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Last Updated 04-01-2019

By Saam -- b.9/11/1914 N.S. d.1/16/2000 N.S. (85)
Baseball Announcer
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 1990
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Athletics

C. C. Sabathia -- b.7/21/1980
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: RN: Carstein Charles Sabathia Jr.
Misc: AL LCS MVP 2009 (Yankees), AL Cy Young Award winner in 2007 (Indians)
Sports Teams: Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees

Bret Saberhagen -- b.4/13/1964
MLB Pitcher
Misc: Gold Glove 1989; Youngest Cy Young Award winner; AL Cy Young Award winner in 1985 and 1989; World Series MVP in 1985; some say b. Apr 11
Sports Teams: Kansas City Royals

Christopher Andrew "Sobo" Sabo -- b.1/19/1962
MLB Third Baseman

Ray Sadecki -- b.12/26/1940 d.11/17/2014 (73)
MLB Pitcher

Mike Sadek -- b.5/30/1946
MLB Catcher

Casey Sadler -- b.7/13/1990
MLB Pitcher

Donnie Sadler -- b.6/17/1975
MLB Player

Olmedo Sáenz -- b.10/8/1970 N.S.
MLB Player, Panamaian

Johnny Sain -- b.9/25/1917 d.11/7/2006 (89)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: former top Boston pitcher

Randy Saint Claire -- b.8/23/1960
MLB Pitcher

Lynn Saint John -- b.11/18/1876 N.S. d.9/30/1950 N.S. (73)
College Baseball Coach, College Football Coach, College Basketball Coach
Names/Places: RN:Lynn Wilburn St. John; NN:The Saint
Sports Teams: Ohio State University (basketball coach 1911-1919, baseball coach 1913-1928), Wooster (football coach 1902-1905, basketball coach 1902-1909), Ohio Wesleyan (football coach 1909-1911, basketball coach 1910-1912, baseball coach 1910-1912)

Chris Sale -- b.3/30/1989
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:The Condor

Roger Salkeld -- b.3/6/1971
MLB Pitcher

Harry Sallee -- b.2/3/1885 d.3/22/1950 (65)
MLB Player

Tim Salmon -- b.8/24/1968
MLB Right Fielder

Juan Samuel -- b.12/9/1960
MLB Second Baseman, Dominican Republican

Gary Sánchez -- b.12/2/1992 N.S.
MLB Catcher, Dominican Republican

Jesús Sánchez -- b.10/11/1974
MLB Pitcher, Dominican Republican

Jonathan Sánchez -- b.11/19/1982 N.S.
MLB Pitcher, Puerto Rican
Names/Places: NN: The Kid or The Comeback Kid

Rey Sánchez -- b.10/5/1967
MLB Player, Puerto Rican

Ryne Dee Sandberg -- b.9/18/1959
MLB Second Baseman
Names/Places: NN:Ryno
Misc: 10x All-Star, 9x Gold Glove, 7x Silver Slugger, NL MVP 1984; Cubs #23 retired
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies (1981), Chicago Cubs (1982-1994, 1996-1997), Philadelphia Phillies (manager, 2013-2015); Chicago Cubs

Deion Sanders -- b.8/9/1967
Sports Analyst, MLB Center Fielder, NFL Defensive
Names/Places: b. in Fort Myers, FL
Misc: Atlanta Braves Baseball OF and Atlanta Falcons Football DB-KR; 2-time consensus All-America at Florida St. in football (1987-88); 3-time NFL All-Pro with Atlanta Falcons (1991-93); led Major Leagues in triples (14) with Atlanta in 1992 and hit .533 in World Series the same year
Sports Teams: Atlanta Falcons (1989-1993), San Francisco 49ers (1994), Dallas Cowboys (1995-1999), Washington Redskins (2000), Baltimore Ravens (2004-2005)

Reggie Sanders -- b.12/1/1967
MLB Outfielder

Scott Sanders -- b.3/25/1969
MLB Pitcher

Scott Sanderson -- b.7/22/1956
MLB Pitcher

Pablo Sandoval -- b.8/11/1986 N.S.
MLB Third Baseman, Venezuelan
Misc: World Series MVP 2012
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants

Mo Sanford -- b.12/24/1966 N.S.
MLB Pitcher

Manny Sanguillen -- b.3/21/1944
MLB Catcher, Panamaian

Andrés Santana -- b.2/5/1968
MLB Player, Dominican Republican

Johan Santana -- b.3/13/1979 N.S.
MLB Pitcher, Venezuelan
Misc: 3x ERA leader, Gold Glove, 4x All-Star, AL Cy Young Award winner in 2004 and 2006
Sports Teams: Minnesota Twins

Rafael Santana -- b.1/31/1958
MLB Shortstop, Dominican Republican
Sports Teams: New York Mets, New York Yankees

F. P. Santangelo -- b.10/24/1967
MLB Outfielder

Benito Santiago -- b.3/9/1965
MLB Catcher, Puerto Rican
Misc: 5x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove, 4x Silver Slugger; Padres Hall of Fame; NL LCS MVP 2002
Sports Teams: San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants

Ron Santo -- b.2/25/1940 d.12/3/2010 (70)
MLB Third Baseman
Misc: scored 342 homers; 9x All-Star, 5x Gold Glove; Cubs #10 retired
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs (1960-1973), Chicago White Sox (1974)

Louis Santop -- b.1/17/1890 d.1/22/1942 (52)
Baseball Figure
Misc: was an African-American baseball catcher in the Negro leagues. He became "one of the earliest superstars" and "black baseball's first legitimate home-run slugger" (Riley).

Nelson Santovenia -- b.7/27/1961
MLB Catcher, Cuban

Mackey Sasser -- b.8/3/1962
MLB Catcher

Luis Saturria -- b.7/21/1976
MLB Player, Dominican Republican

Kevin Sauceir -- b.8/9/1956
MLB Pitcher

Hank Sauer -- b.3/17/1917 d.8/24/2001 (84)
MLB Left Fielder
Misc: ML MVP 1952; hit 37 homers and drove in 121 runs in 1952
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs

Tony Saunders -- b.4/29/1974
MLB Player

Rich Sauveur -- b.11/23/1963
MLB Pitcher

John Robert "Bob" Savage -- b.12/1/1921 d.7/26/2013 (91)
MLB Pitcher

Ralph Savidge -- b.2/3/1879 d.7/22/1959 (80)
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:the Human Whipcord

Steve Sax -- b.1/29/1960
Chef, TV Host, MLB Second Baseman
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox

Bob Scanlan -- b.8/9/1966
MLB Pitcher

Steve Scarsone -- b.4/11/1966
MLB Player

Bob Sceffing -- b.8/11/1913 d.10/26/1985 (72)
MLB Player

Paul Schaal -- b.3/3/1943 d.9/1/2017 N.S. (74)
MLB Third Baseman

Ray W. "Cracker" Schalk -- b.8/12/1892 N.S. d.5/19/1970 N.S. (77)
MLB Manager, MLB Catcher
Sports Teams: Chicago White Sox (1912-1928), New York Giants (1929), Chicago White Sox (manager, 1927-1928)

Walter H. Schang -- b.8/22/1889 d.3/6/1965 (75)
MLB Player

Max Scherzer -- b.7/27/1984 N.S.
MLB Pitcher
Misc: AL Cy Young Award winner in 2013, NL Cy Young Award Winner 2016 and 2017
Sports Teams: Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals

Curt Schilling -- b.11/14/1966
MLB Pitcher
Misc: NL LCS MVP 1993 (Phillies), World Series MVP in 2001 (Diamondbacks)
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies, Arizona Diamondbacks

Jason Schmidt -- b.1/29/1973
MLB Pitcher

Jeff Schmidt -- b.2/21/1971
MLB Pitcher

Mike Schmidt -- b.9/27/1949
MLB Third Baseman
Names/Places: b. in Dayton, OH; RN:Michael Jack
Misc: NL MVP 1980, 1981, 1986, World Series MVP in 1980, 8x NL home run leader, 548 HRs, 10x Gold Glove, 4x NL RBI leader, 6x Silver Slugger, 12x All-Star, WS MVP, hit four home runs in one game in 1976; Phillies #20 retired
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies (1972-1989)

Albert "Red" Schoendienst -- b.2/2/1923 N.S. d.6/6/2018 N.S. (95)
MLB Manager, MLB Second Baseman
Misc: 10x All-Star, 5x, World Series champ; ;ed the NL in stolen bases with 26 in 1945; Cardinals #2 retired and in the Cardinals and Baseball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals (1945-1956), New York Giants (1956-1957), Milwaukee Braves (1957-1960), St. Louis Cardinals (1961-1963), St. Louis Cardinals (manager 1965-1976, 1980, 1990)

Scott Schoeneweis -- b.10/2/1973
MLB Pitcher

Dick Schofield -- b.11/21/1962
MLB Shortstop
Names/Places: not to be confused with Ducky Schofield; RN: Richard Craig Schofield

John Richard "Ducky" Schofield -- b.1/7/1935 N.S.
MLB Shortstop
Names/Places: Not to be confused with Dick Schofield

Mike Schooler -- b.8/10/1962
MLB Pitcher

Marge Schott -- b.8/18/1928 d.3/2/2004 (75)
MLB Owner
Misc: Racist slimeball; aka Marge Sh-t!
Sports Teams: Cincincatti Reds (owner)

Pete Schourek -- b.5/10/1969
MLB Player

Bill Schroeder -- b.1/9/1971
Baseball Announcer, NFL Wide Receiver

Ken Schrom -- b.11/23/1954
MLB Player

John Schuerholz -- b.10/1/1940 N.S.
MLB General Manager
Sports Teams: Kansas City Royals (general manager 1981-1990), Atlanta Braves (general-manager 1990-2007, president 2007-present as of 2017)

Erik Schullstrom -- b.3/25/1969
MLB Pitcher

Frank M. "Wildfire" Schulte -- b.9/17/1882 N.S. d.10/2/1949 N.S. (67)
MLB Player
Misc: NL Chalmers Award Winner 1911
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs

Barney Schultz -- b.8/15/1926 N.S. d.9/6/2015 N.S. (89)
MLB Coach, MLB Pitcher
Misc: was strictly a relief pitcher, appearing in 227 games overall without any starts. He was an early specialist in the knuckleball.
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals (1955), Detroit Tigers (1959), Chicago Cubs (1961-1963), St. Louis Cardinals (1963-1965)

Dick Schultz -- b.9/5/1929
Executive, College Baseball Coach, College Basketball Coach
Misc: reform-minded executive director of NCAA from 1988-93; announced resignation on May, 11, 1993, in wake of special investigator's report citing Univ. of Virginia with improper student-athlete loan program during Schultz's tenure as athletic director (1981-87).

Hal Schumacher -- b.11/23/1910 d.4/21/1993 (82)
MLB Pitcher

Donald Schwall -- b.3/2/1938
MLB Pitcher
Misc: 1961 AL rookie of the year

Kyle Schwarber -- b.3/5/1993 N.S.
MLB Player

Jeff Schwarz -- b.5/20/1964
MLB Pitcher

Mike Scioscia -- b.11/27/1958
MLB Manager, MLB Catcher
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers

Herb Score -- b.6/7/1933 d.11/11/2008 (75)
Sports Announcer, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: FN:Herbert Jude
Misc: Boston offered Cleveland $1 million cash for him, the largest bid ever made for a ballplayer, Rosedale, N.Y.
Sports Teams: Cleveland Indians (1955-1959)

Gary Scott -- b.8/22/1968
MLB Third Baseman

George C. Scott Jr. -- b.3/23/1944 d.7/28/2013 (69)
MLB First Baseman
Misc: 8x Gold Glove

Mike Scott -- b.4/26/1955
MLB Pitcher
Misc: NL Cy Young Award Winner and NL LCS MVP 1986
Sports Teams: Hoston Astros

Tim Scott -- b.11/16/1966
MLB Pitcher

Tony Scott -- b.9/18/1951
MLB Player

Scott Scudder -- b.2/14/1968
MLB Pitcher

Vincent "Vin" Scully -- b.11/29/1927
Golf Commentator, Baseball Announcer, Football Announcer
Names/Places: b. in Bronx
Misc: baseball, football, & golf announcer; Ford C. Frick Award winner in 1982; broadcasted games for 67 years, ending on October 2, 2016
Sports Teams: Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers (announcer)
TV Shows: CBS Sports, NBC Sports

Rod Scurry -- b.3/17/1956 d.11/5/1992 (36)
MLB Pitcher

Marco Scutaro -- b.10/30/1975 N.S.
MLB Infielder, Venezuelan
Misc: NL LCS MVP 2012
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants

Corey Seager -- b.4/27/1994 N.S.
MLB Shortstop

Kyle Seager -- b.11/3/1987 N.S.
MLB Third Baseman
Misc: Gold Glove; active as of 2015
Sports Teams: Seattle Mariners

Rudy Seánez -- b.10/20/1968
MLB Pitcher

Steve Searcy -- b.6/4/1964
MLB Pitcher, American

Tom "Terrific" Seaver -- b.11/17/1944
Episcopalian, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: b. in Fresno, CA; RN:George Thomas
Misc: 12x All-Star, 5x NL strikeout leader, won the NL Cy Young award 3X's in 1969, 1973, and 1975, won 311 major league games, and 3,640 strikeouts over 20 years; Mets #41 retired; Mets and Reds Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: New York Mets (1967-1977), Cincinnati Reds (1977-1982), New York Mets (1983), Chicago White Sox (1984-1986), Boston Red Sox (1986)

Bob Sebra -- b.12/11/1961
MLB Pitcher

Kevin Sefcik -- b.2/10/1971
MLB Player

David Segui -- b.7/19/1966
MLB Player

Kevin Seitzer -- b.3/26/1962
MLB Third Baseman
Misc: All-Star

William Selby -- b.6/11/1970
MLB Player

Aaron Sele -- b.6/25/1970
MLB Player

Frank Selee -- b.10/26/1859 d.7/5/1909 (49)
MLB General Manager
Misc: was an American Major League Baseball manager in the National League (NL). In his sixteen-year Major League career, he managed the Boston Beaneaters (Atlanta Braves) for twelve seasons, and the Chicago Orphans (Cubs) for four.

Allan H. "Bud" Selig -- b.7/30/1934 N.S.
Sports Owner, MLB Executive, MLB Player
Misc: car dealer who bought AL Seattle Pilots for $10.8 million in 1970 and moved team to midwest; chairman of owners' executive council and de facto commissioner since he and colleagues forced Fay Vincent to resign on Sept. 7, 1992; cancelled World Series for first time since 1904 after owners voted 26-2 on Sept. 14, 1994 to call off remainder of regular season in wake of 34-day players' strike over proposed salary cap.; president and CEO of Milwaukee Brewers

George Selkirk -- b.1/4/1908 d.1/9/1987 (79)
MLB Player, Canadian
Names/Places: NN:Twinkletoes

Jeff Sellers -- b.5/11/1964
MLB Pitcher

Mike Sember -- b.2/24/1953
MLB Third Baseman

Frank Seminara -- b.5/16/1967
MLB Pitcher

Uljana Semjonova -- b.3/9/1952
Baseball Figure, Basketball Figure, Olympic Athlete, Soviet
Misc: Center; Unbeaten in international team competition in her 18-year career; two Olympic gold medals (1976, 1980); three World Championship gold medals (1971, 1975, 1983); 11 European Women's Championships; 16 European women's club championships; 15 Soviet club championships; member of the inaugural class of inductees to the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 1999; inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame in 2007.

Diego Sequí -- b.8/17/1937
MLB Player, Cuban

Wascar Serrano -- b.6/2/1977
MLB Pitcher, Dominican Republican

Scott Servais -- b.6/4/1967
MLB Manager, MLB Player

Scott Service -- b.2/26/1967
MLB Pitcher

Joe Sewell -- b.10/9/1898 d.3/6/1990 (91)
MLB Shortstop
Sports Teams: Cleveland Indians (1920-1930), New York Yankees (1931-1933)

Truett Ripp Sewell -- b.5/11/1907 d.9/3/1989 (82)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: won 143 ML games; famed eephus pitch

Chris Sexton -- b.6/3/1971
MLB Player

Mike Shannon -- b.7/15/1939
Baseball Announcer, MLB Player
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals (broadcaster)

Bobby Shantz -- b.9/26/1925
MLB Pitcher
Misc: 8x Gold Glove (1957-1964), AL MVP 1952
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Athletics

Dick Sharon -- b.4/15/1950
MLB Player

Mike Sharperson -- b.10/4/1961 d.5/26/1996 N.S. (34)
MLB Infielder

Jeff Shaw -- b.7/7/1966
MLB Pitcher

Danny Sheaffer -- b.8/2/1961
MLB Manager, MLB Catcher

Andy Sheets -- b.11/19/1971
MLB Player

Ben Sheets -- b.7/18/1979
MLB Pitcher, Olympic Athlete

Gary Sheffield -- b.11/18/1968
MLB Third Baseman

John Shelby -- b.2/23/1958
MLB Player, Baseball Coach
Names/Places: NN:T-Bone

Roland Sheldon -- b.12/17/1936
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: New York Yankees

Keith Shepherd -- b.1/21/1968
MLB Pitcher

Darrell Sherman -- b.12/4/1967
MLB Outfielder

Larry Sherry -- b.7/25/1935 d.12/17/2006 (71)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: World Series MVP 1959
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers

James Shields -- b.12/20/1981 N.S.
MLB Pitcher

Scot Shields -- b.7/22/1975
MLB Pitcher

Craig Shipley -- b.1/7/1963
Executive, MLB Player, Australian

Urban Shocker -- b.8/22/1890 d.9/9/1928 (38)
MLB Pitcher

Chris Short -- b.9/19/1937 d.8/1/1991 (53)
MLB Pitcher

Clyde Mitchell Shoun -- b.3/20/1912 d.3/20/1968 (56)
MLB Pitcher

Eric V. Show -- b.5/19/1956 d.3/16/1994 (37)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: d. Mar 18?
Sports Teams: San Diego Padres

Buck Showalter -- b.5/23/1956 N.S.
MLB Manager

Paul Shuey -- b.9/16/1970
MLB Pitcher

Terry Shumpert -- b.8/16/1966
MLB Player

Norman Leroy "Norm" Siebern -- b.6/26/1933 N.S. d.10/30/2015 N.S. (82)
MLB Player
Misc: Gold Glove

Dick Siebert -- b.2/19/1912 d.12/9/1978 (66)
MLB Player

Sonny Siebert -- b.1/14/1937
MLB Pitcher

Rubén Angel (Garcia) Sierra -- b.10/6/1965
MLB Outfielder, Puerto Rican

Roy Edward Sievers -- b.11/18/1926 d.4/3/2017 N.S. (90)
MLB Outfielder
Sports Teams: St. Louis Browns, Washington Senators

Carlos Silva -- b.4/23/1979
MLB Pitcher, Venezuelan

Dave Silvestri -- b.9/29/1967
MLB Infielder, Olympic Athlete

William Simas Jr. -- b.11/28/1971
MLB Pitcher

Al Simmons -- b.5/22/1902 d.5/26/1956 (54)
MLB Left Fielder
Names/Places: NN:Bucketfoot Al
Misc: AL had lifetime .334 batting avg
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Athletics (1924-1932), Chicago White Sox (1933-1935), Detroit Tigers (1936), Washington Senators (1937-1938), Boston Braves (1939), Cincinnati Reds (1939), Philadelphia Athletics (1940-1941), Boston Red Sox (1943), Philadelphia Athletics (1944)

Andrelton Simmons -- b.9/4/1989 N.S.
MLB Shortstop, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: 4x Gold Glove, Platinum Glove (2013)
Sports Teams: Atlanta Braves

Curt Simmons -- b.5/19/1929
MLB Pitcher

Lou Simmons -- b.7/19/1923 N.S. d.4/5/2015 N.S. (91)
Baseball Announcer, Football Announcer
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 2004
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics

Ted Simmons -- b.8/9/1949
MLB Coach, MLB Catcher
Misc: 8x All-Star; in the Cardinals Hall of Fame

Mike Simms -- b.1/12/1967
MLB Outfielder

Randall Simon -- b.5/25/1975
MLB Player
Names/Places: b. in Curacao

Harry "Suitcase" Simpson -- b.12/3/1925 N.S. d.4/3/1979 N.S. (53)
MLB Player
Misc: he hit the most triples in the AL in 1956 and 1957
Sports Teams: Cleveland Indians (1951-1953, 1955), Kansas City Athletics (1955-1957), New York Yankees (1957-1958), Kansas City Athletics (1958-1959), Chicago White Sox (1959), Pittsburgh Pirates (1959)

Wayne Simpson -- b.12/2/1948
MLB Pitcher

Duane Duke Sims -- b.6/5/1941
MLB Catcher

Bill Singer -- b.4/24/1944
MLB Pitcher

Ken Singleton -- b.6/10/1947
MLB Player
Sports Teams: Baltimore Orioles

Mike Sirotka -- b.5/13/1971
MLB Pitcher

George Sisler -- b.3/24/1893 d.3/26/1973 (80)
MLB Manager, MLB First Baseman
Names/Places: NN: Gentkeman George
Misc: 2x AL batting champ, 4x AL stolen base leader, AL League Award Winner 1922; 2812 hits, had record 257 hits in 1920; batted .340 lifetime; 41-game hitting streak
Sports Teams: St. Louis Browns (player 1915-1922, 1924-1927, manager 1924-1926), Washington Senators (player 1928), Boston Braves (player 1928-1930)

Sibby Sisti -- b.7/26/1920 d.4/24/2006 (85)
MLB Player

Grady Sizemore -- b.8/2/1982
MLB Player
Misc: 3x All-Star, 2x Gold Glove, Silver Slugger; active as of 2015

Ted Sizemore -- b.4/15/1945
MLB Player

Leonard Skinner -- b.1/11/1933 N.S. d.9/20/2010 N.S. (77)
Teacher, Baseball Coach
Misc: an American high school gym teacher, basketball coach, realtor, and bar owner from Jacksonville, Florida; he also inspired the name of the Southern rock band Lynard Skynard.

Bill "Moose" Skowron -- b.12/18/1930 N.S. d.4/27/2012 N.S. (81)
MLB Player
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates

Don Slaught -- b.9/11/1958
MLB Catcher

Enos "Country" Slaughter -- b.4/27/1916 N.S. d.8/12/2002 N.S. (86)
MLB Right Fielder
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals (1938-1942, 1946-1953), New York Yankees (1954-1955), Kansas City Athletics (1955-1956), New York Yankees (1956-1959), Milwaukee Braves (1959)

Heathcliff Slocumb -- b.6/7/1966
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies

Roy Smalley Jr. -- b.6/9/1926 d.10/22/2011 (85)
MLB Shortstop
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Braves, Philadelphia Phillies

John Smiley -- b.3/17/1965
MLB Pitcher

Al "Fuzzy" Smith -- b.2/7/1928 d.1/3/2002 (73)
MLB Player

Ballard F. Smith -- b.6/20/1946
MLB Executive
Sports Teams: San Diego Padres (one-time president)

Bobby Smith -- b.5/10/1974
MLB Player

Bryn Smith -- b.8/11/1955
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Montreal Expos, St. Louis Cardinals, Colorado Rockies

Dan Smith -- b.8/20/1969
MLB Pitcher

Dave Smith -- b.1/21/1955 d.12/17/2008 (53)
MLB Player

Dwight Smith -- b.11/8/1963
MLB Player, NFL Wide Receiver

Greg Smith -- b.4/5/1967
MLB Player

Hilton Lee Smith -- b.2/27/1907 d.11/18/1983 (76)
Baseball Figure
Misc: was an American right-handed pitcher in Negro league baseball.

Lee Arthur Smith -- b.12/4/1957 N.S.
MLB Pitcher
Misc: 7x All-Star, 4x saves leader
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs (1980-1987), Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, California Angels, Cincinnatti Reds, Montreal Expos

Lonnie Smith -- b.12/22/1955
MLB Left Fielder

Mark Smith -- b.5/7/1970
MLB Outfielder

Ozzie Smith -- b.12/26/1954
MLB Shortstop
Misc: 15x All-Star, 13x Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, NL LCS MVP 1985, over 2,300 hits; 10-time starter for NL in All-Star Game; Cardinals #1 retired and Cardnials Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: San Diego Padres (1978-1981), St. Louis Cardinals (1982-1996)

Pete Smith -- b.2/27/1966
MLB Player

Reggie Smith -- b.4/2/1945
MLB Player
Misc: Gold Glove, World Series champ (1981), 7x All-Star

Roy Smith -- b.9/6/1961
MLB Executive, MLB Pitcher

Zane Smith -- b.12/28/1960
MLB Pitcher

John Smoltz -- b.5/15/1967
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN: Smoltzie, Marmaduke
Misc: 8x All-Star, NL LCS MVP 1992, NL Cy Young Award winner in 1996; Braves #29 retired
Sports Teams: Atlanta Braves (1988-1999, 2001-2008), Boston Red Sox (2009), St. Louis Cardinals (2009)

Blake Snell -- b.12/4/1992 N.S.
MLB Pitcher, American
Misc: AL Cy Young Award 2018

Duke Snider -- b.9/19/1926 d.2/27/2011 (84)
Baseball Announcer, MLB Center Fielder
Names/Places: RFN:Edwin
Misc: 407 HRs; six World Series player; Dodgers' #4 retired number
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers, Los Angeles Dodgers (previous two teams: 1947-1962), New York Mets (1963), San Francisco Giants (1964), Montreal Expos (broadcaster)

Van Snider -- b.8/11/1963
MLB Player
Sports Teams: Cincinnatti Reds

Chris Snopek -- b.9/20/1970
MLB Player

J. T. Snow -- b.2/26/1968
MLB First Baseman
Misc: 6x Gold Glove
Sports Teams: California Angels, San Francisco Giants

Cory Snyder -- b.11/11/1962
MLB Right Fielder

Russ Snyder -- b.6/22/1934
MLB Player

Eric Soderholm -- b.9/24/1948
MLB Third Baseman, American

Luis Sojo -- b.1/3/1966
MLB Second Baseman, Venezuelan

Moe Solomon -- b.12/8/1900 d.6/25/1966 (65)
MLB Player
Names/Places: NN:the Rabbi of Swat

Alfonso Soriano -- b.1/7/1976 N.S.
MLB Player, Dominican Republican
Misc: All Star MVP 2004
Sports Teams: Texas Rangers

Paul Sorrento -- b.11/17/1965
MLB First Baseman

Jorge Sosa -- b.4/28/1977
MLB Pitcher, Dominican Republican

Sammy Sosa -- b.11/12/1968
MLB Outfielder, Dominican Republican
Misc: NL MVP 1998; Hit 66 home runs in 1998
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs

Mario Soto -- b.7/12/1956
MLB Pitcher, Dominican Republican

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