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Last Updated 01-23-2019

Colin Kaepernick -- b.11/3/1987 N.S.
NFL Quarterback

Alai Kalaniuvalu -- b.10/23/1971
NFL Guard

Harry Kalas -- b.3/26/1936 N.S. d.4/13/2009 N.S. (73)
Baseball Announcer, Football Announcer
Misc: voice-over narrator for NFL Films productions; Westwood One radio football announcer; Ford C. Frick Award winner in 2002
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies (1971-2009)

Tony Kalis -- b.5/10/1965
NFL Linebacker

Tommy Kane -- b.1/14/1964
NFL Wide Receiver, Canadian

Danny Kanell -- b.11/21/1973
Sports Analyst, NFL Quarterback

Joe Kapp -- b.3/19/1938
Actor, Movie Producer, NFL Quarterback, College Football Coach, College Football Player
Misc: with Minnesota Vikings: Super Bowl IV; shares NFL Individual Record for touchdowns thrown in a game [7]: Vikings vs. Baltimore Colts [9/28/69]; in the Canadian and College Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: University of California Berkeley (player in 1950s, coach 1982-1986), Sacramento Attack (coach 1992), Calgary Stampeders (player 1959-1960), British Columbia Lions (player 1961-1966), Minnesota Vikings (player 1967-1969), Boston Patriots (player 1970)
Movie Titles: The Longest Yard (actor and producer, 1974)

Rich Karlis -- b.5/23/1959
NFL Player

Alex Karras -- b.7/15/1935 d.10/10/2012 (77)
Author, TV/Movie Actor, Football Announcer, NFL Defensive
Names/Places: b. in Gary, IN; NN: The Mad Duck; Susan Clark's husband
Misc: Detroit Lions terrifying football defensive tackle; a member of the College Football Hall of Fame; four-time NFL Pro Bowler.
Sports Teams: Detroit Lions (1958-1962, 1964-1970)
TV Shows: Centennial, Monday Night Football, Webster (as George Papadapolis)

John Kasay -- b.10/27/1969
NFL Kicker

Napoleon Kaufman -- b.6/7/1973
Minister, NFL Runningback

Dick Kazmaier -- b.11/23/1930 d.8/1/2013 (82)
College Football Player
Misc: Heisman Trophy (1951)
Sports Teams: Princeton University

Jermaine Kearse -- b.2/6/1990 N.S.
NFL Wide Receiver

Tom Keating -- b.9/2/1942 d.8/31/2012 (69)
NFL Tackle
Misc: Super Bowl II
Sports Teams: Oakland Raiders

Case Keenum -- b.2/17/1988 N.S.
NFL Quarterback

Mike Keim -- b.11/12/1965
NFL Tackle

Craig Keith -- b.4/27/1971
NFL Tight End

Travis Kelce -- b.10/5/1989 N.S.
NFL Tight End

Ron Vander Kelen -- b.11/6/1939 N.S. d.8/14/2016 N.S. (76)
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player
Misc: broke several Rose Bowl records in 1963 (also Rose Bowl MVP); in the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Minnesota Vikings

William Keller -- b.8/30/1947
NFL Player

Larry Kelley -- b.5/30/1915 d.6/27/2000 (85)
College Football Player
Misc: second winner of the Heisman Trophy in 1936
Sports Teams: Yale University (1934-1936)

Marv Kellum -- b.6/23/1952
NFL Linebacker
Misc: Super Bowl IX, X
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers

Brian Kelly -- b.10/25/1961 N.S.
College Football Coach
Sports Teams: Notre Dame

Brian Kelly -- b.3/27/1956
College Football Coach, CFL Figure, Football Wide Receiver
Sports Teams: Edmonton Eskimos

Chip Kelly -- b.11/25/1963 N.S.
NFL Coach, College Football Coach

Jim Kelly -- b.2/14/1960
NFL Quarterback, USFL Figure
Misc: 2x USFL All-League Team, USFL MVP, 5x Pro Bowl, 4x AFC champ, only QB to lead team to four straight Super Bowls; Bills #12 retired; 5,219 USFL Yards, 35,467 NFL yards
Sports Teams: Houston Gamblers (1984-1985), Buffalo Bills (1986-1996)

Leroy Kelly -- b.5/20/1942
NFL Runningback, WFL Figure, American
Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns (1964-1973), Chicago Fire (1974)

Todd Kelly -- b.11/27/1970
NFL Linebacker

Jack Kemp -- b.7/13/1935 d.5/2/2009 (73)
Congressperson, Government Official, NFL Quarterback
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles
Misc: Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 1996 Vice Presidential Candidate with Bob Dole

Perry Kemp -- b.12/31/1961
NFL Wide Receiver

Pete Kendall -- b.7/9/1973
NFL Guard

Eric Kendricks -- b.2/29/1992 N.S.
NFL Linebacker

Mike Kenn -- b.2/9/1956
NFL Tackle

Derek Kennard -- b.9/9/1962
NFL Guard, NFL Center, USFL Figure

Cortez Kennedy -- b.8/23/1968 d.5/23/2017 N.S. (48)
NFL Defensive, NFL Tackle
Misc: 8x Pro Bowl, 5x All-Pro
Sports Teams: Seattle Seahawks (1990-2000)

Lincoln Kennedy -- b.2/12/1971
NFL Player, College Football Player, Football Offensive Lineman

Eddie Kennison -- b.1/20/1973
NFL Wide Receiver

George Keogan -- b.3/8/1890 d.2/17/1943 (52)
College Baseball Coach, College Football Coach, College Basketball Coach
Misc: in the College Basketball and Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Saint Louis (football 1915, basketball 1915-1916), Valparaiso (football 1919-1920, basketball 1919-1922, baseball 1920-1921), Notre Dame (football 1924, basketball 1923-1943, baseball 1924-1926, 1930-1933), Wisconsin-Superior (basketball 1912-1914), St. Thomas (MN, basketball 1917-1918), Allegheny (basketball 1918-1919)

Dan Kepley -- b.8/24/1953
CFL Figure, Football Coach, Football Linebacker, American
Misc: in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Edmonton Eskimos

Marlon Kerner -- b.3/18/1973
NFL Cornerback

Wade Key -- b.10/14/1946
NFL Guard, Football Offensive Tackle

Ed Khayat -- b.9/14/1935
NFL Coach, NFL Player

Victor Kermit Kiam II -- b.12/7/1926 d.5/27/2001 (74)
Business Executive, NFL Executive
Misc: Remington president
Sports Teams: New England Patriots (president)

Carl Kidd -- b.6/14/1973
NFL Player

John Kidd -- b.8/22/1961
NFL Player

Walt Kiesling -- b.3/27/1903 d.3/2/1962 (58)
NFL Coach, NFL Guard
Sports Teams: Duluth Eskimos (player 1926-1927), Pottsville Maroons (player 1928), Chicago Cardinals (player 1929-1933), Chicago Bears (player 1934), Green Bay Packers (player 1935-1936), Pittsburgh Pirates (player 1937-1938, coach 1939), Pittsburgh Steelers (coach 1940-1942), Philadelpia/Pittsburgh Steagles (co-coach 1943), Card-Pitt (coach 1944), Pittsburgh Steelers (coach 1954-1956)

Monte Kiffin -- b.2/29/1940 N.S.
NFL Coach, College Football Coach, College Football Player
Misc: Super Bowl XXXVII (won with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Jim Kiick -- b.8/9/1946 N.S.
NFL Runningback, NFL Halfback, AFL Figure
Misc: Super Bowl VI, VII, VIII
Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins

Billy Kilmer -- b.9/5/1939 N.S.
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player
Names/Places: FN:William Orland
Misc: Super Bowl VII; in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of California Los Angeles, San Francisco 49ers (1961-1966), New Orleans Saints (1967-1970), Washington Redskins (1971-1978)

Frank "Bruiser" Kinard -- b.10/23/1914 N.S. d.9/7/1985 N.S. (70)
NFL Tackle, College Football Coach, College Football Player
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL 1938-1944), Brooklyn Tigers (NFL 1938-1944), New York Yankees (AAFC 1946-1947), Ole Miss (as player 1930s, administrator 1971-1973, as line coach 1948-1970)

Terry Kinard -- b.11/24/1959
NFL Safety, College Football Player
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Clemson University, New York Giants (1983-1989), Houston Oilers (1990)

Brian Kinchen -- b.8/6/1965
NFL Player

Todd Kinchen -- b.1/7/1969
NFL Player

Steve Kiner -- b.6/12/1947
NFL Linebacker
Misc: Super Bowl V; in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Tennessee, Dallas Cowboys (1970), New England Patriots (1971), New England Patriots (1973), Houston Oilers (1974-1978)

Ed King -- b.12/3/1969
NFL Guard

Shawn King -- b.6/24/1972
NFL Player

Steve King -- b.6/10/1951
NFL Player

Larry Kinnebrew -- b.6/11/1960
NFL Player

Kelvin Kinney -- b.12/31/1972
NFL Tight End, CFL Figure, XFL Figure, Football Defensive Lineman
Misc: Arena Bowl and Grey Cup champion

Nile Kinnick -- b.7/9/1918 d.6/2/1943 (24)
College Football Player, Football Runningback
Misc: Heisman Trophy (1939)
Sports Teams: University of Iowa

Matt Kinzer -- b.6/17/1963
MLB Pitcher, NFL Punter, American

Terry Kirby -- b.1/20/1970
NFL Runningback

Randy Kirk -- b.12/27/1964
NFL Linebacker

Levon Kirkland -- b.2/17/1969
NFL Coach, NFL Linebacker

Jon Kirksey -- b.2/21/1970
NFL Player, XFL Figure, Football Defensive Tackle

Jon Kitna -- b.9/21/1972
NFL Coach, NFL Quarterback

DeShone Kizer -- b.1/3/1996 N.S.
NFL Quarterback

Gene Klein -- b.1/29/1921 d.3/12/1990 (69)
NFL Owner
Sports Teams: San Diego Chargers (owner)

Perry Klein -- b.3/25/1971
NFL Quarterback

Alan Kline -- b.5/25/1971
NFL Player

Chuck Klingbell -- b.11/2/1965
NFL Player, Football Defensive Tackle

David Klingler -- b.2/17/1969
NFL Quarterback

Lindsay Knapp -- b.2/25/1970
NFL Guard

Dave Knight -- b.2/1/1951
NFL Wide Receiver

Lee Knight -- b.2/8/1965
CFL Figure, Football Fullback

Tom Knight -- b.12/29/1974
NFL Defensive

Chuck Knox -- b.4/27/1932 N.S. d.5/13/2018 N.S. (86)
NFL Coach
Misc: 3x NFL Coach of the Year; took the L.A. Rams, Buffalo Bills, & Seattle Seahawks to the playoffs
Sports Teams: New York Jets (1963-1966), Detroit Lions (1967-1972), Los Angeles Rams (1973-1977), Buffalo Bills (1978-1982), Seattle Seahawks (1983-1991), Los Angeles Rams (1992-1994)

Tim Kohn -- b.12/6/1973
NFL Player

Jon Paul Kolb -- b.8/30/1947
NFL Tackle
Misc: Super Bowl: IX, X, XIII, XIV
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers

George Koonce -- b.10/15/1968
NFL Linebacker

Jeff Kopp -- b.7/8/1971
NFL Player

Dan Koppen -- b.9/12/1979
NFL Center

Bernie Kosar -- b.11/25/1963
NFL Quarterback

Mike Kostiuk -- b.8/1/1919 O.S. d.7/26/2015 N.S. (95)
NFL Linebacker, Canadian

Doug Kotar -- b.6/11/1951 d.12/16/1983 N.S. (32)
NFL Runningback

Rich Kotite -- b.10/13/1942
NFL Coach, NFL Player

Scott Kowalkowski -- b.8/23/1968
NFL Linebacker

Bruce Kozerski -- b.4/2/1962
NFL Center

Brian Kozlowski -- b.10/4/1970
NFL Tight End

Greg Kragen -- b.3/4/1962
NFL Tackle

Erik Kramer -- b.11/6/1964
NFL Quarterback

Jerry Kramer -- b.1/23/1936
Author, Sports Commentator, NFL Guard
Misc: 2x Super Bowl I and II champ, 5x NFL champ, 3x Pro Bowl, 5x First-Team All-Pro; in the Green Bay Packers and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers (1958-1968)

Ron Kramer -- b.6/24/1935 d.9/11/2010 (75)
NFL Player
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Tommy Kramer -- b.3/7/1955
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Rice University, Minnesota Vikings (1977-1989), New Orleans Saints (1990)

Bob Kratch -- b.1/6/1966
NFL Guard

Paul Krause -- b.2/19/1942
NFL Defensive
Misc: 8x Pro Bowl, 8x All-Pro, intercepted for 1,185 yards with 3 TDs
Sports Teams: Washington Redskins (1964-1967), Minnesota Vikings (1968-1979)

Barry Krauss -- b.3/17/1957
NFL Linebacker

Eric Kresser -- b.2/8/1973
NFL Quarterback

Dave Krieg -- b.10/20/1958
NFL Quarterback
Misc: 33,995+ yards (11-95)
Sports Teams: Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Tennessee Titans

Charles Krueger -- b.1/28/1937
NFL Defensive

Tim Krumrie -- b.5/20/1960
NFL Player

Bob Kuberski -- b.4/5/1971
NFL Player

Bob Kuechenberg -- b.10/14/1947 N.S. d.1/12/2019 N.S. (71)
NFL Guard
Misc: Super Bowl VI, VII, VIII, XVII
Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins

Luke Kuechly -- b.4/20/1991 N.S.
NFL Linebacker

Ryan Kuehl -- b.1/18/1972
NFL Player
Names/Places: Football Long Snapper

George Kunz -- b.7/5/1947
NFL Player

Frank Joseph Kush -- b.1/20/1929 N.S. d.6/22/2017 N.S. (88)
NFL Coach, College Football Coach, College Football Player, CFL Figure, USFL Figure, Football Coach
Sports Teams: Arizona State (coach 1955-1979)

Bob Kuziel -- b.7/24/1950
NFL Linebacker

Ted Kwalik -- b.4/15/1947
NFL Tight End, College Football Player, WFL Figure
Names/Places: FN:Thaddeus John
Misc: 3x Pro Bowl; in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Penn State University, San Francisco 49ers (1969-1974), Honolulu Hawaiians (WFL 1975), Oakland Raiders (1975-1977)

Jason Kyle -- b.5/12/1972
NFL Player

Jeff Kysar -- b.6/14/1972
NFL Player

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