Wollstonecraft -- b.4/27/1759 N.S. d.9/10/1797 N.S. (38)
Author, Writer, Philosopher, Feminist, Social Reformer, English
Names/Places: Maiden Last Name: Godwin
Book Titles: Frankenstein

Evelyn Wood -- b.1/9/1909 d.8/26/1995 (86)
Misc: Speedreader whose speed reading courses taught millions to whiz through the written word; b. Jan 8?

George Edward Woodberry -- b.5/12/1855 N.S. d.1/2/1930 N.S. (74)
Poet, Critic, Educator, American

Victoria Chaflin Woodhull -- b.9/23/1838 N.S. d.6/9/1927 N.S. (88)
Feminist, Social Reformer
Names/Places: b. in Homer, Ohio.
Misc: the first woman to run for President (against Grant), New York stockbroker, newspaper publisher; a pioneer of women's rights and free love

Robert Burns Woodward -- b.4/10/1917 d.7/8/1979 (62)
Scientist, Chemist, Professor
Misc: best-known for his syntheses of complex organic substances, including quinine (1944), cholesterol and cortisone (1951), and vitamin B{sub 12} (1971). He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1965.

Theodore Dwight Woolsey -- b.10/31/1801 d.7/1/1889 (87)
Scholar, Educator
Misc: Yale Univsity president 1846-71

John Wesley Work III -- b.7/15/1901 d.5/17/1967 (65)
Educator, Composer, Musicologist
Misc: scholar of African-American folklore and music.

Frances Wright -- b.9/6/1795 N.S. d.12/13/1852 N.S. (57)
Social Reformer, Scotish
Misc: Scottish-born American social reformer whose revolutionary views on religion, education, marriage, birth control, and other matters made her both a popular author and lecturer and a target of vilification.

Marian Wright-Edelman -- b.6/6/1939
Attorney/Lawyer, Founder, Civil Rights Leader
Misc: Children's Defense Fund president

William Wurster -- b.10/20/1895 d.9/19/1973 (77)
Architect, Educator

John Wycliffe -- b.??/??/1320 d.12/??/1384
Philosopher, Theologian, Social Reformer

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