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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Gary Gabelich -- b.8/29/1940 N.S. d.1/26/1984 N.S. (43)
Auto Racer
Misc: set a world land speed record of 622.407 miles per hour (1,001.67 km/h) on Oct. 23, 1970 (broken by Stan Barrett in 1979).

Rosemarie Gabriel -- b.2/27/1956 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, East German

Bertrand Gachot -- b.12/23/1962
Auto Racer, French

Ambrose "Rowdy" Gaines -- b.2/17/1959
Sports Analyst, Sportscaster, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Names/Places: RN: Ambrose Gaines IV
Misc: 100m swimmer (Olympic-gold-1984)

Harry Gallagher -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, Australian
Misc: Swimming Coach

Kim Gallagher -- b.6/11/1964 d.11/18/2002 (38)
Misc: 800m runner (Olympic-silver-1984)

Michael Gallagher -- b.10/3/1941 d.10/3/2013 N.S. (72)

Gallant Fox -- b.3/23/1927 N.S. d.11/13/1954 N.S. (27)
Misc: 1930 Triple Crown winner

Claire Galligan -- b.9/24/1895 N.S. d.10/8/1978 N.S. (83)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Don Gambril -- b.1/2/1934 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Floyd "Chip" Ganassi Jr. -- b.5/24/1958 N.S.
Auto Racer

Harry Gant -- b.1/10/1940
Auto Racer
Names/Places: NN: Handsome Harry
Misc: NASCAR driver 1967-96

Eleanor Garatti-Saville -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American

Frank Gardner -- b.10/1/1931 d.8/29/2009 (77)
Auto Racer, Australian

Jacqueline Gareau -- b.3/10/1953
Runner, Canadian

Don Garlits -- b.1/14/1932
Auto Racer
Names/Places: NN:The Father of Drag Racing; NN:Big Daddy
Misc: was credited with developing the rear engine dragster

Tim Garton -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American

George Gate -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, Canadian
Misc: Swimming Coach

Terrence "Terry" Stephen Gathercole -- b.11/25/1935 N.S. d.5/30/2001 N.S. (65)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian

Justin Gatlin -- b.2/10/1982 N.S.
Sprinter, Olympic Athlete, American

Willie Gault -- b.9/5/1960
NFL Wide Receiver, Bobsledder, Model, Olympic Athlete
Sports Teams: Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Raiders

Tyson Gay -- b.8/9/1982 N.S.
Runner, Olympic Athlete, Track and Field, American

Chris Gehrke -- b.2/21/1966 d.5/7/1991 (25)
Auto Racer

Melissa George -- b.8/6/1976
Actress, Roller Skater, American, Australian
TV Shows: Home and Away (as Angel), Alias (as Lauren Reed), Heartbeat (as Dr. Alexandra Panttiere)
Movie Titles: 30 Days of Night, Triangle, The Amityville Horror

Peter Gethin -- b.2/21/1940 d.12/5/2011 (71)
Auto Racer, English

Paul Richard "Richie" Ginther -- b.8/5/1930 N.S. d.9/20/1989 N.S. (59)
Auto Racer

Marc Girardelli -- b.7/18/1963
Skier, Austrian
Misc: Austrian native who refused to join Austrian Ski Federation because he wanted to be coached by his father; won unprecedented fifth overall World Cup title in 1993; winless at Olympics, although he won 2 silver medals in 1992.

Harrison Smith "Harry" Glancy -- b.9/17/1904 N.S. d.9/22/2002 N.S. (98)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Jerry Glanville -- b.10/14/1941
Sportscaster, NFL Coach, NFL Player, Auto Racer

Mercedes Gleitze -- b.11/18/1900 N.S. d.2/9/1981 N.S. (80)
Swimmer, English

Bob Glidden -- b.8/18/1944 d.12/17/2017 N.S. (73)
Auto Racer, Drag Racer
Misc: NHRA pro stock car drag racing champion

Eldon Godfrey -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, Canadian

Marlies Göhr -- b.3/21/1958
Sprinter, Olympic Athlete, East German
Misc: Olympic-gold-1976, 80

Paul Goldsmith -- b.10/2/1925
Auto Racer, Motorcyclist
Misc: former USAC and NASCAR driver

Danny Gonzales -- b.5/25/1967

Brian Stuart Goodell -- b.4/2/1959 N.S.
Politician, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: 400m/1500m freestyle swimmer (Olympic-gold-1976)

Duncan Goodhew -- b.3/27/1957
Swimmer, English
Misc: 100m breast stroke swimmer (Oly-Gold-1980)

Leo Joseph Goodwin -- b.11/13/1883 N.S. d.5/25/1957 N.S. (73)
Swimmer, Diver, Water Polo Player, American

Scott Goodyear -- b.12/20/1959
Auto Racer, Canadian

Jeff Gordon -- b.8/4/1971 N.S.
Sports Announcer, Auto Racer, American
Names/Places: RN: Jeffrey Michael Gordon

Horst Goritz -- b.??/??/???? N.S. d.??/??/???? N.S. (0)
Swimmer, German
Misc: Swimming Coach

Shane Gould -- b.11/23/1956 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian
Names/Places: MN: Elizabeth
Misc: 200m swimmer; set world records in 5 different freestyle events between July,1971 and Jan,1972; won 3 gold medals, a silver and bronze in 1972 Olympics then retired at age 16.

Alf Goullet -- b.4/5/1891 d.3/11/1995 (103)
Bicyclist, Australian
Misc: he gained fame and fortune early in century as premier performer on U.S. 6-day bike race circuit; won 8 annual races at Madison Square Garden with 6 different partners from 1913-23.

Jules Goux -- b.4/6/1885 d.3/6/1965 (79)
Auto Racer, French

Sam Graddy -- b.2/10/1964
Runner, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 4x100m runner (Olympic-gold-1984)

Jed Richard Graef -- b.5/1/1942 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Winthrop Graham -- b.11/17/1965
Runner, Olympic Athlete, Jamaican
Misc: Olympic-silver-1988

Andy Granatelli -- b.3/18/1923 d.12/29/2013 (90)
Businessperson, Sports Figure, Auto Racer
Misc: auto race sponsor; Indianapolis 500; CEO of STP

Billy Gray -- b.1/13/1938
Actor, Motorcyclist
Misc: retired from acting in 1996
TV Shows: Father Knows Best (as James Bud Anderson Jr.)
Movie Titles: The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Seven Little Foys

Clifford Gray -- b.1/29/1892 d.11/9/1969 (77)
Bobsledder, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic-gold-1928

Charles Edward Greene -- b.3/21/1945
Sprinter, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 4x100m runner (Oly-gold-1968), 100m sprinter (Olympic-bronze-1968)

Peter H. Gregg -- b.5/4/1940 d.12/15/1980 (40)
Auto Racer
Misc: Sports car racing

Florence Griffith-Joyner -- b.12/21/1959 d.9/21/1998 (38)
Soap Actress, Runner, Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Names/Places: b. in Mojave Desert, Calif; NN:Flo Jo
Misc: sprinter set world records in 100 and 200 meters in 1988; won 3 gold medals at '88 Olympics (100m, 200m, 4x100m relay); Sullivan Award winner (1988); retired in 1989; designed NBA Indiana Pacers uniforms (1990); named as co-chairperson of President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in 1993.
TV Shows: Santa Barbara

Mark Grimmette -- b.1/23/1971
Luger, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: doubles luger (Olympics-1994)

Judy Grinham -- b.3/5/1939 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, British
Names/Places: aka Judith Rowley

Yevgeni Grischin -- b.3/23/1931 d.7/9/2005 (74)
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete, Russian
Misc: 500m/1500m speed skater (Oly-gold-1956, 60)

Michael (Swimmer) Gross -- b.6/17/1964 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, West German
Misc: Olympic-2 world records-1984

Roberto José Guerrero -- b.11/16/1958
Auto Racer, Colombian

Ruben Guerrero -- b.11/1/1954
Swimmer, Mexican

Irene May Guest -- b.7/22/1900 N.S. d.6/14/1970 N.S. (69)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Names/Places: aka Irene Loog

Faye Gulini -- b.3/24/1992 N.S.
Snowboarder, Olympic Athlete

Beulah Gundling -- b.2/13/1916 N.S. d.10/1/2003 N.S. (87)
Author, Swimmer, American
Misc: was an Aquatic Artist

Dan Gurney -- b.4/13/1931 d.1/14/2018 N.S. (86)
Auto Racer
Misc: the first driver to win all 4 major categories: Formula One, Indianapolis 500, NASCAR stock and sports cars; team owner: builds All-American Eagle; Owner, Chairman, and CEO of AAR

Frank Guthrie -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, Australian
Misc: Swimming Coach

Janet Guthrie -- b.3/7/1938
Auto Racer
Names/Places: b. in Iowa City, IA
Misc: in 1977, she became the first woman to race in the Indianapolis 500; placed 9th at Indy in 1978; Daytona 500

Ramon Guzman -- b.7/6/1950

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