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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Billy Southworth -- b.3/9/1893 d.11/15/1969 (76)
MLB Manager, MLB Player
Misc: Cardinals Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Cleveland Indians (1913, 1915), Pittsburgh Pirates (1918-1920), Boston Braves (1921-1923), New York Giants (1924-1926), St. Louis Cardinals (1926-1927, 1929), St. Louis Cardinals (manager 1929, 1940-1945), Boston Braves (manager 1946-1949, 1950-1951)

Warren Spahn -- b.4/23/1921 d.11/24/2003 (82)
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: b. in Buffalo, N.Y.
Misc: 17x All-Star, 8x NL wins leader, winner of 20 or more games in 13 of 21 season; led NL in wins 8 times; Cy Young Award winner in 1957; most career wins (363) by a left-hander; Braves #21 retired
Sports Teams: Boston/Milwaukee Braves (1942, 1946-1964), New York Mets (1965), San Francisco Giants (1965)

Albert Goodwill Spalding -- b.9/2/1849 N.S. d.9/9/1915 N.S. (66)
Businessperson, Executive, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:Father of Baseball
Misc: A.G. Spalding & Brothers Sporting Goods Co.; N.L. co-founder
Sports Teams: Rockford Forest Citys (National Association of Baseball Players, 1866-1870), Boston Red Stockings (League Player, 1871-1875), Chicago White Stockings (League Player 1876-1878, League Manager 1876-1877)

Steve Sparks -- b.7/2/1965
MLB Pitcher, American

Tristram Speaker -- b.4/4/1888 d.12/8/1958 (70)
MLB Manager, MLB Center Fielder
Misc: AL Chalmers Award Winner 1912; AL batted .344 over 22 seasons; hit record 793 career doubles, 3515 hits; Tris hit more doubles than Pete Rose.
Sports Teams: Boston Americans/Red Sox (1907-1915), Cleveland Indians (1916-1926), Washington Senators (1927), Philadelphia Athletics (1928), Cleveland Indians (manager 1919-1926)

Tim Spehr -- b.7/2/1966
MLB Catcher, American

Chris Speier -- b.6/28/1950
MLB Player

James Lloyd Spencer -- b.7/30/1946 N.S. d.2/10/2002 N.S. (55)
MLB Player
Misc: 2x Gold Glove

Bill Spiers -- b.6/5/1966
MLB Player

Scott Spiezio -- b.9/21/1972
MLB Player

Howard Spira -- b.4/27/1959
MLB Player

Paul Splittorff -- b.10/8/1946 d.5/25/2011 (64)
MLB Pitcher

Paul Spoljaric -- b.9/24/1970
MLB Pitcher, Canadian

Jerry Spradlin -- b.6/14/1967
MLB Player

Ed Sprague -- b.7/25/1967
MLB Third Baseman, Olympic Athlete

Dennis Springer -- b.2/12/1965
MLB Pitcher

George Springer -- b.9/19/1989 N.S.
MLB Outfielder
Misc: World Series MVP 2017

Russ Springer -- b.11/7/1968
MLB Pitcher

Michael Lynn "Mike" Squires -- b.3/5/1952 N.S.
MLB Player
Misc: Gold Glove

Amos Alonzo Stagg -- b.8/16/1862 d.3/17/1965 (102)
College Baseball Coach, College Football Coach, NBA Player, College Basketball Coach
Misc: Grand Old Man of Football; 57-yr coach; coached Univ. of Chicago ftbl team 41 yrs incl 5 undefeated seasons; introduced the huddle, tackling dummy, man-in-motion, and end-around play; in the College Football and Basketball Halls of Fame.
Sports Teams: Yale (1885-1889), University of Chicago (as player, 1892, as football coach, 1892-1932), Pacific (football coach, CA, 1933-1946), Susquehanna (associate football HC, 1947-1952), Chicago (basketball coach, 1920-1921, Chicago (baseball coach, 1893-1905, 1907-1913)

Chuck Stahl -- b.1/10/1873 d.3/28/1907 (34)
MLB Player

Scott Stahoviak -- b.3/6/1970
MLB First Baseman

Matt Stairs -- b.2/27/1969
MLB First Baseman, MLB Outfielder, Canadian
Misc: MLB Designated Hitter

Gerry Staley -- b.8/21/1920 d.1/2/2008 (87)
MLB Pitcher

George Stallings -- b.11/17/1867 d.5/13/1929 (61)
MLB Manager, MLB Player
Names/Places: NN:the Miracle Man

Steve Staniland -- b.5/14/1955
MLB Player

Andy Stankiewicz -- b.8/10/1964
MLB Manager, MLB Infielder

Eddie Stanky -- b.9/3/1916 d.6/6/1999 (82)
MLB Manager, MLB Player
Names/Places: NN:The Brat
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs (1943-1944), Brooklyn Dodgers (1944-1947), Boston Braves (1948-1949), New York Giants (1950-1951) St. Louis Cardinals (1952-1953), St. Louis Cardinals (manager, 1952-1955), Chicago White Sox (manager, 1966-1968), Texas Rangers (manager, 1977)

Mickey Stanley -- b.7/20/1942
MLB Shortstop
Misc: 4x Gold Glove

Mike Stanley -- b.6/25/1963
MLB Catcher
Sports Teams: New York Yankees

Giancarlo Stanton -- b.11/8/1989 N.S.
MLB Right Fielder
Misc: NL MVP 2017
Sports Teams: Miami Marlins (with a to-date largest contract in sports history record worth of $325 million for 13 years)

Mike Stanton -- b.9/25/1952
MLB Player

Mike Stanton -- b.6/2/1967
MLB Pitcher

Willie Stargell -- b.3/6/1940 d.4/9/2001 (61)
MLB First Baseman, MLB Outfielder
Names/Places: b. in Earlsboro, NC; RFN:Wilver Dornel
Misc: 7x All-Star, 2x World Series champ, NL LCS MVP 1979, NL MVP 1979, World Series MVP in 1979; led NL in home runs twice (1971, 73); 475 career HRs; some say b. 1941; Pirates #8 retired
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates (1962-1982)

Matthew Stark -- b.1/21/1965
MLB Catcher
Misc: MLB Designated Hitter

Dave Staton -- b.4/12/1968
MLB Player

Daniel "Rusty" Staub -- b.4/1/1944 N.S. d.3/29/2018 N.S. (73)
Sportscaster, MLB Player
Names/Places: b. in New Orleans
Misc: 6x All-Star; was the first player to DH in all 162 games in 1978; Expos #10 retired, in the Mets Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Houston Colt .45s / Astros (1963-1968), Montreal Expos (1969-1971), New York Mets (1972-1975), Detroit Tigers (1976-1979), Montreal Expos (1979), Texas Rangers (1980), New York Mets (1981-1985)

Turkey Stearnes -- b.5/8/1901 d.9/4/1979 (78)
Baseball Figure
Misc: was an African American outfielder in the Negro Leagues.
Sports Teams: Nashville Giants (1920), Montgomery Grey Sox (1921), Detroit Stars (1923-1931, 1937), New York Lincoln Giants (1930), Kansas City Monarchs (1931, 1934, 1938-1940), Chicago American Giants (1932-1935, 1937-1938), Philadelphia Stars (1936)

John Stearns -- b.8/21/1951
MLB Catcher
Names/Places: NN: Bad Dude

Gene Stechschulte -- b.8/12/1973
MLB Pitcher, American

Blake Stein -- b.8/3/1973
MLB Pitcher

Terry Steinbach -- b.3/2/1962
MLB Coach, MLB Catcher
Misc: All Star MVP 1988
Sports Teams: Oakland Athletics

George Steinbrenner III -- b.7/4/1930 d.7/13/2010 (80)
MLB Owner, MLB Executive
Misc: his teams have won 4 pennants and 2 World Series (1977-78); has changed managers 18 times, pitching coaches 15 times and GMs 10 times in 21 years; ordered by baseball commissioner Fay Vincent in 1990 to surrender control of club for dealings with small-time gambler; reinstated on Mar. 1, 1993; also serves as one of 3 VPs of U.S. Olympic Committee; David Letterman hates him.
Sports Teams: New York Yankees (principal owner)

Casey Stengel -- b.7/30/1890 d.9/29/1975 (85)
Movie Actor, MLB Manager, MLB Player
Names/Places: NN:The Old Perfessor; b. in Kansas City, Missouri; RFN:Charles Dillon
Misc: managed Yankees to 10 pennants, 7 championships 1949-60; some say b. 1891
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers/Superbas/Robins (1912-1917), Pittsburgh Pirates (1918-1919), Philadelphia Phillies (1920-1921), New York Giants (1921-1923), Boston Braves (1924-1925), Brooklyn Dodgers (manager 1934-1936), Boston Braves (manager 1938-1943), New York Yankees (manager 1949-1960), New York Mets (manager 1962-1965)

Rennie Stennett -- b.4/5/1951
MLB Player, Panamaian
Misc: shares the record for seven hits in a nine-inning game [9/16/75] with Wilbert Robinson of Baltimore Orioles
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates

Vern Stephens -- b.10/23/1920 d.11/3/1968 (48)
MLB Shortstop

Phil Stephenson -- b.9/19/1960
MLB First Baseman

Dave Stevens -- b.3/4/1970
MLB Pitcher

Eddie "Big Ed" Stevens -- b.1/12/1925 d.7/22/2012 (87)
MLB First Baseman

Lee Stevens -- b.7/10/1967
MLB Player

Dave Stewart -- b.2/19/1957
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:Smoke
Misc: World Series MVP 1989 (Oakland), AL LCS MVP 1990 (Oakland), 1993 (Blue Jays)
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers (1978, 1981-1983), Texas Rangers (1983-1985), Philadelphia Phillies (1985-1986), Oakland Athletics (1986-1992), Toronto Blue Jays (1993-1994), Oakland Athletics (1995)

Sammy Stewart -- b.10/28/1954 N.S. d.3/2/2018 N.S. (63)
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Baltimore Orioles

Scott Stewart -- b.8/14/1975
MLB Pitcher

Shannon Stewart -- b.2/25/1974
MLB Outfielder, American

William "Bill" Stewart -- b.9/20/1895 N.S. d.2/18/1964 N.S. (68)
MLB Umpire, Hockey Coach, Hockey Player, Hockey Official

Dave Stieb -- b.7/22/1957
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Toronto Blue Jays

Kurt Stillwell -- b.6/4/1965
MLB Second Baseman

Kelly Stinnett -- b.2/14/1970
MLB Catcher

Kevin Stocker -- b.2/13/1970
MLB Shortstop

Tim Stoddard -- b.1/24/1953 N.S.
MLB Pitcher

Ty Stofflet -- b.7/29/1941
MLB Pitcher
Misc: 100mph fast balls

Mike Stoker -- b.11/11/1966
MLB Player

George Stone -- b.7/9/1946
MLB Player

Steve Stone -- b.7/14/1947
Baseball Announcer, MLB Pitcher
Misc: AL Cy Young Award winner in 1980
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles
TV Shows: Monday Night Baseball

Horace Stoneham -- b.4/27/1903 d.1/7/1990 (86)
MLB Owner
Sports Teams: New York/San Francisco Giants (owner)

Trevor Story -- b.11/15/1992 N.S.
MLB Shortstop

Mel Stottlemyre Jr. -- b.12/28/1963
MLB Coach, MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Toronto Blue Jays

Mel Stottlemyre Sr. -- b.11/13/1941 d.1/13/2019 N.S. (77)
MLB Coach, MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: New York Yankees

Todd Stottlemyre -- b.5/20/1965
MLB Pitcher

Doug Strange -- b.4/13/1964
MLB Player

Monty Stratton -- b.5/21/1912 d.9/29/1982 (70)
MLB Pitcher

Darryl Strawberry -- b.3/12/1962
MLB Right Fielder
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles; NN:The Straw
TV Shows: New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers

Huston Street -- b.8/2/1983
MLB Pitcher

Scott Strickland -- b.4/26/1976
MLB Pitcher

Marcus Stroman -- b.5/1/1991 N.S.
MLB Pitcher
Misc: 1x Gold Glove

Franklin Stubbs -- b.10/21/1960
MLB Player

John Stuper -- b.5/9/1957
MLB Pitcher, College Baseball Coach

Tom Sturdivant -- b.4/28/1930 d.2/28/2009 (78)
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: N.Y. Yankees

Chris Stynes -- b.1/19/1973
MLB Player

Bill Sudakis -- b.3/27/1946
MLB Player

Haywood Sullivan -- b.12/15/1930 d.2/12/2003 (72)
Sports Executive, MLB Catcher

Champ Summers -- b.6/15/1946 N.S. d.10/11/2012 N.S. (66)
MLB Player

"Billy" Sunday -- b.11/19/1862 d.11/6/1935 (72)
Evangelist, MLB Player
Names/Places: FN:William Ashley

James Howard "Jim" Sundberg -- b.5/18/1951 N.S.
MLB Catcher
Names/Places: aka: Jim Sundberg
Misc: 3x All-Star, 6x Gold Glove; Rangers Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Texas Rangers (1974-1983), Milwaukee Brewers (1984), Kansas City Royals (1985-1986), Chicago Cubs (1987-1988), Texas Rangers (1988-1989)

Jeff Suppan -- b.1/2/1975 N.S.
MLB Pitcher
Misc: NL LCS MVP 2006
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals

B. J. Surhoff -- b.8/4/1964
MLB Player

Rick Sutcliffe -- b.6/21/1956
Baseball Announcer, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN: The Red Baron
Misc: NL Cy Young Award winner in 1984
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, San Diego Padres (commentator 1997-2004)
TV Shows: ESPN (baseball commentator)

Gary Sutherland -- b.9/27/1944
MLB Infielder

Bruce Sutter -- b.1/8/1953
MLB Pitcher
Misc: NL Cy Young Award Winner in 1979 (Cubs), 6x All-Star, World Series champion (1982), 5x N: saves leader; Cardinals #42 retired
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs (1976-1980), St. Louis Cardinals (1981-1984), Atlanta Braves (1985-1986, 1988)

George "Mule" Suttles -- b.3/31/1901 d.7/9/1966 (65)
Baseball Figure
Misc: was an American first baseman and outfielder in Negro league baseball, most prominently with the Birmingham Black Barons, St. Louis Stars and Newark Eagles. Best known for his power hitting.

Don Sutton -- b.4/2/1945
Baseball Announcer, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: b. in Clio, Al.; FN:Donald Howard
Misc: All Star MVP 1977 (Dodgers)
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers (1966-1980), Houston Astros (1981-1982), Milwaukee Brewers (1982-1984), Oakland Athletics (1985), California Angels (1985-1987), Los Angeles Dodgers (1988); Los Angeles Dodgers (announcer), Atlanta Braves (announcer)

Larry Sutton -- b.5/14/1970
MLB Player

Ichiro Suzuki -- b.10/22/1973
MLB Pitcher, Japanese
Misc: Major star in the MPB 1992-2000; AL MVP 2001, 10x All-Star, 3x Silver Slugger, 10x Gold Glove; active as of 2015
Sports Teams: Orix BlueWave (OPB), Seattle Mariners

Mac Suzuki -- b.5/31/1975
MLB Pitcher, Japanese

Dale Sveum -- b.11/23/1963
MLB Manager, MLB Player

Craig Swan -- b.11/30/1950
MLB Pitcher

Russ Swan -- b.1/3/1964 d.4/26/2006 (42)
MLB Player

Dave Swartzbaugh -- b.2/11/1968
MLB Pitcher

Mark Sweeney -- b.10/26/1969
MLB First Baseman

Mike Sweeney -- b.7/22/1973
MLB Player

Bill Swift -- b.10/27/1961
MLB Pitcher

Bob Swift -- b.3/6/1915 d.10/17/1966 (51)
MLB Manager, MLB Coach, MLB Catcher

Greg Swindell -- b.1/2/1965
MLB Pitcher

Nick Swisher -- b.11/25/1980 N.S.
MLB Outfielder

Steve Swisher -- b.8/9/1951
MLB Catcher, Baseball Manager
Names/Places: RN: Steven Eugene Swisher

Ron Swoboda -- b.6/30/1944
MLB Outfielder
Sports Teams: New York Mets, New York Yankees

Noah Syndergaard -- b.8/29/1992 N.S.
MLB Pitcher, American

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