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Last Updated 04-01-2019

Andrew W.K. -- b.5/9/1979
Music Producer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: RN: Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier

Paul Waaktaar -- b.9/6/1961
Songwriter, Hip-Pop Singer/Guitarist, Norweigan
Group Names: A-ha

Adam Wacht -- b.5/5/1965
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Trouble Tribe

Brooks Wackerman -- b.2/15/1977
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Bad 4 Good, Lucy's Milk

Doreen Waddell -- b.7/10/1965 d.3/1/2002 (36)
Soul Singer
Group Names: Soul II Soul

Larry Waddell -- b.8/31/1963
Keyboardist, New Jack Swing Singer
Misc: b. Aug 3?
Group Names: Mint Condition

Adam Wade -- b.3/17/1935
TV Actor, Game Show Host, Drummer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Misc: the first black game show host
TV Shows: Musical Chairs (host 1975)
Movie Titles: Shaft, Claudine, Phantom of the Paradise

Harold Wade -- b.??/??/????
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Trammps

Jason Wade -- b.7/5/1980
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Lifehouse

Rico Wade -- b.2/26/1972
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: Society of Soul

Stanley Wade -- b.??/??/????
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Trammps

Georg Wadenius -- b.5/4/1945
Composer, Singer, Bassist, Rock & Roll Guitarist, Swedish
Group Names: "Blood, Sweat and Tears", sessionist

Danny Wagner -- b.12/29/1998 N.S.
Rock Drummer
Group Names: Greta Van Fleet

Eric Wagner -- b.4/24/1959
Heavy Metal Singer
Group Names: Trouble

Jack P. Wagner -- b.10/3/1959
TV/Stage Actor, Pop Singer, Golfer
Song Titles: All I Need
TV Shows: General Hospital (as Frisco Jones), Santa Barbara (as Warren Lockridge), Melrose Place (as Dr. Peter Burns), Titans (as Jack Williams), Bold & The Beautiful (as Dominick "Nick" Marone)

Richard Wagner -- b.5/22/1813 d.2/13/1883 (69)
Composer, German
Names/Places: b. in Leipzig; RN:Wilhelm
Misc: composer of operas

Richard Allen "Dick" Wagner -- b.12/14/1942 d.7/30/2014 (71)
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Misc: played on recordings by Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Kiss, and others; a guitarist for Alice Cooper's band.

Roger Wagner -- b.1/16/1914 d.9/17/1992 (78)
Educator, Musician, Conductor, French
Misc: choral director

Porter Wagoner -- b.8/12/1927 d.10/28/2007 (80)
Variety Show Host, Songwriter, Country Singer
Names/Places: b. in West Plains, MO
Misc: some say b. 1930 or '32; discovered Dolly Parton
Group Names: The Wagonmasters, soloist
Song Titles: Misery Loves Company, The Carroll County Accident, The Cold Hard Facts of Life
TV Shows: The Porter Wagoner Show (1960-80), Ozark Jubilee

Donnie Wahlberg -- b.8/17/1969
Actor, Producer, Pop Singer
Names/Places: RFN:Donald E.
Group Names: The New Kids on the Block
TV Shows: Boomtown (as Det. Joel Stevens), Blue Bloods (as Danny Reagan)
Movie Titles: The Sixth Sense, Saw (series)

Mark Wahlberg -- b.6/5/1971
Movie Actor, Producer, Rapper
Names/Places: Donnie's brother; RN:Mark Robert Wahlberg; aka Marky Mark on 1990s records
Group Names: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
Movie Titles: Boogie Nights, Three Kings, The Perfect Storm, Planet of the Apes, The Italian Job, I Love Huckabees, Invincible, The Departed, The Happening, Max Payne

Steve Wahrer -- b.12/22/1941 d.1/21/1989 (47)
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: The Trashmen

Bunny Wailer -- b.4/10/1947
Singer, Bassist, Percussionist, Reggae Performer, Jamaican
Names/Places: RN: Neville O'Riley Livingston
Group Names: Bob Marley & the Wailers

Bea Wain -- b.4/30/1917 N.S. d.8/19/2017 N.S. (100)
Radio Disc Jock, Pop Singer

Loudon Wainwright III -- b.9/5/1946
TV/Movie Actor, Composer, Songwriter, Novelty Singer, Folk Singer/Guitarist
Misc: Jazz-Folk-Blues
Song Titles: Dead Skunk

Rufus Wainwright -- b.7/22/1973
Composer, Songwriter, Pianist, Pop Singer/Guitarist, American, Canadian

John Waite -- b.7/4/1952 N.S.
Music Producer, Songwriter, Bassist, Harmonicaist, Rock & Roll Singer, English
Group Names: The Babys (lead), Bad English (lead), soloist

Junior Waite -- b.5/23/1967
Drummer, Reggae Musician
Group Names: Musical Youth

Patrick Waite -- b.6/16/1968 d.2/18/1993 (24)
Bassist, Reggae Musician
Group Names: Musical Youth

Fred Waits -- b.4/27/1943 d.11/18/1989 (46)

Tom Waits -- b.12/7/1949
Actor, Composer, Songwriter, Pianist, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: b. in Pomona, CA
Song Titles: The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)
Movie Titles: Mystery Men

Dave Wakeling -- b.2/19/1956
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, British
Group Names: The English Beat, General Public, soloist

Jimmy Wakely -- b.2/16/1914 d.9/23/1982 (68)
Movie Actor, Songwriter, Pianist, Country Singer/Guitarist
Misc: 1940s western films & music man

Rick Wakeman -- b.5/18/1949
Composer, Rock & Roll Singer, Rock & Roll Keyboardist, English
Group Names: Strawbs, Yes, Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe, soloist

Jerry Wald -- b.1/15/1918 d.9/??/1973 (55)
Clarinetist, Bandleader

Narado Michael Walden -- b.4/23/1952
Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Keyboardist, Rock & Roll Drummer
Misc: Jazz-Fusion/Rock; produced Whitney Houston and Sister Sledge
Group Names: Jeff Beck Band

Wendy Waldman -- b.11/29/1950
Songwriter, Folk Singer

Mal Waldron -- b.8/16/1925 d.12/2/2002 (77)
Composer, Soprano-sax, Jazz Pianist

Wale -- b.9/21/1984
Rap Music Performer

Billy Walker -- b.1/14/1929 d.5/21/2006 (77)
Country Singer
TV Shows: Ozark Jubilee

Bradley Glenn "Butch" Walker -- b.11/14/1969
Music Producer, Songwriter, Heavy Metal Guitarst
Group Names: Southgang, Marvelous 3

Charlie Walker -- b.11/2/1926 d.9/12/2008 (81)
Country Performer

Cindy Walker -- b.7/20/1918 d.3/23/2006 (87)
Songwriter, Country Musician
Misc: in the Country Music Hall of Fame

Clay Walker -- b.8/19/1969 N.S.
Country Singer

Darby Walker -- b.10/12/1998 N.S.
Actress, Songwriter, Singer
TV Shows: The Event, Girl Meets World

David Walker -- b.5/12/1943
Rock & Roll Keyboardist
Group Names: Gary Lewis & the Playboys

Edyth Walker -- b.3/27/1867 d.2/19/1950 (82)
Mezzo-Soprano, Opera Soprano

Frank Walker -- b.??/??/1890 d.??/??/1965
Music Producer

Gary Walker -- b.3/9/1942
Drummer, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: RLN:Leeds
Misc: Not b. Sep 3, 1944 according to his website gary-walker.net
Group Names: The Standells, Walker Brothers

Greg T. Walker -- b.7/8/1951
Rock & Roll Bassist

James Walker -- b.4/13/1928 d.10/30/1992 (64)
Songwriter, Gospel Singer

Jerry "Jeff" Walker -- b.3/16/1942
Variety Show Host, Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist, Country-Rock Performer
Group Names: The Texas Connection

Jim Walker -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Pretenders, P.I.L.

Joe Louis Walker -- b.12/25/1949
Music Producer, Songwriter, Blues Singer/Guitarist

John Walker -- b.11/12/1943 d.5/7/2011 (67)
Songwriter, Singer, Bassist, Guitarist
Names/Places: RN: John Joseph Maus
Group Names: The Walker Brothers

Jon Walker -- b.9/17/1985
Alternative Rock Bassist
Group Names: Panic! at the Disco

Junior Walker -- b.6/14/1931 d.11/23/1995 (64)
Singer, Alto-sax, Bandleader, Jazz Performer
Names/Places: RN:Autry De Walt II
Group Names: Junior Walker & the All-Stars (lead)

Malcolm Walker -- b.7/26/1955
Opera Baritone
Names/Places: Nicholas' twin

Nancy Walker -- b.5/10/1922 d.3/25/1992 (69)
Jewish, TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Comedienne, Commercial Actress, Director, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Philadelphia; RN:Anne Myrtle Swoyer
Misc: Bounty paper towels as Rosie; some say b. 1921
TV Shows: Family Affair (as Emily Turner), McMillan & Wife (as Mildred), Rhoda (as Ida Morgenstern), Nancy Walker Show (as Nancy Kitteridge), Blansky's Beauties (as Nancy Blansky), True Colors (as Sara Freeman)
Movie Titles: Murder by Death

Ray Walker -- b.3/16/1934
Bass Singer/Basso, Country Singer
Group Names: The Jordanaires

T-Bone Walker -- b.5/28/1910 d.3/16/1975 (64)
Composer/Songwriter, Pianist, Blues Singer, Blues Guitarist, Jazz Singer
Names/Places: RFN:Aaron Thibeaux
Misc: electric blues

Wayne Walker -- b.12/13/1925 d.1/2/1979 (53)
Composer, Songwriter
Misc: prolific songwriter of country music

Jo Walker-Meador -- b.2/16/1924 d.8/15/2017 N.S. (93)
Music Executive
Misc: the long-time executive director of the Country Music Association; in the Country Music Hall of Fame

Chris Walla -- b.11/2/1975
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Death Cab for Cutie

Aria Wallace -- b.11/3/1996 N.S.
Actress, Singer
Movie Titles: Roxy Hunter (series)

Dale Wallace -- b.11/1/1969
Country Keyboardist
Group Names: Emerson Drive

David Wallace -- b.5/10/1972
Country Musician
Group Names: Cole Deggs and the Lonesome

Herman "Ace" Wallace -- b.6/18/1925 N.S. d.2/28/1995 N.S. (69)
Guitarist, Blues Singer

Ian Wallace -- b.9/29/1946 d.2/22/2007 (60)
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: King Crimson

Jerry Wallace -- b.12/15/1928 d.5/5/2008 (79)
TV Actor, Singer, Country-Pop Performer
Misc: some say b. 1933
Song Titles: Primrose Lane

Jimmy Wallace -- b.6/22/1973
Country Musician

Kate Wallace -- b.3/11/????
Country Performer

Ron Wallace -- b.4/27/????
Country Performer

Sippie Wallace -- b.11/1/1898 d.11/1/1986 (88)
Organist, Pianist, Gospel Singer, Blues Singer
Names/Places: NN:Texas Nightengale; born Beulah Thomas

William "Bill" Wallace -- b.5/18/1949 N.S.
Singer, Bassist, Classic Rock Performer, Canadian
Group Names: The Guess Who

William Vincent Wallace -- b.3/11/1812 N.S. d.10/12/1865 N.S. (53)

Stephen Wallem -- b.6/14/1968
Playwright, Actor, Director, Composer
Misc: stage: Off the Wallem
TV Shows: Nurse Jackie (as Thor Lundgren)

Alfred Wallenstein -- b.10/7/1898 d.2/8/1983 (84)
Cellist, Conductor

Charlie Waller -- b.1/19/1935 d.8/18/2004 (69)
Bluegrass Performer
Group Names: Country Gentlemen

"Fats" Waller -- b.5/21/1904 d.12/15/1943 (39)
Composer/Songwriter, Singer, Organist, Pianist, Bandleader, Blues-Jazz Performer
Names/Places: RFMN:Thomas Wright

Gordon Waller -- b.6/4/1945 d.7/17/2009 (64)
Pop Singer/Guitarist, Scotish
Group Names: Peter and Gordon (with Peter Asher)

Mickey Waller -- b.9/6/1941 d.5/6/2008 (66)
Rock & Roll Drummer, English
Misc: sessionist for several rock bands of his era
Group Names: Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart

Karl Wallinger -- b.10/19/1957
Keyboardist, Rock & Roll Singer, Welsh (Wales)
Misc: AP says b. 1957
Group Names: World Party

Larry Wallis -- b.5/19/1949
Music Producer, Songwriter, Rock & Roll Guitarist, English
Group Names: Motorhead

Ruth Wallis -- b.1/5/1920 d.12/22/2007 (87)

Shani Wallis -- b.4/16/1934
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Singer, English
Misc: stage: Oliver!
Movie Titles: Oliver!, The Great Mouse Detective

Jon Walmsley -- b.2/6/1956
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Music Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Rock & Roll Performer, English
Names/Places: Lisa Harrison's hubby
TV Shows: The Waltons (as Jason Walton)
Movie Titles: Winnie the Pooh (series)

Richard Walmsley -- b.9/18/1962
Music Figure
Group Names: Beatmasters

Jack Walrath -- b.5/5/1946
Arranger, Composer, Jazz Trumpeter
Misc: worked with Ray Charles, Gary Peacock, Charles Mingus, and Glenn Ferris among others

Bart Walsh -- b.5/14/1966
Rock & Roll Performer

David Walsh -- b.5/22/1971
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Disturbance

Joe Walsh -- b.11/20/1947
Composer/Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist
Misc: some say b. 1945
Group Names: The Eagles, The James Gane, soloist

Kimberley Walsh -- b.11/20/1981 N.S.
Actress, Dancer, Songwriter, Pop Singer, English
Group Names: Girls Aloud

Nicholas Walsh -- b.11/24/1970
Rock & Roll Singer
Group Names: Silk Toxik

Ralph Walsh -- b.8/19/1949
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Steve (Rock Musician) Walsh -- b.6/15/1951
Songwriter, Keyboardist, Pianist, Rock & Roll Singer, American
Group Names: Kansas
Song Titles: Carry On My Wayward Son, Dust in the Wind, Point of Know Return, All I Wanted

Ferdia Walsh-Peelo -- b.10/12/1999 N.S.
Actor, Songwriter, Singer, Irish

Bruno Walter -- b.9/15/1876 d.2/17/1962 (85)
Pianist, Conductor, German
Names/Places: b. in Berlin; LN:Schlesinger
Misc: founder of Salzburg festival; N.Y. Philharmonic; turned-American

Cyril "Cy" Walter -- b.9/16/1915 N.S. d.8/18/1968 N.S. (52)
Composer, Pianist

Jamie Walter -- b.7/13/1969
Fireman, Actor, Singer

James "Jamie" Walters -- b.6/13/1969 N.S.
Poet, Fireman, TV/Movie Actor, Music Producer, Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer
Misc: some say b. July 13 or July 14, but on Conan O'Brien, he said June 13 is correct.
Group Names: The Heights, soloist
Song Titles: How Do You Talk to an Angel (as a member of The Heights)
TV Shows: The Heights (as Alex O'Brien), Beverly Hills 90210 (as Ray Pruitt 1994-95)

Johann Gottfried Walther -- b.9/18/1684 N.S. d.3/23/1748 N.S. (63)
Lexicographer, Theorist, Composer, Organist, German
Misc: one of the first musical lexicographers

Andy Walton -- b.10/1/1957
Drummer, British

Cedar Walton -- b.1/17/1934 d.8/19/2013 (79)
Composer, Pianist

Mercy Dee Walton -- b.8/3/1915 d.12/2/1962 (47)
Songwriter, Pianist, Blues Singer

Sir William Turner Walton -- b.3/29/1902 d.3/8/1983 (80)
Composer, English

Charles Waltz -- b.1/27/1958
Music Figure
Group Names: Shooting Star

Walter Wanderley -- b.5/12/1932 d.9/4/1986 (54)
Composer, Organist, Pianist, Brazilian

Hank Wangford -- b.11/15/1940
Songwriter, Country Singer, English
Names/Places: RN:Sam Hutt

Alan Ward -- b.12/12/1945
Rhythm Guitarist, Pop Keyboardist
Group Names: The Honeycombs

Andy Ward -- b.9/28/1952
Rock & Roll Drummer, English
Names/Places: RFMN:Andrew John

Anita Ward -- b.12/20/1957
Rhythm and Blues Singer, Disco Singer
Song Titles: Ring My Bell

Bill Ward -- b.5/5/1948
Songwriter, Heavy Metal Drummer, English
Group Names: Black Sabbath

Billy Ward -- b.9/19/1921 d.2/16/2002 (80)
Arranger, Singer, Pianist
Group Names: The Dominoes

Carlos Ward -- b.5/1/1947
Flautist, Alto-sax, Jazz Saxophonist, Rhythm and Blues Performer, Panamaian
Misc: best known as a sideman
Group Names: B.T. Express

Chris Ward -- b.6/27/1960
Country Performer

Clara Ward -- b.8/21/1924 d.1/16/1973 (48)
Gospel Singer

Clifford T. Ward -- b.2/10/1946 d.12/18/2001 (55)
Songwriter, Singer

Helen Ward -- b.9/19/1916 d.4/21/1998 (81)
Jazz Singer

Jacky Ward -- b.11/18/1946
Country Performer

James Ward -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Steelheart

Jason Ward -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Flotsam & Jetsam

Jeff Ward -- b.11/18/1962 d.3/19/1993 (30)
Alternative Rock Drummer
Group Names: 9-Inch Nails, Ministry

Jimmy Ward -- b.8/23/1962
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Steelheart

M. Ward -- b.10/4/1973
Songwriter, Singer/Musician
Group Names: She and Him

Michael Ward -- b.2/21/1967
Rock & Roll Performer

Phil Ward -- b.3/5/1959
Actor, Country Performer

Robert Ward -- b.10/15/1938 N.S. d.12/25/2008 N.S. (70)
Blues Guitarist, Soul Musician
Group Names: The Falcons

Robert Eugene Ward -- b.9/13/1917 d.4/3/2013 (95)

Robin Ward -- b.??/??/1941
Names/Places: RFN:Jackie

Shayne Ward -- b.10/16/1984 N.S.
Pop Singer, English

Walter Ward -- b.8/28/1940 d.12/11/2006 (66)
Singer, Doo Wop Performer
Group Names: The Olympics

Zz Ward -- b.6/2/1986
Songwriter, Blues Singer
Song Titles: Put the Gun Down
Album Titles: Til the Casket Drops

Phil Warden -- b.??/??/1940
Music Producer

John Ware -- b.5/2/1944
Group Names: Michael Nesmith band

Leon Ware -- b.2/16/1940 d.2/23/2017 N.S. (77)
Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Pianist, Soul Singer

Martyn Ware -- b.5/19/1956
Songwriter, Synthesizer, New Wave Keybordist, British
Group Names: Heaven 17

Wilbur Ware -- b.9/8/1923 d.9/9/1979 (56)
Jazz Bassist

William Warfield -- b.1/22/1920 d.8/25/2002 (82)
Movie Actor, Singer
Misc: has been Professor of Music at Northwestern University in Evanston IL since 1994. He toured in 1998 singing his signature song "Old Man River" from Showboat and narrating "A Lincoln portrait" by Aaron Copland. "River" was parodied by Stan Freberg as he and someone playing the censor made fun of it by correcting the grammar of the lyrics in "Elderly Man River"

Steve Wariner -- b.12/25/1954
Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist
Song Titles: All Roads Lead to You, Some Fools Never Learn, You Can Dream of Me, Life's Highway, Small Town Girl, The Weekend, Lynda, Where Did I Go Wrong, I Got Dreams
Album Titles: Burnin' the Roadhouse Down, Two Teardrops

Fred Waring -- b.6/9/1900 d.7/29/1984 (84)
Inventor, Variety Show Host, Director, Conductor/Composer, Arranger, Songwriter, Banjoist, Violinist, Bandleader
Names/Places: b. in Tyrone, PA
Misc: Chorals; Waring blender inventor
Group Names: Pennsylvanians (lead)
TV Shows: The Fred Waring Show, Glee Club

Tom Waring -- b.2/12/1902 d.12/29/1960 (58)
Songwriter, Singer, Pianist
Names/Places: Fred's brother

Peter Warlock -- b.10/30/1894 d.12/17/1930 (36)
Critic, Editor, Composer, English

Alan Warner -- b.4/21/1947
Singer/Guitarist, English
Group Names: Foundations

Cheryl K. Warner -- b.4/21/????
Country Performer

Frank Warner -- b.4/5/1903 N.S. d.2/27/1978 N.S. (74)
Songwriter, Banjoist, Folk Singer, American

Kai Warner -- b.10/27/1926 d.7/9/1982 (55)

Les Warner -- b.2/13/1961
Alternative Rock Drummer
Group Names: The Cult

Jennifer Warnes -- b.3/3/1947
Arranger, Songwriter, Pop Singer
Song Titles: Right Time of the Night, Up Where We Belong (with Joe Cocker), (I've Had) The Time of My Life (with Bill Medley)

Mark Warnow -- b.4/10/1900 d.10/17/1949 (49)

Warren G. -- b.11/10/1970
Rap Music Performer

Brad Warren -- b.12/21/1968
Country Singer

Brett Warren -- b.3/3/1971
Country Singer
Group Names: The Warren Brothers

Butch Warren -- b.8/9/1939 d.10/5/2013 (74)
Jazz Bassist
Misc: hard bop genre

Cheryl White Warren -- b.1/27/1955
Country Singer

Chris (Musician) Warren -- b.5/27/1967 N.S. d.6/12/2016 N.S. (49)
Rapper, Wrestling Figure
Misc: not a wrestler, but his notable song was used in professional wrestling matches
Group Names: The DX Band (aka The Chris Warren Band, lead singer)
Song Titles: Break It Down (the entrance theme of professional wrestling stable D-Generation X)

Dale Warren -- b.6/1/1925 d.8/9/2008 (83)
Country Singer
Group Names: Sons of the Pioneers

Diane Warren -- b.9/7/1956 N.S.
Songwriter, Singer

Earle Warren -- b.7/1/1914 N.S. d.6/4/1994 N.S. (79)
Misc: was Count Basie's first great lead alto player, joining the band in 1937 and staying for about 13 years.
Group Names: Count Basie Orchestra

Fran Warren -- b.3/4/1926 d.3/4/2013 (87)
Misc: Big Band era singer

Guy Warren -- b.5/4/1923 d.12/22/2008 (85)
Composer, Drummer

Harry Warren -- b.12/24/1893 d.9/22/1981 (87)
Names/Places: RN:Salvatore Guaragna

James Warren -- b.8/25/1951
Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist, Bassist, British
Group Names: Korgus

Leonard Warren -- b.4/21/1911 d.3/4/1960 (48)
Opera Baritone

Reginald Eugene "Reggie" Warren -- b.10/26/????
Actor, New Jack Swing Singer
Group Names: Troop

Robert Warren -- b.??/??/1943 d.4/29/2000 (57)
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Drifters

Rusty Warren -- b.3/20/1931
Comedienne, Novelty Singer
Misc: XXX adult humorist
Song Titles: Bounce Your Boobies, Knockers Up

Frank Warshauer -- b.9/4/1893 d.11/28/1953 (60)
Songwriter, Drummer

Rick Wartell -- b.5/28/1958
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Trouble

Clint Warwick -- b.6/25/1940 d.5/15/2004 (63)
Rock & Roll Bassist, English
Names/Places: RN:Clinton Eccles
Group Names: The Moody Blues

Dionne Warwick -- b.12/12/1940 N.S.
Variety Show Hostess, Songwriter, Pianist, Soul Singer
Names/Places: b. in East Orange, NJ; FN:Marie; aka Warwicke but gave the "e" to Dan Quayl.
Misc: the "Psychic Friends" hostess
TV Shows: Solid Gold, Love Boat (theme singer '86)

Don Was -- b.9/13/1952
Music Executive, Music Producer

Desi Wasdin -- b.9/17/1983
Country Singer
Group Names: 3 of Hearts

Washboard Sam -- b.7/15/1910 d.11/13/1966 (56)
Blues Performer

Baby Washington -- b.11/13/1940
Pianist, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: FN:Justine Jeanette

Chet Washington -- b.??/??/????
Saxophonist, Tenor-sax, Rhythm and Blues Musician
Group Names: Earth Wind & Fire

Dinah Washington -- b.8/29/1924 d.12/14/1963 (39)
Blues Singer, Jazz Singer, Jazz Pianist
Names/Places: NN:Queen of the Harlem Blues; RN:Ruth Lee Jones

Ford Lee "Buck" Washington -- b.10/16/1903 d.1/31/1955 (51)
Comedian, Dancer, Pianist, Trumpeter, Novelty Singer, Jazz Musician
Misc: of Buck and Bubbles

Grover Washington Jr. -- b.12/12/1943 d.12/17/1999 (56)
Music Producer, Composer, Singer, Keyboardist, Reeds, Saxophonist, Jazz Performer
Names/Places: b. in Buffalo, NY

Isadore "Tuts" Washington -- b.1/24/1907 N.S. d.8/5/1984 N.S. (77)
Pianist, Blues Performer

Jay Otis "Little" Washington -- b.5/12/1941 N.S. or 5/12/1945 N.S.
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Misc: UP says b. 1945
Group Names: The Persuasions

Kendrick Washington -- b.11/1/????
Pop Singer
Group Names: Special Generation

Kenny Washington -- b.5/29/1958
Jazz Drummer
Misc: an in-demand drummer; Jazz Historian

Ned Washington -- b.8/15/1901 d.12/20/1976 (75)
Movie Titles: Pinocchio, Dumbo, High Noon

Peter Washington -- b.8/28/1964
Jazz Bassist
Misc: a double bassist

Walter "Wolfman" Washington -- b.12/21/1943 N.S.
Musician, Rhythm and Blues Singer

Ted Wass -- b.10/27/1952
Actor, Producer/Director, Bassist, Rock & Roll Singer
TV Shows: Soap (as Danny Dallas), Blossom (as Nick Russo and director), Les Than Perfect (director), Rules of Engagement (director), Spin City (director)

Rob Wasserman -- b.4/1/1952 N.S. d.6/29/2016 N.S. (64)
Composer, Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Bob Weir, RatDog, sessionist

Craig Wasson -- b.3/15/1954
Actor, Composer
TV Shows: Phyllis (as Mark Valenti), Skag (as David Skagska)
Movie Titles: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Body Double, Malcolm X

Sadao Watanabe -- b.2/1/1933
Reeds, Japanese

Kazumi Watanabi -- b.10/14/1953
Jazz Guitarist, Japanese
Names/Places: aka Kazumi Watanabe

Dennis Waterman -- b.2/24/1948
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Singer, English
Names/Places: NN:Minder
TV Shows: The Sweeney (as Det. Sgt. George Carter), Minder (as Terry), Tube Mice (as Toaster voice), Stay Lucky (as Thomas Gynn), New Tricks (as Gerry Standing)
Movie Titles: Scars of Dracula, Sweeney!

Peter Waterman -- b.1/15/1947
Music Producer, Songwriter, English

Steve Waterman -- b.9/8/1960
Educator, Producer, Composer, Jazz Trumpeter, British
Movie Titles: Stuart Little (series, producer), Casper (producer, 1995), Alvin and the Chipmunks (series, producer)

Benny Waters -- b.1/23/1902 d.8/11/1998 (96)
Jazz Saxophonist

Crystal Waters -- b.11/19/1963
Rhythm and Blues Singer

Ethel Waters -- b.10/31/1900 d.9/1/1977 (76)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Comedienne, Vaudevillaness, Gospel Singer, Blues Singer, Jazz Singer
Names/Places: b. in Chester, PA; NN:Sweet Mama Stringbean
Misc: Beulah star; Not born in 1896; d. 9-9?
Song Titles: Stormy Weather, Dinah, Heat Wave, A Hundred Years From Today, Am I Blue?
Movie Titles: Cabin in the Sky, Pinky, The Member of the Wedding

Monty Waters -- b.4/14/1938 d.12/23/2008 (70)
Singer, Flautist, Alto-sax, Jazz Performer

"Muddy" Waters -- b.4/4/1915 N.S. or 4/4/1913 N.S. d.4/30/1983 N.S.
Composer, Harmonicaist, Bandleader, Blues Singer, Blues Guitarist
Names/Places: RN:McKinley Morganfield

Roger Waters -- b.9/6/1943
Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Bassist, Rock & Roll Performer, English
Group Names: Pink Floyd

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