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Last Updated 10-06-2018

Tone Loc -- b.3/3/1966
TV/Movie Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Rapper
Names/Places: RN:Anthony Terrell Smith
Group Names: Tone-Loc
TV Shows: Roc (as Ronnie Paxton)

Pietro Locatelli -- b.9/3/1695 N.S. d.3/30/1764 N.S. (68)
Composer, Violinist, Italian

Joe Locke -- b.3/18/1959
Educator, Composer, Vibraphonist

John Locke -- b.9/25/1943 d.8/4/2006 (62)
Songwriter, Pianist, Rock & Roll Keyboardist
Group Names: Spirit

Kimberly Locke -- b.1/3/1978
TV Shows: American Idol Finalist (#3 in 2003)

Jim Lockhart -- b.2/3/1949
Keyboardist, Irish
Group Names: Horslips

Keith (Conductor) Lockhart -- b.11/7/1959 N.S.
Group Names: The Boston Pops Orchestra (conductor)

Mark Lockhert -- b.3/31/1961
Composer, Reeds, Tenor-sax, Jazz Musician, English

Hank Locklin -- b.2/15/1918 d.3/8/2009 (91)
Songwriter, Tenor, Country Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: RFN:Lawrence Hankins

Robert "Junior" Lockwood -- b.3/27/1915 d.11/21/2006 (91)
Blues Performer

Dennis Locorriere -- b.6/13/1949
Songwriter, Guitarist, Folk Singer, Rock & Roll Singer
Group Names: Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show

John Lodge -- b.7/20/1945
Music Producer, Songwriter, Bassist, Rock & Roll Singer, English
Group Names: The Moody Blues

Lisa Loeb -- b.3/11/1968
Actress, Songwriter, Singer
Song Titles: Stay (I Missed You), Do You Sleep, I Do
Album Titles: Tails, Firecracker

Charles Loeffler -- b.1/30/1861 d.5/19/1935 (74)
Composer, Violinist

David Loeffler -- b.11/12/1972
Group Names: EYC

Pete Loeffler -- b.10/19/1976 N.S.
Singer, Alternative Rock Guitarist
Group Names: Chevelle

Frank Henry Loesser -- b.6/29/1910 d.7/28/1969 (59)
Publisher, Music Producer, Composer/Songwriter, Lyricist, Librettist, Musician

Carl Loewe -- b.11/30/1796 d.4/20/1869 (72)

Frederick Loewe -- b.6/10/1901 d.2/14/1988 (86)
Composer, Songwriter, Musician, Pianist, Austrian, German
Misc: Broadway composer; stage: My Fair Lady, Camelot; some say 1904 or d. Feb 15

Nils Lofgren -- b.6/21/1951
Music Producer, Composer/Songwriter, Pianist, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Bruce Springsteen & the E. Street Band, soloist

Cripple Clarence Lofton -- b.3/28/1887 d.1/9/1957 (69)
Tap Dancer, Singer, Whistler, Drummer, Pianist, Blues Performer

Cissie Loftus -- b.10/22/1876 d.7/12/1943 (66)
Actress, Vaudevillaness, Singer, Scotish
Names/Places: FN:Marie

Craig Logan -- b.4/22/1969
Songwriter, Bassist, Scotish
Misc: Music Manager
Group Names: Bros

Ella Logan -- b.3/6/1913 d.5/1/1969 (56)
Movie/Stage Actress, Singer, Scotish
Movie Titles: Flying Hostess, 52nd Street, Goldwyn Follies

Giuseppi Logan -- b.5/22/1935
Reeds, Jazz Performer

Johnny Logan -- b.5/13/1954
Composer, Songwriter, Singer, Australian, Irish
Names/Places: RN:Sean Patrick Michael Sherrard

Oni Logan -- b.4/21/1967
Rock & Roll Singer, Argentine
Names/Places: RN: Leonardo Gustavo Gimenez
Group Names: Lynch Mob, soloist

Tony LoGerfo -- b.5/21/1983 N.S.
Rock Musician
Group Names: Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real

Dave Loggins -- b.11/10/1947
Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist
Song Titles: Please Come to Boston

Kenny Loggins -- b.1/7/1948
Roman Catholic, Music Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: b. in Everett, WA; RFN:Kenneth Clarke
Misc: some say b. in 1947 or Jan 17
Group Names: Loggins and Messina, soloist
Song Titles: Your Mama Don't Dance, My Music (previous titles as Loggins and Messina), Whenever I Call You Friend (with Stevie Nicks), This Is It, I'm Alright, Don't Fight It (with Steve Perry), Heart to Heart, Footloose, Danger Zone, Meet Me Half Way, Nobody's Fool
Album Titles: Loggins and Messina, Mother Lode (previous titles as Loggins and Messina), Nightwatch, Keep the Fire, High Adventure
Video Titles: Alive!, Live from the Grand Canyon, Outside from the Red Woods

Logic -- b.1/22/1990 N.S.

Otto Lohse -- b.9/21/1859 d.5/5/1925 (65)
Composer, Conductor, German
Misc: Symphonies

Gary Loizzo -- b.8/16/1945 d.1/16/2016 N.S. (70)
Music Producer, Musical Engineer, Rock Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: MN: Alexander
Group Names: American Breed

Browan Lollar -- b.11/19/1982 N.S.
Guitarist, Soul Musician
Group Names: St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Alan Lomax -- b.1/15/1915 d.7/19/2002 (87)
Music Producer, Folk Singer
Names/Places: John Avery Lomax's son

Jackie Lomax -- b.5/10/1944 d.9/15/2013 (69)
Songwriter, Singer, English
Misc: signed by The Beatles' label but never made it big.

John Avery Lomax -- b.9/23/1867 d.1/26/1948 (80)
Author, Music Producer, Folk Singer
Misc: folklorist who collected folk songs & tales, documenter of musical heritage

Alain Lombard -- b.10/4/1940
Conductor, Canadian, French

Karina Lombard -- b.1/21/1969
Screenwriter, Actress, Singer, American, French
Names/Places: French-Polynesian
TV Shows: Rescue Me, The 4400, The L Word
Movie Titles: Legends of the Fall, Last Man Standing, The Firm, Wide Sargasso Sea, The Doors

Carmen Lombardo -- b.7/16/1903 d.4/17/1971 (67)
Arranger, Composer, Singer, Saxophonist, Canadian
Names/Places: Guy's brother

Dave Lombardo -- b.2/16/1965
Heavy Metal Drummer, Cuban
Group Names: Slayer

Guy Lombardo -- b.6/19/1902 d.11/5/1977 (75)
Bandleader, Canadian
Names/Places: b. in London, Ontario
Misc: Plays the sweetest music this side of heaven with his Royal Canadians; Auld Lang Syne genial maestro; sold over 100 million records

John Lombardo -- b.9/30/1952
Songwriter, Folk Singer, Alternative Rock Musician
Group Names: John and Mary, 10,000 Maniacs

Lebert J. Lombardo -- b.2/11/1905 N.S. d.6/16/1993 N.S. (88)
Jazz Trumpeter
Names/Places: Guy's brother

Ana Maria Lombo -- b.5/8/1978
Pop Singer, Colombian
Group Names: Eden's Crush

James Lomenzo -- b.1/13/1959
Heavy Metal Bassist
Group Names: Megadeth

Alice Lon -- b.11/23/1926 d.4/24/1981 (54)
Actress, TV Hostess, Singer
TV Shows: Lawrence Welk Show (as the original Champagne Lady)

George London -- b.5/30/1920 d.3/24/1985 (64)
Baritone, Opera Singer, Canadian

John London -- b.2/6/1942 d.2/12/2000 (58)
Songwriter, Bassist
Group Names: Michael Nesmith band

Julie London -- b.9/26/1926 d.10/18/2000 (74)
TV/Movie Actress, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Santa Rosa, CA; RLN:Peck; Jack Webb's then Bobby Troup's wife
TV Shows: Emergency (as Nurse Dixie McCall)

La Toya London -- b.12/9/1978
TV Shows: American Idol (Finalist #4 2004)

Laurie London -- b.1/19/1944
Singer, English
Song Titles: He's Got the Whole World in his Hands

Lonesome Sundown -- b.12/12/1928 d.4/23/1995 (66)
Singer/Guitarist, Pianist

Roy Loney -- b.4/13/1946
Group Names: Flamin' Groovies

Bruce Long -- b.8/25/1971
Country Singer

Hubert Long -- b.12/3/1923 d.9/7/1972 (48)
Music Executive, Country Performer

Huey Long -- b.4/25/1904 N.S. d.6/10/2009 N.S. (105)
Jazz Guitarist
Group Names: The Ink Spots

Joe Long -- b.9/5/1941
Pop Bassist
Group Names: Four Seasons

Johnny Long -- b.9/12/1916 d.10/31/1972 (56)
Violinist, Bandleader
Misc: disputed birthdate; wikipedia states b. 1914

Shorty Long -- b.5/20/1940 d.6/29/1969 (29)
Songwriter, Pianist, Soul Singer
Names/Places: RN:Frederick Earl Long
Song Titles: Here Comes the Judge

Claudine Longet -- b.1/29/1942
Roman Catholic, Actress, Dancer, Singer, French
Names/Places: b. in Paris; Andy William's ex-wife

Alan Longmuir -- b.6/20/1948 N.S. d.7/2/2018 N.S. (70)
Pianist, Rock & Roll Bassist, Scotish
Group Names: Bay City Rollers

Derek Longmuir -- b.3/19/1955
Singer, Rock & Roll Drummer, Scotish
Misc: some say b. 1951
Group Names: Bay City Rollers

Olivia Longott -- b.2/15/1981 N.S.
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: NN: Olivia
TV Shows: Love and Hip Hop (VH1)

Keiynan Lonsdale -- b.12/19/1991 N.S.
Actor, Dancer, Singer, Australian
TV Shows: Dance Academy, The Flash (as Wally West / Kid Flash)
Movie Titles: Insurgent, The Finest Hours

Barbara Joyce Loomis -- b.5/19/1952
Singer, Rhythm and Blues Performer
Group Names: B.T. Express

Loona -- b.9/16/1974 N.S.
Dance-Pop Performer, Dutch (Netherlands)
Names/Places: aka Carisma

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes -- b.5/27/1971 N.S. d.4/25/2002 N.S. (30)
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: TLC

Francis López -- b.6/5/1916 d.1/5/1995 (78)
Composer, French

Gilbert Lopez -- b.7/4/1934
Jazz Singer, Doo Wop Performer
Names/Places: Margo Sylvia's brother
Group Names: Tune Weavers

Israel "Cachao" López -- b.9/14/1918 N.S. d.3/22/2008 N.S. (89)
Arranger, Composer, Bassist, Pianist, Trumpeter, Bandleader, Cuban
Misc: Bongos

Jennifer Lopez -- b.7/24/1969 N.S.
Fashion Designer, Author, Actress, Producer, Dancer, Video Game Voice Actress, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: aka J. Lo
TV Shows: In Living Color (as flygirl), American Idol, Shades of Blue
Movie Titles: Selena (as Selena), Out of Sight, The Cell, The Wedding Planner, Angel Eyes, Enough, Maid in Manhattan, Shall We Dance?, Monster-in-Law
Video Games: Ice Age: Continental Drift (series)

Lillian Lopez -- b.11/16/1935 d.9/11/2012 (76)
Disco Singer
Group Names: Odyssey

Louise Lopez -- b.2/22/1943
Disco Singer
Group Names: Odyssey

Priscilla Lopez -- b.2/26/1948
Actress, Dancer, Singer
Arts Titles: PL: A Chorus Line, Breakfast at Tiffany's
TV Shows: In The Beginning, Kay O'Brien
Movie Titles: Maid in Manhattan, Musical Chairs, Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise

Tim Lopez -- b.12/30/1980
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Plain White T's

Trini Lopez -- b.5/15/1937
Actor, Songwriter, Folk Singer, Folk Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Dallas

Vincent Lopez -- b.12/30/1895 N.S. d.9/20/1975 N.S. (79)
Pianist, Bandleader
Misc: Nola; some say 1895 or Dec 10 or d. Apr 30 1972 or d. Dec 20 1975

Vini Lopez -- b.??/??/1949
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: The E Street Band

Chris Lopping -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Musician, British
Group Names: Procol Harum

Peter Loran -- b.1/6/1967
Heavy Metal Singer
Group Names: Trixter

Bobby Lord -- b.1/6/1934 d.2/16/2008 (74)
Country Singer
TV Shows: Ozark Jubilee

Jimmy Lord -- b.11/28/1889 d.4/27/1970 (80)
Jazz Clarinetist

Jon Lord -- b.6/9/1941 d.7/16/2012 (71)
Songwriter, Pianist, Rock & Roll Keyboardist, English
Group Names: Deep Purple, Whitesnake

Tracy Lord -- b.??/??/????
Rhythm and Blues Musician
Group Names: Little Anthony & the Imperials

Jerry Lordan -- b.4/30/1934 d.7/24/1995 (61)
Songwriter, Singer, Singer/Guitarist, English

Lorde -- b.11/7/1996
Pop Singer, New Zealand
Names/Places: RN: Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor
Song Titles: Royals

Donna Loren -- b.3/7/1947
Actress, Commercial Actress, Singer
Misc: The Dr. Pepper Girl in 1960s
TV Shows: Dr. Kildare (as Anna Perrona)
Movie Titles: Muscle Beach Party, Bikini Beach, Pajama Party, Beach Blanket Bingo

Sinoa Loren -- b.12/6/1966
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: Seduction

Pilar Lorengar -- b.1/16/1928 d.6/3/1996 (68)

Max Lorenz -- b.5/10/1901 d.1/11/1975 (73)
Opera Singer, German

Trey Lorenz -- b.1/19/1969
Music Producer, Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer

Lorenzo -- b.5/23/1972
Names/Places: RN: Lorenzo Smith

Dan Lorenzo -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Non Fiction

Gloria Loring -- b.12/10/1946
Actress, Adult-Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in New York City; MN:Jean
TV Shows: Different Strokes (music department), Hello, Larry (music department), The Facts of Life (music department)
Movie Titles: Heavenly

Albert Lortzing -- b.10/23/1801 d.1/21/1851 (49)
Composer, German

Joe Loss -- b.6/22/1909 d.6/6/1990 (80)
Violinist, Bandleader, English

Paavo Lötjönen -- b.7/25/1968
Cellist, Rock & Roll Musician, Finnish
Group Names: Apocalyptica

Pixie Lott -- b.1/12/1991 N.S.
Pop Singer, English

Bonnie Lou -- b.10/27/1924 d.12/8/2015 N.S. (91)
Country Singer, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: LN:Kath; RN:Sally Carson
Misc: in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame

John D. Loudermilk -- b.3/31/1934 d.9/21/2016 N.S. (82)
Songwriter, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Trumpeter, Ukelele, Country Singer, Folk Singer
Song Titles: Indian Reservation (wrote for Paul Revere and the Raiders), Tobacco Road (wrote for The Nashville Teens), Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (wrote for The Casinos and Eddy Arnold)

Dorothy Loudon -- b.9/17/1933 d.11/15/2003 (70)
TV/Stage Actress, Singer
Misc: Annie, Roaring 20s singer
TV Shows: Garry Moore Show

Lee Loughnane -- b.10/21/1946
Names/Places: b. in Chicago
Group Names: Chicago

Anita Louis -- b.11/24/1949

Gary Louris -- b.3/10/1955
Songwriter, Singer, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Misc: alternative country and pop music
Group Names: The Jayhawks

Charlie Louvin -- b.7/7/1927 d.1/26/2011 (83)
Mandolin, Country Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: RLN: Loudermilk
Misc: Grand Ole Opry
Group Names: The Louvin Bros

Ira Louvin -- b.4/21/1924 d.6/20/1965 (41)
Mandolin, Country Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: aka Ira Loudermilk
Misc: Grand Ole Opry
Group Names: The Louvin Bros

Demi Lovato -- b.8/20/1992
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Pop Singer
TV Shows: Barney and Friends, Sonny with a Chance (as Sonny Munroe), The X Factor

Airrion Love -- b.8/8/1949
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: Stylistics

Alan Love -- b.12/13/1952
Actor, Composer, Singer, British

Barbara Jean Love -- b.7/24/1941
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Friends of Destruction

Courtney Love -- b.7/9/1964
Movie Actress, Singer
Names/Places: Kurt Cobain's widow
Group Names: Hole
Movie Titles: The People vs. Larry Flynt, Man on the Moon

Darlene Love -- b.7/26/1941
Actress, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Misc: sang backup on many groups; sang her annual holiday song "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on David Letterman's late night shows for most of the years until Letterman retired in May of 2015.
Group Names: The Crystals, Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans, soloist
Movie Titles: Lethal Weapon

Mike Love -- b.3/15/1941
Songwriter, Percussionist, Saxophonist, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles
Group Names: The Beach Boys

Monie Love -- b.7/2/1970
Rhythm and Blues Singer, Rap Music Performer, English
Names/Places: RN:Simone Gooden

Dave Lovelady -- b.10/16/1942
Drummer, British
Group Names: The Fourmost

Patty Loveless -- b.1/4/1957
Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Pikesville, KY; MN:Ramey
Misc: some say b. 1958
Song Titles: You Can Feel Bad, Lonely Too Long

Patrice Lovely -- b.1/4/1968 N.S.
Actress, Gospel Singer
Album Titles: Seven Days, Glory Road
TV Shows: Love Thy Neighbor (as Hattie Love)

David Lovering -- b.12/6/1961
Magician, Alternative Rock Drummer
Group Names: The Pixies

Lyle Lovett -- b.11/1/1957
Movie Actor, Songwriter, Guitarist, Country Singer
Names/Places: Julia Roberts' ex-
Misc: many say b. 1956

Winfred "Blue" Lovett -- b.11/16/1936 N.S. d.12/9/2014 N.S. (78)
Bass Singer/Basso, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: RN: Winfred Lorenzo Lovett
Group Names: Manhattans

Lene Lovich -- b.3/30/1954
Songwriter, New Wave Singer
Names/Places: RN:Marlene Premilovich
Song Titles: Lucky Number

Chris Lowe -- b.10/4/1959
Songwriter, Hip-Pop Keyboardist, English
Names/Places: RFN:Christopher
Group Names: The Pet Shop Boys

Frank Lowe -- b.5/2/1943 d.9/19/2003 (60)
Composer, Reeds, Tenor-sax

Jim Lowe -- b.5/7/1923 d.12/12/2016 N.S. (93)
Trivia Expert, TV Host, Composer, Songwriter, Radio Disc Jock, Singer, Pianist
Names/Places: NN: The King of Trivia
Song Titles: Green Door

Jim Lowe -- b.??/??/????
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Misc: autoharp
Group Names: The Electric Prunes

Jimmy Lowe -- b.8/2/1955
Country Singer

Mundell Lowe -- b.4/21/1922 d.12/2/2017 N.S. (95)
Composer, Jazz Guitarist, Conductor
Misc: produced film and television scores in the 1970s

Nick Lowe -- b.3/24/1949
Music Producer, Songwriter, Bassist, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, English
Misc: some say b. in Mar 25
Group Names: Brinsley Schwarz, Rockpile, soloist
Song Titles: So It Goes, Cruel to Be Kind, (I Love the Sound of) Breaking Glass", (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding (wrote for Elvis Costello), Switch Board Susan, Teacher Teacher (as Rockpile), Half a Boy and Half a Man, I Knew The Bride (When She Used to Rock 'n' Roll), All Men Are Liars
Album Titles: Jesus of Cool, Labour of Lust, Nick the Knife

Robert Lowe -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Singer
Group Names: Solitude Aeturnus

Sam Lowe -- b.5/14/1918 d.2/17/1993 (74)
Names/Places: aka Sammy

Todd Lowe -- b.5/10/1977
Actor, Singer
TV Shows: Gilmore Girls (as Zack Van Gerbig), Ave 43 (as Randy), True Blood (as Terry Bellefleur)
Movie Titles: True Blood, The Princess Diaries, Where the Heart Is

Wally Lowe -- b.11/16/1951
Bassist, British
Group Names: Magnum

Charlie Lowell -- b.10/21/1973
Rock & Roll Performer
Group Names: Jars of Clay

Evan Lowenstein -- b.3/18/1974

Jaron Lowenstein -- b.3/18/1974

Bill Lowery -- b.10/21/1924 d.6/8/2004 (79)
Music Publisher
Misc: pop music impresario

Fred Lowery -- b.11/9/1909 d.12/11/1984 (75)
Blues Singer
Names/Places: NN:The Blind Whistler

Jessica Lowndes -- b.11/8/1988
Actress, Pop Singer, Canadian
TV Shows: 90210 (as Adrianna Tate-Duncan)
Movie Titles: Altitude, The Prince, Autopsy

Dave Lowry -- b.9/10/1960
Alternative Rock Performer
Group Names: Cracker

Mark Alan Lowry -- b.6/24/1958
Comedian, Songwriter, Country Singer
Misc: Christian comedian

Conrad Lozano -- b.3/21/1951
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: of Los Lobos

Norman Luboff -- b.5/14/1917 d.9/22/1987 (70)
Conductor/Composer, Arranger, Music Publisher, Musician
Misc: Choir Director

Med Lucart -- b.9/28/1958
New Wave Musician
Group Names: Wall of Voodoo

Chris Lucas -- b.9/30/1975 N.S.
Country Singer
Group Names: LoCash

Jessica Lucas -- b.9/24/1985
Actress, Singer, Canadian
TV Shows: Life as We Know It (as Sue), Gracepoint, Gotham (as Tabitha Galavan)
Movie Titles: Cloverfield, Evil Dead, That Awkward Moment, Pompeii

Nick Lucas -- b.8/22/1897 d.7/28/1982 (84)
Movie Actor, Vaudevillan, Singer, Banjoist, Guitarist, Pianist
Names/Places: NN:The Singing Troubador

Reggie Lucas -- b.2/25/1953 N.S. d.5/19/2018 N.S. (65)
Music Producer, Songwriter, Musician
Names/Places: RN: Reginald Grant Lucas

Tom Lucas -- b.10/10/1949
TV Host, Producer, Personality, Radio Disc Jock, Canadian
Names/Places: b. Montreal

Trevor Lucas -- b.12/25/1943 d.2/4/1989 (45)
Producer, Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist, Australian
Group Names: Fairport Convention

Pauline Lucca -- b.4/25/1841 N.S. d.2/28/1908 N.S. (66)
Opera Singer, Austrian

Tony James Lucca -- b.1/23/1976 N.S.
Actor, Producer, Songwriter, Pop Singer
TV Shows: The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, Malibu Shores (as Zack)

Troy Luccketta -- b.10/5/1959
Heavy Metal Drummer
Group Names: Tesla

Mike Luce -- b.9/25/1971
Hard Rock Musician
Group Names: Drowning Pool

Susie Luchsinger -- b.11/8/1957
Country Singer
Names/Places: now known as Martha Susan McEntire-Eaton; Reba's sister

Peter Lucia -- b.2/2/1947
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Tommy James & the Shondells

LeToya Luckett -- b.3/11/1981
Actress, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: Destiny's Child (an original member who left early), soloist
Song Titles: Torn
TV Shows: Single Ladies, Here We Go Again (as LeToya Luckett)
Movie Titles: Preacher's Kid, Killers, From The Rough

Bud Luckey -- b.7/28/1934 N.S. d.2/24/2018 N.S. (83)
Designer, Animator, Cartoonist, Cartoon Voice Actor, Composer, Singer/Musician, American
Misc: primarily an animated character designer; worked on TV commercial animated mascots such as Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, "Snap, Crackle and Pop"
TV Shows: Sesame Street (short animated films)
Movie Titles: Toy Story (series), A Bug's Life, "Monsters, Inc.", Finding Nemo, Cars, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Winnie-the-Pooh (as Eeyore)

Troy Luckketta -- b.11/5/1959
Heavy Metal Drummer
Group Names: Tesla

Ludacris -- b.9/11/1972
Actor, Rap Music Performer
Names/Places: RN: Chris Bridges
Movie Titles: Crash

Christa Ludwig -- b.3/16/1928
Mezzo-Soprano, Opera Singer, German

Leopold Ludwig -- b.1/12/1908 d.4/24/1979 (71)

Dave Luetknhoelter -- b.12/18/1982
Christian/Rock Performer
Group Names: Kutless

Lorna Luft -- b.11/21/1952
Actress, Producer, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles; Judy Garland & Sid's daughter, Liza Minelli's half-sister
TV Shows: Trapper John MD (as Nurse Libby Kegler)
Movie Titles: Grase 2

Francisco Hernandez "Frank" Lugo -- b.3/15/1947
Group Names: ? & the Mysterians

Larry Lujack -- b.6/6/1940 d.12/18/2013 (73)
Radio Disc Jock

Robert Lujan -- b.??/??/????
Actor, Composer
Movie Titles: Blade Runner

Steve Lukather -- b.10/21/1957
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles
Misc: sought-after sessionist
Group Names: Toto (lead), sessionist

Robin Luke -- b.3/20/1942
Actor, Songwriter, Rockabilly Singer
Misc: in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame
Song Titles: Susie Darlin'

Jean-Baptiste Lully -- b.11/28/1632 N.S. d.3/22/1687 N.S. (54)
Composer, Musician, Italian

Lulu -- b.11/3/1948
Actress, Pop Singer, Scotish
Names/Places: RN:Marie McDonald Lawrie McLaughlin; Marice Gibb's ex-
Misc: AP says b. 1949
Song Titles: To Sir With Love

Bob Luman -- b.4/15/1937 d.12/27/1978 (41)
Songwriter, Guitarist, Country Singer, Rockabilly Singer

Disashi Lumumbo-Kasongo -- b.1/8/1983
Alternative Rock Guitarist
Group Names: Gym Class Heroes

Ricky Luna -- b.6/16/1977
Actor, Pop Singer
TV Shows: The All-New Mickey Mouse Club
Movie Titles: War of the Worlds, 22 Jump Street

Jimmie Lunceford -- b.6/6/1902 d.7/13/1947 (45)
Bandleader, Jazz Saxophonist

Lydia Lunch -- b.6/2/1959
Writer, Poet, Actress, Alternative Rock Singer

Art Lund -- b.4/1/1915 d.5/31/1990 (75)
Actor, Singer
Group Names: Benny Goodman Orchestra

Victor Lundberg -- b.9/2/1923 d.2/14/1990 (66)
Misc: TV/Radio ad company owner

Eddie Lundon -- b.6/9/1962
Guitarist, Modern Rock Musician
Group Names: China Crisis

Rob Lundquist -- b.6/2/1983 N.S.
Country Singer
Group Names: Home Free

Robert Lunn -- b.11/28/1912 d.3/8/1966 (53)
Country Performer

Stanley Lupino -- b.5/15/1893 d.6/10/1942 (49)
Short Story Writer, Comedian, Director, Choreographer, Librettist, Singer, English

Patti LuPone -- b.4/21/1949
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Singer, Gymnast, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: b. in Northport, NY
Misc: stage: Evita, Sunset Blvd.
TV Shows: Life Goes On (as Libby Thatcher)
Movie Titles: Driving Miss Daisy, Witness, Parker, City by the Sea

Radu Lupu -- b.11/30/1945
Pianist, Romanian

Elliott Lurie -- b.8/19/1948
Songwriter, Pop Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Looking Glass (lead)

Steven Luscombe -- b.10/29/1954
Songwriter, Synthesizer, Alternative Rock Singer, British
Group Names: Blancmange

Curtis Lush -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Soul Kitchen

Troy Lush -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Soul Kitchen

Nadine Lustre -- b.10/31/1993 N.S.
Actress, Pop Singer, Phillipean

Isaac Lutcher -- b.??/??/???? d.??/??/????

Nellie Lutcher -- b.10/15/1912 d.6/8/2007 (94)
Songwriter, Jazz Singer, Jazz Pianist
Names/Places: Isaac's daughter
Misc: scat singer

Frank Luther -- b.8/4/1905 d.11/19/1980 (75)
Singer, Tenor

Michael Lutz -- b.6/15/1949
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Brownsville Station
Song Titles: Smokin' in the Boy's Room (co-songwriter)

Annabella Lwin -- b.10/31/1965
Military Leader, Songwriter, New Wave Singer, Burmese
Misc: Wikipedia says b. Oct 31, 1966
Group Names: Bow Wow Wow, soloist
Song Titles: C30, C60, C90, Go!, I Want Candy, W.O.R.K., Go Wild in the Country, Do You Wanna Hold Me?

Bill Lyall -- b.3/26/1953 d.12/1/1989 N.S. (36)
Flautist, Keyboardist, Pianist, Scotish, Gay
Group Names: Bay City Rollers (early member), Pilot, Alan Parson's Project, sessionist, soloist

John Lydon -- b.1/31/1956
Songwriter, Punk Rock Singer, English
Names/Places: MN:Joseph
Group Names: The Sex Pistols (co-founder & Johnny Rotten derived from Jolly Rotten), Public Image Ltd.

Graham Lyle -- b.3/11/1944
Music Producer, Songwriter, Folk Singer/Guitarist, Scotish
Song Titles: What's Love Got to Do With It? (songwriter for Tina Turner)

Bill Lyles -- b.12/7/1920 d.6/30/1954 (33)
Bass Singer/Basso

Abe Lyman -- b.8/4/1897 d.10/23/1957 (60)
Movie Actor, Songwriter, Drummer, Bandleader

Arthur Lyman -- b.2/2/1933 d.2/24/2002 (69)
Drummer, Guitarist, Pianist, Vibraphonist

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