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Last Updated 04-01-2019

Pablo Zabaleta -- b.1/16/1985 N.S.
Soccer Player, Argentine

Steve Zabel -- b.3/20/1948
NFL Player

Georg Zacharias -- b.6/14/1884 N.S. d.7/31/1953 N.S. (69)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, German

Tom Zachary -- b.5/7/1896 d.1/24/1969 (72)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: served up Babe Ruth's 60th homer in 1927
Sports Teams: Washington Senators

Pat Zachry -- b.4/24/1952
MLB Pitcher

Shana Zadrick -- b.2/14/1969

Mário Zagallo -- b.8/9/1931
Soccer Forward, Soccer Manager, Brazilian
Misc: forward who is one of only two men (Franz Beckenbauer is the other) to serve as both captain (1962) and coach (1970) of World Cup champion; served as advisor for Brazil's 1994 World Cup champion.

Alina Zagitova -- b.5/18/2002 N.S.
Figure Skater, Olympic Athlete, Russian

"Babe" Didrikson Zaharias -- b.6/26/1911 d.9/27/1956 (45)
Movie Actress, Golfer, Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Names/Places: FN:Mildred
Misc: Javelin; Jumper; Hurdle; won two '32 Olympic gold medals; won numerous golf tournaments; greatest female athlete

Wayne Zahn -- b.1/20/1941

Zarley Zalapski -- b.4/22/1968 d.12/12/2017 N.S. (49)
NHL Player, Canadian

Tony Zale -- b.5/29/1913 d.3/20/1997 (83)
Names/Places: NN:The Man of Steel; RN:Anthony Florian Zaleski
Misc: 2-time world middleweight champion (1941-47,48); fought Rocky Graziano for title 3 times in 21 months in 1947-48, winning twice; pro record 67-18-2 with 44 KOs.

Chantel Zales -- b.7/6/1990 N.S.

Ben Zambiasi -- b.8/19/1956
CFL Figure, Football Linebacker
Misc: in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame
Group Names: University of Georgia, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (1978-1987), Toronto Argonauts

Frank Zamboni -- b.1/16/1901 d.7/27/1988 (87)
Inventor, Hockey Figure
Names/Places: RN:Frank Joseph Zamboni Jr.
Misc: Inventor of the modern ice resurfacer with his surname, which is a registered trademark for those resurfacers.

Eddie Zambrano -- b.2/1/1966
MLB Player

Víctor Zambrano -- b.8/6/1975
MLB Pitcher, Venezuelan

Oscar Zamora -- b.9/23/1944
MLB Player, Cuban

Rob Zamuner -- b.9/17/1969
NHL Forward, Canadian

David Zancanaro -- b.1/8/1969
MLB Player

Mike Zandofsky -- b.11/30/1965
NFL Player, Football Offensive Lineman

Kristen Zang -- b.6/22/1974
Movie Actress, Model

Hilario Zapata -- b.8/19/1958 N.S.
Boxer, Panamaian

Daniel Zaragoza -- b.12/11/1957
Boxer, Mexican
Names/Places: NN:The Mouse

Carlos Zárate -- b.5/23/1951
Boxer, Mexican
Names/Places: LN:Serna

Kermit Zarley -- b.9/29/1941

Carrie Zarse -- b.6/24/1974
Diver, Olympic Athlete

Rob Zatechka -- b.12/1/1971
NFL Player, Football Offensive Lineman

Emil Zatopek -- b.9/19/1922 d.11/21/2000 (78)
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field, Czech
Misc: distance runner; winner of 1948 Olympic gold medal at 10,000 meters; 4 years later, won unprecedented Olympic triple (5000 meters, 10,000 meters and marathon) at 1952 Games in Helsinki.

Greg Zaun -- b.4/14/1971
MLB Catcher

Cara Zavaleta -- b.6/15/1980
Model, Playmate
Misc: November 2004

Elaine Zayak -- b.4/5/1965
Figure Skater, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympics-6th-1984

Sami Zayn -- b.7/12/1984 N.S.
Wrestler, Canadian
Names/Places: RN: Rami Sebei; Ring Name: El Generico

Larry Zbyszko -- b.12/5/1951
Author, Wrestler
Names/Places: RN:Lawrence Whistler

Stanislaus Zbyszko -- b.4/1/1879 d.9/23/1967 (88)
Attorney/Lawyer, Pianist, Wrestler, Polish

Wladek Zbyszko -- b.11/20/1891 d.6/10/1968 (76)
Wrestler, Austrian, Hungarian, Polish
Names/Places: RN:Wladyslaw Cyganiewicz

Victoria Nika Zdrok -- b.3/3/1973
Author, Actress, Model, Playmate, Ukrainian
Misc: October 1994

Richard Zedník -- b.1/6/1976
NHL Player, Czechoslovakian

Ona Zee -- b.3/3/1951
XXX-rated actress, Model

Kevin Zegers -- b.9/19/1984
Actor, Model, Canadian
TV Shows: Notorious, Gracepoint, Gossip Girl (occasional), Titans (as Ethan)
Movie Titles: Fifty Dead Men Walking, Dawn of the Dead, Air Bud, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Eric Zeier -- b.9/6/1972
NFL Quarterback

Todd Zeile -- b.9/9/1965
MLB Third Baseman

Valeri Zelepukin -- b.9/17/1968
NHL Player, Soviet

Ray Zellars -- b.3/25/1973
NFL Fullback

Cody Zeller -- b.10/5/1992 N.S.
NBA Player
Sports Teams: Indiana University, Charlotte Bobcats

Veronika Zemanova -- b.4/14/1975
Actress, Model, Czechoslovakian

Walt Zembriski -- b.5/24/1935

Walter Zenga -- b.4/28/1960
Soccer Player, Italian

Al Zerhusen -- b.12/4/1931 N.S. d.1/29/2018 N.S. (86)
Soccer Midfielder

Gus Zernial -- b.6/27/1923 d.1/20/2011 (87)
MLB Player
Names/Places: NN:Ozark Ike

Henrik Zetterberg -- b.10/9/1980 N.S.
NHL Left Wing, Swedish
Sports Teams: Detroit Red Wings

Rob Zettler -- b.3/8/1968
NHL Defensive, Canadian

Peter Zezel -- b.4/22/1965 d.5/26/2009 (44)
NHL Player

Jeff Zgonina -- b.5/24/1970
NFL Player

Alexei Zhamnov -- b.10/1/1970
NHL Player, Soviet

Alexei Zhitnik -- b.10/10/1970
NHL Player, Russian, Ukrainian

Jihong Zhou -- b.1/11/1965 N.S.
Diver, Olympic Athlete, Chinese

Zico -- b.3/3/1953 N.S.
Soccer Player, Brazilian

Zinedine Zidane -- b.6/23/1972 N.S.
Soccer Midfielder, French

George Zidek -- b.8/2/1973
NBA Player, Czech

John Ziegler Jr. -- b.2/9/1934 N.S. d.10/25/2018 N.S. (84)
NHL Executive, NHL Player
Misc: 4th NHL president from 1977-92; negotiated settlement with rival WHA in 1979 that led to inviting four WHA teams (Edmonton, Hartford, Quebec and Winnipeg) to join NHL; stepped down June 12, 1992, 2 months after settling 10-day players' strike

Larry Ziegler -- b.8/12/1939
Names/Places: NN: Half Pay Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler -- b.9/30/2002 N.S.
Actress, Dancer, Model

Dolph Ziggler -- b.7/27/1980 N.S.

Les Zikes -- b.10/15/1934

Don Zimmer -- b.1/17/1931 d.6/4/2014 (83)
MLB Manager, MLB Coach, MLB Player
Names/Places: NN:Popeye
Misc: Rays #66 retired

Don Zimmerman -- b.11/22/1949
NFL Player

Gary Zimmerman -- b.12/13/1961
NFL Tackle, USFL Figure
Misc: 7x Pro Bowl, 2x All-USFL selection, Broncos and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Express (1984-1985), Minnesota Vikings (1986-1992) Denver Broncos (1993-1997)

Henry Zimmerman -- b.2/9/1887 d.3/14/1969 (82)
MLB Player
Misc: 1912-batted .372 with 14 HRs

Jeff Zimmerman -- b.8/9/1972
MLB Pitcher, Canadian

Paul Zimmerman -- b.10/23/1932 N.S. d.11/1/2018 N.S. (86)
Sports Writer
Misc: of Sports Illustrated

Ryan Zimmerman -- b.9/28/1984 N.S.
MLB First Baseman
Misc: All-Star, Gold Glove, 2x Silver Slugger; active as of 2015
Sports Teams: Washington Nationals

Felicia Zimmermann -- b.8/16/1975
Fencer, Olympic Athlete

Pamela Zinszer -- b.9/6/1955
Model, Playmate
Misc: March 1974

Richie Zisk -- b.2/6/1949
MLB Player

Barry Zito -- b.5/13/1978
MLB Pitcher
Misc: AL Cy Young Award winner in 2002
Sports Teams: Oakland Athletics

Fritzie Zivic -- b.5/8/1913 d.5/16/1984 (71)

Kim Zmeskal -- b.2/6/1976
Gymnast, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic-92

Doug Zmolek -- b.11/3/1970
NHL Player, American

Ben Zobrist -- b.5/26/1981 N.S.
MLB Outfielder
Misc: World Series MVP (2016)
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs

Frank Urban "Fuzzy" Zoeller -- b.11/11/1951

Ethan Zohn -- b.11/12/1973
Soccer Player, American

Richard Zokol -- b.8/21/1958
Golfer, Canadian

Gianfranco Zola -- b.7/5/1966
Soccer Forward, Soccer Manager, Italian
Misc: OBE

Scott Zolak -- b.12/13/1967
NFL Quarterback

Fred Zollner -- b.1/22/1901 N.S. d.6/21/1982 N.S. (81)
NBA Owner
Names/Places: NN:Mr. Pro Basketball
Sports Teams: Detroit Pistons (owner)

Halmay Zoltán -- b.6/18/1881 N.S. d.5/20/1956 N.S. (74)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Hungarian

Andrés "Bandy" Zolyomy -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Water Polo Player, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish
Misc: Water Polo Coach

Eric Zomalt -- b.8/9/1972
NFL Safety

Rick Zombo -- b.5/8/1963
NHL Player

Michael Zordich -- b.10/12/1963
NFL Player

Chris Zorich -- b.3/13/1969
NFL Player, Football Defensive Tackle

Zorita -- b.8/30/1915 d.11/12/2001 (86)

Jim Zorn -- b.5/10/1953
NFL Coach, NFL Player, College Football Coach

Tia Marie Zorne -- b.1/20/1969
Beauty Pagent Winner
Misc: Miss Nevada-America (1991)

Victoriano Alberto Zorrilla -- b.4/6/1906 N.S. d.4/23/1986 N.S. (80)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Argentine
Names/Places: aka Alberto Zorrilla

Eddie Zosky -- b.2/10/1968
MLB Shortstop

Kenza Zouiten -- b.4/21/1991 N.S.
Model, Swedish

Kurt Zouma -- b.10/27/1994 N.S.
Soccer Player, French

Jon Zuber -- b.12/10/1969
MLB First Baseman

Sergei Zubov -- b.7/22/1970
NHL Player, Hockey Coach, Russian

Mats Zuccarello-Aasen -- b.9/1/1987 N.S.
NHL Player, Olympic Athlete, Norweigan
Sports Teams: New York Rangers

Arianne Zucker -- b.6/3/1974
Actress, Model
TV Shows: Days of Our Lives (as Nicole for about two decades)
Movie Titles: The Last Resort, The Contractor

Angela Zuckerman -- b.3/24/1965
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete
Misc: (Olympics-1994)

Alex Zuelle -- b.7/5/1968
Bicyclist, Swiss

Gilbert Zunker -- b.3/14/1901 d.12/19/1938 (37)

Robert Zuppke -- b.7/2/1879 d.12/22/1957 (78)
College Football Coach
Misc: credited with introducing (in the early 1920s) the offensive huddle, enabling the team with the ball to plan each play immediately before executing it.

Pirmin Zurbriggen -- b.2/4/1963
Skier, Olympic Athlete, India, Swiss
Misc: alpine skier (Olympic-gold-1988)

Albert Zürner -- b.1/30/1890 N.S. d.7/18/1920 N.S. (30)
Diver, Olympic Athlete, German

Graham Zusi -- b.8/18/1986 N.S.
Soccer Player, American

Natasha Zvereva -- b.4/16/1971
Tennis Player, Soviet

Galina Zybina -- b.1/22/1931
Olympic Athlete, Russian
Misc: discus thrower (15 world records between 1952-58)

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