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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Enos Cabell -- b.10/8/1949
MLB Player

Asdrubal Cabrera -- b.11/13/1985 N.S.
MLB Shortstop, Venezuelan

Melky Cabrera -- b.8/11/1984 N.S.
MLB Outfielder, Dominican Republican
Misc: All Star MVP 2012
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants

Miguel Cabrera -- b.4/18/1983 N.S.
MLB Player, Venezuelan
Misc: AL MVP 2012, 2013
Sports Teams: Detroit Tigers

Orlando Cabrera -- b.11/2/1974 N.S.
MLB Infielder, Colombian
Misc: 2x Gold Glove

Greg Cadaret -- b.2/27/1962
MLB Pitcher

Lorenzo Cain -- b.4/13/1986 N.S.
MLB Center Fielder
Misc: AL LCS MVP 2014
Sports Teams: Kansas City Royals

Matt Cain -- b.10/1/1984
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN: The Horse, Big Daddy, and Big Sugar
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants

Miguel Cairo -- b.5/4/1974
MLB Player, Venezuelan

Iván Calderón -- b.3/19/1962 N.S.
MLB Outfielder, Puerto Rican

Mike Caldwell -- b.1/22/1949
MLB Pitcher, College Baseball Player

Jeff Calhoun -- b.4/11/1958
MLB Player

Kole Calhoun -- b.10/14/1987 N.S.
MLB Right Fielder
Misc: Gold Glove; active as of 2015

Johnny Callison -- b.3/12/1939 d.10/12/2006 (67)
MLB Player
Misc: All Star MVP in 1964
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies

Michael Terrance "Mike" Cameron -- b.1/8/1973 N.S.
MLB Outfielder
Misc: 3x Gold Glove; hit four home runs in one game in 2002.
Sports Teams: Chicago White Sox, Seattle Mariners

Dolph Camilli -- b.4/23/1907 d.10/21/1997 (90)
MLB Player
Misc: NL MVP 1941
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers (MVP), Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox

Ken Caminiti -- b.4/21/1963 d.10/10/2004 (41)
MLB Third Baseman
Misc: NL MVP 1996, 3x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove, Silver Slugger
Sports Teams: Houston Astros, San Diego Padres

Rick Camp -- b.6/10/1953 d.4/25/2013 (59)
MLB Pitcher

Roy Campanella -- b.11/19/1921 d.6/26/1993 (71)
MLB Catcher
Names/Places: NN:Campy
Misc: 8x All-Star; Dodgers #39 retired; NL MVP 1951, 1953, 1955
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers (1948-1957)

Bert Campaneris -- b.3/9/1942
MLB Shortstop
Names/Places: NN: Campy
Misc: 6x All-Star, 3x World Series champ, 6x AL stolen base leader
Sports Teams: Kansas City / Oakland Athletics (1964-1976), Texas Rangers (1977-1979), California Angels (1979-1981), New York Yankees (1983)

Bill Campbell -- b.8/9/1948
MLB Pitcher

Jim Campbell -- b.2/5/1924 d.10/31/1995 (71)
MLB General Manager
Misc: orchestrated the Detroit Tigers club's world champion seasons of 1968 and 1984
Sports Teams: Detroit Tigers

Mike Campbell -- b.2/17/1964
MLB Pitcher

Helen Callaghan Candaele Saint Aubin -- b.3/13/1929 d.12/8/1992 (63)
Baseball Figure
Names/Places: NN: The "Ted Williams" of Women's Baseball

John Candelaria -- b.11/6/1953
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN: The Candy Man

Tom Candiotti -- b.8/31/1957
MLB Pitcher

Buck Canel -- b.3/4/1906 N.S. d.4/7/1980 N.S. (74)
Baseball Announcer
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 1985; American Spanish language sportscaster of MLB games.
Sports Teams: New York Mets, New York Yankees

John Cangelosi -- b.3/10/1963
MLB Outfielder

Robinson Canó -- b.10/22/1982 N.S.
MLB Player, Dominican Republican
Misc: All-Star MVP in 2017, 8x All-Star, 5x Silver Slugger, 2x Gold Glove; active as of 2017
Sports Teams: New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners

José Canseco -- b.7/2/1964
MLB Outfielder, Cuban
Names/Places: Ozzie's twin; NN:The Bionic Cuban
Misc: AL MVP 1988; 1986 Rookie Year, home run champ 1988, 1991
Sports Teams: Oakland A's

Ozzie Canseco -- b.7/2/1964
MLB Pitcher, Cuban
Names/Places: José's twin

José Capellán -- b.1/13/1981 d.4/7/2015 (34)
MLB Pitcher, Dominican Republican

Ramón Caraballo -- b.5/23/1969
MLB Player, Dominican Republican

Harry Caray -- b.3/1/1914 d.2/18/1998 (83)
Baseball Announcer
Names/Places: father of sportscaster Skip and grandfather of sportscaster Chip
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 1989; Radio-TV baseball play-by-play broadcaster; some say b. 1917 or 1919; NOT to be confused with actor Harry Carey; some say b. 1917
Sports Teams: St.Louis Cardinals, Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs

Skip Caray -- b.8/12/1939 d.8/3/2008 (68)
Baseball Announcer
Names/Places: Harry's son

Bernie Carbo -- b.8/5/1947
MLB Player
Misc: in the Red Sox Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox

José Cardenal -- b.10/7/1943
MLB Outfielder, Cuban

Leo Cárdenas -- b.12/17/1938
MLB Player, Cuban
Misc: 5x All-Star, Gold Glove; Reds Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Cincinnatti Reds

Don Cardwell -- b.12/7/1935 d.1/14/2008 (72)
MLB Player

Rod Carew -- b.10/1/1945
Judaism convert, MLB Coach, MLB First Baseman, MLB Second Baseman, Panamaian
Names/Places: RN:Rodney Cline
Misc: AL infielder won 7 batting titles with Minnesota; AL MVP 1977; 3,053 hits
Sports Teams: Minnesota Twins (1967-1978), California Angels (1979-1985), California/Anaheim Angels (coach 1992-1999), Milwaukee Brewers (coach 2000-2001)

Andy Carey -- b.10/18/1931 d.12/15/2011 (80)
MLB Player

Max Carey -- b.1/11/1890 d.5/30/1976 (86)
MLB Manager, MLB Center Fielder
Misc: 10x NL stolen base leader
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates (1910-1926), Brooklyn Robins (1926-1929), Brooklyn Dodgers (manager 1932-1933)

Paul Carey -- b.1/8/1968
MLB Player

Dan Carlson -- b.1/26/1970
MLB Pitcher

Steven Norman "Steve" Carlton -- b.12/22/1944
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:Lefty; b. in Miami, FL; MN:Norman Carlton
Misc: LHP; won 20 or more games 6 times; 4-time NL Cy Young winner in 1972, 1977, 1980, and 1982 with Philadelphia, 10x All-Star, 2x World Series champion, 4x NL wins leader, 5x NL strikeout leader, Gold Glove; 329 career wins; Phillies #32 retired
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals (1965-1971), Philadelphia Phillies (1972-1986), San Francisco Giants (1986), Chicago White Sox (1986), Cleveland Indians (1987), Minnesota Twins (1987-1988)

Don Carman -- b.8/14/1959
MLB Pitcher

Rafael Carmona -- b.10/2/1972
MLB Pitcher, College Baseball Coach

Herb Carneal -- b.5/10/1923 N.S. d.4/1/2007 N.S. (83)
Baseball Announcer, Football Announcer
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 1996
Sports Teams: Minnesota Twins, Baltimore Orioles, Philadephia Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies, Minnesota Vikings

Eddie Carnett -- b.10/21/1916 N.S. d.11/4/2016 N.S. (100)
MLB Pitcher

Chris Carpenter -- b.4/27/1975
MLB Player
Misc: NL Cy Young Award winner in 2005
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals

Cris Carpenter -- b.4/5/1965
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: not to be confused with MLB pitcher Chris Carpenter of 1975 or MLB pitcher Chris Carpenter of 1985; just don't get your Chris's crossed!

Matt Carpenter -- b.11/26/1985 N.S.
MLB Infielder

Chuck Carr -- b.8/10/1968
MLB Outfielder

Giovanni Carrara -- b.3/4/1968
MLB Pitcher, Venezuelan

Kevin Carrasco -- b.10/22/1969
MLB Pitcher

Mark Carreon -- b.7/19/1963
MLB Player

Marias Carrillo -- b.2/24/1963
MLB Player

Clay Carroll -- b.5/2/1941
MLB Pitcher

Gary Carter -- b.4/8/1954 d.2/16/2012 (57)
MLB Catcher
Misc: All Star MVP 1981 and 1984 (both Expos); 11x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove, 5x Silver Slugger; in the Mets and Baseball Halls of Fame, Expos #8 Retired
Sports Teams: Montreal Expos (1974-1984), New York Mets (1985-1989), San Francisco Giants (1990), Los Angeles Dodgers (1991), Montreal Expos (1992)

Jeff Carter -- b.12/3/1964
MLB Player

Joseph "Big Joe" Carter -- b.3/7/1960
MLB First Baseman, MLB Outfielder
Names/Places: b. in Oklahoma City, CA
Misc: 5x All-Star, 2x World Series champ, 2x Silver Slugger; 3-time All-America at Wichita St.(1979-81); won 1993 World Series for Toronto with 3-run HR in bottom of the 9th of Game 6
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs (1983), Cleveland Indians (1984-1989), San Diego Padres (1990), Toronto Blue Jays (1991-1997), Baltimore Orioles (1998), San Francisco Giants (1998)

Alexander Cartwright -- b.4/17/1820 d.7/12/1892 (72)
Executive, MLB Manager
Misc: organized the first professional baseball game and designed the baseball diamond

Rico Carty -- b.9/1/1939
MLB Player, Dominican Republican
Names/Places: NN:Beeg Boy

Mike Caruso -- b.5/27/1977
MLB Player

Paul Casanova -- b.12/21/1941 N.S. d.8/12/2017 N.S. (75)
MLB Catcher, Puerto Rican

George Case -- b.11/11/1915 d.1/23/1989 (73)
MLB Player
Misc: 6x AL stolen base leader

Sean Casey -- b.7/2/1974 N.S.
MLB Player
Names/Places: NN: The Mayor

Dave Cash -- b.6/11/1948
MLB Second Baseman

Norman Cash -- b.11/10/1934 d.10/11/1986 (51)
MLB First Baseman
Sports Teams: Detroit Tigers

Scott Cassidy -- b.10/3/1975
MLB Player

Pedro Castellano -- b.3/11/1970
MLB Third Baseman

Peter Paul Castiglione -- b.2/13/1921 d.4/22/2010 (89)
MLB Player

Vinny Castilla -- b.7/4/1967
MLB Infielder, Mexican

Alberto Castillo -- b.2/10/1970
MLB Catcher, Dominican Republican

Braulio Castillo -- b.5/13/1968
MLB Outfielder, Dominican Republican

Carlos Castillo -- b.4/21/1975
MLB Pitcher

Frank Castillo -- b.4/1/1969 d.7/28/2013 (44)
MLB Pitcher

José Castillo -- b.3/19/1981 N.S. d.12/6/2018 N.S. (37)
MLB Infielder, Venezuelan

Luis Castillo -- b.9/12/1975
MLB Second Baseman, Dominican Republican
Misc: 3x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove, 2x NL stolen base leader
Sports Teams: Florida Marlins, Minnesota Twins, New York Mets

Tony Castillo -- b.3/1/1963
MLB Pitcher, Venezuelan

Juan Castro -- b.6/20/1972
MLB Player, Mexican

Starlin Castro -- b.3/24/1990 N.S.
MLB Shortstop, Dominican Republican

Frank Catalanotto -- b.4/27/1974
MLB Player

Bill Caudill -- b.7/13/1956
MLB Pitcher

Wayne Causey -- b.12/26/1936
MLB Infielder

Phil Cavarretta -- b.7/19/1916 d.12/17/2010 (94)
MLB Player
Misc: NL MVP 1945
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs

Andújar Cedeño -- b.8/21/1969 d.10/28/2000 N.S. (31)
MLB Shortstop, Dominican Republican

César Cedeño -- b.2/25/1951
MLB Coach, MLB Player, Dominican Republican
Misc: 4x All-Star, 5x Gold Glove
Sports Teams: Houston Astros, Cincinnatti Reds

Domingo Cedeño -- b.11/4/1968
MLB Infielder, Dominican Republican

Roger Cedeño -- b.8/16/1974
MLB Player, Venezuelan

Bruce Del Centon -- b.6/15/1941 d.10/7/2008 (67)
MLB Pitcher

Orlando Cepeda -- b.9/17/1937
MLB First Baseman, Puerto Rican
Misc: NL MVP 1967
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants (1958-1966), St. Louis Cardinals (1966-1968), Atlanta Braves (1969-1972), Oakland Athletics (1972), Boston Red Sox (1973), Kansas City Royals (1974)

Rick Cerone -- b.5/19/1954
MLB Catcher
Sports Teams: New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Montreal Expos

John Cerutti -- b.4/28/1960 d.10/3/2004 N.S. (44)
MLB Pitcher

Yoenis Céspedes -- b.10/18/1985
MLB Player, Cuban
Misc: 2x Home Run Derby winner, Gold Glove; active as of 2015

Ron Cey -- b.2/15/1948
MLB Third Baseman
Names/Places: NN:The Penguin; RN:Ronald Charles
Misc: World Series MVP 1981
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers

Wes Chamberlain -- b.4/13/1966
MLB Player

Chris Chambliss -- b.12/26/1948
MLB Coach, MLB First Baseman
Misc: Gold Glove

Dean Chance -- b.6/1/1941 N.S. d.10/11/2015 N.S. (74)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: winner of the 1964 Cy Young award for baseball pitchers.
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Angels

Frank Chance -- b.9/9/1876 d.9/15/1924 (48)
MLB Manager, MLB First Baseman
Misc: member of baseball's most famous double-play combination, Tinker to Evers to Chance.
Sports Teams: Chicago Orphans/Chicago Cubs (player 1898-1912, manager 1905-1912), New York Yankees (player 1913-1914, manager 1913-1914), Boston Red Sox (manager 1923)

Albert B. "Happy" Chandler -- b.7/14/1898 N.S. d.6/15/1991 N.S. (92)
Senator, Governor, Executive, MLB Player
Misc: 2nd MLB commissioner

"Spud" Chandler -- b.9/12/1907 d.1/9/1990 (82)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: AL MVP 1943
Sports Teams: New York Yankees

Aroldis Chapman -- b.2/28/1988 N.S.
MLB Pitcher, Cuban

Ben Chapman -- b.12/25/1908 d.7/7/1993 (84)
MLB Player

Matt Chapman -- b.4/28/1993 N.S.
MLB Third Baseman, American
Misc: Gold Glove 2018, Platinum Glove 2018

Raymond Johnson Chapman -- b.1/15/1891 d.8/16/1920 (29)
MLB Shortstop
Misc: only major league fatality
Sports Teams: Cleveland Naps/Indians (1911-1920)

Oscar Charleston -- b.10/14/1896 d.10/5/1954 (57)
Baseball Manager, Baseball Player
Misc: Negro Leagues star
Sports Teams: Indianapolis ABCs (1915-1918), Lincoln Stars (1916), Chicago American Giants (1919), Detroit Stars (1919), Indianapolis ABCs (1920), St. Louis Giants (1921), Indianapolis ABCs (1922-1923), Harrisburg Giants (1924-1927), Hilldale Club (1928-1929), Homestead Grays (1930-1931), Pittsburgh Crawfords (1932-1937), Toledo Crawfords (1939), Indianapolis Crawfords (1940), Philadelphia Stars (1941)

Norm Charlton -- b.1/6/1963
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:The Sheriff

Harold W. Chase -- b.10/22/1884 d.??/??/????
MLB Player

Eric Cesar Chavez -- b.12/7/1977 N.S.
MLB Third Baseman
Misc: 6x Gold Glove, Silver Slugger
Sports Teams: Oakland Athletics

Tom Cheek -- b.6/13/1939 N.S. d.10/9/2005 N.S. (66)
Baseball Announcer
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 2013
Sports Teams: Toronto Blue Jays (original announcer)

Bruce Chen -- b.6/19/1977
MLB Player, Panamaian

John "Happy Jack" Chesbro -- b.6/5/1874 N.S. d.11/6/1931 N.S. (57)
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: MN:Dwight
Misc: won 41 games in 1904
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates (1899-1902), New York Highlanders (1903-1909), Boston Red Sox (1909)

Scott Chiamparino -- b.8/22/1966
MLB Pitcher

Rocky Childress -- b.2/18/1962
MLB Pitcher

Pearce Chiles -- b.5/28/1867 N.S. d.12/11/1933 N.S. (66)
MLB Player
Names/Places: NN:What's the Use

Henry Chiti -- b.11/16/1932 d.1/31/2002 (69)
MLB Catcher

Jason Christiansen -- b.9/21/1969
MLB Player

McKay Christianson -- b.8/14/1975
MLB Player

Nestor George Chylak Jr. -- b.5/11/1922 d.2/17/1982 (59)
MLB Umpire

Archi Cianfrocco -- b.10/6/1966
MLB Player

Edward V. "Eddie" Cicotte -- b.6/19/1884 N.S. d.5/5/1969 N.S. (84)
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:Knuckles
Misc: 1919 Chicago "Black Sox" pitcher
Sports Teams: Chicago White Sox

Jeff Cirillo -- b.9/23/1969
MLB Third Baseman

Jim Clancy -- b.12/18/1955
MLB Pitcher

Dave Clark -- b.9/3/1962
MLB Coach, MLB Player

Jack Anthony Clark -- b.11/10/1955
MLB Outfielder
Names/Places: NN:the Ripper

Jerald Clark -- b.8/10/1963
MLB Outfielder

Mark Clark -- b.5/12/1968
MLB Pitcher

Terry Clark -- b.10/10/1960
MLB Player

Tim Clark -- b.2/10/1969
MLB Player

Tony Clark -- b.6/15/1972
MLB Player

Will Clark -- b.3/13/1964
MLB First Baseman
Misc: NL LCS MVP 1989, 6x All-Star, Gold Glove, 2x Silver Slugger
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants, Texas Rangers

Fred Clifford Clarke -- b.10/3/1872 d.8/14/1960 (87)
MLB Manager, MLB Left Fielder
Sports Teams: Louisville Colonels (1894-1899), Pittsburg/Pittsburgh Pirates (1900-1911, 1913-1915), Louisville Colonels (manager, 1897-1899), Pittsburg/Pittsburgh Pirates (manager, 1900-1915)

Horace Clarke -- b.6/2/1940
MLB Second Baseman
Sports Teams: New York Yankees

John Gibson Clarkson -- b.7/1/1861 d.2/4/1909 (47)
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Worcester Ruby Legs (1882), Chicago White Stockings (1884-1887), Boston Beaneaters (1888-1892), Cleveland Spiders (1892-1894)

Royce Clayton -- b.1/2/1970
MLB Shortstop

Koby Clemens -- b.12/4/1986 N.S.
MLB Player

Roger "Rocket Man" Clemens -- b.8/4/1962 N.S.
MLB Pitcher
Misc: fanned a record 20 batters in 9-inning game (1986); 6 AL Cy Young Awards: three with the Red Sox (1986, 1987, and 1991), two with the Blue Jays (1997 and 1998), and one with the Yankees (2001), NL Cy Young Award Winner in 2004 with the Astros; AL MVP and All Star MVP in 1986
Sports Teams: Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox

Matt Clement -- b.8/12/1974
MLB Pitcher, American

Roberto Walker Clemente -- b.8/18/1934 d.12/31/1972 (38)
MLB Right Fielder, Puerto Rican
Names/Places: NN:Bob
Misc: NL MVP 1966, World Series MVP in 1971; 15x All-Star, 4x NL batting champion, won 12x Gold Glove; 3000 hits; Pirates #21 retired
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates (1955-1972)

Pat Clements -- b.2/2/1962
MLB Pitcher

Donn Clendenon -- b.7/15/1935 d.9/17/2005 (70)
MLB Player
Misc: World Series MVP 1969 with the Mets
Sports Teams: New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates (a heavy hitter)

Reggie Cleveland -- b.5/23/1948
MLB Pitcher, Canadian

Ty Cline -- b.6/15/1939
MLB Player

Gene Clines -- b.10/6/1946
MLB Outfielder

Tony Cloninger -- b.8/13/1940 N.S. d.7/24/2018 N.S. (77)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: only player from National League and only pitcher to have two grand slams in a game [July 3, 1966]

Brad Clontz -- b.4/25/1971
MLB Pitcher

Danny Clyburn -- b.4/6/1974 d.2/7/2012 (37)
MLB Player

Bill Clymer -- b.12/18/1873 N.S. d.12/26/1936 N.S. (63)
MLB Player
Names/Places: NN:Derby Day

Tyrus Raymond "Ty" Cobb -- b.12/18/1886 d.7/17/1961 (74)
Movie Actor, MLB Center Fielder
Names/Places: NN:The Georgia Peach
Misc: AL Chalmers Award Winner 1911; played in 3000 games, batted a record .367, stole 892 bases, and 4,191 hits. He was with the Detroit Tigers for 22 years starting in 1905. He set more records than any other player and his career average of .367 is still the best. He won the A.L batting title 12 times and scored a record 2,244 runs, 1,960 RBIs.
Sports Teams: Detroit Tigers (player 1905-1926, manager 1921-1926), Philadelphia Athletics (player 1927-1928)

Gordon "Mickey" Cochrane -- b.4/6/1903 N.S. d.6/28/1962 N.S. (59)
MLB Manager, MLB Catcher
Misc: 2x All-Star, 3x World Seires champ, AL League Award Winner 1928; AL MVP 1934; career .320 average
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Athletics (player 1925-1933), Detroit Tigers (player 1934-1937, manager 1934-1938)

Roger Coe -- b.9/11/1952
MLB Pitcher

Jerry Colangelo -- b.11/20/1939 N.S.
MLB Owner, NBA Owner
Sports Teams: Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury (WNBA), Arizona Diamondbacks

Rocky Colavito -- b.8/10/1933
MLB Outfielder
Names/Places: RN:Rocco Domenico
Misc: hit 4 home runs in one game in 1959; 9x All-Star
Sports Teams: Cleveland Indians

Nate Colbert -- b.4/9/1946
MLB Player

Greg Colbrunn -- b.7/26/1969
MLB Infielder

Alex Cole -- b.8/17/1965
MLB Outfielder

Gordon "Gordy" Coleman -- b.7/5/1934 d.3/12/1994 (59)
MLB Player

Jerry Coleman -- b.9/14/1924 d.1/5/2014 (89)
Baseball Announcer, MLB Second Baseman
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 2005; CBS Radio broadcaster: Favorite blooper: "There's a long drive. The outfielder is back at the warning track and hits his head on the wall! It rolls back toward second base! This could be a triple!"
Sports Teams: New York Yankees (1949-1957, broadcaster 1963-1969), San Diego Padres (manager 1980, broadcaster 1974-1979, 1981-2013)

Joe Coleman -- b.2/3/1947
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Washington, Detroit Tigers

Vincent "Vince" Coleman -- b.9/22/1961 N.S.
MLB Outfielder
Misc: stole 100 bases in his 1st 3 seasons

Darnell Coles -- b.6/2/1962
MLB Coach, MLB Player

Lou Collier -- b.8/21/1973
MLB Player

Dave Collins -- b.10/20/1952
MLB Outfielder

Edward "Eddie" Collins -- b.5/2/1887 N.S. d.3/25/1951 N.S. (63)
MLB Manager, MLB Second Baseman
Names/Places: NN: Cocky
Misc: AL Chalmers Award Winner 1914; 3309 hits with the White Sox & A's; 4x World Series champ, 4x AL stolen base leader
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Athletics (player 1906-1914), Chicago White Sox (player 1915-1926), Philadelphia Athletics (player 1927-1930), Chicago White Sox (manager 1924-1926)

Jim Collins -- b.3/30/1904 d.4/15/1970 (66)
MLB Player

Jimmy Collins -- b.1/16/1873 N.S. d.3/6/1943 N.S. (70)
MLB Manager, MLB First Baseman
Sports Teams: Boston Beaneaters (1895), Louisville Colonels (1895), Boston Beaneaters (1896-1900), Boston Americans (player 1901-1907, manager 1902-1906), Philadelphia Athletics (1907-1908)

Terry Collins -- b.5/27/1949 N.S.
MLB Manager, Baseball Player
Misc: helped the New York Mets to the 2015 World Series (Kansas City Royals beat them)

Bartolo Colón -- b.5/24/1975
MLB Pitcher, Dominican Republican
Misc: AL Cy Young Award winner in 2005
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Cris Colón -- b.1/3/1969
MLB Shortstop, Venezuelan

Christian Colonel -- b.12/25/1981 N.S.
MLB Player

Earle Bryan Combs -- b.5/14/1889 d.7/21/1976 (87)
MLB Center Fielder
Sports Teams: New York Yankees (1924-1935 as part of the "Murderers Row")

Pat Combs -- b.10/29/1966
MLB Pitcher

Charles Albert "Charlie" Comiskey -- b.8/15/1859 N.S. d.10/26/1931 N.S. (72)
Executive, MLB First Baseman
Names/Places: RN:Charles Albert Comiskey; NN:Commy or The Old Roman
Misc: founding owner of the Chicago White Sox Comiskey Park
Sports Teams: St. Louis Brown Stockings/Browns (1882-1889), Chicago Pirates (1890), St. Louis Browns (1891), Cincinnati Reds (1892-1894), St. Louis Browns (manager, 1883-1889, 1891), Chicago Pirates (manager, 1890), Cincinnati Reds (manager, 1892-1894), Chicago White Sox (owner, 1901-1931)

Dave Concepción -- b.6/17/1948
MLB Shortstop, Venezuelan
Names/Places: RN:David Ismael Benitez
Misc: All Star MVP 1982, 9x All-Star, 5x Gold Glove, 2x Silver Slugger, 2x World Series champ; Reds #13 retired
Sports Teams: Cincinnatti Reds (1970-1988)

David Cone -- b.1/2/1963
MLB Pitcher
Misc: AL Cy Young Award winner in 1994
Sports Teams: Kansas City Royals, New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays

Tony Conigliaro -- b.1/7/1945 d.2/24/1990 (45)
MLB Outfielder
Misc: one of baseball's great tragedies and the youngest major leaguer ever to win the home-run crown; Conigliaro had power and speed, but was nearly killed by a pitch from Jack Hamilton, resulting in vision damage that greatly reduced his skills. He still hit 36 homers in 1970.
Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox

Jeff Conine -- b.6/27/1966
MLB Infielder
Misc: All Star MVP 1995
Sports Teams: Florida Marlins

John "Jocko" Conlan -- b.12/6/1899 N.S. d.4/16/1989 N.S. (89)
MLB Umpire

Gene Conley -- b.11/10/1930 d.7/4/2017 N.S. (86)
MLB Pitcher, NBA Player
Misc: played for World Series and NBA champions with Milwaukee Braves (1957) and Boston Celtics (1959-61); winning pitcher in 1954 All-Star Game; won 91 games in 11 seasons.

Thomas H. Connolly -- b.12/31/1870 d.8/28/1961 (90)
MLB Umpire, British
Misc: umpired for 50 years; the first baseball umpire elected to the HofF.

Roger Connor -- b.7/1/1857 d.1/4/1931 (73)
MLB Manager, MLB First Baseman
Misc: 19th century baseball great (N.Y. Giants, St. Louis 1880-97), first baseman, .327 lifetime hitter
Sports Teams: Troy Trojans (1880-1882), New York Gothams/Giants (1883-1889), New York Giants (PL 1890), New York Giants (1891), Philadelphia Phillies (1892), New York Giants (1893-1894), St. Louis Browns (1894-1897), St. Louis Browns (manager 1896)

Chuck Connors -- b.4/10/1921 d.11/10/1992 (71)
TV/Movie Actor, MLB First Baseman, NBA Player
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; RFMN:Kevin Joseph
Sports Teams: Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs
TV Shows: The Rifleman (as Lucas McCain), Arrest & Trial, Branded, Cowboy in Africa, Thrillseekers, Roots, The Yellow Rose, Webster (as Janos Skorzeny)

Jim Converse -- b.8/17/1971
MLB Pitcher, American

Dennis Cook -- b.10/4/1962
MLB Pitcher

Jeff Cook -- b.12/17/1965
MLB Player

Steve Cooke -- b.1/14/1970
MLB Pitcher

Ron Coomer -- b.11/18/1966
Baseball Announcer, MLB Player
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs (broadcaster)

John Walter Cooney -- b.3/18/1901 d.7/8/1986 (85)
MLB Player

Andrew Lewis "Andy" Cooper -- b.4/24/1898 N.S. d.6/3/1941 N.S. (43)
Baseball Figure
Misc: nicknamed "Lefty," was an American left-handed pitcher, who hit right-handed, in baseball's Negro Leagues.

Cecil Cooper -- b.12/20/1949
MLB Manager, MLB First Baseman
Names/Places: MN: Celester; NN: Coop
Misc: 5x All-Star, 3x Silver Slugger, 2x AL RBI Leader, Roberto Clemente Award, 2x Gold Glove
Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox

David Cooper -- b.2/12/1987 N.S.
MLB First Baseman

Mort Cooper -- b.3/2/1913 d.11/17/1958 (45)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: NL MVP 1942
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals

Scoot Cooper -- b.10/13/1967
MLB Third Baseman
Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox

Wilbur Cooper -- b.2/24/1892 d.8/7/1973 (81)
MLB Player

Rocky Coppinger -- b.3/19/1974
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: RN: John Thomas Coppinger

Alex Cora -- b.10/18/1974
Sports Analyst, MLB Infielder, Puerto Rican

Joey Cora -- b.5/14/1965
MLB Coach, MLB Second Baseman, Puerto Rican

Francisco Cordero -- b.5/11/1975
MLB Pitcher, Dominican Republican

Wilfredo "Wil" Cordero -- b.10/3/1971 N.S.
MLB Player, Puerto Rican

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