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Last Updated 01-22-2019

Bill Maas -- b.3/2/1962
NFL Defensive End

Ron Mabra -- b.6/4/1951
NFL Player

Hayes MacArthur -- b.4/16/1977 N.S.
Actor, College Football Player
Movie Titles: Life as We Know It, The Gameplan, National Lampoon's Homo Erectus, Perfect Couples

Kevin Mack -- b.8/9/1962
NFL Runningback

Khalil Mack -- b.2/22/1991 N.S.
NFL Linebacker

Tom Mack -- b.11/1/1943
NFL Guard
Misc: 11x Pro Bowl
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Rams (1966-1978)

John Mackey -- b.9/24/1941 d.7/7/2011 (69)
NFL Player
Misc: he ran a deflected Johnny Unitas pass 75 yards for a TD and a Super Bowl V win over Dallas
Sports Teams: Baltimore Colts (1963-1971), San Diego Chargers (1972)

Jeremy Maclin -- b.5/11/1988 N.S.
NFL Wide Receiver

Dick MacPherson -- b.11/4/1930 N.S. d.8/8/2017 N.S. (86)
NFL Coach, College Football Coach, College Football Player
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Springfield College-Massachusetts (player 1950s), University of Illinois (1958), University of Massachusetts (1959-1960, 1971-1977), University of Cincinnatti (1961-1965), University of Maryland (1966), Denver Broncos (1967-1970), Cleveland Browns (1978-1980), University of Syracuse (1981-1990), New England Patriots (1991-1992)

John Madden -- b.4/10/1936
Actor, Sports Analyst, Football Announcer, NFL Coach
Names/Places: b. in Austin, MN
Misc: Miller Lite Commercials; was a CBS, Fox then NBC Fox Sports analyst who draws lines on your TV screen; Ace Hardware spokesman; won 112 games and a Super Bowl (1976 season) as coach of Oakland Raiders; won 9 Emmy Awards as television analyst with CBS; he and partner Pat Summerall moved over to Fox in 1994 after CBS lost NFL rights; signed 4-year, $32 million deal with Fox on Jan. 24--a richer contract than any NFL player.
Sports Teams: Oakland Raiders (coach 1967-1978)

Mark Maddox -- b.3/23/1968
NFL Linebacker

Tommy Maddox -- b.9/2/1971
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player, XFL Figure
Misc: Super Bowl champ (XL), XFl MVP and champion (2001)

Sam Madison -- b.4/23/1974
NFL Player

Paul Maguire -- b.8/22/1938
Football Announcer, AFL Figure, Football Punter, Football Linebacker
Misc: one of 20 players who were in the AFL for the entire ten-year existence
Sports Teams: Los Angeles / San Diego Chargers (1960-1963), Buffalo Bills (1964-1970)

Eric Mahlum -- b.12/6/1970
NFL Guard

Patrick Mahomes -- b.9/17/1995 N.S.
NFL Quarterback

Donald Vincent "Don" Majkowski -- b.2/25/1964
NFL Quarterback
Misc: Pronounced Mah-kow-skee

Johnny Majors -- b.5/21/1935
College Football Coach, College Football Player, CFL Figure
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Tennessee (player 1953-1956, coach 1957-1959, 1977-1992), Montreal Alouettes (player 1957), Mississippi State (coach 1960-1963), Arkansas (coach 1964-1967), Iowa State (coach 1968-1972), Pittsburgh (coach 1973-1976, 1993-1996)

Ray Malavasi -- b.11/8/1930 d.12/15/1987 (57)
NFL Coach

William Guy "Bill" Mallory -- b.5/30/1935 N.S. d.5/25/2018 N.S. (82)
College Football Coach, College Football Player
Sports Teams: Miami Ohio, Colorado, Northern Illinois, Indiana

Benny Malone -- b.2/3/1952
NFL Runningback

Mark Malone -- b.11/22/1958
NFL Quarterback

Van Malone -- b.7/1/1970
NFL Safety

Mike Mamula -- b.8/14/1973
NFL Linebacker, NFL Defensive End

Tony Joseph Mandarich -- b.9/23/1966
NFL Tackle, Canadian

Pete Mandley -- b.7/29/1961
NFL Wide Receiver

John Mangum -- b.3/16/1967
NFL Player

Jason Maniecki -- b.8/15/1972
NFL Tackle, Polish

Logan Mankins -- b.3/10/1982
NFL Player

Dexter Manley -- b.2/2/1959
NFL Defensive
Sports Teams: Washington Redskins

Charles Mann -- b.4/12/1961
NFL Defensive End

Errol Mann -- b.6/27/1941 d.4/11/2013 (71)
NFL Kicker
Misc: Super Bowl XI
Sports Teams: Oakland Raiders

Archie Manning -- b.5/19/1949
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player
Misc: 2x Pro Bowl, NFC Player of the Year [1978]; College Football Hall of Fame member and father of two NFL quarterbacks; Ole Miss Rebels #18 retired
Sports Teams: Ole Miss (aka University of Mississippi), New Orleans Saints (1971-1982), Houston Oilers (1982-1983), Minnesota Vikings (1983-1984)

Brian Manning -- b.4/22/1975
NFL Wide Receiver

Eli Manning -- b.1/3/1981
NFL Quarterback
Misc: Super Bowl XLII and XLVI MVP

Peyton Manning -- b.3/24/1976
NFL Quarterback
Misc: retired after leading the Denver Broncos to victory in Super Bowl 50 in 2016; 2x Super Bowl champ, Super Bowl XLI MVP, 4x AFC champ, 5x AP NFL MVP, 14x Pro Bowl, 7x First Team
Sports Teams: Indianapolis Colts (1998-2011), Denver Broncos (2012-2015)

Roosevelt Manning -- b.5/31/1950
NFL Tackle
Names/Places: NN: Rosie

EJ Manuel -- b.3/19/1990 N.S.
NFL Quarterback

Lionel Manuel -- b.4/13/1962
NFL Wide Receiver

Rod Manuel -- b.10/8/1974
NFL Defensive End

Greg Manusky -- b.8/18/1966
NFL Coach, NFL Player, College Football Player

Johnny Manziel -- b.12/6/1992
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player
Misc: Heisman Trophy (2012)
Sports Teams: Texas A&M

Tim Mara -- b.7/29/1887 d.2/17/1959 (71)
NFL Owner
Misc: b. Jul 30?
Sports Teams: New York Giants (owner and founder)

Wellington Mara -- b.8/14/1916 d.10/25/2005 (89)
NFL Executive
Misc: one of the co-owners of the NFL's New York Giants from 1959 until his death.

Kenny Marbury -- b.3/21/1952
NFL Player

Gino Marchetti -- b.1/2/1927
NFL Defensive End
Misc: 9x First Team All-Pro, 11x Pro Bowl, 8-time NFL All-Pro (1957-64) with Baltimore Colts; Colts #89 retired
Sports Teams: Dallas Texans (1952), Baltimore Colts (1953-1966)

Ted Marchibroda -- b.3/15/1931 N.S. d.1/16/2016 N.S. (84)
NFL Coach

Ed Marinaro -- b.3/31/1950
TV/Movie Actor, NFL Runningback, College Football Figure
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame; was a 1971 runner-up for the Heisman Trophy (Pat Sullivan won that year)
Sports Teams: Cornell University, Minnesota Vikings (1972-1975), New York Jets (1976), Seattle Seahawks (1977)
TV Shows: Laverne & Shirley (as Sonny St. Jacques), Hill St. Blues (as Off. Joe Coffey), Sisters (as Mitch), Champs (as Vince), Blue Mountain State (a football comedy show)

Dan Marino -- b.9/15/1961
Movie Actor, NFL Quarterback
Names/Places: b. in Pittsburgh, PA
Misc: four-time leading passer in AFC (1983-84,86,89); set NFL single season records for TD passes (48) and passing yards (5,084) with Miami in 1984; entered 1994 season ranked 2nd in career TD passes (298); career 47,299+ yards; ten 3,000 yard seasons.
Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins (1983-1999)

Todd Marinovich -- b.7/4/1969
NFL Quarterback

Fred Marion -- b.1/2/1959
NFL Safety

Marcus Mariota -- b.10/30/1993 N.S.
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player
Misc: Heisman Trophy (2014)
Sports Teams: Oregon (college)

Rohan Marley -- b.5/19/1972
Entrepreneur, College Football Player, Jamaican
Names/Places: Bob Marley's son; Lauryn Hill's husband

Christian Marlowe -- b.9/28/1951
Sportscaster, Football Announcer, Basketball Announcer
Names/Places: K.T. Stevens & Hugh's son
Sports Teams: Denver Nuggets (announcer)

Curtis Marsh -- b.11/24/1970
NFL Player

Al Marshall -- b.5/16/1941
NFL Player

Anthony Marshall -- b.9/16/1970
NFL Cornerback

Arthur Marshall -- b.4/29/1969
NFL Wide Receiver

Brandon Marshall -- b.3/23/1984 N.S.
NFL Wide Receiver

George Preston Marshall -- b.10/11/1897 d.8/9/1969 (71)
NFL Owner, NFL Executive, NFL Coach
Misc: NFL president; b. Oct 13?
Sports Teams: Washington Palace Five (coach 1925-1928), Boston/Washington Redskins (owner 1932-1969)

Leonard Marshall -- b.10/22/1961
NFL Defensive
Sports Teams: New York Giants, New York Jets

Marv Marshall -- b.6/21/1972
NFL Wide Receiver
Misc: also WLAF

Wilber Marshall -- b.4/18/1962
NFL Linebacker, College Football Player
Names/Places: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Florida, Chicago Bears (1984-1987), Washington Redskins (1988-1992), Houston Oilers (1993), Arizona Cardinals (1994), New York Jets (1995)

Curtis Martin -- b.5/1/1973
NFL Runningback
Misc: 5x Pro Bowl, 4x New York Jets MVP; Jets #28 retired
Sports Teams: New England Patriots (1995-1997), New York Jets (1998-2006)

Dean Paul Martin -- b.11/17/1951 d.3/21/1987 (35)
Movie Actor, Musician, Tennis Player, NFL Player, WFL Figure
Names/Places: Dean's son; Dorothy Hamill's ex-
Group Names: Dino Desi and Billy
TV Shows: The Misfits of Science (as Dr. Billy Hayes)

Doug Martin -- b.1/13/1989 N.S.
NFL Runningback

Dustin Martin -- b.6/26/1991 N.S.
Australian Rules Football Player, Australian

Eric Martin -- b.11/8/1961
NFL Wide Receiver

George Martin -- b.2/16/1953
NFL Defensive End
Misc: Super Bowl XXI
Sports Teams: New York Giants

Harvey Banks Martin -- b.11/16/1950 d.12/24/2001 (51)
NFL Defensive End
Names/Places: aks Harvey Martin
Misc: 4x Pro Bowl, Super Bowls X, XII, XIII
Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys (1973-1983)

Kelvin Martin -- b.5/14/1965
NFL Coach, NFL Wide Receiver

Steve Martin -- b.5/31/1974
NFL Player
Misc: not the Wild and Crazy Guy

Tony Martin -- b.9/5/1965
NFL Player

Wayne Martin -- b.10/26/1965
NFL Defensive End

Zack Martin -- b.11/20/1990 N.S.
NFL Guard, Football Offensive Lineman

Lonnie Marts -- b.11/10/1968
NFL Linebacker

Eugene Marve -- b.8/14/1960
NFL Linebacker

Harvey Marvin -- b.11/16/1950 N.S. d.12/24/2001 N.S. (51)
NFL Defensive End
Misc: 3x NFC champ, 4x Pro Bowl; Super Bowl XII MVP

Russell Maryland -- b.3/22/1969
NFL Defensive, NFL Tackle

Derrick Mason -- b.1/17/1974
NFL Wide Receiver

Eddie Mason -- b.1/9/1972
NFL Linebacker

Tommy Mason -- b.7/8/1939 d.1/22/2015 (75)
NFL Runningback

Tre Mason -- b.8/6/1993 N.S.
NFL Runningback

Robert Massey -- b.2/17/1966
NFL Cornerback

Le'shai Maston -- b.10/7/1970
NFL Runningback

Bob Matheson -- b.11/25/1944 d.9/5/1994 (49)
NFL Defensive
Misc: famous "no-name" defense team; Super Bowl XI, XII, XIII
Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins

Jason Mathews -- b.2/9/1971
NFL Player, Football Offensive Tackle

Bob Mathias -- b.11/17/1930 d.9/2/2006 (75)
Congressperson, Actor, NFL Player, Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Names/Places: b. in Tulare, California
Misc: the youngest winner of decathlon with gold medal in 1948 Olympics at age 17; first to repeat as decathlon champ in 1952; Sullivan Award winner (1948); 4-term member of U.S. Congress (R,Calif.) from 1967-74; Olympic torch lighter [1984]; U.S. congressman; played himself in The Bob Mathias Story; director: Olympic Training Center); played halfback for Stanford in 1952 Rose Bowl.

Tyrann Mathieu -- b.5/13/1992 N.S.
NFL Cornerback, College Football Player

Terance Mathis -- b.6/7/1967
NFL Wide Receiver

Trevor Matich -- b.10/9/1961
Sports Analyst, NFL Player, Football Offensive Lineman

Oliver "Ollie" Matson -- b.5/1/1930 N.S. d.2/19/2011 N.S. (80)
NFL Runningback, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 6x Pro Bowl, All-America at San Francisco (1951); bronze medal winner in 400m at 1952 Olympics; 4-time All-Pro for NFL Chicago Cardinals (1954-57); traded to LA Rams for 9 players in 1959; accounted for 12,884 all-purpose yards and scored 73 TDs in 14 seasons; 9 TDs on punt and kickoff returns is a NFL record; in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: University of San Francisco, Chicago Cardinals (1952-1958), Los Angeles Rams (1959-1962), Detroit Lions (1963), Philadelphia Eagles (1964-1966)

Tom Matte -- b.6/14/1939
NFL Runningback
Misc: Super Bowl III
Sports Teams: Baltimore Colts

Aubrey Matthews -- b.9/15/1962
NFL Wide Receiver

Bo Matthews -- b.11/15/1951
NFL Runningback

Bruce Matthews -- b.8/8/1961
NFL Coach, NFL Center
Sports Teams: Houston Oilers, Tennessee Oilers, Tennessee Titans (previous three 1983-2001, Houston moved and changed names during his time there), Houston Texans (coach, 2009-2010), Tennessee Titans (coach, 2011-2013)

Chris Matthews -- b.10/6/1989 N.S.
NFL Player, CFL Figure, American
Names/Places: Reggie White's cousin
Sports Teams: Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Seattle Seahawks

Clay (B. 1956) Matthews -- b.3/15/1956
NFL Linebacker
Misc: Cleveland Browns All-Pro linebacker, most seasons in a Browns' uniform (16), club's all-time sack leader (76 1/2)
Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns

Clay (B. 1986) Matthews -- b.5/14/1986 N.S.
NFL Linebacker
Names/Places: aka Clay Matthews III

Donald J. "The Don" Matthews -- b.6/22/1939 N.S. d.6/14/2017 N.S. (77)
CFL Figure, Football Coach
Misc: won the following Grey Cups: 73rd, 83rd, 84th, 85th and 90th; CFL Coach of the Year 1985, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2002; in the Canadian Football HAll of Fame

Shane Matthews -- b.6/1/1970
MLB Player, College Football Player
Misc: High School Coach

Steve Matthews -- b.10/13/1970
NFL Quarterback

John "Tooz" Matuszak -- b.10/25/1950 N.S. d.6/17/1989 N.S. (38)
Actor, NFL Player
Misc: Super Bowls XI, XIV
Sports Teams: Oakland Raiders
TV Shows: Hollywood Beat, 1st and Ten (as John Manzak)

Chris Maumalanga -- b.12/15/1971
NFL Player, Football Defensive Tackle

Andy Maurer -- b.9/30/1948 d.1/10/2016 N.S. (67)
NFL Guard, NFL Tackle
Misc: Minnesota Vikings: Super Bowl IX, Denver Broncos: Super Bowl XII
Sports Teams: Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos

Kevin Mawae -- b.1/23/1971
NFL Coach, NFL Center

Brett Maxie -- b.1/13/1962
NFL Coach, NFL Player

Byron Maxwell -- b.2/23/1988 N.S.
NFL Cornerback

Chad May -- b.9/28/1971
NFL Quarterback

Deems May -- b.3/6/1969
NFL Player

Sherriden May -- b.8/10/1973
NFL Player

Tony Mayberry -- b.12/8/1967
NFL Player, German

Derrick Mayes -- b.1/28/1974
NFL Wide Receiver

Rueben Mayes -- b.6/6/1963
NFL Runningback, College Football Player, Canadian
Misc: 2x Pro Bowl, 2x All-Pro; in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Washington State University, New Orleans Saints (1986-1991), Seattle Seahawks (1992-1993)

Baker Mayfield -- b.4/14/1995 N.S.
College Football Player, Football Quarterback
Misc: Heisman Trophy (2017)

Corey Mayfield -- b.2/25/1970
NFL Coach, NFL Player

Martin Mayhew -- b.10/8/1965
NFL General Manager, NFL Player

Brad Maynard -- b.2/9/1974
NFL Punter

Don Maynard -- b.1/25/1935
NFL Wide Receiver
Misc: 4x AFL All-Star, career 88 TD passes with NY Jets, Super Bowl III; some say b. 1937; Jets #13 retired
Sports Teams: New York Giants (1958), Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL 1959), New York Titans/Jets (1960-1972), St. Louis Cardinals (1973), Los Angeles Rams (1973), Houston Texans / Shreveport Steamer (WFL 1974)

Ron Mayo -- b.10/11/1950
NFL Player

Alvoid Mays -- b.7/10/1966
NFL Cornerback

Fred McAfee -- b.6/20/1968
NFL Runningback

George McAfee -- b.3/13/1918 d.3/4/2009 (90)
NFL Halfback, College Football Player
Misc: 4x NFL champ; returned 1,431 yards in punting returns with 2 TDs; Bears #5 retired; in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Duke University (player), Chicago Bears (1940-1941, 1945-1950)

James McAlister -- b.9/5/1951
NFL Runningback

Oscar McBride -- b.7/23/1972
NFL Player

Gerald McBurrows -- b.10/7/1973
NFL Safety

Don McCafferty -- b.3/12/1921 d.7/28/1974 (53)
NFL Coach

Bob McCaffrey -- b.4/16/1952
NFL Player

Christian McCaffrey -- b.6/7/1996 N.S.
College Football Player, Football Runningback

Ed McCaffrey -- b.8/17/1968
NFL Wide Receiver

Keith McCants -- b.4/19/1968
NFL Defensive End

Keenan McCardell -- b.1/6/1970
NFL Wide Receiver

A. J. McCarron -- b.9/13/1990 N.S.
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player
Sports Teams: University of Alabama, Cincinnatti Bengals

Brent McClanahan -- b.9/21/1950
NFL Runningback
Misc: Super Bowl IX, XI
Sports Teams: Minnesota Vikings (1973-1979)

J. J. McCleskey -- b.4/10/1970
NFL Player

Tyrus McCloud -- b.11/23/1974
NFL Linebacker

Andy McCollum -- b.6/2/1970
NFL Player

Phil McConkey -- b.2/24/1957
NFL Wide Receiver
Sports Teams: New York Giants

Hurvin McCormack -- b.4/6/1972
NFL Player

Mike McCormack -- b.6/21/1930 d.11/15/2013 (83)
NFL Executive, NFL General Manager, NFL Coach, NFL Tackle
Sports Teams: New York Yanks (player 1951), Dallas Texans (player 1952), Cleveland Browns (player 1954-1962), Washington Redskins (coach 1965-1972), Philadelphia Eagles (coach 1973-1975), Cincinnati Bengals (coach 1976-1979), Baltimore Colts (coach 1980-1981), Seattle Seahawks (coach 1982), Carolina Panthers (president and GM 1993-1997)

Kez McCorvey -- b.1/23/1972
NFL Wide Receiver

Josh McCown -- b.7/4/1979 N.S.
NFL Quarterback

Colt McCoy -- b.9/5/1986 N.S.
NFL Quarterback

LeSean McCoy -- b.7/12/1988 N.S.
NFL Runningback
Names/Places: NN: Shady

Fred McCrary -- b.9/19/1972
NFL Fullback, College Football Player
Sports Teams: Mississippi State, Philadelphia Eagles (1995), New Orleans Saints (1997), San Diego Chargers (1999-2002), New England Patriots (2003), Atlanta Falcons (2004-2006), Seattle Seahawks (2007)

Michael McCrary -- b.7/7/1970
NFL Player

Lawrence McCutcheon -- b.6/2/1950
NFL Runningback
Misc: 5x Pro Bowl, Super Bowl XIV
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Rams

Ed McDaniel -- b.3/23/1969
NFL Linebacker

John McDaniel -- b.9/23/1951
NFL Wide Receiver

Randall McDaniel -- b.12/19/1964
NFL Guard
Misc: in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Minnesota Vikings (1988-1999), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2000-2001)

Terry McDaniel -- b.2/8/1965
NFL Cornerback
Misc: 5x Pro Bowl, 4x All-Pro

Wahoo McDaniel -- b.6/19/1938 N.S. d.4/18/2002 N.S. (63)
NFL Player, Wrestler
Names/Places: RFN:Edward
Sports Teams: Houston Oilers (1960), Denver Broncos (1961-1963), New York Jets (1964-1965), Miami Dolphins (1966-1968)

Pellom McDaniels -- b.2/21/1968
Librarian, Professor, NFL Player
Misc: WLAF Figure

Devon McDonald -- b.11/8/1969
NFL Linebacker

Dwight McDonald -- b.5/24/1951
NFL Wide Receiver

Ricardo McDonald -- b.11/8/1969
NFL Linebacker

Thomas Franklin "Tommy" McDonald -- b.7/26/1934 N.S. d.9/24/2018 N.S. (84)
NFL Wide Receiver
Misc: 6x Pro Bowl; in the Eagles, Philadephia Sports, College Football and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Oklahoma, Philadelphia Eagles (1957-1963) Dallas Cowboys (1964) Los Angeles Rams (1965-1966) Atlanta Falcons (1967) Cleveland Browns (1968)

Tim McDonald -- b.1/6/1965
Actor, NFL Safety
Misc: 6x Pro Bowl, 5x Second Team All-Pro

Bubba McDowell -- b.11/4/1966
NFL Safety, College Football Coach

O. J. McDuffie -- b.12/2/1969
NFL Wide Receiver

Hugh McElhenny -- b.12/31/1928
NFL Runningback, NFL Halfback
Misc: 6x Pro Bowl, 5x All-Pro; in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: San Francisco 49ers (1952-1960), Minnesota Vikings (1961-1962), New York Giants (1963), Detroit Lions (1964)

Blaine McElmurry -- b.10/23/1973
NFL Safety

Ray McElroy -- b.7/31/1972
NFL Player

Reggie McElroy -- b.3/4/1960
NFL Player

Vann McElroy -- b.1/13/1960
NFL Safety

Darren McFadden -- b.8/27/1987 N.S.
NFL Runningback

Kimario McFadden -- b.4/13/1991 N.S.
NFL Safety

Jim McFarland -- b.10/4/1947
NFL Tight End

Willis McGahee -- b.10/21/1981
NFL Runningback

Buford McGee -- b.4/16/1960
NFL Runningback

Max (William) McGee -- b.7/16/1932 d.10/20/2007 (75)
NFL Wide Receiver
Misc: Super Bowl I, II
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Tim McGee -- b.8/7/1964
NFL Wide Receiver

Tony McGee -- b.4/21/1971
NFL Player

Willie McGee -- b.5/14/1950
NFL Player

Kanavis McGhee -- b.10/4/1968
NFL Defensive End, College Football Coach, College Football Player

Lenny McGill -- b.5/31/1971
NFL Player

Ralph McGill -- b.4/28/1950 d.3/21/2015 N.S. (64)
NFL Safety

Willie McGinest -- b.12/11/1971
NFL Linebacker

Chester McGlockton -- b.9/16/1969 d.11/30/2011 (42)
NFL Player

Michael McGruder -- b.5/6/1964
NFL Player

Gene McGuire -- b.7/17/1970
NFL Center

Dan McGwire -- b.12/18/1967
NFL Quarterback

Tom McHale -- b.2/25/1963 d.5/25/2008 (45)
NFL Guard

Toddrick McIntosh -- b.1/22/1972 d.9/5/2014 N.S. (42)
NFL Defensive End

Guy McIntyre -- b.2/17/1961
NFL Guard

Everett McIver -- b.8/5/1970
NFL Guard

Bob McKay -- b.12/27/1947
NFL Linebacker, NFL Tackle

J. K. McKay -- b.3/28/1953
NFL Wide Receiver, College Football Player
Names/Places: RN: John Kenneth McKay Jr.

John McKay -- b.7/5/1923 d.6/11/2001 (77)
NFL Coach, College Football Coach
Misc: coached USC to 3 national titles (1962,67,72); won Rose Bowl 5 times; reached NFL playoffs 3 times with Tampa Bay.
Sports Teams: University of Southern California (coach)

James McKeehan -- b.8/9/1973
NFL Tight End

Keith McKenzie -- b.10/17/1973
NFL Tackle, NFL Defensive End
Misc: Superbowl XXXI
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Raleigh McKenzie -- b.2/8/1963
NFL Player

Rich McKenzie -- b.4/15/1971
NFL Linebacker

Dennis McKinnon -- b.8/22/1961
NFL Wide Receiver

Dennis McKnight -- b.9/12/1959
NFL Guard, College Football Coach, College Football Player

James McKnight -- b.6/17/1972
NFL Wide Receiver

Tim McKyer -- b.9/5/1963
NFL Cornerback
Misc: Superbowl XXXII
Sports Teams: Denver Broncos

Steve McLaughlin -- b.10/2/1971
NFL Player

Thomas McLemore -- b.3/14/1970
NFL Player

Harold McLinton -- b.7/1/1947 d.10/31/1980 (33)
NFL Player

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