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Last Updated 01-22-2019

Paul MacDermid -- b.4/14/1964
NHL Player, Canadian

Bradley "Lane" MacDonald -- b.3/3/1966 N.S.
NHL Left Wing, Olympic Athlete, Canadian
Misc: played 1986-1990
Sports Teams: Calgary Flames

Kevin MacDonald -- b.2/24/1966
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian

Bruce MacGregor -- b.4/26/1941
NHL Forward, Canadian

John MacInnes -- b.7/1/1925 N.S. d.3/6/1983 N.S. (57)
Hockey Coach, Hockey Goalie, Canadian
Sports Teams: Michigan Tech Huskies (1956-57 through the 1981-82 seasons)

Al MacInnis -- b.7/11/1963
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Misc: played 1982-2003
Sports Teams: Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues

Norm Maciver -- b.9/1/1964
NHL Manager, NHL Player, Canadian

Duncan McMillan "Mickey" MacKay -- b.5/25/1894 N.S. d.5/30/1940 N.S. (46)
NHL Center, Canadian
Misc: played 1914-1930; NHL Rover
Sports Teams: Vancouver Millionaires, Chicago Black Hawks, Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Bruins

John MacLean -- b.11/20/1964
NHL Player, Canadian

Rick MacLeish -- b.1/3/1950 d.5/30/2016 N.S. (66)
NHL Player, Canadian
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Flyers

Billy MacMillan -- b.3/7/1943
NHL Player, Canadian

Bob MacMillan -- b.12/3/1952
NHL Forward, Canadian

Bernie MacNeil -- b.3/7/1950
NHL Player

Jamie Macoun -- b.8/17/1961
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Misc: played over 1,000 games during a 17-year career

Craig MacTavish -- b.8/15/1958
NHL Player, Canadian

Darrin Madeley -- b.2/25/1968
NHL Player, Canadian

Keith Magnuson -- b.4/27/1947 d.12/15/2003 (56)
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian

Frank Mahovlich -- b.1/10/1938
Politician, NHL Left Wing, Canadian
Names/Places: FN:Francis William
Misc: played 1957-1979
Sports Teams: Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Toros (WHA), Birmingham Bulls (WHA)

"Pistol" Pete Mahovlich -- b.10/10/1946 N.S.
NHL Executive, NHL Coach, NHL Center, Canadian
Misc: played 1965-1982; b. 1948?
Sports Teams: Detroit Red Wings (NHL), Montreal Canadiens (NHL), Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), Pittsburgh Hornets (AHL), Montreal Voyageurs (AHL), Adirondack Red Wings (AHL), Fort Worth Wings (CHL), Toledo Goaldiggers (IHL, player and coach), Colorado Rangers (AHL, coach), Denver Rangrs (IHL, coach), Fort Worth Fire (CHL, coach), Cape Breton Oilers (AHL, coach)

Sergei Makarov -- b.6/19/1958 N.S.
NHL Right Wing, Olympic Athlete, Soviet

Mikko Mäkelä -- b.2/28/1965
NHL Right Wing, Finnish
Sports Teams: N.Y. Islanders

Ron "Chico" Maki -- b.8/17/1939 N.S. d.8/24/2015 N.S. (76)
NHL Player, Canadian
Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks

Vladimir Malakhov -- b.8/30/1968
NHL Player, Ukrainian

David Maley -- b.4/24/1963
NHL Player

Stewart Malgunas -- b.4/21/1970
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian

Marek Malik -- b.6/24/1975
NHL Player, Czech

Evgeni Malkin -- b.7/31/1986 N.S.
NHL Player, Russian
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins

Dean Malkoc -- b.1/26/1970
NHL Defensive, Canadian

Troy Mallette -- b.2/25/1970
NHL Left Wing, Canadian

Joe Malone -- b.2/28/1890 d.5/15/1969 (79)
NHL Center, NHL Forward, Canadian
Names/Places: NN:Phantom Joe
Misc: played from 1910-1924
Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens (NHL), Hamilton Tigers (NHL), Quebec Bulldogs (NHL), Quebec Bulldogs (NHA), Waterloo Colts (OPHL)

Dave Maloney -- b.7/31/1956
NHL Player, Canadian

Kirk Maltby -- b.12/22/1972
NHL Player, Canadian

Kent Manderville -- b.4/12/1971
NHL Player, Canadian

Randy Manery -- b.1/10/1949
NHL Defensive, Canadian

Cesare Manigo -- b.1/13/1939
NHL Goaltender, Canadian

Dave Manson -- b.1/27/1967
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Misc: played 1986-2002
Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets, Phoenix Coyotes, Montreal Canadiens, Dallas Stars, Toronto Maple Leafs

Sylvio Mantha -- b.4/14/1902 d.8/7/1974 (72)
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Misc: played 1923-1937
Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Boston Bruins

Brad Marchand -- b.5/11/1988 N.S.
NHL Player, Canadian

Todd Marchant -- b.8/12/1973
NHL Player, American

Bryan Marchment -- b.5/1/1969
NHL Player, Canadian

Chris Marinucci -- b.12/29/1971
NHL Player, American

John Mariucci -- b.5/8/1916 O.S. d.3/23/1987 N.S. (70)
Hockey Coach, Hockey Player
Misc: coached 1938-1952
Sports Teams: University of Minnesota, Providence Reds, Chicago Black Hawks, U.S. Coast Guard Cutters, St. Louis Flyers, Minneapolis Millers

Mitch Marner -- b.5/5/1997 N.S.
NHL Forward, Canadian

Dan Marois -- b.10/3/1968
NHL Player, Canadian

Jack Marshall -- b.3/14/1877 d.8/7/1965 (88)
NHL Center, NHL Defensive, Canadian
Misc: played 1898-1917
Sports Teams: Montreal Wanderers, Toronto Blueshirts, Montreal Shamrocks, Toronto Professionals, Winnipeg Victorias

Jason Marshall -- b.2/22/1971
NHL Defensive, Canadian

Craig Martin -- b.1/21/1971
NHL Right Wing, Canadian

Matt Martin -- b.4/30/1971
Hockey Figure, Olympic Athlete
Misc: hockey defenseman (Olympics-1994)

"Pit" Martin -- b.12/9/1943 d.11/30/2008 (64)
NHL Center, Canadian
Names/Places: FN:Hubert Jacques

Rick Martin -- b.7/26/1951 d.3/13/2011 (59)
NHL Player, Canadian
Names/Places: FN:Richard Lionel

Don Martineau -- b.4/25/1952 d.3/26/2006 N.S. (53)
NHL Player, Canadian

Steve Martins -- b.4/13/1972
NHL Player, Canadian

Ronald Mason -- b.1/14/1940 N.S. d.6/13/2016 N.S. (76)
Hockey Coach, Hockey Player, Canadian
Sports Teams: St. Lawrence University (player), Lake Superior State (coach 1967-1973), Bowling Green (coach 1974-1979), Michigan State University (coach 1980-2002)

Bill Masterson -- b.8/16/1938 d.1/15/1968 (29)
NHL Center, Canadian

John Peter "Johnny" Matchefts -- b.6/18/1931 N.S. d.11/10/2013 N.S. (82)
Hockey Coach, Hockey Player, Olympic Athlete

Bruce Mather -- b.7/25/1926 N.S. d.10/9/1975 N.S. (49)
Hockey Player, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: played 1943-1955
Sports Teams: Worcester Warriors, Boston Olympics

Igor Matoushkin -- b.1/27/1965
NHL Defensive, Olympic Athlete, Soviet

Stéphane Matteau -- b.9/2/1969
NHL Player, Canadian

Auston Matthews -- b.9/17/1997 N.S.
NHL Center, American

Larry Mavety -- b.5/29/1942
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Hockey Executive, Canadian
Misc: former executive in the Ontario Hockey League

Fred "Steamer" Maxwell -- b.5/19/1890 N.S. d.9/11/1975 N.S. (85)
NHL Player, Canadian
Misc: NHL Rover; amateur in the early 20th century; played from 1909-1915
Sports Teams: Winnipeg Hockey Club, Winnipeg Monarchs

Alan May -- b.1/14/1965
NHL Player, Canadian

Brad May -- b.11/29/1971
NHL Player, Canadian

John Edward Mayasich -- b.5/22/1933 N.S.
Hockey Player, Olympic Athlete

Dean McAmmond -- b.6/15/1973
NHL Player, Canadian

Andrew McBain -- b.1/18/1965
NHL Right Wing, Canadian
Misc: hockeydb and icehockey.wikia say b. Feb 18, 1965

Jason McBain -- b.4/12/1974
NHL Player

John William "Jack" McCartan -- b.8/5/1935 N.S.
Hockey Goalie, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 1960 United States hockey team
Sports Teams: New York Rangers, Minnesota Fighting Saints

Sandy McCarthy -- b.6/15/1972
NHL Player, Canadian

Darren McCarty -- b.4/1/1972
NHL Player, Canadian

Rob McClanahan -- b.1/9/1958
NHL Player, Olympic Athlete, Canadian

Trent McCleary -- b.9/8/1972
NHL Player, Canadian
Misc: played 1993-2000
Sports Teams: Ottawa Senators, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens

Bill McCreary -- b.12/2/1934
NHL Coach, NHL Left Wing, Canadian
Misc: hockey manager, referee

Brad McCrimmon -- b.3/29/1959 d.9/7/2011 N.S. (52)
NHL Player, Canadian

Connor McDavid -- b.1/13/1997 N.S.
NHL Center, Canadian

Ryan McDonagh -- b.6/13/1989 N.S.
NHL Player, American

Lanny McDonald -- b.2/16/1953
NHL Right Wing, Canadian
Misc: played 1973-1989, the first to win the Clancy trophy
Sports Teams: Toronto Maple Leafs, Colorado Rockies, Calgary Flames

Shawn McEachern -- b.2/28/1969
NHL Player

Frank McGee -- b.11/4/1882 d.9/16/1916 (33)
Hockey Player, Canadian
Misc: Centre/Rover
Sports Teams: Ottawa Hockey Club (possibly 1903-1906)

Bob McGill -- b.4/27/1962
NHL Player, Canadian

William George "Billy" McGimsie -- b.6/7/1880 N.S. d.10/28/1968 N.S. (88)
NHL Center, Canadian
Sports Teams: Kenora Thistles (possibly 1901-1907)

Marty McInnis -- b.6/2/1970
NHL Player, Olympic Athlete, American

Ian McIntyre -- b.2/12/1974
NHL Player, Canadian

John McIntyre -- b.4/29/1969
NHL Player, Canadian

Randy McKay -- b.1/25/1967
NHL Right Wing, Canadian

Walt McKechnie -- b.6/19/1947
NHL Player, Canadian
Names/Places: b. in London, Ontario, Canada

Brian McKenzie -- b.3/16/1954
NHL Player, Canadian

Jim McKenzie -- b.11/3/1969
NHL Player, Canadian

Kyle McLaren -- b.6/18/1977
NHL Player, Canadian

Frederick McLaughlin -- b.6/27/1877 d.12/17/1944 (67)
NHL Owner
Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks (founder of a multi-time Stanley Cup winner)

Kirk McLean -- b.6/26/1966
NHL Goaltender, Canadian

Dave (Hockey) McLelland -- b.10/20/1952
NHL Player, Canadian

Jamie McLennan -- b.6/30/1971
NHL Goaltender, Canadian

Dave McLlwain -- b.1/9/1967
NHL Player, Canadian

George Andrew McNamara -- b.8/26/1886 d.3/10/1952 (65)
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Misc: played 1907-1917
Sports Teams: Toronto 228th Battalion, Toronto Ontarios, Toronto Blueshirts, Halifax Crescents, Waterloo Colts, Montreal Shamrocks, Cobalt Silver Kings, Sault Ste. Marie Marlboros

Mike McPhee -- b.7/14/1960
Banker, NHL Left Wing, Canadian

Basil McRae -- b.1/5/1961
NHL General Manager, NHL Player, Canadian

Brian McReynolds -- b.1/5/1965
NHL Player, Canadian

Marty McSorley -- b.5/18/1963
NHL Player, Canadian

Scott Mellanby -- b.6/11/1966
NHL Player, Canadian

Gilles Meloche -- b.7/12/1950
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian

Barry Melrose -- b.7/15/1956
Sports Commentator, Hockey Coach, Hockey Player, American, Canadian

Mark Messier -- b.1/18/1961
NHL Center, Canadian
Misc: played 1978-2004; 2-time Hart Trophy winner as MVP with Edmonton (1990) and NY Rangers (1992); captain of Rangers team that finally won 1st Stanley Cup since 1940; entered 1994-95 season with 478 regular season goals; ranked 2nd (behind Gretzky) in all-time playoff points with 259, broke his 1,600 mark in March 1998
Sports Teams: Indianapolis Racers (WHA), Cincinnati Stingers (WHA), Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks

Stan Mikita -- b.5/20/1940 N.S. d.8/7/2018 N.S. (78)
NHL Center, American, Canadian, Czech
Misc: led NHL in scoring 4 times; won both MVP and Lady Byng awards in 1967 and '68 with the Chicago Black Hawks.
Sports Teams: Chicago Black Hawks (possibly 1958-1980)

Oleg Mikulchik -- b.6/27/1964
NHL Player, Soviet

Michael James "Mike" Milbury -- b.6/17/1952 N.S.
Sportscaster, NHL Defensive
Misc: works as an ice hockey analyst for the NESN, Hockey Night in Canada, and the NHL on NBC as of 2016.
Sports Teams: Boston Bruins (possibly 1974-1987)

Corey Millen -- b.3/30/1964
NHL Player

Aaron Miller -- b.8/11/1971
NHL Defensive, American

Kelly Miller -- b.3/3/1963
NHL Left Wing, American

Kevin Miller -- b.9/2/1965
NHL Player, American

Ryan Miller -- b.7/17/1980
NHL Goaltender, Olympic Athlete, American

Craig Mills -- b.8/27/1976
NHL Player, Canadian

Boris Mironov -- b.3/21/1972
NHL Defensive, Russian

Dmitri Mironov -- b.12/25/1965
NHL Player, Russian

Mike Modano -- b.6/7/1970
NHL Center, American
Names/Places: RN:Michael Thomas Modano, Jr.
Misc: played 1989-2011; an all-time goal-scoring and points leader amongst American-born players in the NHL
Sports Teams: Minnesota North Stars, Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings

William Carl "Bill" Moe -- b.10/2/1916 N.S. d.7/13/1996 N.S. (79)
NHL Defensive
Misc: played 1939-1953; played for the NHL, the Eastern Amateur Hockey League, Pacific Coast Hockey League, American Hockey League.
Sports Teams: New York Rangers (NHL), Philadelphia Ramblers (AHL), Hershey Bears (AHL)

Sandy Moger -- b.3/21/1969
NHL Player, Canadian

Alexander Mogliny -- b.2/18/1969
Hockey Figure, Russian
Misc: first soviet hockey star to defect to NHL

Sergio Momesso -- b.9/4/1964
NHL Player, Canadian

Sean Monahan -- b.10/12/1994 N.S.
NHL Center, Canadian

Jim Montgomery -- b.6/30/1969
NHL Player, Canadian

Andy Moog -- b.2/18/1960
NHL Goaltender, Olympic Athlete, Canadian
Misc: played 1980-1998, Olympics-Canada-1988
Sports Teams: Edmonton Oilers, Boston Bruins, Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadiens

Dickie Moore -- b.1/6/1931 d.12/19/2015 N.S. (84)
Philanthropist, NHL Left Wing, Canadian
Misc: not to be confused with actor Dickie Moore (of Our Gang); played 1951-1968
Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, St. Louis Blues, Buffalo Bisons (AHL)

Ian Moran -- b.8/24/1972
NHL Defensive, American

Paddy Moran -- b.3/11/1887 d.1/14/1966 (78)
NHL Goaltender, Canadian
Misc: played 1901-1917
Sports Teams: Quebec Hockey Club, Haileybury Comets

Jayson "Jay" More -- b.1/12/1969
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian

Ethan Moreau -- b.9/22/1975
NHL Player, Canadian

Howie Morenz -- b.9/21/1902 d.3/8/1937 (34)
NHL Center, Canadian
Misc: chosen by a 1950 Canadian press poll as the best hockey pyr of 1st half of 20th century
Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Black Hawks, New York Rangers

Rick Morris -- b.7/5/1946
Hockey Player, Canadian
Misc: WHA Figure

James Morrison -- b.10/11/1931
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian

Ken Morrow -- b.10/17/1956
NHL Defensive, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 1980 U.S. Olympic Team; played 1980-1989
Sports Teams: New York Islanders (NHL), New England Whalers (WHA)

Gus (James) Mortson -- b.1/24/1925 d.8/8/2015 N.S. (90)
NHL Defensive, Canadian

Frederick Russell Moseley -- b.7/13/1913 N.S. d.3/10/1989 N.S. (75)
Hockey Player

Bill Mosienko -- b.11/2/1921 d.7/9/1994 (72)
NHL Right Wing, Canadian, Ukrainian
Misc: scored 3 goals in 21 seconds in 1952
Sports Teams: Chicago Black Hawks (possibly 1940-1959)

David Moss -- b.12/28/1981 N.S.
NHL Right Wing, American

Joseph Patrick "Joe" Mullen -- b.2/26/1957 N.S.
NHL Right Wing, American
Misc: played 1979-1997
Sports Teams: St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins

Kirk Muller -- b.2/8/1966
NHL Player, Canadian

Grant Mulvey -- b.9/17/1956
NHL Player, Canadian

Craig Muni -- b.7/19/1962
NHL Player, Canadian

Connor Murphy -- b.3/26/1993 N.S.
NHL Defensive, American

Gord Murphy -- b.2/23/1967
NHL Defensive, Canadian

Joe Murphy -- b.10/16/1967
NHL Player, Canadian

Larry Murphy -- b.3/8/1961
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Misc: played 1980-2001; 243 goals and 755 assists career
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Kings, Washington Capitals, Minnesota North Stars, Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings

Bob Murray -- b.7/16/1948
NHL Player, Canadian

Bryan Murray -- b.12/5/1942 N.S. d.8/12/2017 N.S. (74)
NHL Executive, NHL Coach, Canadian

Chris Murray -- b.10/25/1974
NHL Player, Canadian

Glen Murray -- b.11/1/1972
NHL Player, Canadian

Marty Murray -- b.2/16/1975
NHL Center, Canadian

Muzz Murray -- b.10/1/1891 N.S. d.2/13/1961 N.S. (69)
Hockey Player
Misc: played ca. 1918-1922
Sports Teams: Seattle Metropolitians, Calgary Tigers

Rob Murray -- b.4/4/1967
NHL Player, Canadian

Troy Murray -- b.7/31/1962
Sports Analyst, NHL Player, Canadian
Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks (broadcaster)

Dana Murzyn -- b.12/9/1966
NHL Player, Canadian

Frank Musil -- b.12/17/1964
NHL Player, Czechoslovakian

Jason Muzzatti -- b.2/3/1970
NHL Goaltender, Canadian, Italian

Brantt Myhres -- b.3/18/1974
NHL Left Wing, Canadian

Anders Myrvold -- b.8/12/1975
NHL Player, Norweigan

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