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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Nathaniel Bacon -- b.1/2/1647 J-LD d.10/26/1676 J-LD (29)
Misc: Bacon's Rebellion; sausage and eggs didn't join in with Bacon in his rebellion

Klaus Barbie -- b.10/15/1913 d.9/25/1991 (77)
Criminal, German
Misc: Nazi war criminal; you'd be a butcher of Lyons too if your surname was that of a doll's!

Clyde Barrow -- b.3/24/1909 d.5/23/1934 (25)
Misc: of the Bonnie & Clyde bank robber couple

Sam Bass -- b.7/21/1851 d.7/21/1878 (27)

David Berkowitz -- b.6/1/1953
Misc: serial killer

Billy The Kid -- b.11/23/1859 d.7/14/1881 (21)
Names/Places: RN:William H. Bonney Jr.

Osama Bin Laden -- b.3/10/1957 d.5/2/2011 (54)
Misc: founder of al-Qaeda

Blackbeard -- b.??/??/1680 d.11/22/1718
Pirate, British
Names/Places: RN:Edward Teach
Misc: born c. 1680

Anthony Blunt -- b.9/26/1907 d.3/26/1983 (75)
Spy, English
Misc: Art Curator

Lorena Bobbitt -- b.10/31/1970
Misc: cut off her husband's member

John Wilkes Booth -- b.5/10/1838 d.4/26/1865 (26)
Assassin, Stage Actor
Misc: He assassinated Lincoln

Lizzie Borden -- b.7/19/1860 d.6/1/1927 (66)
Misc: accused murderer

Belle Boyd -- b.5/9/1843 d.6/11/1900 (57)
Author, Spy, Actress

Brandi Brandt -- b.11/2/1968
Outlaw, Actress, Model, Playmate
Names/Places: Nikki Sixx's ex-wife
Misc: October 1987 playmate

Todd Bridges -- b.5/27/1965
Outlaw, Actor, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Fish (as Loomis), Diff'rent Strokes (as Willis Jackson)

Ted Bundy -- b.11/24/1946 d.1/24/1989 (42)
Misc: Serial killer; Zapped in Florida's Electric Chair for the 1978 kidnap-murder of one of his victims, 12-year-old Kimberly Leach.

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