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Last Updated 06-01-2019

????? ????? -- b.4/26/1960 N.S.
Author, Commentator, Historian, Comedian, Computer Software Programmer, Internet Company Entrepreneur, Novelty Performer, Bicyclist
Misc: RN:David Tanny; author of Celebrity Birthdays since 1981, Today in All Kinds of History since 1995, novelty recording artist since 1998, founder of davesfunstuff.com in 1995

Abdellatief Abouheif -- b.9/30/1929 N.S. d.4/23/2008 N.S. (78)
Swimmer, Egyptian

Rebecca Adlington -- b.2/17/1989 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, English

Nathan Adrian -- b.12/7/1988 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete

Affirmed -- b.2/21/1975 d.1/12/2001 N.S. (25)
Misc: Triple Crown winner

Francis Affleck -- b.3/4/1950 d.2/7/1985 (34)
Auto Racer, Canadian

Joshua Agajanian -- b.6/16/1913 d.5/5/1984 (70)
Auto Racer
Names/Places: NN:J.C. or Aggie
Misc: was an influential figure in American motorsports history. He was a promoter and race car owner.

Kriss Akabusi -- b.11/28/1958
Sprinter, Runner, Olympic Athlete, English
Misc: 4X400 runner (Olympic-silver-1984)

Michele Alboretto -- b.12/23/1956 d.4/25/2001 N.S. (44)
Auto Racer
Misc: formula-1 racer (Ferrari)

Grant Albrecht -- b.1/29/1981 N.S.
Luger, Olympic Athlete, Canadian

Bobby Allison -- b.12/3/1937
Auto Racer
Names/Places: b. in Hueytown, AL; RN:Robert Arthur; father of Davey.
Misc: 3-time winner of Daytona 500 (1978,82,88); NASCAR national champ in 1983

Clifford Allison -- b.10/20/1964 d.8/13/1992 (27)
Auto Racer
Names/Places: Bobby's son

Davey Allison -- b.2/25/1961 N.S. d.7/13/1993 N.S. (32)
Auto Racer, American

Donnie Allison -- b.9/7/1939
Auto Racer
Misc: NASCAR Grand National/Winston Cup circuit; won 10x.

Fernando Alonso -- b.7/29/1981
Auto Racer, Spanish
Misc: Formula 1 champion

Bill Alsup -- b.7/15/1938 N.S. d.8/9/2016 N.S. (78)
Auto Racer, American

Joe Amato -- b.6/13/1944
Auto Racer, Drag Racer
Names/Places: RN:Jospeh Benjamin Paul Amato Jr.
Misc: NHRA top fuel drag racing champion (1991)

Chris Amon -- b.7/20/1943 N.S. d.8/3/2016 N.S. (73)
Auto Racer, New Zealand

Greta Andersen -- b.5/1/1927 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Danish (Denmark)

Hjalmar Andersen -- b.3/12/1923 d.3/27/2013 (90)
Speed Skater, Norweigan
Misc: 1500, 5K, 10K (Oly-gold-1952)

Teresa "Terry" Andersen -- b.??/??/1953 N.S.
Swimmer, American

Richard Dean Anderson -- b.1/23/1950
Actor, NHL Player, Auto Racer, Skier
Names/Places: b. in Minneapolis, Minn.
Misc: Skydiver; some say b. Feb 13 or 1953
TV Shows: General Hospital (as Dr. Jeff Webber), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (as Adam), Emerald Point NAS (as Lt. Simon Adams), MacGyver (as "Angus" MacGyver), Legend (as Ernest Pratt), Stargate SG-1 (as Col. Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill), Stargate: Continuum

Shelley Anderson -- b.12/22/1965
Auto Racer

Gyarmati Andrea -- b.4/15/1954 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Hungarian

Jeff Andretti -- b.4/14/1964
Auto Racer
Names/Places: Mario's son

John Andretti -- b.3/12/1963
Auto Racer
Names/Places: Mario's son

Mario Andretti -- b.2/28/1940
Auto Racer, Italian
Names/Places: father of Michael and Jeff, uncle of John; a twin; b. in Montona, Trieste
Misc: four-time USAC/CART national champion (1965-66,69,84); only driver to win Daytona 500 (1967), Indy 500 (1969) and Formula One world title (1978); Indy 500 Rookie of Year (1965)

Michael Mario Andretti -- b.10/5/1962
Auto Racer
Misc: 1992 CART national champion with single season record 8 wins; Indy 500 Rookie of Year (1984); left IndyCar circuit for ill-fated Formula One try in 1993; returned to IndyCar in '94; entered 1994 with 27 career wins; son of Mario.

Hannelore Anke -- b.12/8/1957 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, East German
Names/Places: aka Hannelore Hofmann

Jacques Anquetil -- b.1/8/1934 d.11/18/1987 (53)
Bicyclist, French
Misc: Tour de France bicycle racer (5-time winner).

Chris Antley -- b.1/6/1965 d.12/2/2000 (35)

Mayumi Aoki -- b.5/1/1953 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Japanese

Saïd Aouita -- b.11/2/1960
Runner, Track and Field, Moroccan
Misc: won gold (5000m) and bronze (800m) in 1984 Olympics; won 5,000m at 1987 World Championships; entered 1993 holding 2 world records recognized by IAAF--2000m and 5000m.

Shigeo Arai -- b.8/8/1916 N.S. d.7/19/1944 N.S. (27)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Japanese

Eddie Arcaro -- b.2/19/1916 d.11/14/1997 (81)
Sportscaster, Jockey
Names/Places: b. in Cincinnatti; RN:George Edward
Misc: rode 4779 winners, a 2-time Triple Crown winner (Whirlaway in 1941, Citation in '48); won the Kentucky Derby five times, Preakness and Belmont Stakes 6 times each.

Frederick Archer -- b.1/11/1857 d.11/8/1886 (29)
Jockey, English

Frank Arciero -- b.7/7/1925 d.5/23/2012 (86)
Auto Racer

Arthur Arfons -- b.2/3/1926 d.12/3/2007 (81)
Auto Racer
Misc: Green Monster 1964-536.71 MPH; three-time holder of the world's land-speed record for wheeled vehicles; tractor pulling

Dave Armbruster -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Duncan Armstrong -- b.4/7/1968 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian
Names/Places: RN: Duncan John D'Arcy Armstrong

Lance Armstrong -- b.9/18/1971
Philanthropist, Bicyclist
Misc: Tour de France winner

René Arnoux -- b.7/4/1948
Auto Racer, French
Misc: formula-1 racer (6th place-1980)

Alberto Ascari -- b.7/13/1918 d.5/26/1955 (36)
Auto Racer, Italian
Misc: Formula One

Jane (Swimmer) Asher -- b.??/??/1931 N.S.
Swimmer, British

Evelyn Ashford -- b.4/15/1957
Runner, Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Misc: winner of 4 Olympic gold medals--including 100m in 1984, and 4x100m in 1984, '88 and '92; also won silver medal in 100m in '88; member of 5 U.S. Olympic teams (1976-92).

Paul Asmuth -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American

Assault -- b.3/26/1943 d.9/2/1971 (28)

Paul Atkinson -- b.3/20/1969
Misc: Not to be confused with one of the Zombies (born Mar 19)

Ted Atkinson -- b.6/17/1916 d.5/5/2005 (88)
Jockey, Canadian
Names/Places: NN:The Slasher

Susanne Jean "Susie" Atwood -- b.6/5/1953 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Tatyana Averina -- b.6/25/1950 d.8/22/2001 (51)
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete, Soviet
Misc: 1K, 3K (Olympic-gold-1976)

Elena Azarova -- b.6/5/1973 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Russian

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