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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Edward A. "Ed" Wachter -- b.6/30/1883 N.S. d.3/12/1966 N.S. (82)
NBA Center
Misc: Played 8 different leagues and with independent teams (1899-1924); Member Troy championship team in Hudson River (1910-11) and New York State Leagues (1912-13, 1915); credited by many with inventing the bounce pass; chosen All-America basketball center by leading basketball authorities of the era.

Richard Wackar -- b.2/24/1928 N.S. d.8/15/2016 N.S. (88)
College Football Coach, College Football Player, College Basketball Coach
Sports Teams: Rutgers University (football player), Glassboro State College (coaching)

Dwayne Wade -- b.1/17/1982 N.S.
NBA Player

Margaret Wade -- b.12/30/1912 N.S. d.2/16/1995 N.S. (82)
College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach, Basketball Coach
Misc: in the Women's Basketball and Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Delta State University (player 1930-1932, coach 1933, 1973-?)

Tariq Abdul Wahad -- b.11/3/1974
NBA Player, Basketball Coach, French

Don Waiters -- b.12/10/1991 N.S.
NBA Guard

Antoine Walker -- b.8/12/1976
NBA Player

Chet Walker -- b.2/22/1940
NBA Forward
Misc: Consensus first-team All-America (Bradley, 1962); NBA All-Rookie Team (1963); 7x NBA All-Star; 1x NBA champion (Philadelphia 76ers, 1967).
Sports Teams: Bradley College, Syracuse Nationals / Philadelphia 76ers (1962-1969), Chicago Bulls (1969-1975)

Chris Walker -- b.12/22/1994 N.S.
NBA Player

Darrell Walker -- b.3/9/1961
NBA Coach, NBA Guard

Kemba Walker -- b.5/8/1990 N.S.
NBA Player

Kenny Walker -- b.8/18/1964
NBA Player

Samaki Walker -- b.2/25/1976
NBA Center, NBA Forward

John Wall -- b.9/6/1990
NBA Guard
Sports Teams: Washington Wizards

Ben Wallace -- b.9/10/1974
NBA Player
Names/Places: NN:Big Ben
Sports Teams: Detroit Pistons

John Wallace -- b.2/9/1974
NBA Forward

Rasheed Wallace -- b.9/17/1974
NBA Player
Sports Teams: University of North Carolina, Portland Trail Blazers, Detroit Pistons

David Walsh -- b.10/5/1889 N.S. d.6/2/1975 N.S. (85)
Author, Basketball Referee
Misc: co-authored the first ever Manual of Basketball Officiating

Rex Walters -- b.3/12/1970
NBA Player, College Basketball Coach

William "Bill" Walton -- b.11/5/1952
NBA Center, College Basketball Player
Misc: 3-time college Player of Year (1972-74); led UCLA to 2 national titles (1972-73); led Portland to NBA title as MVP in 1977, regular season MVP in 1978. 2x NBA Champion (1977, 1986); NBA Most Valuable Player (1978); 2x NBA All-Star (1977-1978); NBA Finals MVP (1977); All-NBA First Team (1977); All-NBA Second Team (1978); 2x NBA All-Defensive First Team (1977-1978); NBA Sixth Man of the Year (1986); 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996)
Sports Teams: UCLA (1971-1974), Portland Trail Blazers (1974-1978), San Diego/Los Angeles Clippers (1979-1985), Boston Celtics (1985-1987)

Robert F. "Bobby" Wanzer -- b.6/4/1921 N.S. d.1/23/2016 N.S. (94)
NBA Coach, NBA Guard
Names/Places: RN:Robert Francis Wanzer; aka Hooks Wanzer
Misc: 5x NBA All-star
Sports Teams: Rochester Royals (player 1947-1957), Cincinnatti Royals (coach 1955-1959)

Charlie Ward -- b.10/12/1970
College Football Player, NBA Guard
Names/Places: b. in Thomasville, GA
Misc: College Football QB and Basketball G; led Florida St. to national football championship in 1993; Heisman Trophy (1993) winner and the first to play for national champs since Tony Dorsett in 1976; also won Sullivan Award as nation's top amateur athlete; 3-year starter for FSU basketball team; not taken in NFL Draft; 1st round pick (26th overall) of NY Knicks in NBA Draft.
Sports Teams: Florida State (football), New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets

Kevin Ware -- b.1/3/1993 N.S.
College Basketball Player, Basketball Player

Michael Warren -- b.3/5/1946
Actor, Producer, College Basketball Player
Names/Places: b. in South Bend, IN
Sports Teams: UCLA
TV Shows: Paris, Hill St. Blues (as Off. Bobby Hill), In the House, City of Angels, Soul Food
Movie Titles: Butterflies are Free, Species III

Chris Washburn -- b.5/13/1966
NBA Player

Dwayne Alonzo "Pearl" Washington -- b.1/6/1964 N.S. d.4/20/2016 N.S. (52)
NBA Player, College Basketball Player

Eric Washington -- b.3/23/1974
NBA Player

Kermit Washington -- b.9/17/1951 N.S.
NBA Player
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Lakers (1973-1977), Boston Celtics (1977-1978), San Diego Clippers (1978-1979), Portland Trail Blazers (1979-1982), Golden State Warriors (1987)

Ora Mae Washington -- b.1/23/1898 N.S. d.12/21/1971 N.S. (73)
Tennis Player, Basketball Player
Misc: in the Basketball Hall of Fame

Stan Washington -- b.1/23/1952
NBA Guard

Jamie Watson -- b.2/23/1972
NBA Player

Slick Watts -- b.7/21/1951
NBA Player
Names/Places: RN: Donald Earl Watts
Sports Teams: Seattle Supersonics

Stanley H. "Stan" Watts -- b.8/30/1911 N.S. d.4/6/2000 N.S. (88)
College Basketball Coach
Misc: in the Basketball and College Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Brigham Young University (coach 1949-1972)

Clarence Weatherspoon -- b.9/8/1970
NBA Forward

Anthony "Spud" Webb -- b.7/13/1963 N.S.
NBA Guard
Names/Places: RFN:Anthony Jerome

Chris Webber -- b.3/1/1973
NBA Player, College Basketball Player

Scott Dean Wedman -- b.7/29/1952
NBA Player

Bob Weiss -- b.5/7/1942
NBA Coach

Bubba Wells -- b.7/26/1974
NBA Player

W. R. Clifford "Cliff" Wells -- b.3/17/1896 N.S. d.8/15/1977 N.S. (81)
Basketball Coach
Misc: As a high school basketball coach in Indiana he led his teams to winning more than 50 tournaments, including two Indiana state championships in 1919 and 1934.
Sports Teams: Tulane University (coach 1945-1963)

Christian Welp -- b.1/2/1964 d.3/1/2015 N.S. (51)
NBA Player, German

Rick Welts -- b.??/??/1953 N.S.
NBA Executive

Bill Wennington -- b.4/26/1963
NBA Player, Canadian

Robert Werdann -- b.9/12/1970
NBA Center

David Wesley -- b.11/14/1970
NBA Player, CBA Figure

Walt Wesley -- b.4/25/1945
NBA Player
Sports Teams: Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers

David West -- b.8/29/1980 N.S.
NBA Player

Doug West -- b.5/27/1967
NBA Guard

Jerry West -- b.5/28/1938
NBA General Manager, NBA Coach, NBA Guard, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: b. in Cheylan, W. Va.
Misc: he had a career average of 27 points per game as the Lakers guard; the first team all-star 10X's; scored 25,192 career points; 153 games, 4457 points, 29.1 ppg; a 2-time All-America and NCAA tourney MVP (1959) at West Virginia University and was the outstanding player in the NCAA tournament in 1959; His Hall-of-Fame career featured a record 840 free throws in 1966; led 1960 U.S. Olympic team to gold medal; 10-time All-NBA first-team; NBA finals MVP (1969); led LA Lakers to NBA title once as player (1972) and 5 times as GM in 1980s. Olympic gold medalist (1960); The NBA logo is modelled after West's silhouette; Lakers #44 retired.
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Lakers (player 1960-1974, coach 1976-1979, General Manager)

Mark West -- b.11/5/1960
NBA Center

Russell Westbrook -- b.11/12/1988 N.S.
NBA Player

Paul Westphal -- b.11/30/1950
NBA Coach, NBA Guard
Sports Teams: Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns

John Wetzel -- b.10/22/1944
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Ennis Whatley -- b.8/11/1962
NBA Guard
Sports Teams: Kansas City Kings, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Washington Bullets, San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trail Blazers

DeJuan Wheat -- b.10/14/1973
NBA Player

James White -- b.10/21/1982 N.S.
NBA Player

Jo Jo White -- b.11/16/1946 d.1/16/2018 N.S. (71)
NBA Guard
Misc: 7x NBA All-Star; Celtics #10 retired
Sports Teams: Boston Celtics (1969-1979), Golden State Warriors (1979-1980), Kansas City Kings (1980-1981)

Nera D. White -- b.11/15/1935 d.4/13/2016 N.S. (80)
Basketball Player
Misc: is considered one of the most outstanding female players in history.

Randy White -- b.11/4/1967
NBA Forward

Jerome Whitehead -- b.9/30/1956 d.12/20/2012 (56)
NBA Player

Hassan Whiteside -- b.6/13/1989 N.S.
NBA Player

Dwayne Whitfield -- b.8/21/1972
NBA Player

Sidney Wicks -- b.9/19/1949
NBA Player
Misc: 4x NBA All-Star, 3x NCAA Champion; UCLA #35 retired; in the College Basketball Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of California Los Angeles, Portland Trail Blazers (1971-1976), Boston Celtics (1976-1978), San Diego Clippers (1978-1981)

Andrew Wiggins -- b.2/23/1995 N.S.
NBA Player, Canadian

Mitchell Wiggins -- b.9/28/1959
NBA Guard

Morlon Wiley -- b.9/24/1966
NBA Coach, NBA Guard, CBA Figure

Louis Wilke -- b.10/10/1896 N.S. d.2/28/1962 N.S. (65)
Basketball Coach
Misc: Basketball Administrator; served as chairman of the AAU Basketball Committee for seven terms, and an executive board member of the U.S. Olympic Committee from 1956-1960.

Leonard R. "Lenny" Wilkens -- b.10/28/1937 N.S.
NBA Coach, NBA Player, Olympic Athlete
Misc: He was called 'Lefty' as star passing and scoring guard player. Had two Hall Of Fame careers, one as player, one as coach; 7,211 career assists, 5,030 rebounds, 17,772 points; MVP of 1960 NIT as Providence guard; MVP of 1971 All-Star Game; coached Seattle to NBA title in 1979; Coach of Year in 1994 with Atlanta; 9x NBA All-Star, SuperSonics #19 retired
Sports Teams: St. Louis Hawks (1960-1968), Seattle SuperSonics (1968-1972), Cleveland Cavaliers (1972-1974), Portland Trail Blazers (1974-1975), Seattle SuperSonics (coach 1969-1972), Portland Trail Blazers (coach 1974-1976), Seattle SuperSonics (coach 1977-1985), Cleveland Cavaliers (coach 1986-1993), Atlanta Hawks (coach 1993-2000), Toronto Raptors (coach 2000-2003), New York Knicks (coach 2004-2005)

Jamaal Wilkes -- b.5/2/1953
NBA Forward
Names/Places: RFN:Keith
Misc: 3x Academic All-America (UCLA, 1972, 1973, 1974); Consensus first-team All-American (1974); NBA Rookie of the Year (1975); 3x NBA All-Star; 4x NBA champion (Golden State Warriors, 1975; Los Angeles Lakers, 1980, 1982, 1985)
Sports Teams: UCLA, Golden State Warriors (1974-1977), Los Angeles Lakers (1977-1985), Los Angeles Clippers (1985)

Dominique Wilkins -- b.1/12/1960
NBA Forward, French
Names/Places: NN:The Human Highlight Film; RFN:Jacques
Misc: the last player to lead NBA in scoring (1986) before Michael Jordan's reign; traded from Atlanta to LA Clippers in 1994; later signed as free agent with Boston; elder statesman of Dream Team II; 9x NBA All Star (1986-1994); NBA scoring champion (1986); All-NBA First Team (1986); 4x All-NBA Second Team (1987-1988, 1991, 1993); 2x All-NBA Third Team (1989, 1994); NBA All-Rookie Team (1983); FIBA World Championship gold medalist (1994); Hawks #21 retired
Sports Teams: Atlanta Hawks (1982-1994), Los Angeles Clippers (1994), Boston Celtics (1994-1995), Panathinaikos (Greece 1995-1996), San Antonio Spurs (1996-1997), Fortitudo Bologna (Italy 1997-1998), Orlando Magic (1999)

Eddie Lee Wilkins -- b.5/7/1962
NBA Player

Gerald Wilkins -- b.9/11/1963
NBA Guard
Names/Places: Dominque's brother

Corey Willams -- b.4/24/1970
NBA Guard, College Basketball Coach

Aaron Williams -- b.1/2/1971
NBA Player

Brian (Basketball) Williams -- b.4/6/1969 presumed deceased
NBA Forward
Names/Places: aka Bison Dele
Misc: was presumed dead on July 7, 2002

"Buck" Williams -- b.3/8/1960
NBA Coach, NBA Forward
Names/Places: RFN:Charles Linwood
Misc: played over 1,183 games

Chuck Williams -- b.6/6/1946
NBA Player

Deron Williams -- b.6/26/1984
NBA Guard, Olympic Athlete

Earl Williams -- b.3/24/1951
NBA Player

Eric (Basketball) Williams -- b.7/17/1972
NBA Player

Gary Williams -- b.3/4/1945 N.S.
College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach
Misc: in the Basketball and College Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Maryland (player 1964-1967), Lafayette College (1972-1977), Boston College (1977-1978, 1982-1986), American (1978-1982), Ohio State (1986-1989), University of Maryland (1989-2011)

Gus Williams -- b.10/10/1953
NBA Guard
Misc: SuperSonics retired #1
Sports Teams: Golden State Warriors, Seattle SuperSonics, Washington Bullets, Atlanta Hawks

Henry Williams -- b.6/6/1970 d.3/13/2018 N.S. (47)
NBA Guard

Herb Williams -- b.2/16/1958
NBA Center, NBA Forward

Jay (Basketball) Williams -- b.9/10/1981 N.S.
NBA Guard, College Basketball Player
Names/Places: RN: Jason Williams, but changed his name to avoid confusion with another basketball player Jayson Williams

Jayson Williams -- b.2/22/1968
NBA Forward

John Williams -- b.10/26/1966
NBA Forward

John "Hot Rod" Williams -- b.8/9/1962 d.12/11/2015 N.S. (53)
NBA Center, NBA Forward

Kenny Williams -- b.6/9/1969
NBA Forward

Lorenzo Williams -- b.7/15/1969
NBA Player

Lou Williams -- b.10/27/1986 N.S.
NBA Player

Micheal Williams -- b.7/23/1966
NBA Guard

Mo Williams -- b.12/19/1982 N.S.
NBA Guard

Monty Williams -- b.10/8/1971
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Nate Williams -- b.5/2/1950
NBA Player

Reggie (Basketball) Williams -- b.3/5/1964
NBA Forward, NBA Guard

Roy Williams -- b.8/1/1950
College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach
Sports Teams: North Carolina (player 1968-1969, coach 1978-1988, 2003-present as of 2016), University of Kansas (coach 1988-2003)

Scott Williams -- b.3/21/1968
NBA Center, NBA Forward

Travis Williams -- b.5/27/1969
NBA Player

Walt Williams -- b.4/16/1970
NBA Guard

Corliss Williamson -- b.12/4/1973
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Kevin Willis -- b.9/6/1962
NBA Center, NBA Forward

Bobby Wilson -- b.1/15/1951
NBA Player

Trevor Wilson -- b.3/16/1968
NBA Player

David Wingate -- b.12/15/1963
NBA Player

Dontonio Wingfield -- b.6/23/1974
NBA Player

Morice Frederick "Tex" Winter -- b.2/25/1922 N.S. d.10/10/2018 N.S. (96)
NBA Coach, College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach
Sports Teams: Kansas State (Asst. coach, 1947-1951), Marquette (coach, 1951-1953), Kansas State (coach, 1953-1968), Washington (coach, 1968-1971), Houston Rockets (NBA coach, 1971-1973), Northwestern (coach, 1973-1978), Long Beach State (coach, 1978-1983), Chicago Bulls (Asst. coach, 1985-1998), Los Angeles Lakers (Asst coach, 1999-2008)

Brian Winters -- b.3/1/1952
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Luke Witte -- b.10/19/1950
NBA Player

Randy Wittman -- b.10/28/1959
NBA Coach, NBA Guard

Joe Wolf -- b.12/17/1964
NBA Player

Bob Wolff -- b.11/29/1920 N.S. d.7/15/2017 N.S. (96)
Baseball Announcer, Football Announcer, Basketball Announcer, Soccer Announcer, Hockey Announcer
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 1995; in the National Sportscastsrs and Sportswriters Halls of Fame among other Hall of Fames.
Sports Teams: Washington Seanators, Minnesota Twins, New York Knicks, New York Rangers, Detroit Pistons, Baltimore Colts, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Rowdies
TV Shows: NBC Sports

David Wood -- b.11/30/1964
NBA Player

Lynette Woodard -- b.8/12/1959
Basketball Figure, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Gold Medalist in 1984 Olympics and 1990 FIBA World Championship for Women. Inducted to Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2005.
Sports Teams: Harlem Globetrotters

John Wooden -- b.10/14/1910 d.6/4/2010 (99)
College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach
Names/Places: MN: Robert; NN:The Wizard of Westwood
Misc: college Player of Year at Purdue in 1932; coached UCLA to 10 national titles (1964-65,67-73,75); only member of Basketball Hall of Fame inducted as player and coach. As player: Helms Foundation All-America (Purdue, 1930-32); Helms Foundation Player of the Year (1932); National championship (Purdue, 1932); All-NBL First Team (1938); in the Basketball and College Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Purdue (as player, 1929-1932), Indiana State (coach, 1946-1948), UCLA (coach, 1948-1975)

Randy Woods -- b.9/23/1970
NBA Guard

Mike Woodson -- b.3/24/1958
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Phil Woolpert -- b.12/15/1915 N.S. d.5/7/1987 N.S. (71)
College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach, Basketball Coach
Misc: coached the University of San Francisco Dons to two straight national championships in 1955 and 1956
Sports Teams: Loyola-Los Angeles (player 1936-1940), University of San Francisco (coach 1950-1959, administration 1950-1959), San Francisco Saints (coach 1961-1962), University of San Diego (coach 1962-1969, administration 1962-1969)

Orlando Woolridge -- b.12/16/1959 d.5/31/2012 (52)
NBA Forward

Morgan Wootten -- b.4/21/1931 N.S.
Basketball Coach
Misc: won 5 High School championships, 22 Washington DC championships, and 33 WCAC championships
Sports Teams: DeMatha Catholic High School (coach 1956-2002)

Haywoode Workman -- b.1/23/1966
NBA Guard
Misc: Referee

James Alger Worthy -- b.2/27/1961
Sports Analyst, Basketball Announcer, NBA Coach, NBA Forward
Names/Places: NN:Big Game James
Misc: 3x NBA Champion (1985, 1987-1988); 9x NBA All-Star (1986-1992); NBA Finals MVP (1988); 2x All-NBA Third Team (1990-1991); NBA All-Rookie Team (1983); 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996); Lakers #42 retired, University of North Carolina #52 retired; in the College Basketball and Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: University of North Carolina (1979-1982), Los Angeles Lakers (player 1982-1994), coach 2015-present as of 2015)

Lorenzen Wright -- b.11/4/1975 d.7/19/2010 (34)
NBA Player
Misc: July 28 was the date his body was found. July 19 was probably the day he died.

Sharone Wright -- b.1/20/1973
NBA Player

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