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Last Updated 04-01-2019

Brian Habib -- b.12/2/1964
NFL Guard, NFL Tackle

Dino Hackett -- b.6/28/1964
NFL Linebacker

Wayne Haddix -- b.7/23/1965
NFL Cornerback

Joe Haden -- b.4/14/1989 N.S.
NFL Cornerback

Pat Haden -- b.1/23/1953
Attorney/Lawyer, Sportscaster, NFL Quarterback, WFL Figure
Sports Teams: Southern California Sun, Los Angeles Rams

John Hadl -- b.2/15/1940
NFL Coach, NFL Quarterback, AFL Figure
Misc: 4x AFL All-Star, 33,503 career yards; in the College Football Hall of Fame
Book Titles: University of Kansas, San Diego Chargers (1962-1972), Los Angeles Rams (1973-1974), Green Bay Packers (1974-1975), Houston Oilers (1976-1977)

Britt Hager -- b.2/20/1966
NFL Linebacker

George Halas -- b.2/2/1895 d.10/31/1983 (88)
NFL Coach, NFL Player
Names/Places: NN:Papa Bear
Misc: 1919 Rose Bowl MVP, NFL co-founder; 8x NFL champ, Bears #7 retired; record 326-151-31; Halas revolutionized American football strategy in the late 1930s when he revived the T formation and added to it the man in motion.
Sports Teams: Decatur Staleys/Chicago Staleys/Chicago Bears (player and coach 1920-1929), Chicago Bears (coach 1933-1942, 1946-1955, 1958-1967, owner 1920-1983)

George Halas Jr. -- b.9/4/1925 N.S. d.12/16/1979 N.S. (54)
NFL Executive
Names/Places: George's son; NN:Mugs

Charles Lewis Haley -- b.1/6/1964
NFL Linebacker
Misc: 5x Super Bowl champ, 5x Pro Bowl, 100 Sacks Club
Sports Teams: San Francisco 49ers (1986-1991), Dallas Cowboys (1992-1996), San Francisco 49ers (1998-1999)

Charlie (Football) Hall -- b.12/2/1948
NFL Player

Courtney Hall -- b.8/26/1968
NFL Center

Dana Hall -- b.7/8/1969
NFL Player

Darryl Hall -- b.8/1/1966
NFL Player

Lemanski Hall -- b.11/24/1970
NFL Linebacker

Ray Hall -- b.3/2/1971
NFL Tackle

Rhett Hall -- b.12/5/1968
NFL Player, Football Defensive Lineman

Ron Hall -- b.3/15/1964 d.5/19/2007 N.S. (43)
NFL Tight End

Tim Hall -- b.2/15/1974
NFL Runningback

Travis Hall -- b.8/3/1972
NFL Tackle

Windlan Hall -- b.3/11/1950
NFL Safety
Misc: Super Bowl XI
Sports Teams: Minnesota Vikings

Dean Halverson -- b.8/24/1946
NFL Player

Jack Ham -- b.12/23/1948
NFL Linebacker
Misc: 8x Pro Bowl, 6x First-team All-Pro; Super Bowls IX, X, XIII, XIV; Steelers #59 no longer issued; in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers (1971-1982)

Bobby (Football) Hamilton -- b.7/1/1971
NFL Defensive End
Misc: 2x Super Bowl champ

Harry Hamilton -- b.11/29/1962
NFL Player

Keith Hamilton -- b.5/25/1971
NFL Player

Ruffin Hamilton -- b.3/2/1971
NFL Player

Shelly Hammonds -- b.2/13/1971
NFL Defensive

Casey Hampton -- b.9/3/1977
NFL Tackle, College Football Player
Names/Places: NN: Big Snack
Misc: 5x Pro Bowl, 2x Super Bowl champ

Dan Hampton -- b.1/19/1957
Sportscaster, NFL Defensive
Misc: 4x Pro Bowl, 4x First Team All-Pro
Sports Teams: Chicago Bears (1975-1990)

Dave Hampton -- b.5/7/1947
NFL Runningback

Rodney Hampton -- b.4/3/1969
NFL Runningback

Chris Hanburger -- b.8/13/1941
NFL Linebacker
Misc: 9x Pro Bowl selection, 4x First-team All-Pro selection, 2x Second-team All-Pro selection, 8x First Team All-Conference, 1972 NFL 101 NFC Defensive Player of the Year
Sports Teams: Washington Redskins (1965-1978)

Jon Hand -- b.11/13/1963
NFL Defensive End

Norman Hand -- b.9/4/1972 d.5/14/2010 (37)
NFL Player

Ray Handley -- b.10/8/1944
NFL Coach, NFL Player

Merton Hanks -- b.3/12/1968
NFL Safety

John Hannah -- b.4/4/1951
NFL Guard, College Football Player
Misc: 9x Pro Bowl, 10X All-Pro; in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Alabama, New England Patriots (1973-1985)

Shane Hannah -- b.10/21/1971
NFL Guard

Travis Hannah -- b.1/31/1970
NFL Wide Receiver

Terry Hanratty -- b.1/19/1948
NFL Quarterback
Misc: Super Bowl IX, X
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers

Brian Hansen -- b.10/26/1960
NFL Punter

Don Hansen -- b.8/20/1944
NFL Linebacker

Phil Hansen -- b.5/20/1968
NFL Player

Tim Hanshaw -- b.4/27/1970
NFL Player

Jason Hanson -- b.6/17/1970
NFL Player

Victor A. "Vic" Hanson -- b.7/30/1903 N.S. d.4/10/1982 N.S. (78)
College Baseball Player, College Football Coach, College Football Player, College Basketball Player
Misc: was a well-known multi-sport college athlete in the 1920s. Helms Foundation Championship (Syracuse, 1926); Helms Foundation Player of the Year (1927); Grantland Rice's All-Time, All-America Team (1952); played with ABL's Cleveland Rosenblums (1927-30).
Sports Teams: Syracuse University (football player 1924-1926, basketball player 1924-1927, football coach 1928-1936)

Byron Hanspard -- b.1/23/1976
NFL Runningback

Jim Harbaugh -- b.12/23/1963
NFL Coach, NFL Quarterback, College Football Coach, College Football Player
Sports Teams: Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers (coach), University of Michigan (coach)

John Harbaugh -- b.9/23/1962 N.S.
NFL Coach, NFL Defensive
Sports Teams: Baltimore Ravens

Billy Hardee -- b.8/12/1954 d.7/4/2011 N.S. (56)
CFL Figure, Football Defensive
Sports Teams: Toronto Agronauts

Dan Hardeman -- b.8/13/1952
NFL Player

Mike Harden -- b.2/16/1959
NFL Safety

Pat Harder -- b.5/6/1922 d.9/6/1992 (70)
NFL Fullback
Misc: shared NFL individual game record: points after touchdowns [9]
Sports Teams: Chicago Cardinals, Detroit Lions

Steve Hardin -- b.12/30/1971
NFL Linebacker, CFL Figure, American

Cedrick Hardman -- b.10/4/1948 N.S. d.3/8/2019 N.S. (70)
NFL Defensive End
Misc: Super Bowl XV
Sports Teams: Oakland Raiders

Nick Hardwick -- b.9/2/1981
NFL Center

Adrian Hardy -- b.8/16/1970
NFL Defensive

Darryl Hardy -- b.11/22/1968
NFL Linebacker

Pat Harlow -- b.3/16/1969
NFL Tackle

Andy Harmon -- b.4/6/1969
NFL Player

Mark Harmon -- b.9/2/1951
TV/Movie Actor, NFL Player
Names/Places: b. in Burbank, CA; Pam Dawber's hubby, Kris' brother
Misc: Coors Beer spokesperson
TV Shows: Centennial, 240-Robert, Flamingo Road (as Fielding Carlyle), St. Elsewhere (as Dr. Robert Caldwell), Reasonable Doubts (as Richard "Dicky" Cobb), Charlie Grace (star), Chicago Hope (as Dr. Jack McNeil), Navy NCIS (as Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs)
Movie Titles: Freaky Friday (2003), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Ronnie Harmon -- b.5/7/1964
NFL Runningback

Tom Harmon -- b.9/28/1919 d.3/15/1990 (70)
TV/Movie Actor, Football Announcer, NFL Runningback, College Football Player
Names/Places: NN:Ol' 98; Mark's father
Misc: Heisman Trophy (1940), Radio Broadcaster
Sports Teams: University of Michigan (1938-1940), Los Angeles Rams (1946-1947), UCLA (broadcaster 1960s-1970s)

Alvin Harper -- b.7/6/1967
NFL Wide Receiver

Dwayne Harper -- b.3/29/1966
NFL Player

Mark Harper -- b.11/5/1961
NFL Cornerback

Roland Harper -- b.2/28/1953
NFL Player

Shawn Harper -- b.7/9/1968
NFL Player

Willie Harper -- b.7/30/1950
NFL Linebacker
Misc: Super Bowl XVI
Sports Teams: San Francisco 49ers

Dennis Harrah -- b.3/9/1953
NFL Guard

Gary Harrell -- b.1/23/1972
NFL Player, College Football Coach

Joey Harrington -- b.10/21/1978
NFL Quarterback

Anthony Harris -- b.1/25/1973
NFL Linebacker

Bernardo Harris -- b.10/15/1971
NFL Linebacker

Bo Harris -- b.1/16/1953
NFL Linebacker
Misc: Super Bowl XVI
Sports Teams: Cincinnati Bengals

Chris Harris -- b.6/18/1989 N.S.
NFL Cornerback

Cliff Harris -- b.11/12/1948
NFL Safety
Misc: Super Bowl: V, VI, X, XII, XIII; 6x Pro Bowl, 5x NFC Champion
Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys (1970-1979)

Corey Harris -- b.3/31/1978
NFL Player

Corey Harris -- b.10/25/1969
NFL Player

Franco Harris -- b.3/7/1950
NFL Runningback
Names/Places: b. in Fort Dix, NJ
Misc: ran for over 1,000 yards a season 8 times; rushed for 12,120 yards and scored 100 TDs in 13 years; led the Pittsburgh Steelers to 4 Super Bowl titles: IX, X, XIII, XIV; Super Bowl IX MVP; 9x Pro Bowl; Steelers #32 no longer issued and in Pittsburgh Pro and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers (1972-1983), Seattle Seahawks (1984)

Ike Harris -- b.11/27/1952
NFL Wide Receiver

Jack Harris -- b.9/18/1941 N.S.
Radio Host, Football Announcer
Sports Teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (commentator)

Jackie Harris -- b.1/4/1968
NFL Tight End

James Harris -- b.5/13/1968
NFL Player

James Harris -- b.7/20/1947
NFL Executive, NFL Quarterback
Sports Teams: Grambling State University, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars (administrator), Detroit Lions (administrator)

Mark Harris -- b.4/28/1970
NFL Wide Receiver

Odie Harris -- b.4/1/1966
NFL Player

Raymont Harris -- b.12/23/1970
NFL Runningback

Robert Harris -- b.6/13/1969
NFL Player

Ronnie Harris -- b.6/4/1970
NFL Player

Sean Harris -- b.2/25/1972
NFL Linebacker

Tim Harris -- b.9/10/1964
NFL Linebacker

Tommie Harris -- b.4/29/1983
NFL Tackle

Brandon Harrison -- b.9/10/1971
NFL Wide Receiver

Chris Harrison -- b.2/25/1972
NFL Tackle

James Harrison -- b.5/4/1978 N.S.
NFL Linebacker

Martin Harrison -- b.9/20/1967
NFL Linebacker, NFL Defensive End

Marvin Harrison -- b.8/25/1972
NFL Player
Misc: 8x Pro Bowl, 3x First-Team All-Pro, 5x Second-Team All-Pro
Sports Teams: Indianapolis Colts (1996-2008)

Nolan Harrison -- b.1/25/1969
NFL Player, Football Defensive Lineman

Rodney Harrison -- b.12/15/1972
NFL Safety

Jim Hart -- b.4/29/1944
NFL Quarterback
Misc: 34,665 yds passing
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Redskins

Leon Hart -- b.11/2/1928 d.9/24/2002 (73)
NFL Player, College Football Player
Misc: only player to win 3 national championships in college and 3 more in the NFL; won his titles at Notre Dame (1946-47,49) and with Detroit Lions (1952-53,57); 3-time All-America and last lineman to win Heisman Trophy (1949); All-Pro on both offense and defense in 1951.
Sports Teams: University of Notre Dame, Detroit Lions (1950-1957)

Tommy Hart -- b.11/7/1944
NFL Defensive End

Greg Hartle -- b.2/14/1951
NFL Linebacker

Frank Hartley -- b.12/15/1967
NFL Tight End

Ken Harvey -- b.5/6/1965
NFL Linebacker
Sports Teams: Washington Redskins

Richard Harvey -- b.9/11/1966
NFL Player

Percy Harvin -- b.5/28/1988 N.S.
NFL Wide Receiver
Misc: NFL Kick Returner

Carlton Haselrig -- b.1/22/1966
NFL Guard, Wrestler

Donald Lee Haskins -- b.3/14/1930 d.9/7/2008 (78)
College Football Coach, College Basketball Player, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: NN:The Bear
Misc: one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history; in the College Basketball and Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Oklahoma A&M (player 1949-1952), Texas Western/University of Texas at El Paso (head coach 1961-1999), United States (asst coach 1972)

Clint Haslerig -- b.4/9/1952
NFL Player

Harald Hasselbach -- b.9/22/1967
NFL Defensive End
Misc: Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII, 80th Grey Cup Champion; one of the few football players to have been part of a winning team in a Grey Cup and a Super Bowl
Sports Teams: Calgary Stampeeders (CFL, 1990-1993), Denver Broncos (1994-2000)

Matt Hasselback -- b.9/25/1975
Sports Analyst, NFL Quarterback

Andre Hastings -- b.11/7/1971
NFL Wide Receiver

James Hasty -- b.5/23/1965
NFL Cornerback

Ken Hatfield -- b.6/6/1943
College Football Coach, College Football Player

Mark Hatfield -- b.8/21/1970
NFL Player, CFL Figure

Tim Hauck -- b.12/20/1966
NFL Coach, NFL Player

Percy Duncan Haughton -- b.7/11/1876 d.10/27/1924 (48)
College Football Coach
Misc: Innovative Harvard University football coach whose teams (1908-16) won 71 games, lost 7, and tied 5.

Steven Hauschka -- b.6/29/1985 N.S.
NFL Kicker

Dennis Havig -- b.5/6/1949
NFL Player

AJ Hawk -- b.1/6/1984 N.S.
NFL Linebacker

Courtney Hawkins -- b.12/12/1969
NFL Wide Receiver

Garland Hawkins -- b.2/19/1970
NFL Defensive End

Ed Hawthorne -- b.7/30/1970
NFL Player

Aaron Hayden -- b.4/13/1972
NFL Runningback
Misc: Superbowl XXXI
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Bob Hayes -- b.12/20/1942 d.9/18/2002 (59)
NFL Player, Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Names/Places: RN:Robert Lee Hayes; NN:Bullet Bob
Misc: won gold medal in 100m at 1964 Olympics; All-Pro SE for Dallas in 1966; convicted of drug trafficking in 1979 and served 18 months of a 5-year sentence.
Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys (1965-1974), San Francisco 49ers (1975)

Jonathan Hayes -- b.8/11/1962
NFL Player
Sports Teams: Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers

Lester Hayes -- b.1/22/1955
NFL Quarterback

Melvin Hayes -- b.4/28/1973 N.S.
NFL Tackle

Mercury Hayes -- b.1/1/1973
NFL Wide Receiver, CFL Figure

"Woody" Hayes -- b.2/14/1913 d.3/12/1987 (74)
NFL Player, College Football Coach
Misc: Ohio State University team 28-yrs; whose career coaching record was 238 games won, 72 lost, and 10 tied. He developed 58 All-American players, and his Ohio State University teams (1951-78) won 13 Big Ten championships.

Abner Haynes -- b.9/19/1937
NFL Runningback

Michael Haynes -- b.12/24/1965
NFL Wide Receiver

Mike Haynes -- b.7/1/1953
NFL Cornerback, College Football Player
Misc: 9x Pro Bowl; Patriots #40 retired; in the College Football and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Arizona State University, New England Patriots (1976-1982), Los Angeles Raiders (1983-1989)

Albert Haynesworth -- b.6/17/1981
NFL Defensive

Tracy Hayworth -- b.12/18/1967
NFL Linebacker

Dick Hazmaier -- b.11/23/1930 d.8/1/2013 (82)
College Football Player
Sports Teams: Princeton University (halfback 1949-51)

Ed Healey -- b.12/28/1894 d.12/9/1978 (83)
NFL Tackle, College Football Player
Misc: in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Rock Island Independents (1920-1922), Chicago Bears (1923-1927)

Todd Heap -- b.3/16/1980
NFL Tight End

Garrison Hearst -- b.1/4/1971
NFL Runningback

Bobby Hebert -- b.8/19/1960
Sportscaster, NFL Quarterback, USFL Figure
Names/Places: LN pronounced "ay-bare"
Misc: holds the USFL record of 10,039 career passing yards
Sports Teams: Michigan Panthers, Oakland Invaders, New Orleans Saints, Altanta Falcons

Vaughn Hebron -- b.10/7/1970
NFL Runningback
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos

Andy Heck -- b.1/1/1967
NFL Tackle, Football Offensive Lineman
Sports Teams: Seattle Seahawks

Johnny Hector -- b.11/26/1960
NFL Runningback

William "Pudge" Heffelfinger -- b.12/20/1867 d.4/2/1954 (86)
NFL Defensive, College Football Player
Misc: Yale University guard; greatest blocker of all time; the first paid professional player in 1892 ($500/game); "Pudge" is best remembered for his innovative method of pulling out of the line to run interference for running backs.
Sports Teams: Yale University

George Hegamin -- b.2/14/1973
NFL Tackle, Football Offensive Tackle

Mel Hein -- b.8/22/1909 d.1/31/1992 (82)
NFL Coach, NFL Center
Sports Teams: New York Giants (1931-1945)

Josh Heinrich -- b.5/13/1972
NFL Player

John William Heisman -- b.10/23/1869 d.10/3/1936 (66)
College Football Coach, College Football Player
Misc: The Heisman Trophy established in his name (1935); The first athletic director of NY's downtown athletic club; 36-year coach; in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Brown (football player, 1887-1889), Penn (football player, 1890-1891), Oberlin (football coach, 1892), Buchtel (football coach, 1893-1894), Oberlin (football coach, 1894), Auburn (football coach, 1895-1899), Clemson (football coach, 1900-1903), Georgia Tech (football coach, 1904-1919), Penn (football coach, 1920-1922), Washington & Jefferson (football coach, 1923), Rice (football coach, 1924-1927), Georgia Tech (basketball coach, 1908-1909), Georgia Tech (basketball coach, 1912-1914), Buchtel (baseball coach, 1894), Clemson (baseball coach, 1899-1904), Georgia Tech (baseball coach, 1904-1917)

Ron Heller -- b.8/25/1962
NFL Coach, NFL Player

Dale Hellestrae -- b.7/11/1962
NFL Player

Hessley Hempstead -- b.1/29/1972
NFL Player, Football Offensive Lineman

Jerome Henderson -- b.8/8/1969
NFL Coach, NFL Cornerback

William Henderson -- b.2/19/1971
NFL Player
Misc: Superbowl XXXI
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Ted Hendricks -- b.11/1/1947
NFL Linebacker, College Football Player
Misc: 4x Super Bowl champ, 8x Pro Bowl, played for 215 straight games in 15 seasons; in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Miami, Baltimore Colts (1969-1973), Green Bay Packers (1974), Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders (1975-1983)

Steve Hendrickson -- b.8/30/1966
NFL Linebacker

David Hendrix -- b.5/29/1972
NFL Player

Darryl Henley -- b.10/30/1966
NFL Cornerback

Mike Hennigan -- b.10/24/1951
NFL Linebacker

Dan Henning -- b.6/21/1942 N.S.
NFL Coach, NFL Quarterback

Chad Hennings -- b.10/20/1965
NFL Player, College Football Player, Football Defensive Tackle
Sports Teams: United States Air Force Academy, Dallas Cowboys (1992-2000)

Chris Henry -- b.5/17/1983 d.12/17/2009 (26)
NFL Wide Receiver

Derrick Henry -- b.7/17/1994 N.S.
College Football Player, Football Runningback
Misc: Heisman Trophy (2015)
Sports Teams: University of Alabama

Kevin Henry -- b.10/23/1968
NFL Player

Mario Henry -- b.9/14/1971
NFL Wide Receiver

Mike Henry -- b.8/15/1936
Actor, NFL Linebacker
Misc: retired from acting in 1987
Movie Titles: Smokey and the Bandit (series), Soylent Green, The Longest Yard, Outrageous Fortune, Tarzan (1966-68 movies)

Pete Henry -- b.10/31/1897 d.2/7/1952 (54)
NFL Coach, NFL Tackle
Names/Places: RFN:Wilbur
Misc: outstanding punts and dropkicks put him in NFL record books; in the Pro and College Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Canton Bulldogs (player 1920-1926, coach 1926), New York Giants (player 1927), Pottsville Maroons (player 1927-1928, coach 1928), Washington and Jefferson (coach 1942, 1945)

Craig Hentrich -- b.5/18/1971
NFL Player

Bruno Heppell -- b.2/14/1972
CFL Figure, Football Fullback, Canadian

Arnie Herber -- b.4/2/1910 d.10/14/1969 (59)
NFL Quarterback
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers (1930-1940), New York Giants (1944-1945)

Vern Den Herder -- b.11/28/1948
NFL Defensive End, College Football Player
Misc: Super Bowl: VI, VII, VIII, XVII; in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Central College-Iowa, Miami Dolphins

Matt Herkenhoff -- b.4/2/1951
NFL Player, Football Offensive Tackle

Terry Hermeling -- b.4/25/1946
NFL Tackle
Misc: Super Bowl VII
Sports Teams: Washington Redskins

Aaron Hernandez -- b.11/6/1989 N.S. d.4/19/2017 N.S. (27)
Outlaw, NFL Tight End
Misc: sentenced to life in prison for murder

Don Herrmann -- b.6/5/1947
NFL Wide Receiver, American

Jeff Herrod -- b.7/29/1966
NFL Linebacker
Names/Places: Mr. T's 1st cousin

Leon Hess -- b.3/13/1914 d.5/7/1999 (85)
NFL Owner
Sports Teams: New York Jets (owner)

Jon Hesse -- b.6/6/1973
NFL Player
Misc: SuperBowl XXXII
Sports Teams: Denver Broncos

Devin Hester -- b.11/4/1982 N.S.
NFL Wide Receiver

Jessie Hester -- b.1/21/1963
NFL Wide Receiver

Willie Heston -- b.9/9/1878 d.9/9/1963 (85)
College Football Player
Misc: collegiate halfback who played with Fielding Yost's University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) teams that from 1901 through 1904 scored 2,326 points in 44 games to their opponents' 40 points.

Chris Hetherington -- b.11/27/1972
NFL Runningback

Bill Hewitt -- b.10/8/1909 d.1/14/1947 (37)
NFL Defensive
Names/Places: NN:"Sticky"
Misc: Football end (Bears, Eagles), first player to be all-NFL on two different teams, Bay City, Mich.
Sports Teams: Chicago Bears (1932-1936), Philadelphia Eagles (1937-1939), Steagles (1943)

Craig "Ironhead" Heyward -- b.9/26/1966 N.S. d.5/27/2006 N.S. (39)
NFL Player

Gene Hickerson -- b.2/15/1935 d.10/20/2008 (73)
NFL Player
Misc: 6x Pro Bowl
Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns (1958-1973)

Edgar S. "Eddie" Hickey -- b.12/20/1902 N.S. d.12/5/1980 N.S. (77)
College Football Coach, College Basketball Coach
Misc: in the Basketball and College Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Creighton University (football 1934, basketball 1934-1943, 1946-1947), St. Louis University (basketball 1947-1958), Marquette University (basketball 1958-1964)

Kevin Hickman -- b.8/20/1971
NFL Player

Edward J. Hickox -- b.4/10/1878 N.S. d.1/28/1966 N.S. (87)
College Football Coach, Basketball Administrator
Misc: an executive secretary of the Hall of Fame from 1949-1963.
Sports Teams: Southwestern Normal (football coach 1907), Springfield (MA, football coach 1922-1923, basketball coach 1926-1942), Colorado College (basketball coach 1914-1915), American International (basketball coach 1944-1947)

Anthony Hicks -- b.3/31/1974
NFL Player
Misc: Superbowl XXXI
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Clifford Hicks -- b.8/18/1964
NFL Player

John Hicks -- b.3/21/1951 d.10/30/2016 N.S. (65)
NFL Linebacker, College Football Player
Names/Places: aka John Charles Hicks Jr.
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame; was a runner-up in the vote for the Heisman Trophy
Sports Teams: Ohio State, New York Giants (1974-1977)

Mark Higgs -- b.4/11/1966
NFL Runningback

Alonzo Highsmith -- b.2/26/1965
NFL Player

Van Hiles -- b.11/1/1975
NFL Player

Jay Walter Hilgenberg -- b.3/21/1960
NFL Center

Bruce Hill -- b.2/29/1964
NFL Wide Receiver

Calvin Hill -- b.1/2/1947
NFL Runningback
Misc: 4x all pro

Drew Hill -- b.10/5/1956 d.3/18/2011 (54)
NFL Wide Receiver

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