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Last Updated 01-01-2020

D.J. Qualls -- b.6/10/1978 N.S.
Actor, Producer, Model
TV Shows: Memphis Beat, Legit, Z Nation
Movie Titles: Road Trip (series), The New Guy, Delta Farce, Hustle and Flow

Omar Daal -- b.2/23/1972
MLB Pitcher, Venezuelan
Names/Places: RN: Omar Jesus Daal Cordero

Mark Dacascos -- b.2/26/1964
Actor, Martial Arts
TV Shows: Iron Chef America: The Series (as The Chairman), Hawaii Five-0 (as Wo Fat)
Movie Titles: Drive, Cradle 2 The Grave, Brotherhood of the Wolf

Gionna Daddio -- b.6/8/1994 N.S.

Ali Daei -- b.3/21/1969 N.S.
Soccer Player, Iranian

Bernard Dafney -- b.11/1/1968 d.1/11/2006 N.S. (37)
NFL Player

Byron Dafoe -- b.2/25/1971
NHL Goaltender, Canadian, English

Bob Dahl -- b.11/5/1968
NFL Player

Kevin Dahl -- b.12/30/1968
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Names/Places: NN: Buck

Sophie Dahl -- b.9/15/1977 N.S.
Author, Actress, Model, English

Ulf Dahlén -- b.1/12/1967
NHL Player, Hockey Coach, Swedish

Chris Dahlquist -- b.12/14/1962
NHL Player, American

Carl Sidney "Cully" Dahlstrom -- b.7/3/1912 N.S. d.12/19/1998 N.S. (86)
NHL Player
Misc: played 1937-1945
Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks

Erica Dahm -- b.12/12/1977
Misc: December 1998

Jaclyn Dahm -- b.12/12/1977
Misc: December 1998

Nicole Dahm -- b.12/12/1977
Misc: December 1998

J. J. Daigneault -- b.10/12/1965
NHL Player, Canadian

Peter Daland -- b.4/12/1921 N.S. d.10/20/2014 N.S. (93)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Carroll W. Dale -- b.4/24/1938
NFL Wide Receiver, College Football Player
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Virginia Tech (1956-1959), Los Angeles Rams (1960-1964), Green Bay Packers (1965-1972), Minnesota Vikings (1973)

Jeff Dale -- b.10/6/1962
NFL Safety

Arthur Daley -- b.7/31/1904 N.S. d.??/??/1976 N.S. (72)
Sports Writer

Steve Daley -- b.4/15/1953
Soccer Player, English

Tom Daley -- b.5/21/1994 N.S.
Diver, Olympic Athlete, English

Brad Dalgarno -- b.8/11/1967
NHL Right Wing, Canadian

Kenny MBE Dalglish -- b.3/4/1951
Soccer Striker, Soccer Manager, Scottish
Names/Places: aka Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish

Drazen Dalipagic -- b.11/27/1951
Basketball Figure, Yugoslav
Misc: Serbian; FIBA's 50 Greatest Players in 1991.

Bo Dallas -- b.5/25/1990 N.S.

Wally Dallenbach Sr. -- b.12/12/1936 N.S.
Auto Racer
Misc: former long time Indy car driver

Chris Dalman -- b.3/15/1970
NFL Player

Clay Dalrymple -- b.12/3/1936
MLB Catcher
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies

Abby Dalton -- b.8/15/1932
Actress, Panelist, Model
Names/Places: b. in Las Vegas
TV Shows: The Hollywood Squares (occasional panel), Hennesey (as Nurse Martha Hale), The Joey Bishop Show (as Ellie Barnes), Jonathan Winters Show, Falcon Crest (as Julia Cumson), Young & The Restless (as Lydia Summers)

Andy Dalton -- b.10/29/1987 N.S.
NFL Quarterback
Names/Places: NN:The Red Rifle
Sports Teams: TCU, Cincinnatti Bengals

Dana Rinehart Dalton -- b.3/20/1967
Beauty Pagent Winner
Misc: Miss Florida-America (1991)

Jacob Dalton -- b.8/19/1991 N.S.
Gymnast, Olympic Athlete

Mike Dalton -- b.1/19/1988 N.S.
Wrestler, Canadian

Guiseppe D'Altrui -- b.4/7/1934 N.S.
Olympic Athlete, Water Polo Player, Italian

Marco D'Altrui -- b.4/25/1964 N.S.
Olympic Athlete, Water Polo Player, Italian

Brad Daluiso -- b.12/31/1967
NFL Kicker

Chuck Daly -- b.7/20/1930 d.5/9/2009 (78)
NBA Coach, NBA Player, College Basketball Coach
Misc: coached Detroit to two NBA titles (1989-90) before leaving in 1992 to coach New Jersey; retired after 1993-94 season with 638 career wins (including playoffs) in 12 years; coached NBA "Dream Team" to gold medal in 1992 Olympics.
Sports Teams: Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (coach 1950-1952), Punxsutawney Area High School (coach 1955-1963), Duke (coach 1963-1969), Boston College (coach 1969-1971), Penn (coach 1971-1977), Philadelphia 76ers (coach 1978-1981), Cleveland Cavaliers (coach 1981-1982), Detroit Pistons (coach 1983-1992), New Jersey Nets (coach 1992-1994), Orlando Magic (coach 1997-1999)

John Daly -- b.4/28/1966

Robert A. Daly -- b.12/8/1936
TV Executive, Music Executive, Sports Executive
Misc: led organizations such as CBS Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Warner Music Group, and the Los Angeles Dodgers

Tess Daly -- b.4/27/1969 N.S.
TV Hostess, Model, English
TV Shows: BBC Lottery This Time Tomorrow, Britian's Strictly Come Dancing

Jeff D'Amico -- b.12/27/1975
MLB Pitcher

Maurizio Damilano -- b.4/6/1957
Olympic Athlete, Walker, Italian
Misc: speed walker 30k world record holder

Johnny Damon -- b.11/5/1973
MLB Player

Vincent Damphousse -- b.12/17/1967
NHL Player, Canadian

Erick Dampier -- b.7/14/1975
NBA Center

Louie Dampier -- b.11/20/1944 N.S.
Basketball Guard
Misc: 7x ABA All-Star; one of a few people to play all nine seasons in the ABA (1967-1976)
Sports Teams: Kentucky Colonels (1967-1976), San Antonio Spurs (1976-1979)

Lin Dan -- b.10/14/1983 N.S.
Badminton Player, Olympic Athlete, Chinese

Stanley Dancer -- b.7/25/1927 d.9/9/2005 (78)
Harness Racer
Misc: winner of 4 Hambletonians; trainer-driver of Triple Crown winners in Trotting (Nevele Pride in 1968 and Super Bowl in '72) and Pacing (Most Happy Fella in 1970); entered 1994 with 3,778 career wins.

Hugh Dancy -- b.6/19/1975
Actor, Model, English
TV Shows: Hannibal (as Will)
Movie Titles: Cold Feet, Adam, Blood and Chocolate, Svage Grace, King Arthur, Black Hawk Down, Ella Enchanted, Evening, Confessions of a Shopaholic

Bob Dandridge -- b.11/15/1947
NBA Player

Ray Dandridge -- b.8/31/1913 d.2/12/1994 (80)
Baseball Manager, Baseball Player
Names/Places: NN:Hooks and Squat
Misc: Negro Leagues player; played 1933-1955
Sports Teams: Newark Dodgers (1933-1935), Newark Eagles (1936-1939, 1942, 1944), Azules de Veracruz Mexico (1940-1943, 1945-1948), Minneapolis Millers (1949-1952)

"Leo" Dandurand -- b.7/9/1889 d.6/26/1964 (74)
NHL Owner
Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens (co-owner)

Ken Daneyko -- b.4/17/1964
NHL Player, Canadian

Dianne Danford -- b.8/9/1938
Model, Playmate
Misc: November 1961

Dave Danforth -- b.3/7/1890 d.9/19/1970 (80)
MLB Pitcher

Patrick Dangerfield -- b.4/5/1990 N.S.
Australian Rules Football Player, Australian

Beth Daniel -- b.10/14/1956

Eleanor Suzanne "Ellie" Daniel -- b.6/11/1950 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Names/Places: aka Ellie Drye

Eugene Daniel -- b.5/4/1961
NFL Player

Willie Daniel -- b.11/10/1937 d.6/29/2015 (77)
NFL Defensive

Mary Lou Daniel-Crocker -- b.9/17/1944 N.S. d.1/27/2016 N.S. (71)

Nina Marie Daniele -- b.12/27/1988 N.S.
Model, Playmate
Misc: Playboy Playmate of the Year 2018; April 2017 Playmate

Antonio Daniels -- b.3/19/1975
NBA Player

Charles Daniels -- b.3/24/1885 N.S. d.8/9/1973 N.S. (88)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Clemon Daniels -- b.7/9/1937 N.S. d.3/23/2019 N.S. (81)
NFL Player, AFL Figure

Kal Daniels -- b.8/20/1963
MLB Left Fielder

Lloyd Daniels -- b.9/4/1967
NBA Guard

Melvin Joe "Mel" Daniels -- b.7/20/1944 N.S. d.10/30/2015 N.S. (71)
Basketball Player
Misc: ABA Rookie of the Year (1968); 2x ABA Most Valuable Player (1969, 1971); 3x ABA champion (Indiana Pacers, 1970, 1972, 1973); 7x ABA All-Star.

Rob Daniels -- b.3/2/????
Sports Writer

Scott Daniels -- b.9/19/1969
NHL Player, Canadian

Stormy Daniels -- b.3/17/1979 N.S.
Screenwriter, XXX-rated actress, Director, Stripper

Shell Danielson -- b.9/25/1962
Actress, Model
TV Shows: Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Young and the Restless, One Life to Live, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (as reporter)
Movie Titles: Casper: A Spirited Beginning

Paul Danilo -- b.7/5/1919 d.9/2/2013 (94)
Soccer Player

Predrag Danilović -- b.2/26/1970
NBA Guard, Yugoslav
Names/Places: RN:Predrag Sasa Danilovic, aka Sasha Danilovic

Sybil Danning -- b.5/24/1952
Actress, Model, Austrian
Movie Titles: Grindhouse, Halloween (2007), Hercules (1983), Battle Beyond the STars

Dante (Soccer) -- b.10/18/1983 N.S.
Soccer Player, Brazilian
Names/Places: RN: Dante Bonfim Costa Santos
Misc: Soccer Center Back

Adrian Dantley -- b.2/28/1955
NBA Forward, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic Gold 1976; 1981 and 1984 top scorer; over 20,000 career points; 6x NBA All-Star (1980-1982, 1984-1986); 2x All-NBA Second Team (1981,1984); NBA Rookie of the Year (1977); NBA All-Rookie First Team (1977); Jazz #4 retired; some say Feb 26 or 1956
Sports Teams: Notre Dame (1973-1976), Buffalo Braves (1976-1977), Indiana Pacers (1977), Los Angeles Lakers (1977-1979), Utah Jazz (1979-1986), Detroit Pistons (1986-1989), Dallas Mavericks (1989-1990), Milwaukee Bucks (1990-1991)

Tony Danza -- b.4/21/1951
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Singer, Boxer
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; RN:Anthony Ladanza; Tracy Robinson's hubby
TV Shows: Taxi (as Tony Banta), Who's The Boss (as Tony Micelli), Baby Talk (as voice of Mickey), Hudson Street (as Tony Canetti)

Allison Danzig -- b.2/27/1898 d.1/27/1987 (88)
Tennis Player

Sarah Palfrey Danzig -- b.9/18/1912 d.2/27/1996 (83)
Tennis Player

Patti D'Arbanville-Quinn -- b.5/25/1951
Actress, Model
TV Shows: Wiseguy, New York Undercover
Movie Titles: Real Genius, The Fan

Craig Darby -- b.9/26/1972
NHL Center, American

Matt Darby -- b.11/19/1968
NFL Safety

Terence Trent D'Arby -- b.3/15/1962
Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Boxer
Names/Places: RN: Sananda Maitreya; b. in New York City
Song Titles: Wishing Well, Sign Your Name
Album Titles: Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby

Mireille Darc -- b.5/15/1938 d.8/27/2017 N.S. (79)
Writer, Actress, Model, French
Misc: often compared to Brigitte Bardot

Les Darcy -- b.10/31/1895 d.5/24/1917 (21)
Boxer, Australian
Names/Places: RFMN:James Leslie

Pat Darcy -- b.5/12/1950
MLB Pitcher

Kirby Dar Dar -- b.3/27/1972
NFL Player

Yinka Dare -- b.10/10/1972 d.1/9/2004 N.S. (31)
NBA Center, Nigerian

Alvin Dark -- b.1/7/1922 d.11/13/2014 (92)
MLB Manager, MLB Shortstop
Names/Places: NN:Blackie and The Swamp Fox

Jesse Dark -- b.9/2/1951
NBA Guard

Chris Darkins -- b.4/30/1974
NFL Runningback
Misc: Super Bowl XXXI
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Gary Richard Darling -- b.10/9/1957
MLB Umpire

James Darling -- b.12/29/1974
NFL Linebacker

Ronald Maurice Darling Jr. -- b.8/19/1960
Baseball Announcer, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN: Ron
Misc: Gold Glove, World Series champion (1986 Mets)
Sports Teams: New York Mets, Oakland Athletics

Matteo Darmian -- b.12/2/1989 N.S.
Soccer Player, Italian

Billy Darnell -- b.2/25/1926 d.9/7/2007 (81)
Misc: major star of the 1940s and 50s

Sam Darnold -- b.6/5/1997 N.S.
NFL Quarterback

Tamas Darnyi -- b.6/3/1967 N.S.
Swimmer, Hungarian
Misc: 2-time double gold medal winner in 200m and 400m individual medley at 1988 and '92 Olympics; also won both events in 1986 and '91 world championships; set world records in both at '91 worlds; first swimmer to break 2 minutes in 200m IM (1:59:36).

Flip Darr -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Jack Darragh -- b.12/4/1890 d.6/25/1924 (33)
NHL Right Wing, Canadian
Misc: played 1910-1924
Sports Teams: Ottawa Senators

Bernard Darwin -- b.9/7/1876 d.10/18/1961 (85)
Writer, Golfer, Golf Writer, English
Names/Places: grandson of naturalist Charles

Bobby Darwin -- b.2/16/1943
MLB Pitcher

Danny Darwin -- b.10/25/1955
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN: Bonham Bullet, Dr. Death

Jeff Darwin -- b.7/6/1969
MLB Pitcher

Natalie Darwitz -- b.10/13/1983 N.S.
Hockey Player, Olympic Athlete, American

Doug Dascenzo -- b.6/30/1964
MLB Coach, MLB Player

Audrey Daston -- b.1/1/1930 N.S.
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: March 1959

Kimiko Date -- b.9/28/1970
Tennis Player, Japanese
Names/Places: aka Kimiko Date-Krumm

Pavel Datsyuk -- b.7/20/1978 N.S.
NHL Center, Russian

Jake Daubert -- b.4/7/1884 N.S. d.10/9/1924 N.S. (40)
MLB Player
Misc: NL Chalmers Award Winner 1913
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers

Bradley Lee Daugherty -- b.10/19/1965
Sports Analyst, NBA Center
Misc: the first four-time and five-time NBA All-Star Cleveland Cavalier; Cavaliers #43 retired
Sports Teams: Cleveland Cavaliers (1986-1994)

Duffy Daugherty -- b.9/8/1915 d.9/25/1987 (72)
College Football Coach
Sports Teams: Michigan State

Jack Daugherty -- b.7/3/1960
MLB Player

Ray Daughters -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Darren Daulton -- b.1/3/1962 d.8/6/2017 N.S. (55)
MLB Catcher
Names/Places: NN: Dutch
Misc: 3x All-Star, Silver Slugger Award

George Dauss -- b.9/22/1889 d.7/27/1963 (73)
MLB Player

Vic Davalillo -- b.7/30/1936 N.S.
MLB Player, Venezuelan
Names/Places: RN:Victor Jose Davalillo Romero
Misc: Gold Glove

Jim Davenport -- b.8/17/1933 N.S. d.2/18/2016 N.S. (82)
MLB Player
Misc: 2x All-Star, Gold Glove
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants (player then manager)

Lindsay Davenport -- b.6/8/1976
Tennis Player

Willie D. Davenport -- b.6/8/1943 d.6/17/2002 (59)
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Misc: 110m hurdler (Olympic-gold-1968); some say b. June 6

Don Davey -- b.4/8/1968
NFL Player, Football Defensive Tackle

Tom Davey -- b.9/11/1973
MLB Pitcher

Nicol David -- b.8/26/1983 N.S.
Squash Player, Malaysia

Vitaliy Davidov -- b.4/3/1939 N.S.
Hockey Figure, Russian
Misc: USSR, ice hockey player (Olympic-gold-1964, 68, 72)

Edgar Davids -- b.3/13/1973 N.S.
Soccer Player
Names/Places: b. in Dutch Republic

Allan McLean "Scotty" Davidson -- b.3/6/1892 N.S. d.6/16/1915 N.S. (23)
Soldier, NHL Right Wing, Canadian
Misc: was killed in action in World War I while fighting in Belgium
Sports Teams: Toronto Blueshirts (likely from 1912-1914)

Ben Davidson -- b.6/14/1940 N.S. d.7/2/2012 N.S. (72)
Actor, NFL Defensive
Misc: Super Bowl II
Sports Teams: Oakland Raiders
TV Shows: Ball Four, Code R

Gary Davidson -- b.8/13/1934 N.S.
Lawyer, Businessperson, Sports Figure
Misc: founder of alternative pro leagues in football (WFL), basketball (ABA), and hockey (WHA)

James Davidson -- b.10/23/1942
Actor, Model

Jaye Davidson -- b.3/21/1968
Movie Actor, Model, British
Movie Titles: The Crying Game

Kenny Davidson -- b.8/17/1967
NFL Player

Owen Keir Davidson -- b.10/4/1943
Tennis Player, Australian
Misc: one of three men to win four men's mixed doubles titles at Wimbeldon.

Robert Allan Davidson -- b.8/3/1952
MLB Umpire

Sven Davidson -- b.7/23/1928 d.5/28/2008 (79)
Tennis Player, Swedish

William Morse "Bill" Davidson -- b.12/5/1922 N.S. d.3/13/2009 N.S. (86)
NBA Owner, NHL Owner
Sports Teams: Detroit Pistons (principal owner), Detroit Shock (principal owner, WNBA), Tampa Bay Lighting (owner)

John Griffith Davies -- b.5/17/1929 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian

Laura Davies -- b.10/5/1963
Golfer, English

Lynn Davies -- b.5/20/1942
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field, Welsh (Wales)
Misc: long jumper

Michael "Mike" Davies -- b.1/9/1936 d.11/2/2015 N.S. (79)
Tennis Player, Welsh (Wales)

Robert Edris "Bob" Davies -- b.1/15/1920 N.S. d.4/22/1990 N.S. (70)
NBA Coach, NBA Player
Names/Places: NN:The Harrisburg Houdini
Misc: star ballhandling guard of the late 1940s and early 1950's. NBA All-Star for the Rochester Royals multiple times; Sacramento Kings #11 retired
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Indians (ABL 1943-1944), Brooklyn Gothams (ABL 1944-1945), Rochester Royals (1945-1955)

Al Davis -- b.7/4/1929 d.10/8/2011 (82)
NFL Owner, NFL Executive, NFL General Manager
Misc: the only one in pro football history to be a scout, assistant coach, head coach, GM, league commissioner, and owner; GM-coach of Oakland 1963-66; helped force AFL-NFL merger as AFL commisioner (April-July,1966); returned to Oakland as managing general partner and directed club to 3 Super Bowl wins (1977,81,84); moved Raiders to Los Angeles in 1982 and back to Oakland in 1995.
Sports Teams: The Citadel (1955-1956), Southern California (1957-1959), San Diego Chargers (1960-1962), Oakland Raiders (coach 1963-1965, part owner and General Manager 1966-1971, principal owner 1972-2011)

Alvin Davis -- b.9/9/1960
MLB First Baseman
Names/Places: NN:Mr. Mariner

Ann Davis -- b.6/17/1938 N.S.
Model, Playmate
Misc: September 1960

Anthony Davis -- b.9/28/1952
NFL Player

Anthony (Basketball) Davis -- b.3/11/1993 N.S.
NBA Player

Antone Davis -- b.2/28/1967
NFL Tackle

Antonio Davis -- b.10/31/1968
NBA Player

Baron Davis -- b.4/13/1979
NBA Player

Billy Davis -- b.7/6/1972
NFL Wide Receiver

Brad Davis -- b.12/17/1955
NBA Player

Brian Davis -- b.6/21/1970
NBA Forward

Cedric Davis -- b.9/7/1972
NFL Player

Charles Davis -- b.10/5/1958
NBA Player

Charles Michael Davis -- b.12/1/1984
Photographer, Actor, Commercial Actor, Producer/Director, Model
Misc: commercials for Nike and Foot Locker
TV Shows: Grey's Anatomy, The Originals (as Marcel Gerard)
Movie Titles: Battle Scars

Charlie Davis -- b.11/17/1951
NFL Tackle
Misc: Super Bowl IX
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers

Charlotte (Swimmer) Davis -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Chili Davis -- b.1/17/1960
MLB Outfielder, Jamaican

Chris Davis -- b.3/17/1986 N.S.
MLB First Baseman

Clarence Davis -- b.6/28/1949
NFL Runningback
Misc: Super Bowl XI
Sports Teams: Oakland Raiders

Dale Davis -- b.3/25/1969
NBA Player

Dave Davis -- b.4/28/1942
Misc: the first left-hander to win a major match championship when he won the PBA National crown in 1965.

Debbie Davis -- b.9/9/1951
Model, Playmate
Misc: June 1972

Destiny Davis -- b.8/24/1985
Model, Playmate
Misc: January 2005

Dexter Davis -- b.3/20/1970
NFL Player

Don Davis -- b.12/17/1972
NFL Coach, NFL Linebacker

Doug Davis -- b.9/21/1975
MLB Pitcher

Dwight Filley Davis -- b.7/5/1879 d.11/28/1945 (66)
Presidential Aide, Tennis Player
Misc: Secretary of War under President Coolidge; donated tennis's Davis Cup

Emanual Davis -- b.8/27/1968
NBA Player

Eric Davis -- b.1/26/1968
NFL Cornerback
Misc: 2x Pro Bowl, 3x All-Pro

Eric Davis -- b.5/29/1962
MLB Center Fielder
Misc: 2x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove, 2x Silver Slugger; Reds Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Cincinnatti Reds

Ernie Davis -- b.12/14/1939 d.5/18/1963 (23)
NFL Player, College Football Player
Misc: the first black to win Heisman Trophy (1961); in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Syracuse University, Cleveland Browns (1962)

Fred Davis -- b.8/14/1913 d.4/16/1998 (84)
Sports Figure, English
Misc: world champ snooker player (1948-49, 51)

George Stacey Davis -- b.8/23/1870 d.10/17/1940 (70)
MLB Manager, MLB Shortstop
Sports Teams: Cleveland Spiders (1890-1892), New York Giants (1893-1901), Chicago White Sox (1902), New York Giants (1903), Chicago White Sox (1904-1909), New York Giants (as manager, 1895, 1900-1901)

Gerald Davis -- b.2/22/1953
MLB Umpire

Glen Davis -- b.1/1/1986 N.S.
NBA Player
Names/Places: NN:Big Baby

Glenn Davis -- b.3/28/1961
MLB First Baseman

Glenn Davis -- b.12/26/1924 d.3/9/2005 (80)
NFL Player, College Football Player
Names/Places: NN:Mr. Outside
Misc: three-time All-America; led Army to national titles in 1944-45; Doc Blanchard's running mate; won Heisman Trophy in 1946.
Sports Teams: U.S. Army, Los Angeles Rams (1950-1951)

Glenn A. Davis -- b.9/12/1934 d.1/18/2009 (74)
NFL Player, College Football Player, Runner, Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Misc: has college football record 59 TDs

Greg Davis -- b.10/29/1965
NFL Player

Hannah Davis -- b.5/5/1990 N.S.
Names/Places: b. in Virgin Islands

Howard Edward Davis Jr. -- b.2/14/1956 d.12/30/2015 N.S. (59)
Boxer, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic-silver-1976

Hubert Davis -- b.5/17/1970
NBA Guard, College Basketball Coach

Isaac Davis -- b.4/8/1972
NFL Player

James J. "Jumbo" Davis -- b.9/5/1861 N.S. d.2/14/1921 N.S. (59)
MLB Third Baseman

Jerry Davis -- b.12/25/1958
MLB Outfielder
Names/Places: aka spelled Gerry Davis

Jody Davis -- b.11/12/1956
MLB Coach, MLB Catcher
Misc: 2x All Star, Gold Glove
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves

Joe Davis -- b.4/15/1901 d.7/10/1978 (77)
Billiards Player, Snooker Player, English
Misc: world snooker champ 1927-46

Joel Davis -- b.4/8/1973
NFL Player

John Henry Davis Jr. -- b.1/12/1921 d.7/13/1984 (63)
Misc: (Olym-gold-1948, 52)

Josh Davis -- b.9/1/1972 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete

Kane Davis -- b.6/25/1975
MLB Pitcher

Leonard Davis -- b.9/5/1978
NFL Guard, NFL Tackle

Mark Davis -- b.4/26/1973
NBA Player

Mark Davis -- b.10/19/1960
MLB Pitcher
Misc: NL Cy Young Award winner in 1989
Sports Teams: San Diego Padres

Meryl Davis -- b.1/1/1987
Ice Dancer, Olympic Athlete, Skater

Michael Davis -- b.1/14/1972
NFL Player

Mike Davis -- b.6/11/1951
MLB Player

Neriah Davis -- b.10/12/1972
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: March 1994

Otis Davis -- b.7/12/1932
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field

Paschall Davis -- b.7/5/1969
NFL Player

Piper Davis -- b.7/3/1917 d.5/21/1997 (79)
Baseball Figure
Misc: Negro League legend

Reuben Davis -- b.5/7/1965
NFL Defensive End

Rick Davis -- b.11/24/1958
Soccer Midfielder

Rob Davis -- b.12/10/1968
NFL Player
Misc: Superbowl XXXI
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Robbie Davis -- b.7/18/1961

Ron (Baseball) Davis -- b.7/29/1978 N.S.
MLB Pitcher

Ron (Football) Davis -- b.2/24/1972
NFL Cornerback
Misc: Superbowl XXXI
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Russ Davis -- b.9/13/1969
MLB Third Baseman

Scott Davis -- b.1/29/1972
Figure Skater, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympics-1994

Shani Davis -- b.8/13/1982
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete

Stephen Davis -- b.3/1/1974
NFL Runningback

Storm Davis -- b.12/26/1961
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Kansas City Royals

Terrell Davis -- b.10/28/1972
NFL Runningback, College Football Player
Misc: 2x Super Bowl champ, Super Bowl XXXII MVP, 3x Pro Bowl
Sports Teams: Denver Broncos (1995-2011)

Terry Davis -- b.6/17/1967
NBA Center, NBA Forward

Thomas Davis -- b.3/22/1983 N.S.
NFL Linebacker

Tim Davis -- b.7/14/1970
MLB Pitcher

Tommy Davis -- b.10/13/1934 d.4/4/1987 (52)
NFL Kicker
Misc: kicked 234 extra points, 82 yard punt

Tommy Davis -- b.3/21/1939
MLB Player
Misc: NL batting titles 1962 & 1963

Travis Davis -- b.1/10/1973
NFL Safety, Football Defensive Tackle

Vernon Davis -- b.1/31/1984 N.S.
NFL Tight End

Victor Davis -- b.2/10/1964 N.S. d.11/13/1989 N.S. (25)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Canadian

Vontae Davis -- b.5/27/1988 N.S.
NFL Cornerback

Walter Davis -- b.1/5/1931
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Misc: running high jumper (Olympic-gold-1952)

Walter Davis -- b.9/9/1954
NBA Forward, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic Gold 1976

Wendell Davis -- b.1/3/1966
NFL Wide Receiver

Willie Davis -- b.10/10/1967
NFL Player

Willie Davis -- b.7/24/1934
NFL Defensive End
Misc: 5x Pro Bowl, 5x First Team All-Pro, 2x Super Bowl champ, 3x NFL champ; in the Green Bay Packers and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns (1958-1959), Green Bay Packers (1960-1969)

Willie "Comet" Davis -- b.4/15/1940 N.S. d.3/9/2010 N.S. (69)
MLB Player
Misc: 398 stolen bases, 2x All-Star, 2x World Series champion, 3x Gold Glove
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers (1960-1973)

Anastasia Davydova -- b.2/2/1983 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Russian

Charlie Daw -- b.4/12/1894 d.1/18/1947 (52)

Jason Dawe -- b.5/29/1973
NHL Player, Canadian
Sports Teams: Buffalo Sabres

Dominique Dawes -- b.11/20/1976
Gymnast, Olympic Athlete

Brian Dawkins -- b.10/13/1973
NFL Safety
Misc: 9x Pro Bowl, 5x First-Team All-Pro; Eagles #20 retired
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Eagles (1996-2008), Denver Broncos (2009-2011), Philadelphia Eagles (administrator)

Darryl Dawkins -- b.1/11/1957 d.8/27/2015 N.S. (58)
NBA Center
Names/Places: NN:Chocolate Thunder; NN:Dr. Dunk
Sports Teams: Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Nets

Johnny Earl Dawkins Jr. -- b.9/28/1963
NBA Guard, College Basketball Coach

Pete Dawkins -- b.3/8/1938
General, Politician, College Football Player
Misc: Heisman Trophy (1958)
Sports Teams: U.S. Army (1956-1958)

Ralph Dawkins -- b.3/20/1970
NFL Runningback

Sean Dawkins -- b.2/3/1971
NFL Wide Receiver

Cassandra Dawn -- b.1/10/1990 N.S.
Misc: June 2018 Playmate

Lawrence Dawsey -- b.11/16/1967
NFL Wide Receiver

Andre Dawson -- b.7/10/1954
MLB Outfielder
Names/Places: NN: The Hawk and Awesome Dawson
Misc: NL MVP 1987, 8x All-Star, 8x Gold Glove, 4x Silver Slugger; over 436 HRs, 314 SBs and 2800 hits; Expos #10 retired
Sports Teams: Montreal Expos (1976-1986), Chicago Cubs (1987-1992), Boston Red Sox (1993-1994), Florida Marlins (1995-1996)

Dermontti Dawson -- b.6/17/1965
NFL Center
Misc: 7x Pro Bowl, 6x All Pro; Steelers #63 no longer issued; in the Kentucky Pro Football and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers (1988-2000)

JaJuan Dawson -- b.11/5/1977 d.7/12/2015 (37)
NFL Wide Receiver

Lake Dawson -- b.1/2/1972
NFL Wide Receiver

Leonard Ray "Len" Dawson -- b.6/20/1935 N.S.
Football Announcer, NFL Quarterback
Names/Places: b. in Alliance, OH
Misc: he once fumbled the ball 7 times in a game in 1964; 6x AFL All-Star; Super Bowl IV MVP; Chiefs #16 retired
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers (1957-1959), Cleveland Browns (1960-1961), Dallas Texans / Kansas City Chiefs (1962-1975)

Clarence Henry "Hap" Day -- b.6/1/1901 N.S. d.2/17/1990 N.S. (88)
NHL Coach, NHL Defensive
Misc: played 1924-1938
Sports Teams: Toronto St. Pats/Maple Leafs, New York Americans

Darren Day -- b.7/17/1968 N.S.
Actor, Singer, Snooker Player, English
Misc: stage: Godspell, Grease, Defending the Caveman, We Will Rock You
TV Shows: Hollyoaks (recurring)

Jason Day -- b.11/12/1987 N.S.
Golfer, Australian

Leon Day -- b.10/30/1916 d.3/13/1995 (78)
Baseball Figure
Misc: a star pitcher in the Negro Leagues who was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame just six days before his death

Ned Day -- b.11/11/1911 d.11/26/1971 (60)
Misc: 3x ABC champion

Pat Alan Day -- b.10/13/1953

Todd Day -- b.1/7/1970
NBA Guard

Ken Dayley -- b.2/25/1959
MLB Pitcher, American

Ron Dayne -- b.3/14/1978 N.S.
NFL Runningback, College Football Player
Misc: Heisman Trophy (1999); Wisconsin Badgers #33 retired
Sports Teams: University of Wisconsin, New York Giants (2000-2004), Denver Broncos (2005), Houston Texans (2006-2007)

Éric Dazé -- b.7/2/1975
NHL Player, Canadian

Adam Deadmarsh -- b.5/10/1975
NHL Player, Canadian

Alfred Dean -- b.8/24/1915 d.12/21/1970 (55)
MLB Player

Christopher Dean -- b.7/27/1958
Figure Skater, Olympic Athlete, English
Names/Places: husband of skater Jill Trenary
Misc: with Jayne Torvill, he won 4 straight world ice dancing titles (1981-84); won Olympic gold medal at Sarajevo in 1988 then turned pro; returned to take bronze medal at 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer.

Daffy Dean -- b.8/14/1913 d.3/17/1981 O.S. (67)
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: Dizzy's brother
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals

Dixie Dean -- b.1/22/1907 d.3/1/1980 (73)
Soccer Player, English

"Dizzy" Dean -- b.1/16/1911 d.7/17/1974 (63)
Baseball Announcer, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: b. in Lukas, AR; RFN:Jerome Jan Hannah
Misc: 4x All-Star, 4x MLB strikeout leader, 2x MLB wins leader, NL MVP 1934; St. Louis Cardinal "Gashouse Gang" colorful pitcher; Dean won 163 games and lost 101. His lifetime ERA was 3.03. He once struck out 17 batters in a single game, then a record, but since bettered (Roger Clemens fanned 20); mentioned in "Who's On First?"; Cardinals #17 retired and in Cardinals Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals (1930, 1932-1937), Chicago Cubs (1938-1941), St. Louis Browns (1947)

Everett Dean -- b.3/18/1898 N.S. d.10/26/1993 N.S. (95)
College Baseball Coach, College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach
Misc: in the College Basketball and Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Indiana University (basketball player 1918-1921, basketball coach 1924-1938, baseball coach 1925-1938), Carleton College (basketball coach 1921-1924), Stanford University (basketball coach 1938-1951, baseball coach 1950-1955)

Fred Dean -- b.2/24/1952
NFL Player
Misc: 4x Pro Bowl, 2x All-Pro, 2x Super Bowl champ; in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Lousiana Tech, San Diego Chargers (1975-1981), San Francisco 49ers (1981-1985)

Kevin Dean -- b.4/1/1969
NHL Coach, NHL Player, American

Man Mountain Dean -- b.6/30/1891 d.5/29/1953 (61)

Penny Lee Dean -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American

Deana Deardruff -- b.5/8/1957
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 4 X 100m swimmer (Olympic-gold-1972)

Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. -- b.11/6/1946
NFL Owner, NFL Player
Sports Teams: San Francisco 49ers (owned)

Carol Ficatier De Beaufort -- b.2/20/1958
Actress, Model, Playmate, French
Names/Places: RN:Carol Ficatier
Misc: December 1985

Steven L. DeBerg -- b.1/19/1954
NFL Quarterback
Misc: b. Jan 18?; 33,872 career yards
Sports Teams: San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins

Forrest DeBernardi -- b.2/3/1899 d.4/29/1970 (71)
College Basketball Player
Misc: AAU championships (Kansas City Athletic Club, 1921, Hillyard Shine Alls, 1926-27, Cook Paint Company, 1928-29); 7-time AAU All-America

Allie Deberry -- b.10/26/1994 N.S.
Actress, Model
TV Shows: A.N.T. Farm
Movie Titles: Lazer Team, Shake It Up!, Spirit Riders

Fisher DeBerry -- b.6/8/1938
College Baseball Coach, College Football Coach, College Football Player
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Wofford College (football player 1956-1960, football coach 1969-1970, baseball coach 1970), Appalachaiun State (football coach 1971-1979), Air Force (football coach 1980-2006)

Inge de Bruijn -- b.8/24/1973 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Dutch Republican

Louie DeBrusk -- b.3/19/1971
NHL Player, Canadian

Kevin De Bruyne -- b.6/28/1991 N.S.
Soccer Player, Belgiumese

Frédérik Edouard Robert "Fred" Deburghgraeve -- b.6/1/1973 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Belgiumese

David A. "Dave" DeBusschere -- b.10/16/1940 N.S. d.5/14/2003 N.S. (62)
Executive, NBA Coach, NBA Forward
Names/Places: NN:Defensive Dave
Misc: three-time All-American for U. Of Detroit, then a NBA star for the Detroit Pistons and New York Kncikerbockers. The youngest player / coach in NBA history for Detroit, age 24. Later, also commissioner of the ABA. Was a player-coach of Detroit Pistons (1964-67); played in 8 All-Star games; won 2 NBA titles as player with NY Knicks; ABA commissioner (1975-76); also pitched 2 seasons for Chicago White Sox (1962-63) with 3-4 record; Knicks #22 retired; May 14 is the date of announcement of death
Sports Teams: Unversity of Detroit (1959-1962), Detroit Pistons (player 1962-1968, coach 1964-1967), New York Knicks (1969-1974)

José Raoul de Capriles -- b.2/13/1912 d.2/21/1969 (57)
Fencer, American

Carmella DeCesare -- b.7/1/1982
Model, Playmate
Misc: April 2003; Playboy Playmate of the Year 2004

Doug DeCinces -- b.8/29/1950
MLB Third Baseman

Brooklyn Decker -- b.4/12/1987 N.S.
Actress, Internet Video Actress, Model
TV Shows: Grace and Frankie
Movie Titles: Just Go With It, What to Expect When You're Expecting, Battleship

Eric Decker -- b.3/15/1987 N.S.
NFL Wide Receiver

Steve Decker -- b.10/25/1965
MLB Coach, MLB Catcher

Mary Decker-Slaney -- b.8/4/1958
Runner, Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Misc: U.S. middle distance runner; has held 7 separate American track & field records from the 800 to 10,000 meters; won both 1,500 and 3,000 meters at 1983 World Championships in Helsinki, but no Olympic medals.

Andrew Declercq -- b.2/1/1973
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Deco -- b.8/27/1977 N.S.
Soccer Player, Brazilian

Pierre de Coubertin -- b.1/1/1863 d.9/2/1937 (74)
Sports Figure, French
Misc: founder & president of the modern International Olympic Committee 1896-1925

Jim Dedrick -- b.4/4/1968
MLB Player

Sandra Dee -- b.4/23/1942 d.2/20/2005 (62)
TV/Movie Actress, Singer, Model
Names/Places: b. in Bayone, NJ; RN:Alexandra Zuck; Boddy Darin's ex-
Movie Titles: Gidget (series)

Cat Deeley -- b.10/23/1976
TV Hostess, Model, English
TV Shows: So You Think You Can Dance

Troy Deeney -- b.6/29/1988 N.S.
Soccer Striker, English

Rob Deer -- b.9/29/1960
MLB Outfielder
Sports Teams: Milwaukee Brewers

Derrick Deese -- b.5/17/1970
NFL Player

Jermain Defoe -- b.10/7/1982 N.S.
Soccer Striker, English

Frank Deford -- b.12/16/1938 d.5/28/2017 N.S. (78)
Novelist, Journalist, Actor, Sports Writer
Misc: 50-year tenure at Sports Illustrated

Anita Lucette DeFrantz -- b.10/4/1952
Attorney/Lawyer, Olympic Athlete
Misc: attorney who is one of 2 American delegates to the International Olympic Committee (James Easton is the other); first woman to represent U.S. on IOC; member of USOC Executive Committee; member of bronze medal U.S. women's eight-oared shell at Montreal in 1976; in the CRCA Hall of Fame

David de Gea -- b.11/7/1990 N.S.
Soccer Goal Keeper, Spanish

Richard Degener -- b.3/14/1912 N.S. d.8/24/1995 N.S. (83)
Diver, Olympic Athlete, American

Andre De Grasse -- b.11/10/1994 N.S.
Runner, Olympic Athlete, Canadian

Ron DeGregorio -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Hockey Executive
Misc: president of USA Hockey

Jacob DeGrom -- b.6/19/1988 N.S.
MLB Pitcher
Misc: NL Cy Young Award 2018 and 2019

Bruce DeHaven -- b.9/6/1948 N.S. d.12/27/2016 N.S. (68)
NFL Coach, College Football Coach
Sports Teams: Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers

Terry Dehere -- b.9/12/1971
Politician, Restaurateur, NBA Player

Henry G. "Dutch" Dehnert -- b.4/5/1898 N.S. d.4/20/1979 N.S. (81)
NBA Player, Basketball Coach
Misc: 4x ABL champion; originated the pivot play. Famed member of the Original Celtics of New York in the 1920s, also a successful pro coach.
Sports Teams: Original Celtics (1926-1928), Cleveland Rosenblums (1928-1930), Detroit Eagles (coach 1939-1941), Sheboygan Red Skins (coach 1944-1946), Cleveland Rebels (coach 1946-1947)

Casey Deidrick -- b.4/25/1987 N.S.
Actor, Singer, Skate Boarder
Group Names: A Dreadful Fall
TV Shows: Days of Our Lives

Mike Dejean -- b.9/28/1970
MLB Player

Esteban DeJesus -- b.8/2/1951 d.5/11/1989 (37)

José DeJesús -- b.1/6/1965
MLB Pitcher, Puerto Rican

Sophina DeJesus -- b.10/6/1994 N.S.
Dancer, Gymnast

José de Jesús Corona -- b.1/26/1981 N.S.
Soccer Goal Keeper, Mexican

Sam Dekker -- b.5/8/1994 N.S.
NBA Player, College Basketball Player

Steffiana De La Cruz -- b.8/28/1974
Actress, Model
Names/Places: RN:Stephanie Anna Marie Zantua
Movie Titles: Zookeeper, Paul Blart: Mall Cop (series), Stealing Harvard

Ed Delahanty -- b.10/30/1867 d.7/2/1903 (35)
MLB Left Fielder, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:Big Ed
Misc: hit four home runs in one game in 1896
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Quakers (1888-1889), Cleveland Infants (1890), Philadelphia Phillies (1891-1901), Washington Senators (1902-1903)

Eddie Delahoussaye -- b.9/21/1951

Javier De La Hoya -- b.2/21/1970
MLB Pitcher, Mexican

Óscar de la Hoya -- b.2/4/1973 N.S.
TV Host, Boxer, Olympic Athlete
Misc: US boxer (Olympic-gold-92)
TV Shows: The Next Great Champ (host)

Joe DeLamielleure -- b.3/16/1951
NFL Coach, NFL Player
Misc: 6x Pro Bowl, 6x First-team All-Pro, 2x Second-team All-Pro
Sports Teams: Buffalo Bills (1973-1979), Cleveland Browns (1980-1984), Buffalo Bills (1985), Charlotte Rage (1992)

Jack Delaney -- b.3/18/1900 d.11/27/1948 (48)
Boxer, Canadian

James "Jimmy" Delaney -- b.9/3/1914 N.S. d.9/26/1989 N.S. (75)
Soccer Player, Scottish

Joe Alton Delaney -- b.10/30/1958 d.6/29/1983 (24)
NFL Runningback

Ronnie Delaney -- b.3/6/1935
Runner, Olympic Athlete, Irish
Misc: 1500m runner (Olympic-gold-1956)

Daniel Ponce De León -- b.7/27/1980
Boxer, Mexican

José De León -- b.12/20/1960
MLB Player, Dominican Republican

Alex Delgado -- b.1/11/1971
MLB Catcher, Venezuelan

Carlos Juan Delgado -- b.6/25/1972
MLB Catcher, Puerto Rican

Wilson Delgado -- b.7/15/1972
MLB Shortstop, Dominican Republican

Al Del Greco -- b.3/2/1962
NFL Placekicker

Matthijs De Ligt -- b.8/12/1999 N.S.
Soccer Player, Dutch (Netherlands)

Tony Delk -- b.1/28/1974
NBA Player

Donald Dell -- b.6/17/1938
Attorney, Tennis Player

Matthew Dellavedova -- b.9/8/1990 N.S.
NBA Player, Australian
Sports Teams: Cleveland Cavaliers

Jeff Dellenbach -- b.2/14/1963
NFL Tackle, NFL Center
Misc: Superbowl XXXI
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Dolores Del Monte -- b.3/15/1932 N.S.
Misc: March 1954

Vinny Del Negro -- b.8/9/1966
Sports Analyst, NBA Coach, NBA Player

Joe Deloach -- b.6/5/1967
Sprinter, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 200m runner (Olympic-gold-1988)

Nathalie Delon -- b.8/1/1941
Movie Actress, Director, Model, French

Greg DeLong -- b.4/3/1973
NFL Tight End

Fabian Delph -- b.11/21/1989 N.S.
Soccer Player, English

Alessandro Del Piero -- b.11/9/1974 N.S.
Soccer Forward, Italian

Robert Delpino -- b.11/2/1965
NFL Runningback

Alberto Del Rio -- b.5/25/1977 N.S.
Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestler, Mexican
Names/Places: RN: Alberto Rodriguez

Jack Del Rio -- b.4/4/1963
NFL Coach, NFL Linebacker

Lory Del Santo -- b.9/28/1958
Beauty Pagent Winner, Italian
Misc: Miss Italy 1980

Jay Delsing -- b.10/17/1960

Rich Delucia -- b.10/7/1964
MLB Pitcher

Alex Peter Delvecchio -- b.12/4/1931
NHL General Manager, NHL Center, NHL Left Wing, Canadian
Misc: The Most Gentlemanly Player [1966, 1969]; played 1950-1973
Sports Teams: Detroit Red Wings

Gianni De Magistris -- b.12/3/1950 N.S.
Water Polo Player, Italian

Olga De Mar -- b.8/12/1991 N.S.
Playmate, Latvian
Misc: Playmate of the Month October 2018

Brian DeMarco -- b.4/9/1972
NFL Player

Tony DeMarco -- b.1/14/1932

Jimmy Demaret -- b.5/24/1910 d.12/28/1983 (73)
Misc: winner of 44 golf tournaments, but not the U.S. Open.

John Demarie -- b.8/28/1945 d.11/29/2015 N.S. (70)
NFL Player

Mousa Dembele -- b.7/16/1987 N.S.
Soccer Player, Belgiumese

Ousmane Dembele -- b.5/15/1997 N.S.
Soccer Forward, French

Fennis Dembo -- b.1/24/1966
NBA Player

Elena Dementieva -- b.10/15/1981
Tennis Player, Russian

Jacques Demers -- b.8/25/1944
Senator, NHL Player, Canadian
Misc: former head coach of the World Hockey Association and the National Hockey League

Larry Demery -- b.6/4/1953
MLB Player

Martín Demichelis -- b.12/20/1980 N.S.
Soccer Player, Argentine

Pavol Demitra -- b.11/29/1974 d.9/7/2011 N.S. (36)
NHL Player, Slovakian

Maryalice Demler -- b.7/8/1964
Newscaster, Journalist, Beauty Pagent Winner
Misc: Miss New York/Miss America (1991)

Don DeMola -- b.7/5/1952
MLB Pitcher

Richard James "Rick" DeMont -- b.4/21/1956 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Dell Demps -- b.2/12/1970
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Cedric Dempsey -- b.4/14/1932
Sports Figure
Misc: College sports; named to succeed Dick Schultz as NCAA executive director on Nov. 5, 1993; served as athletic director at Pacific (1967-79), San Diego St. (1979), Houston (1979-82) and Arizona (1983-93).

Clint Dempsey -- b.3/9/1983 N.S.
Soccer Player, American

Frank Dempsey -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Diver, American

Jack Dempsey -- b.6/24/1895 d.5/31/1983 (87)
Mormon, Boxer, Irish
Names/Places: b. in Manassa, CO; NN:The Manassa Mauler; FN:William H.; d. in New York
Misc: was the longest-lived heavyweight champ; a successful N.Y. restauranteur; heavyweight boxing champ (1919-26), Dempsey was known for his savage attacking style of boxing and lost only 5 bouts in 69 fights. He fought his first bout in 1914 and won the heavyweight title 5 years later.

Rick Dempsey -- b.9/13/1949
MLB Catcher
Misc: World Series MVP in 1983
Sports Teams: Baltimore Orioles

Tom Dempsey -- b.1/12/1947
NFL Kicker
Misc: kicked the longest field goal in NFL history at 63 yards

Ryan Dempster -- b.5/3/1977
MLB Pitcher, Canadian

Dana Andrew DeMuth -- b.5/30/1956
MLB Umpire

Susan Denberg -- b.8/2/1944 N.S.
Actress, Model, Playmate, German
Names/Places: RN:Dietlinde Zechner
Misc: August 1966

Catherine Deneuve -- b.10/22/1943
Roman Catholic, Movie Actress, Producer, Model, French, Indonese
Names/Places: b. in Paris; RLN:Dorleac; Francoise Dorleac's sister
Movie Titles: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Belle De Jour, On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Luol Deng -- b.4/16/1985 N.S.
NBA Player, Sudan

Alice Denham -- b.1/21/1927 N.S. d.1/27/2016 N.S. (89)
Writer, Model, Playmate
Misc: July 1956 Playmate; birth year of 1933 was faked for a long time until her death

Cy Denneny -- b.12/23/1891 d.9/10/1970 (78)
NHL Left Wing, Canadian
Misc: played from 1914-1929
Sports Teams: Toronto Shamrocks, Toronto Blueshirts, Ottawa Senators, Boston Bruins

Clara "Clare" Dennis -- b.3/7/1916 N.S. d.6/5/1971 N.S. (55)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian
Names/Places: aka Clare Dennis then Clare Golding

Mark Dennis -- b.4/15/1965
NFL Player

Doug Dennison -- b.12/18/1951
NFL Runningback

John Denny -- b.11/8/1952
MLB Pitcher
Misc: NL Cy Young Award winner in 1983
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies

Willy den Ouden -- b.1/1/1918 N.S. d.12/6/1997 N.S. (79)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Dutch (Netherlands)

"Bucky" Dent -- b.11/25/1951
MLB Manager, MLB Shortstop
Names/Places: RN:Russell Earl; Johnny Carson said his name sounded like a toothpaste for elderly beavers!
Misc: World Series MVP 1978 (Yankees)
Sports Teams: Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees

Jim Dent -- b.5/9/1939

Richard Lomar Dent -- b.12/13/1960
NFL Defensive End
Misc: Super Bowl XX MVP; 4x Pro Bowl, 4x All-Pro, 2x Super Bowl champ, 100 Sacks Club
Sports Teams: Chicago Bears (1983-1993), San Francisco 49ers (1994), Chicago Bears (1995), Indianapolis Colts (1996), Philadelphia Eagles (1997)

Rodney Dent -- b.12/25/1970
NBA Player

Steve Denton -- b.9/5/1956
Tennis Player
Misc: holder of the record for the world's fastest tennis serve, clocked with modern equipment at 138 mph.

Tim Denton -- b.2/3/1973
NFL Defensive, NFL Cornerback

Dominic DeNucci -- b.1/23/1932 N.S.
Wrestler, American, Italian
Misc: Wrestling trainer

Grant Denyer -- b.9/12/1977 N.S.
TV Host, Auto Racer, Australian
TV Shows: Sunrise, Australia's Got Talent

Steve DeOssie -- b.11/22/1962
NFL Linebacker

Kassie DePaiva -- b.3/21/1961
Soap Actress, Golfer
Names/Places: RN: Kassie Wesley; James DePaiva's wife
TV Shows: Guiding Light, One Life to Live, Days of Our Lives
Movie Titles: Evil Dead II, We Are Wht We Are

Ralph Depalma -- b.12/18/1882 d.3/13/1956 (73)
Auto Racer, Italian
Misc: Indianapolis 500; Land speed record breaker; an Italian-American racecar driving champion who won the 1915 Indianapolis 500.

Memphis Depay -- b.2/13/1994 N.S.
Soccer Player, Dutch (Netherlands)

Lily-Rose Melody Depp -- b.5/27/1999 N.S.
Actress, Model
Names/Places: Vanessa Paradis and Johnny's daughter

Shannon Noelle DePuy -- b.12/23/1970
Beauty Pagent Winner
Misc: Miss Virginia-America (1991-top 10)

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