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Last Updated 06-01-2019

D.J. Jazzy Jeff -- b.1/15/1965
Actor, Rapper
Names/Places: RN: Jeffrey Allen Townes; LN:Townes
Misc: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was his only acting credit; he provided the soundtrack for several movies
Group Names: D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
TV Shows: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (as Jazz)
Movie Titles: Made in America, Boyz in the Hood, Strange Days, Jersey Girl

D.J. Qualls -- b.6/10/1978 N.S.
Actor, Producer, Model
TV Shows: Memphis Beat, Legit, Z Nation
Movie Titles: Road Trip (series), The New Guy, Delta Farce, Hustle and Flow

Augusta Dabney -- b.10/23/1918 d.2/4/2008 (89)
TV/Stage/Soap Actress
Names/Places: William Prince's wife

Maryam D'Abo -- b.12/27/1960
Actress, Producer, English
Movie Titles: James Bond (series), The Living Daylights, Dorian Gray, Helen of Troy, Xtro

Olivia D'Abo -- b.1/22/1967
TV/Movie Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress, English
Names/Places: Michael's daughter
Misc: some say b. in 1969
Arts Titles: PL: The Odd Couple, Entertaining Mr. Sloane
TV Shows: The Wonder Years (as Karen Arnold), The Single Guy (as Delilah), Party of Five (as Perry Marks), Law and Order: Criminal Intent (as Nicole Wallace occasional)
Movie Titles: Conan the Destroyer, Point of No Return, Ultimate Avengers
Video Games: Star Wars: The Clone Wars-Republic Heroes, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Infinite Crisis

Donnie Dacas -- b.10/12/1951
Actor, Music Producer, Pop Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Chicago

Mark Dacascos -- b.2/26/1964
Actor, Martial Arts
TV Shows: Iron Chef America: The Series (as The Chairman), Hawaii Five-0 (as Wo Fat)
Movie Titles: Drive, Cradle 2 The Grave, Brotherhood of the Wolf

Morton da Costa -- b.3/7/1914 d.1/26/1989 (74)
Stage Producer/Director
Misc: stage: Music Man, No Time for Sargeants, Auntie Mame

Ewa da Cruz -- b.7/9/1977
Actress, Norweigan
Movie Titles: Bella, Excuse Me for Living

Alexandra Daddario -- b.3/16/1986 N.S.
TV Shows: True Detective
Movie Titles: San Andreas, Percy Jackson (series), Texas Chainsaw 3D

Matthew Daddario -- b.10/1/1987 N.S.
Actor, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (as Alec Lightwood)
Movie Titles: Delivery Man, Breathe In, Cabin Fever

Cameron Daddo -- b.3/7/1965
TV/Stage Actor, Game Show Host, Producer/Director, Singer, Australian
TV Shows: Models Inc. (as Brian Peterson), F/X: The Series
Movie Titles: Inland Empire

Willem Dafoe -- b.7/22/1955
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Appelton, WI
Movie Titles: Mississippi Burning, Last Temptation Of Christ, Born On The Fourth Of July, Wild At Heart, Platoon, The English Patient, Affliction, American Psycho, Shadow of the Vampire, Spiderman (2002), The Clearing, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, American Dreamz, Finding Nemo, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Percy Daggs III -- b.7/20/1982
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Veronica Mars (as Wallace Fennel)
Movie Titles: Veronica Mars (2014), Detention, Blue Hill Adventure

Dagmar -- b.11/29/1926 d.10/9/2001 (74)
TV Actress, Panelist
Names/Places: aka Jennie Lewis; RN:Virginia Ruth Egnor
TV Shows: Masquerade Party

Nicholas D'Agosto -- b.4/17/1980 N.S.
TV Shows: Gotham, Masters of Sex, Trial and Error
Movie Titles: Final Destination 5, Fired Up!

Lil Dagover -- b.9/30/1897 d.1/30/1980 (82)
Movie Actress, German, Indonese

Arlene Dahl -- b.8/11/1925
Columnist, Actress, TV Hostess, Costume Designer, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Minneapolis, MN; Fernando Lamas's widow, Lorenzo's mom
Misc: some say 1924, 1927, or 1928; wed 5x's
TV Shows: Pepsi-Cola Playhouse, One Life to Live
Movie Titles: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Three Little Words, The Adventures of Robin Hood

Darlene Dahl -- b.10/1/1974
Names/Places: RLN:Tejeiro

Sophie Dahl -- b.9/15/1977 N.S.
Author, Actress, Model, English

Steve Dahl -- b.11/20/1954
Comedian, Radio Disc Jock
Group Names: Teenage Radiation, soloist
Song Titles: Do Ya Think I'm Disco?, Ayatollah

Carisa Dahlbo -- b.2/12/1977
TV Shows: Swans Crossing (two episodes as Glory Booth in 1992, which was her entire acting career!)

Dan Dailey -- b.12/14/1915 d.10/16/1978 (62)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Vaudevillan, Dancer, Singer
TV Shows: The Governor & J.J.

Frank Dailey -- b.??/??/1901 d.2/27/1956 (54)
TV Host, Musician, Bandleader

Irene Dailey -- b.9/12/1920 d.9/24/2008 (88)
Soap Actress
TV Shows: Another World

Bill Daily -- b.8/30/1927 N.S. d.9/4/2018 N.S. (91)
Screenwriter, TV Actor, Comedian, TV Director
TV Shows: I Dream of Jeannie (as Captain Roger Healey), The Bob Newhart Show (as Howard Borden), Aloha Paradise

Elizabeth Daily -- b.9/11/1962
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer, Video Game Voice Actress, Pop Singer
Names/Places: aka E.G. Daily during her pop singer days
Song Titles: Say It Say It
TV Shows: Rugrats (as Tommy Pickles, voice), The PowerPuff Girls (voice)
Movie Titles: Pee-wee's Big Adventure, The Rugrats Movie, Happy Feet
Video Games: Fire Emblem: Fates, Lego Dimensions, Skylanders (series)

Nadia Dajani -- b.12/26/1965
Actress, Cameraperson
TV Shows: Ned and Stacey (as Amanda)
Movie Titles: Happy Accidents, Flirting with Disaster, Sidewalks in New York

Lisa Dalbello -- b.5/22/1959
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Songwriter, Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, Canadian
Misc: composed for Heart, Queensryche, and the English lyrics for Nena
TV Shows: Sailor Moon (as Queen Nehllenia)

Steven Daldry -- b.5/2/1960
Producer/Director, English
Movie Titles: The Reader, The Hours, Billy Elliott, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Alan Dale -- b.5/6/1947
Actor, New Zealand
TV Shows: The O.C. (as Caleb Nichol), Ugly Betty (as Bradford Meade), Hot in Cleveland, One Upon a Time, Lost (as Charles Widmore), Neighbours, NCIS (as Tom Morrow), Dynasty (as Joseph Anders)
Movie Titles: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Alan Dale -- b.7/9/1928 d.4/20/2002 (73)
Variety Show Host, Baritone, Musician, Pop Singer
Names/Places: RN:Aldo Sigismondi
TV Shows: The Alan Dale Show

Grover Dale -- b.7/22/1935
Actor, Stage Director, Choreographer, Dancer

Ian Anthony Dale -- b.7/3/1978
TV Shows: Hawaii Five-0 (as Adam Noshimuri)
Movie Titles: The Hangover, The Bucket List, Tekken, Mr. 3000

James Badge Dale -- b.5/1/1978 N.S.
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: 24, Rubicon
Movie Titles: The Departed, World War Z, Iron Man 3, Shame
Video Games: 24: The Game

Jim Dale -- b.8/15/1935
Movie/Stage Actor, Comedian, Video Game Voice Actor, Songwriter, Singer, English
Names/Places: RLN:Smith
TV Shows: Pushing Daisies (narrator)
Movie Titles: Pete's Dragon (1977), Barnum, My One & Only
Video Games: Harry Potter (series)

Virginia Dale -- b.7/1/1917 d.10/3/1994 (77)
Movie Actress, Dancer

Cass Daley -- b.7/17/1915 d.3/22/1975 (59)

John Francis Daley -- b.7/20/1985
Actor, Director
Misc: stage: The Who's Tommy
TV Shows: The Geena Davis Show (as Carter Ryan), Freaks and Geeks (as Sam Weir), Bones (as Dr. Lance Sweets)
Movie Titles: Horrible Bosses, Waiting..., The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Robert H. Daley -- b.??/??/????
Movie Producer

Vernon Dalhart -- b.4/6/1883 d.9/14/1948 (65)
Vaudevillan, Tenor, Opera Singer, Country Singer
Misc: or died Sep 15 or Sep 18?

Traci Dali -- b.9/17/1966
Actress, Producer
Movie Titles: Back to the Future Part II, Virgin High, American Streetfighter, Kissing a Dream

Marcel Dalio -- b.7/17/1900 d.11/20/1983 (83)
Movie Actor
Misc: b. Sep 23, 1899?
Movie Titles: Casablanca

John Dall -- b.5/26/1918 d.1/15/1971 (52)
Movie Actor
Names/Places: RN:John Jenner Thompson

Josh Dallas -- b.12/18/1978
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Once Upon a Time (as David Nolan)
Movie Titles: Red Tails, Zootopia, Thor

Matt Dallas -- b.10/21/1982
Actor, Producer, Cameraperson, Gay
TV Shows: Eastwick, Kyle XY
Movie Titles: The Indian, Beauty and the Briefcase, Babysitter Wanted

Béatrice Dalle -- b.12/19/1964
Actress, French

Joe Dallesandro -- b.12/31/1948
Actor, Producer
Movie Titles: The Limey, Trash

Maurice Dallimore -- b.6/23/1912 d.2/20/1973 (60)
Actor, English

Stevie Ray Dallimore -- b.5/4/1967
Movie Titles: Ender's Game, Need for Speed, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -Part 1, Far From Heaven

Jean Dalrymple -- b.9/5/1902 N.S. d.11/15/1998 N.S. (96)
Playwright, Stage Producer/Director

Abby Dalton -- b.8/15/1932
Actress, Panelist, Model
Names/Places: b. in Las Vegas
TV Shows: The Hollywood Squares (occasional panel), Hennesey (as Nurse Martha Hale), The Joey Bishop Show (as Ellie Barnes), Jonathan Winters Show, Falcon Crest (as Julia Cumson), Young & The Restless (as Lydia Summers)

Audrey Dalton -- b.1/21/1934
Actress, Irish
Misc: retired from acting in 1978
Movie Titles: Titanic (1953), The Monster That Challenged The World, Separate Tables, My Cousin Rachel

Brett Dalton -- b.1/7/1983
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (as Grant Ward / Hive)
Movie Titles: Beside Still Waters, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, Killing Lincoln
Video Games: Until Dawn

Darren Dalton -- b.2/9/1965
Screenwriter, Actor, Producer
Movie Titles: Red Dawn, The Outsiders, The Day The Earth Stopped, The Land That Time Forgot

Lezlie Dalton -- b.8/12/1944
Misc: retired from acting in 1980
Movie Titles: The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe

Timothy Dalton -- b.3/21/1946
TV/Movie Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Welsh (Wales)
TV Shows: Jane Eyre (mini-series), Centennial (mini-series), Penny Dreadful (as Sir Malcolm Murray); Centennial, Scarlett
Movie Titles: Toy Story 3, The Tourist, The Living Daylights, Flash Gordon, Licence To Kill, The Rocketeer, Brenda Starr, The Beautician and the Beast

Roger Daltrey -- b.3/1/1944
Actor, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, English
Names/Places: b. in London
Misc: NOT b. in 1945 as many sources state
Group Names: The Who (lead), soloist
Song Titles: I Can't Explain, Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, My Generation, Substitute, The Kids Are Alright, I'm a Boy, Happy Jack, Pictures of Lily, I Can See For Miles, Magic Bus, Pinball Wizard, Won't Get Fooled Again, Join Together, Squeeze Box, Who Are You, You Better You Bet, Athena (previous titles as a The Who member), Giving It All Away, Free Me, Walking in My Sleep, After the Fire, Let Me Down Easy, Under a Raging Moon, Days of Light
Album Titles: My Generation, A Quick One, The Who Sell Out, Tommy, Who's Next, Quadrophenia, The Who by Numbers, Who Are You, Face Dances, It's Hard (previous titles as a The Who member), Daltrey, Ride a Rock Horse, One of the Boys, McVicar, Under a Raging Moon
Movie Titles: Tommy

Andrew Daly -- b.4/15/1971
Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: MADtv, Adventure Time, Review, The Life and Times of Tim
Movie Titles: Semi-Pro, What Happens in Vegas, She's Out of my League, Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Candice Daly -- b.1/4/1963 d.12/14/2004 (41)

Carson Daly -- b.6/22/1973
Actor, TV Host, Producer
TV Shows: MTV's TRL, NBC's Last Call (host), The Voice (host)

James Daly -- b.10/23/1918 d.7/3/1978 (59)
Names/Places: b. in Wisconsin Rapids, WI; Hope Newell's hubby, Tyne & Timothy's dad
TV Shows: Studio One, Omnibus, Medical Center (as Dr. Paul Lochner)

John Daly -- b.7/16/1937 d.10/31/2008 (71)
Movie Producer, English

John Charles Daly -- b.2/20/1914 d.2/24/1991 (77)
Newscaster, Correspondent, Journalist, Actor, Game Show Host, South African
Misc: Voice of America director
TV Shows: NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, What's My Line, It's News to Me

Jonathan Daly -- b.1/14/1942
Misc: in the comedy duo Delo and Daly
TV Shows: The Jimmy Stewart Show, Petticoat Junction (as Orrin Pike), C.P.O. Sharkey (as Lt. Whipple)

Robert A. Daly -- b.12/8/1936
TV Executive, Music Executive, Sports Executive
Misc: led organizations such as CBS Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Warner Music Group, and the Los Angeles Dodgers

Tess Daly -- b.4/27/1969 N.S.
TV Hostess, Model, English
TV Shows: BBC Lottery This Time Tomorrow, Britian's Strictly Come Dancing

Timothy Daly -- b.3/1/1956
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: Hope Newell & James' son, Tyne's brother
Misc: some say b. 1958 or 1961
TV Shows: Wings (as Joe Hackett), Private Practice (as Dr. Pete Wilder), Madam Secretary (as Henry McCord), The Fugitive (as Dr. Richard Kimble), Superman (as Superman, Clark Kent, Bizarro 1996-2000 series)
Movie Titles: Diner

Tyne Daly -- b.2/21/1946
Names/Places: b. in Madison, Wis.; FN:Ellen; George Stanford Brown's wife, Hope Newell & James' daughter
Misc: AP says b. in 1946
TV Shows: Cagney & Lacey (as Det. Mary Beth Lacey), Christy (as Miss Alice Henderson), Judging Amy (as Maxine Gray)
Movie Titles: The Enforcer, The Autumn Heart

Jacques d'Amboise -- b.7/28/1934
Impressionist, Ballet Dancer
Names/Places: b. in Dedham, Mass.; RN:Jacques Joseph D'Amboise Ahearn

Michael Damian -- b.4/26/1962
Actor, Songwriter, Keyboardist, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: b. in San Diego; RLN:D. Weirz
Misc: stage: Joseph and the Amazing Techgnicolor Dreamcoat
Group Names: The Weirz, soloist
Song Titles: Rock On
TV Shows: The Young & the Restless (as Danny Romalotti for decades)

Teresa Tirelli D'Amico -- b.7/14/1907 d.6/16/1989 (81)
Actress, Singer
Misc: Appeared in Lucy's grape stomping scene on an episode of "I Love Lucy"

Lili Damita -- b.7/19/1904 d.3/21/1994 (89)
Movie Actress, Ballerina, Singer, American, French
Names/Places: Errol Flynn's ex-wife; RN:Liliane-Marie-Madeleine Carre
Misc: film reference books say b. 1901 but death certificate says was 85 when she died; sources disagree with her being born in Jan, June or Jul the 10th, 19th or 20th in 1901, 04, 05, 06, 07 in Bordeaux or Paris.; newer sources say that the was born in 1904, suggesting that she shaved four years off her age.

Cathryn Damon -- b.9/11/1930 d.5/4/1987 (56)
TV Actress
TV Shows: Soap (as Mary Dallas Campbell), Webster (as Cassie Parker)

Gabriel Damon -- b.4/23/1976
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer
Names/Places: RLN:Ladaei
Movie Titles: Tequila Sunrise, The Land Before Time, RoboCop 2, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, Newsies

Grey Damon -- b.9/24/1987 N.S.
TV Shows: Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story, Aquarius (as Brian Shafe), Station 19
Movie Titles: True Blood

Jerry Damon -- b.8/24/1927 d.1/24/1979 (51)
Actor, Announcer
TV Shows: That Was the Week That Was

Mark Damon -- b.4/22/1933
Actor, Producer
Movie Titles: Das Boot, Lone Survivor, Monster, House of Usher

Matt Damon -- b.10/8/1970
Screen/Scriptwriter, Actor
Movie Titles: The Rainmaker, Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan, The Talented Mr. Ripley, All the Pretty Horses, Ocean's Eleven, The Bourne Identity, Stuck on You, The Bourne Supremacy, Ocean's Twelve, The Brothers Grimm, Syriana, The Departed, The Good Shepherd

Stuart Damon -- b.2/5/1937
Names/Places: RLN:Zonis
TV Shows: The Champions, General Hospital (as Dr. Alan Quartermaine)

Vic Damone -- b.6/12/1928 d.2/11/2018 N.S. (89)
Movie Actor, TV Host, Pop Crooner
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; RN:Vito Farinola; Dihann Carroll's hubby
TV Shows: The Vic Damone Show

Ethan Dampf -- b.5/27/1994
TV Shows: American Dreams (as Will Pryor)
Movie Titles: Collateral Damage, Hanging Up, Junior

Mike Damus -- b.9/30/1979
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Trust Me (as Tom Fuller), Mad Men (as Barry), "Men, Women and Dogs" (as Royce), Teen Angel
Movie Titles: Beach Pillows

Audrey Dana -- b.9/21/1977 N.S.
Actress, French
Movie Titles: Roman de gare, French Women, Welcome, If I Were a Boy

Bill Dana -- b.10/5/1924 d.6/15/2017 N.S. (92)
Comedy Writer, TV/Movie Actor, Comedian
Names/Places: b. in Quincy, MA
Misc: worked for Steve Allen
Song Titles: The Astronaut (as José Jiménez)
TV Shows: No Soap Radio, Bill Dana Show (as Jose Jimenez the Astronaut)

Leora Dana -- b.4/1/1923 d.12/13/1983 (60)

Vic Dana -- b.8/26/1940 N.S.
Actor, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Buffalo
Misc: 1960s hit star

Viola Dana -- b.6/26/1897 d.7/3/1987 (90)
Movie/Stage Actress

Charles Dance -- b.10/10/1946 N.S.
Screenwriter, Actor, Movie Director, English
TV Shows: Game of Thrones
Movie Titles: The Imitation Game, Alien 3, Ghostbusters (2016), Gosford Park, The Last Action Hero

Hugh Dancy -- b.6/19/1975
Actor, Model, English
TV Shows: Hannibal (as Will)
Movie Titles: Cold Feet, Adam, Blood and Chocolate, Svage Grace, King Arthur, Black Hawk Down, Ella Enchanted, Evening, Confessions of a Shopaholic

Tom D'Andrea -- b.5/15/1909 d.5/14/1998 (88)
TV Shows: The Life of Riley (as Jim Gillis), Dante (as Biff)

Dorothy Dandridge -- b.11/9/1922 d.9/8/1965 (42)
Movie Actress, Dancer, Singer
Misc: some say 1923

Merle Dandridge -- b.5/31/1975 N.S.
TV Shows: Greenleaf

Ruby Dandridge -- b.3/3/1900 d.10/17/1987 (87)

Eric Dane -- b.11/9/1972
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Las Vegas (as Leo Broder), Grey's Anatomy (as Dr. Mark Sloan), The Last Ship (as CO CRD Tom Chandler)
Movie Titles: Marley and Me, Burlesque, X-Men: The Last Stand

Hugh Dane -- b.10/21/1942 N.S. d.5/16/2018 N.S. (75)
TV Shows: The Office (as Hank)
Movie Titles: Bridesmaids, Little Fockers, Joy Ride

Karl Dane -- b.10/12/1886 d.4/14/1934 (47)
Actor, Danish (Denmark)

Claire Danes -- b.4/12/1979
TV Shows: My So Called Life (as Angela Chase), Homeland (as Carrie Mathison)
Movie Titles: Home For The Holidays, Romeo and Juliet, The Rainmaker, Les Miserables, Mod Squad Movie '99, Polish Wedding, Stage Beauty, Shopgirl, The Family Stone, Evening

William Danforth -- b.5/13/1867 d.4/16/1941 (73)
Stage Actor

Beverly D'Angelo -- b.11/15/1951
TV/Movie Actress, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Columbus, OH
TV Shows: Captains & the Kings
Movie Titles: American History X, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, National Lampoon's European Vacation, National Lampoon's Vacation, Coal Miner's Daughter

Rodney Dangerfield -- b.11/22/1921 d.10/5/2004 (82)
Comedy Writer, Movie Actor, Comedian
Names/Places: b. in Babylon, NY; RN:Jacob Cohen then Jack Roy
Misc: Never gets no respect
Song Titles: Rappin' Rodney
TV Shows: Caddyshack, Back to School, Meet Wally Sparks

Anita Dangler -- b.9/26/1922 d.3/4/2000 (77)

Brittany Daniel -- b.3/17/1976
Names/Places: Cynthia's twin sister
TV Shows: Swans Crossing (as Mila Rosnovsky), Sweet Valley High (as Jessica Wakefield), Dawson's Creek (as Eve), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Game (as Kelly Pitts)
Movie Titles: Joe Dirt, Skyline

Cynthia Daniel -- b.3/17/1976
Names/Places: Brittany's twin sister
TV Shows: Sweet Valley High (as Elizabeth "Liz" Wakefield)

Jeffrey Daniel -- b.8/24/1955
Choreographer, Dancer, Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Disco Musician
Group Names: Shalamar

Leon Danielian -- b.10/31/1920 d.3/10/1997 (76)
Choreographer, Dancer

Henry Daniell -- b.3/5/1894 d.10/31/1963 (69)
Movie Actor, English
TV Shows: Sherlock Holmes (as Professor Moriarity)

Anthony Daniels -- b.2/21/1946
Movie Actor, Puppet Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Star Wars (as C3PO)
Movie Titles: Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales (ac C-3PO)
Video Games: Star Wars (series), Disney Infiity 3.0, Lego Star Wars (series)

Bebe Daniels -- b.1/14/1901 d.3/16/1971 (70)
Movie Actress, Scotish
Names/Places: Ben Lyon's wife; RFN:Virginia

Ben Daniels -- b.6/10/1964 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: Cutting It (as Finn Bevan), Law and Order: UK (as James Steel), House of Cards (as Adam), Flesh and Bone (as Paul), The Exorcist (as Father Marcus Keane)
Movie Titles: Doom, Locke, Madeleine, Jack the Giant Slayer

Billy Daniels -- b.9/12/1915 d.10/7/1988 (73)
Actor, Singer
Misc: some say b. 1913
Song Titles: That Old Black Magic

David Mason Daniels -- b.1/31/1957
Movie Titles: One Dark Knight, Harry's War

Dee Jay Daniels -- b.10/17/1988
TV Shows: The Hughleys (as Michael Hughley)
Movie Titles: Sky High

Faith Daniels -- b.3/9/1957
Newscaster, TV Talk Show Hostess
TV Shows: A Closer Look

Frank Daniels -- b.8/15/1856 d.1/12/1935 (78)
Movie Actor

Jeff Daniels -- b.2/19/1955
Playwright, Actor, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Atlanta
Album Titles: Jeff Daniels Live and Unplugged, Jeff Daniels Live at the Purple Rose Theater, Grandfather's Hat, Keep It Right There, Together Again, Days Like These
TV Shows: The Newsroom (as Will McAvoy)
Movie Titles: Radio Days, The Butcher's Wife, Pleasantville, Speed, Terms of Endearment, Dumb and Dumber, Ragtime, 101 Dalmations, Trial and Error, Pleasantville, My Favorite Martian (1999), I Witness, Good Night and Good Luck, The Squid and the Whale, Infamous, Space Chimps, The Answer Man, Looper, Dumb and Dumber To, Steve Jobs, The Martian

Kevin Daniels -- b.12/9/1976
TV Shows: Law and Order, Modern Family (as Longinus), Sirens (as Hank)
Movie Titles: Ladder 49

Lee Daniels -- b.12/24/1959 N.S.
Screenwriter, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Empire (creator and writer)
Movie Titles: The Paperboy (writer), Lee Daniels' The Butler (producer / director), Precious (producer / director)

Marc Daniels -- b.1/27/1912 d.4/23/1989 (77)
TV Shows: I Love Lucy (first 38 episodes), Star Trek, Hogan's Heroes, I Married Joan

Paul Daniels -- b.4/6/1938 d.3/17/2016 N.S. (77)
Magician/Illusionist, British

Richard Daniels Jr. -- b.10/11/1914 d.8/20/1970 (55)
Movie Actor
Movie Titles: Our Gang (as Mickey)

Spencer Daniels -- b.12/23/1992
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Mom (as Luke)
Movie Titles: Star Trek (2009), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, This is 40

Stormy Daniels -- b.3/17/1979 N.S.
Screenwriter, XXX-rated actress, Director, Stripper

William Daniels -- b.3/31/1927
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Director
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; Bonnie Bartlett's hubby
TV Shows: The Nancy Walker Show, Freebie & the Bean, St. Elsewhere (as Dr. Mark Craig), Knight Rider (as voice of KITT), Boy Meets World (as Principal George Feeney), Grey's Anatomy, Girl Meets World (as George Feeny)
Movie Titles: The Blue Lagoon, Reds, The Graduate

Shell Danielson -- b.9/25/1962
Actress, Model
TV Shows: Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Young and the Restless, One Life to Live, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (as reporter)
Movie Titles: Casper: A Spirited Beginning

Lisa Daniely -- b.6/4/1929 d.1/24/2014 (84)
Actress, British
TV Shows: The Invisible Man (as Diane)

Alexandra Danilova -- b.11/20/1903 d.7/13/1997 (93)
Choreographer, Ballerina, Russian
Names/Places: b. in Peterhof

Amy Danles -- b.??/??/????
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Sweet Valley High (as Enid Rollins)

Blythe Danner -- b.2/3/1943
Political Activist, TV/Movie/Stage Actress
Names/Places: b. in Philadelphia; Gwyenth Paltrow's mom
TV Shows: Adam's Rib, Tattingers, Will and Grace (occasional), Huff
Movie Titles: Meet The Fockers, The Lucky One, Howl's Moving Castle, Butterflies Are Free, X-Files, Meet the Parents

Braden Danner -- b.7/13/1975
Editor, Actor, Dancer, Pop Singer
TV Shows: The All New Mickey Mouse Club
Movie Titles: The Way of the Master, The Select Fit

Tasha Danner -- b.12/14/1977
Actress, Dancer, Pop Singer
TV Shows: The All-New Mickey Mouse Club (1993-94)
Movie Titles: Portlandia, Finding Groovopolis, Hands of Time

Sybil Danning -- b.5/24/1952
Actress, Model, Austrian
Movie Titles: Grindhouse, Halloween (2007), Hercules (1983), Battle Beyond the STars

Hutch Dano -- b.5/21/1992 N.S.

Linda Dano -- b.5/12/1943
Soap Actress, TV Talk Show Hostess
TV Shows: One Life to Live, Another World, Attitudes (hostess), All My Children, General Hospital, Guiding Light, Desparate Housewives (as Francine Williams)

Paul Dano -- b.6/19/1984
Actor, Producer
Movie Titles: Looper, Prisoners, Ruby Sparks, Little Miss Sunshine

Royal Dano -- b.11/16/1922 d.5/15/1994 (71)

Cesare Danova -- b.3/1/1926 N.S. d.3/19/1992 N.S. (66)
Actor, Italian
Movie Titles: Viva Las Vegas

Ted Danson -- b.12/29/1947 N.S.
TV/Movie Actor
Names/Places: b. in San Diego, Calif; RN:Edward Bridge Danson III; Casey Oates' hubby
TV Shows: Cheers (as Sam Malone), Ink (as Mike Logan), Becker (as John Becker), The Good Place (as Michael)
Movie Titles: Dad, Three Men & a Baby, Made in America

Dante (Comedian) -- b.10/2/1970

Joe Dante -- b.11/28/1947
TV Shows: Police Squad
Movie Titles: Gremlins (series), Small Soldiers, Innerspace, Matinee, Twilight Zone

Michael Dante -- b.9/2/1931

Ron Dante -- b.8/22/1945 N.S.
Stage Producer, Music Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Pop Singer
Names/Places: RN:Carmine Granito
Misc: commercial jingles
Group Names: Detergents, The Archies (lead singer), Cuff Links (lead)
Song Titles: "Sugar, Sugar", Jingle Jangle
TV Shows: The Archie Show (as the singing voice of Archie; Dallas McKennon played the talking voice of Archie)

Dingdong Dantes -- b.8/2/1980 N.S.
Actor, Phillipean

Helmut Dantine -- b.10/7/1917 d.5/3/1982 (64)
Movie Actor, Austrian

Ray Danton -- b.9/19/1931 d.2/11/1992 (60)
Movie Actor, Director
Names/Places: Julie Adams' husband 1955-74

Tony Danza -- b.4/21/1951
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Singer, Boxer
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; RN:Anthony Ladanza; Tracy Robinson's hubby
TV Shows: Taxi (as Tony Banta), Who's The Boss (as Tony Micelli), Baby Talk (as voice of Mickey), Hudson Street (as Tony Canetti)

Glenn Danzig -- b.6/23/1955
Actor, Director, Songwriter, Singer, Musician

Maia Danziger -- b.4/12/1950

John D'Aquino -- b.4/14/1958
TV Actor
TV Shows: SeaQuest DSV (as Krieg), Cory in the House

Frank Darabont -- b.1/28/1959
Writer, Producer/Director, French
TV Shows: Mob City, The Walking Dead (writer)
Movie Titles: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist

Patti D'Arbanville-Quinn -- b.5/25/1951
Actress, Model
TV Shows: Wiseguy, New York Undercover
Movie Titles: Real Genius, The Fan

Patrika Darbo -- b.4/6/1969
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer/Director
Movie Titles: Rango, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, In the Line of Fire, Charlie Wilson's War

Kim Darby -- b.7/8/1947
TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: b. in Hollywood, CA; RN:Deborah Zerby
TV Shows: Rich Man Poor Man
Movie Titles: True Grit, Better Off Dead

Mireille Darc -- b.5/15/1938 d.8/27/2017 N.S. (79)
Writer, Actress, Model, French
Misc: often compared to Brigitte Bardot

Denise Darcel -- b.9/8/1924 d.12/23/2011 (87)
Actress, Singer, French
Names/Places: RLN:Billecard

Alexander D'Arcy -- b.8/10/1908 d.4/20/1996 (87)
Movie Actor

James D'Arcy -- b.8/24/1975 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: Agent Carter (as Edwin Jarvis)
Movie Titles: Master and Commander, Cloud Atlas, Let's Be Cops, After the Dark

Peter A. D'Arcy -- b.6/10/1913 d.5/31/1991 (77)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor

Christopher Darden -- b.4/7/1956
Lecturer, Attorney, Lawyer, Actor

Dexter Darden -- b.6/24/1991 N.S.
Movie Titles: Joyful Noise, The Maze Runner

Severn Darden -- b.11/9/1929 d.5/26/1995 (65)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Comedian
Misc: founding member of Second City Comedy Troupe in Chicago
TV Shows: Mary Hartman Mary Hartman (as Popesco)

Barbara Dare -- b.2/27/1965
XXX-rated actress

Joe Darensbourg -- b.7/9/1906 d.5/24/1985 (78)
Actor, Jazz Clarinetist

Racquel Darian -- b.7/21/1968
XXX-rated actress

Bobby Darin -- b.5/14/1936 d.12/20/1973 (37)
Movie Actor, Music Executive, Songwriter, Music Publisher, Drummer, Guitarist, Pianist, Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in New York, NY; RN:Walden Robert Cassotto; Sandra Dee's ex-
Song Titles: Mack the Knife
TV Shows: The Bobby Darin Show

Christopher Dark -- b.4/21/1920 d.10/8/1971 (51)

Jean Darling -- b.8/23/1922 d.9/4/2015 N.S. (93)
Movie Actress
Names/Places: RN:Dorothy Jean LeVake
Movie Titles: Our Gang

Jennifer Darling -- b.6/19/1946
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: The New Temperatures Rising Show, The Biskitts, The Dukes, Bionic Six, Centurions, Galaxy High School, Foofur, The All-New Dennis the Menace, Where's Waldo?, New Kids on the Block, The Tick, Capitol Critters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Temperature's Rising, Eight is Enough (as Donna), The Bionic Woman
Movie Titles: The Hardy Boys (series), Ice Age: The Meltdown, Happily N'Ever After, Monsters Inc., Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Emperor's New Groove
Video Games: Astro Boy, Lords of EverQuest, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Kung Fu Panda (series), Final Fantasy (series), Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Joan Darling -- b.4/14/1935
Actress, Director
TV Shows: Owen Marshall (as Frieda)

Keri Anne Darling -- b.3/27/1988

Richard G. Darman -- b.5/10/1943 d.1/25/2008 (64)
Businessperson, Director

Linda Darnell -- b.10/16/1921 d.4/10/1965 (43)
TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: RN:Monetta Eloyse Darnell

Lisa Darr -- b.4/21/1963
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Popular (as Jane McPherson), Life as We Know It (as Annie Whitman)
Movie Titles: This is 40, Gods and monsters, Her Best move

James Darren -- b.6/8/1936
TV/Movie Actor, Director, Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in Philadelphia; RLN:Ercolani
Misc: 1950-60s teen idol; some say b. Oct 3
TV Shows: The Time Tunnel (as Dr. Tony Newman), Gidget (as Moondoggle), T.J. Hooker (as Off. Jim Corrigan), Melrose Place (as Tony Marlen), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (as Vic Fontaine)
Movie Titles: The Guns of Navarone

Danielle Darrieux -- b.5/1/1917 d.10/18/2017 N.S. (100)
Movie Actress, Singer, French

Peter Darrios -- b.??/??/????
TV Actor
TV Shows: New Adam 12

Frankie Darro -- b.12/22/1917 d.12/25/1976 (59)
Movie Actor
Names/Places: RN:Frank Johnson

Henry Darrow -- b.9/15/1933
Actor, American, Canadian, Puerto Rican
Names/Places: RN:Henry Thomas Delgado
TV Shows: The High Chaparral (as Manolito Montoya), Harry-O (as Det. Lt. Manny Quinlan), New Dick Van Dyke Show

John Darrow -- b.7/17/1907 d.2/24/1980 (72)

Nathan Darrow -- b.6/21/1976
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: House of Cards (as Edward Meechum), Gotham (as Mr. Freeze), Gotham Stories (as Victor Fries)

Tony Darrow -- b.10/1/1938
Movie Titles: Goodfellas, Analyze This, Small Time Crooks

Bella Darvi -- b.10/23/1929 d.9/10/1971 (41)
Actress, Polish
Names/Places: RN:Wegier Bayla

Arthur Darvill -- b.6/17/1982 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: Doctor Who (as Rory Williams), Broadchurgh, Legends of Tomorrow (as Rip Hunter)

Jane Darwell -- b.10/15/1879 d.8/13/1967 (87)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress
Names/Places: RN:Patti Woodward

Erno Das -- b.9/28/1966

Damon Dash -- b.5/3/1971
Actor, Producer/Director, Music Producer

Sarah Dash -- b.8/18/1945 N.S.
Actress, Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: Patti LaBelle & the Blue Belles

Stacey Dash -- b.1/20/1967
Movie Actress
Misc: E.T. says b. 1966
TV Shows: TV101, Clueless (as Dionne 'Dee' Davenport)
Movie Titles: Clueless, Mo' Money

Erica Dasher -- b.10/27/1986 N.S.
TV Shows: The Lake, Jane by Design (as Jane Quimby)

Howard da Silva -- b.5/4/1909 d.2/16/1986 (76)
TV/Stage Actor
Names/Places: b. in Cleveland, Oh; RLN:Silverblatt
TV Shows: 1776 (as Ben Franklin)

Nicole da Silva -- b.9/18/1981 N.S.
Actress, Australian
TV Shows: Rush (as Stella Dagostino), Wentworth Prison (as Franky Doyle)
Movie Titles: The Tangle, The List

Jules Dassin -- b.12/18/1911 d.3/31/2008 (96)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Actor, Movie Director

Audrey Daston -- b.1/1/1930 N.S.
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: March 1959

Bryan R. Dattilo -- b.7/29/1971
TV Shows: Youthful Daze (as Eric)
Movie Titles: Arcade

Sir Peter Daubeny -- b.4/16/1921 d.8/6/1975 (54)
Movie Director, English, German

Brant Daugherty -- b.8/20/1985
TV Shows: Army Wives (as Patrick Clarke), Pretty Little Liars (as Noel)

Allison Daughtry -- b.9/10/1965

Chris Daughtry -- b.12/26/1979
Actor, Singer
TV Shows: American Idol (finalist)

Claude Dauphin -- b.8/19/1903 N.S. d.11/16/1978 N.S. (75)
TV/Movie Actor, French
Movie Titles: April In Paris

Alexa Davalos -- b.5/28/1982
Actress, French
Movie Titles: The Chronicles of Riddick, Clash of the Titans, Defiance, The Mist

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