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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Bobby Jackson -- b.3/13/1973
NBA Player

Chris Wayne Jackson -- b.3/9/1969
NBA Guard
Names/Places: aka Mahmoud Addul-Rauf

Jaren Jackson -- b.10/27/1967
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Jimmy Jackson -- b.10/14/1970
NBA Guard

Lauren Jackson -- b.5/11/1981 N.S.
Basketball Player, Olympic Athlete, Australian

Mannie Jackson -- b.5/4/1939
Executive, Basketball Player
Sports Teams: Harlem Globetrotters

Mark Jackson -- b.4/1/1965
NBA Coach, NBA Guard

Phil Jackson -- b.9/17/1945
NBA Executive, NBA Coach, NBA Player
Misc: he won eleven NBA titles as a coach: six with Michael Jordan the Chicago Bulls and five with Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers, and with that, he surpassed the previous record of nine set by Red Auerbach; NBA champion as reserve forward with New York in 1973 (injured when Knicks won in '70); coached Chicago to three straight NBA titles (1991-93); entered 1994-95 season with 356 wins (including playoffs) in just 5 seasons.
Sports Teams: New York Knicks (as player, 1967-1978), New Jersey Nets (as player 1978-1980, as coach, 1978-1981), Albany Patroons (coach, 1982-1987), Chicago Bulls (coach, 1987-1998), Los Angeles Lakers (1999-2011), New York Knicks (president since 2014)

Reggie (Basketball) Jackson -- b.4/16/1990 N.S.
NBA Guard, Italian

Stu Jackson -- b.12/11/1955
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Dave Jamerson -- b.8/13/1967
NBA Guard

Aaron James -- b.10/5/1952
NBA Player

Henry James -- b.7/29/1965
NBA Player

LeBron James -- b.12/30/1984
NBA Player

Harry Edward "Buddy" Jeannette -- b.9/15/1917 N.S. d.3/11/1998 N.S. (80)
Basketball Figure, Basketball Coach
Misc: Played in the ABL and the NBL; most of his playing career came prior to the formation of the modern NBA or its predecessor leagues; however Jeannette did serve three years as a player-coach for the original Baltimore Bullets of the Basketball Association of America. In the 1948 BAA playoffs, he became the first player-coach to win a professional championship.
Sports Teams: Cleveland White Horses (NBL, 1938-1939), Detroit Eagles (1939-1941, NBL), Sheboygan Red Skins (1942, NBL), Fort Wayne Pistons (1943-1946, NBL), Baltimore Bullets (1946-1950, BAA), Baltimore Bullets (coach, 1946-1951, BAA), Georgetown Hoyas (coach, 1952-1956, college), Baltimore Bullets (coach, 1964-1965, NBA), Baltimore Bullets (coach, 1966-1967, NBA), Pittsburgh Pipers (coach, 1969-1970, ABA)

Al Jefferson -- b.1/4/1985 N.S.
NBA Forward

Richard Jefferson -- b.6/21/1980 N.S.
NBA Forward

Brandon Jennings -- b.9/23/1989 N.S.
NBA Guard
Sports Teams: Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons

Les Jepsen -- b.6/24/1967
NBA Center

Tom Jernstedt -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Basketball Figure
Misc: NCAA college basketball administrator

Amir Johnson -- b.5/1/1987 N.S.
NBA Player

Anthony Johnson -- b.10/2/1974
NBA Player

Avery Johnson -- b.3/25/1965
NBA Coach, NBA Guard

Buck Johnson -- b.1/3/1964
NBA Forward
Names/Places: RN: Alphonso Johnson Kr.

Charles Johnson -- b.3/31/1949 d.6/1/2007 N.S. (58)
NBA Player

David Johnson -- b.11/16/1970
NBA Forward, NBA Guard

Dennis Johnson -- b.9/18/1954 d.2/22/2007 (52)
NBA Player
Misc: 5x NBA All-Star (1979-82, 1985); All-NBA First Team (1979), NBA Finals MVP (1979); 6x NBA All-Defensive First Team (1979-83, 1987); 3x NBA Champion (Seattle SuperSonics, 1979; Boston Celtics, 1984, 1986)
Sports Teams: Seattle SuperSonics (1976-1980), Phoenix Suns (1980-1983), Boston Celtics (1983-1990), La Crosse Bobcats (coach, CBA, 1999-2000), Los Angeles Clippers (coach, 2003), Florida Flame (coach, NBA D-League, 2004-2005), Austin Toros (coach, NBA D-League, 2005-2007)

Eddie Johnson -- b.5/1/1959
NBA Forward, NBA Guard

Ervin Johnson -- b.12/21/1967
NBA Center

Frank Johnson -- b.11/23/1958
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Gus (Basketball) Johnson -- b.12/13/1938 N.S. d.4/29/1987 N.S. (48)
NBA Player
Misc: 5x NBA All-Star (1965, 1968-71); 4x All-NBA Second Team (1965-66, 1970-71); 2x NBA All-Defensive First Team (1970-71); NBA All-Rookie First Team (1964); ABA Champion (Indiana Pacers, 1973)
Sports Teams: Baltimore Bullets (1963-1972), Phoenix Suns (1972), Indiana Pacers (ABA 1972-1973)

James (Basketball) Johnson -- b.2/20/1987 N.S.
NBA Forward

Joe (Basketball) Johnson -- b.6/29/1981 N.S.
NBA Forward, NBA Guard

John Johnson -- b.10/18/1947 d.1/7/2016 N.S. (68)
NBA Player
Names/Places: RN:John Howard Getty Johnson
Sports Teams: Seattle Supersonics

Katrina McClain Johnson -- b.9/19/1955 N.S.
Basketball Player, Olympic Athlete

Kevin Maurice Johnson -- b.3/4/1966
Mayor, NBA Guard
Names/Places: NN:K.J.
Misc: of The Dream Team II in the 1994 World Basketball Championships.
Sports Teams: Phoenix Suns

Larry Johnson -- b.3/14/1969
NBA Forward
Misc: of The Dream Team II in the 1994 World Basketball Championships

"Magic" Johnson -- b.8/14/1959
Commentator, TV Talk Show Host, NBA Coach, NBA Guard, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: b. in East Lansing, MI; RFN:Earvin Jr.
Misc: NBA lifetime playoff record for most assists (1,800), career 9,921; The Dream Team 1992; led Michigan St. to NCAA title in 1979 and was tourney MVP; retired on Nov. 7, 1991, stating he was HIV-positive for AIDS; returned to score 25 points in 1992 NBA All-Star game and win second MVP award; U.S. Olympic Dream Team member in '92; announced NBA comeback then retired again before start of 1992-93 season; named head coach of Lakers on Mar. 23, 1994; won first game, 110-101, over Milwaukee at sold-out LA Forum, but finished season at 5-11 and quit; later named minority owner of team; NCAA Champion (Michigan State, 1979); NCAA Tournament MOP (1979); 5x NBA Champion for the Lakers (1980,1982,1985,1987,1988); 3x NBA Finals MVP (1980, 1982, 1987); 3x NBA MVP (1987,1989,1990); 9x All-NBA First Team; Member of the "Dream Team" inducted as a unit in 2010; 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996); Lakers #32 retired, Michigan State #33 retired
Sports Teams: Michigan State (1977-1979), Los Angeles Lakers (1979-1991, 1996, and as coach 1994)

Marques Johnson -- b.2/8/1956 N.S.
NBA Forward, College Basketball Player
Misc: 5x NBA All-Star, 2x All-NBA Second Team and 1x All-NBA First Team; UCLA #54 retired; in the College Basketball Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of California Los Angeles (1973-1977), Milwaukee Bucks (1977-1984), Los Angeles Clippers (1984-1987), Golden State Warriors (1989)

Nick Johnson -- b.12/22/1992 N.S.
NBA Guard

Steve Johnson -- b.11/3/1957
NBA Player

Vinnie Johnson -- b.9/1/1956
NBA Player
Names/Places: NN:The Microwave
Misc: Pistons #15 retired
Sports Teams: Detroit Pistons

Wesley Johnson -- b.7/11/1987 N.S.
NBA Player

William C. "Skinny" Johnson -- b.8/16/1911 N.S. d.2/5/1980 N.S. (68)
College Basketball Player
Sports Teams: Kansas (College, 1930-1933)

Neil Johnston -- b.2/4/1929 d.9/28/1978 (49)
NBA Forward, College Basketball Player
Misc: 4x All-NBA First Team; 3x leading scorer; 6x NBA all-star; high scoring center at Ohio State as collegian, then for Philadelphia Warriors in the 1950s. Led the Warriors to 1955 NBA title.
Sports Teams: Ohio State (1946-1948), Philadelphia Warriors (1951-1959), Pittsburgh Rens (ABL 1961-1962), Philadelphia Warriors (coach 1959-1961)

Bill Jones -- b.3/18/1966
NBA Player

Caldwell Jones -- b.7/4/1950 d.9/21/2014 (64)
NBA Player

Charles Jones -- b.4/3/1957
NBA Center, NBA Forward

Dwight Elmo Jones -- b.2/27/1952 d.7/25/2016 N.S. (64)
NBA Player, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic-silver-1972

Eddie (Basketball) Jones -- b.10/20/1971
NBA Player

James (Basketball) Jones -- b.10/4/1980 N.S.
NBA Player
Sports Teams: University of Miami, Miami Heat

K. C. Jones -- b.5/25/1932
NBA Coach, NBA Player
Misc: 8x NBA champion, 522 wins
Sports Teams: Boston Celtics (player 1958-1967), Brandeis University (coach 1967-1970), Harvard (assistant coach 1970-1971), Los Angeles Lakers (assistant coach 1971-1972), San Diego Conquistadors (ABA coach 1972-1973), Capital/Washington Bullets (coach 1973-1976), Milwaukee Bucks (assistant coach 1976-1977), Boston Celtics (assistant coach 1978-1983), Boston Celtics (coach 1983-1988), Seattle SuperSonics (assistant coach 1989-1990), Seattle SuperSonics (coach 1990-1992), Detroit Pistons (assistant coach 1994-1995), Boston Celtics (assistant coach 1996-1997), New England Blizzard (ABL coach 1997-1998)

Renalto William Jones -- b.10/5/1906 d.4/22/1981 N.S. (74)
Sports Executive, Basketball Figure, Italian
Misc: co-founder Int'l Basketball Association and MLB exec; a popularizer of basketball in Europe and in Asia

Rich Jones -- b.12/27/1946
NBA Player

Ron "Popeye" Jones -- b.6/17/1970 N.S.
NBA Coach, NBA Forward

Samuel "Sam" Jones -- b.6/24/1933 N.S.
NBA Guard
Misc: Star shooting guard from small college in North Carolina. 10x NBA champion (1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969); Celtics #24 retired; in the College Basketball and Pro Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Boston Celtics (1957-1969)

Shelton Jones -- b.4/6/1966
NBA Player

Tyus Jones -- b.5/10/1996 N.S.
NBA Player, College Basketball Player

Wilbur Jones -- b.2/27/1947 N.S.
NBA Player

DeAndre Jordan -- b.7/21/1988 N.S.
NBA Player

Michael "Air" Jordan -- b.2/17/1963
NBA Forward, NBA Guard, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: RFN:Michael Jeffrey, b. in Brooklyn, NY
Misc: College Player of Year with North Carolina in 1984; Rookie of the year 1985; NBA leading scorer 1987-93; led U.S. Olympic team to gold medals in 1984 and '92 (Dream Team); stunned sports world when he retired at age 30 on Oct. 6, 1993; signed as OF with Chicago White Sox and spent summer of '94 in Double A with Birmingham; barely hit his weight with .204 average; 32.3 point-per-game avg.; 21,541 career points; 2 Olympic gold medals; owns a restaurant in Chicago; co-starred in "Space Jam" with Bugs Bunny in 1996; 6x NBA Champion (1991, '92, '93, '96, '97, '98); 5x NBA MVP (1988, 1991-92, '96, '98); 14x NBA All-Star; 6x NBA Finals MVP (1991-93, 1996-98); 10x All-NBA First Team Selection; 9x NBA All-Defensive First Team Selection; 1x NBA Defensive Player of the Year (1988); 10x NBA Season Scoring Title (all-time record); 3x NBA Season Steals Leader; All-time leader in points in NBA Playoffs; Two Olympic gold medals (1984, 1992); 2X USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year (1983, 1984); Member of the "Dream Team" inducted as a unit in 2010; 50 Greatest Players in NBA History; University of North Carolina, Bulls and Heat #23 retired
Sports Teams: University of North Carolina (1981-1984), Chicago Bulls (1984-1993, 1995-1998), Washington Wizards (2001-2003)

Reggie Jordon -- b.1/26/1968
NBA Guard

Cory Joseph -- b.8/20/1991 N.S.
NBA Guard, Canadian

Joan Joyce -- b.8/1/1940
Basketball Figure
Misc: softball pitcher, 509-33 record

"Doggie" Julian -- b.4/5/1901 d.7/28/1967 (66)
College Baseball Player, College Baseball Coach, Baseball Player, College Football Coach, College Football Player, NBA Coach, College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach
Names/Places: RN: Alvin Fred Julian
Sports Teams: Bucknell (football player 1920-1922, basketball player 1921-1922, baseball player 1922-1923), Pottsville Maroons (football player 1924), Reading Keystones (baseball player 1923), Harrisberg Senators (baseball player 1924), York White Roses (baseball player 1924-1925), Chambersburg Maroons (baseball player 1926), Lawrence Merry Macks (baseball player 1926), Albright (football coach 1929-1930), Ashland HS (PA) (football coach 1933-1935), Muhlenberg College (football coach 1936-1944, basketball coach 1936-1945, baseball coach 1942-1944), Holy Cross (basketball coach 1945-1948), Boston Celtics (coach 1948-1950), Dartmouth College (basketball coach 1950-1967)

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