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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Rogie Vachon -- b.9/8/1945
NHL Goaltender, Canadian, French

Louis Joseph Vairo -- b.2/25/1945 N.S.
NHL Coach
Sports Teams: New Jersey Devils

Garry Valk -- b.11/27/1967
NHL Player, Canadian

Shaun Van Allen -- b.8/29/1967
NHL Player, Canadian

John "Beezer" Vanbiesbrouck -- b.9/4/1963 N.S.
NHL Goaltender, American
Misc: Hockey executive
Sports Teams: New York Rangers, Florida Panthers, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils

John Van Boxmeer -- b.11/20/1952
NHL Player, Hockey Coach, Canadian

John Van Horlick -- b.2/19/1949
NHL Player, Hockey Coach, Canadian
Sports Teams: Toronto Toros (played just two games and registered zero points all for that team and his entire playing career)

Jarkko Varvio -- b.4/28/1972
NHL Player, Finnish

Dennis Vaske -- b.10/11/1967
NHL Defensive, American

Éric Veilleux -- b.2/20/1972
NHL Player, Canadian

Gary Veneruzzo -- b.6/28/1943
NHL Player, Canadian

Pat Verbeek -- b.5/24/1964
NHL Player, Canadian

Mike (Hockey) Vernon -- b.2/24/1963
NHL Player, Canadian

Georges Vézina -- b.1/21/1887 d.3/27/1926 (39)
NHL Goaltender, Canadian
Names/Places: RN:Joseph-Georges-Gonzague Vezina; NN:The Chicoutimi Cucumber
Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens (possibly 1910-1925)

Dennis Vial -- b.4/10/1969
NHL Defensive, Canadian

Vesa Viitakoski -- b.2/13/1971
NHL Player, Finnish

Doug Volmar -- b.1/9/1945 d.6/18/2017 N.S. (72)
NHL Forward, American

Phil Von Stefenelli -- b.4/10/1969
NHL Player, Canadian

Ramon Vopat -- b.4/21/1976
NHL Player, Czechoslovakian

John Voss -- b.2/21/1946
NHL Player, Canadian

Mick Vukota -- b.9/14/1966
NHL Right Wing, Canadian

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