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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Helga Haase -- b.6/9/1934 d.6/16/1989 (55)
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete, German
Misc: 500m speed skater (Olympic-gold-1960)

Grant Hackett -- b.5/9/1980 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian

Norbert Hahn -- b.1/6/1954
Luger, Olympic Athlete, German
Misc: 2 man luge (Olympic-gold-1976, 80)

Mike Hailwood -- b.4/2/1940 d.3/23/1981 (40)
Auto Racer, Motorcyclist, British
Misc: Formula One, Grand Prix motorcycle racing

George Frederick Haines -- b.3/9/1924 N.S. d.5/1/2006 N.S. (82)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Alfréd Hajós -- b.2/1/1878 N.S. d.11/12/1955 N.S. (77)
Architect, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Hungarian

Mika Häkkinen -- b.9/28/1968 N.S.
Auto Racer, Finnish

Veikko Hakulinen -- b.1/4/1925 d.10/24/2003 (78)
Skier, Olympic Athlete, Finnish
Misc: 30K/50K cross country skier (Oly-gold-1956); a forestry technician

Olivér Halassy -- b.7/31/1909 N.S. d.9/10/1946 N.S. (37)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Water Polo Player, Hungarian

Gary Hall -- b.8/7/1951
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete
Misc: (Olympic-bronze-1976); International Swimming Hall of Famer: U.S. Olympic team captain [1972]; opening ceremonies U.S. flag bearer [1976); silver medalist: 400-meter medley [1968], 200-meter butterfly [1972], bronze: 100-meter butterfly; Doctor of Ophthalmology

Gary Hall Jr. -- b.9/26/1974 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Gary Wayne Hall Sr. -- b.8/7/1951 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Jim Hall -- b.7/23/1935
Auto Racer
Misc: Formula One, Indianapolis 500

Kaye Hall -- b.5/15/1951 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Names/Places: aka Kaye Greff

Tanner Hall -- b.10/26/1983 N.S.

Bobby (Racer) Hamilton -- b.5/29/1957 N.S. d.1/7/2007 N.S. (49)
Auto Racer
Names/Places: RN: Charles Robert Hamilton Sr.
Misc: Stock Car Racer

Lewis Hamilton -- b.1/7/1985 N.S.
Auto Racer, English

Nicolas Hamilton -- b.3/28/1992 N.S.
Auto Racer, English

Pete Hamilton -- b.7/20/1942 d.3/22/2017 N.S. (74)
Auto Racer

Denny Hamlin -- b.11/18/1980 N.S.
Auto Racer

Kathy Hammond -- b.11/2/1951
Runner, Olympic Athlete

Tom Hammonds -- b.3/27/1967
NBA Forward, Drag Racer

Millard Frank Hampton -- b.7/8/1956
Runner, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 4x100m runner (Olympic-gold-1976)

Sven Hamrin -- b.3/30/1941 N.S. d.1/25/2018 N.S. (76)
Bicyclist, Olympic Athlete, Swedish
Misc: road race cycler (Olympic-bronze-1964)

Tetsuo Hamuro -- b.9/7/1917 N.S. d.10/30/2005 N.S. (88)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Japanese

Lee Edward "Chip" Hanauer -- b.7/1/1954 N.S.
Hydroplane Racer
Misc: in the Motorsports Hall of Fame; the third most successful Unlimited Hydroplane racer in history.

Arthur B. "Bull" Hancock -- b.1/24/1910 N.S. d.9/14/1972 N.S. (62)
Racing Figure
Misc: Horse racing owner, considered the greatest breeder in history.

Louis Handley -- b.2/14/1874 N.S. d.12/28/1956 N.S. (82)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Water Polo Player, Italian

Sam Hanks -- b.7/13/1914 d.6/27/1994 (79)
Auto Racer

Dick Hannula -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Erik Hansen -- b.11/15/1939
Kayaker, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic gold 1960

Ursula Happe -- b.10/20/1926 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, German

Phyllis May Harding -- b.12/15/1907 N.S. d.11/16/1992 N.S. (84)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, English
Names/Places: aka Phyllis Turner

Catherine Hardy -- b.2/8/1930 d.9/8/2017 N.S. (87)
Runner, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: aka Catherine Hardy Lavender
Misc: 4x100m runner (Olympic-gold-1952)

Dawn Harper-Nelson -- b.5/13/1984 N.S.
Runner, Olympic Athlete

Joan Harrison -- b.11/29/1935 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, South African

Ray Harroun -- b.1/12/1879 d.1/19/1968 (89)
Auto Racer

Carey Hart -- b.7/17/1975 N.S.

Eddie James Hart -- b.4/24/1949
Runner, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 4x100m relay runner (Olympic-gold-72)

Billy Hartack -- b.12/9/1932 d.11/26/2007 (74)
Names/Places: RFN:William Jr.
Misc: won Kentucky Derby 5 times (1957,60,62,64,69), Preakness 3 times (1956,64,69), but the Belmont only once (1960), also the first in 1956 to win $2,000,000 in a single year.

Butch (Larry) Hartman -- b.5/11/1940 d.12/21/1994 (54)
Auto Racer

Karen Harup -- b.11/20/1924 N.S. d.7/19/2009 N.S. (84)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Danish (Denmark)

Kevin Harvick -- b.12/8/1975 N.S.
Auto Racer

Shiro Hashizume -- b.9/20/1928 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Japanese

John Gatenby "Jack" Hatfield -- b.8/15/1893 N.S. d.3/30/1965 N.S. (71)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, English

William "Billy" Haughton -- b.11/23/1923 d.7/15/1986 (62)
Harness Racer, Horse Trainer
Misc: won Little Brown Jug 4Xs, Hambletonian 4X's

Tony Hawk -- b.5/12/1968
Actor, Skate Boarder
Names/Places: NN: The Birdman

Sandy Hawley -- b.4/16/1949
Jockey, Canadian
Misc: Horse Racing

John Michael Hawthorn -- b.4/10/1929 d.1/22/1959 (29)
Auto Racer, Australian
Misc: the first British world-champion driver (1958)

Nicky Hayden -- b.7/30/1981 N.S. d.5/22/2017 N.S. (35)
Names/Places: NN: The Kentucky Kid

Josh Hayes -- b.4/4/1975 N.S.

Donald Mitchell Healey -- b.7/3/1898 d.1/13/1988 (89)
Auto Racer, British
Misc: a noted English car designer, rally driver and speed record holder; founder of the Donald Healey Motor Company

Cecil Patrick Healy -- b.11/28/1881 N.S. d.8/29/1918 N.S. (36)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian

Harry Hebner -- b.6/15/1891 N.S. d.10/12/1968 N.S. (77)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Water Polo Player, American

Anne Heggtveigt -- b.1/11/1939
Skier, Olympic Athlete, Canadian
Misc: slalom (Olympic-gold-1960)

Beth Heiden -- b.9/27/1959 N.S.
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete

Eric Heiden -- b.6/14/1958
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: b. in Madison, Wis.
Misc: 3-time overall world champion (1977-79), the first to win all 5 men's gold medals at 1980 Winter Olympics setting new records in each; Sullivan Award winner (1980).

Herome Alan "Jerry" Heidenreich -- b.2/4/1950 N.S. d.4/18/2002 N.S. (52)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Chris Heilman -- b.12/2/1960
Speed Skater

Inge Helten -- b.12/31/1950
Sprinter, Olympic Athlete, German
Misc: (Olympic-bronze-1976)

Heini Hemmi -- b.1/17/1949
Skier, Olympic Athlete, Swiss
Misc: giant slalom (Olympic-gold-1976)

John Frederick Hencken -- b.5/29/1954 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Joseph Riddick "Rick" Hendrick -- b.7/12/1949 N.S.
Sports Owner, Racing Figure
Misc: an owner of the American NASCAR team, founder of Hendrick Motorsports, the Hendrick Automotive Group and Hendrick Marrow Program; in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Ray Hendrick -- b.4/1/1929 d.9/28/1990 (61)
Auto Racer
Misc: Modified racing

Jan Margo Henne -- b.8/11/1947 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Anne Henning -- b.9/6/1955
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 500m speed skater (Olympic-gold-1972)

Thor Henning -- b.9/13/1894 N.S. d.10/7/1967 N.S. (73)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Swedish

Jon Henricks -- b.6/6/1935 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian

Jodie Henry -- b.11/17/1983 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian

Kenneth Henry -- b.1/7/1929 d.3/1/2009 (80)
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic-gold-1952

William (Swimmer) Henry -- b.6/28/1859 N.S. d.3/20/1928 N.S. (68)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Water Polo Player, English
Names/Places: RN: Joseph Nawrocki

Sam Herford -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, Australian
Misc: Swimming Coach

Mihály Hesz -- b.12/15/1943
Canoer, Olympic Athlete, Hungarian
Misc: 1K kayak (Olympic-gold-1968)

Penelope "Penny" Heyns -- b.11/8/1974 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, South African

Charles Hickcox -- b.2/6/1947 d.6/14/2010 N.S. (63)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 200m/400m medley swimmer (Olympic-3 gold-1968)

Charles Buchanan "Charlie" Hickcox -- b.2/6/1947 N.S. d.6/14/2010 N.S. (63)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

John Herbert Higgins -- b.5/8/1916 N.S. d.8/1/2004 N.S. (88)
Swimmer, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Nađa Higl -- b.1/2/1987 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Yugoslav

Damon Hill -- b.9/17/1960
Auto Racer, English

Graham Hill -- b.2/15/1929 d.11/29/1975 (46)
Auto Racer, English
Misc: Formula One; Indianapolis 500; won the Grand Prix world championship in 1962 and 1968 and the Indianapolis 500 in 1966

Phil Hill -- b.4/20/1927 d.8/28/2008 (81)
Auto Racer
Misc: first U.S. driver to win Formula One championship (1961); 3 career wins (1958-64).

Ralph Hill -- b.12/26/1908 d.10/17/1994 (85)
Runner, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 5K runner (Olympic-1932)

Franciscus Hin -- b.1/29/1906 d.3/6/1968 (62)
Yachtsperson, Holland (deprecated-is Dutch)
Misc: Olympic-gold-1920

Bernard Hinault -- b.11/14/1954
Bicyclist, French
Misc: Tour de France

Takashi "Halo" Hirose -- b.??/??/???? N.S. d.??/??/2002 N.S. (0)
Swimmer, American
Misc: Pioneer swimmer; presumed deceased

Max Hirsch -- b.7/12/1880 d.4/3/1969 (88)
Horse Trainer

Kinue Hitoma -- b.1/1/1907 d.8/2/1931 (24)
Runner, Olympic Athlete, Japanese
Misc: 800m runner (Oly-silver-1928)

David Hobbs -- b.5/9/1939
Auto Racer, English

George Hodgson -- b.10/12/1893 N.S. d.5/1/1983 N.S. (89)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Canadian
Misc: considered by many to be the greatest swimmer in Canadian history.

Ricardo Hoffmann -- b.10/5/1941
Misc: holder of the record for the greatest distance covered (299 miles) in a continuous swim.

Peg Hogan -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American

Nancy Hogshead -- b.4/17/1962 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Names/Places: aka Nancy Hogshead-Makar or Nancy Lynn Hogshead
Misc: (Olympic-gold-1984)/model (jockey)

Alvah Robert "Al" Holbert -- b.11/11/1946 d.9/30/1988 (41)
Auto Racer
Misc: an American automobile racing driver who was a five-time champion of the IMSA Camel GT series.

Anni Holdman -- b.1/28/1900 d.11/2/1960 (60)
Runner, Olympic Athlete, German
Misc: Olympics 1928

Harry Holiday Jr. -- b.??/??/1924 N.S. d.2/??/1999 N.S. (75)
Swimmer, American

Stephen Holland -- b.5/31/1958 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian

Eleanor Holm -- b.12/6/1913 N.S. d.1/31/2004 N.S. (90)
Movie Actress, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: won gold medal in 100m backstroke at 1932 Olympics; thrown off '36 U.S. team for drinking champagne in public and shooting craps on boat to Germany.

Frederick Holman -- b.3/??/1883 N.S. d.1/23/1913 N.S. (29)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, English

Ernst Hoppenberg -- b.7/26/1878 N.S. d.9/29/1937 N.S. (59)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Water Polo Player, German

Bruce Hopping -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American

Ted Horn -- b.2/27/1910 d.10/10/1948 (38)
Auto Racer
Misc: holds record for most consecutive national titles [three, 1946-48]

Ronald Lee "Ron" Hornaday Jr. -- b.6/20/1958 N.S.
Auto Racer

Sam Hornish Jr. -- b.7/2/1979
Auto Racer

Lawrence Hough -- b.4/4/1944
Rower, Olympic Athlete

Richard R. Hough -- b.??/??/1917 N.S. d.7/9/1992 N.S.
Engineer, Executive, Swimmer
Misc: set several world records in the sport of swimming while at Princeton University.

Chris Hoy -- b.3/23/1976 N.S.
Bicyclist, Olympic Athlete, Scotish

Edy Hubacher -- b.4/15/1940
Bobsledder, Discus Thrower, Olympic Athlete, Shotputter, Swiss
Misc: 4-man bobsled (Olympic-gold-1972); decathlete.

Jaime Huélamo -- b.11/17/1948 d.1/31/2014 N.S. (65)
Bicyclist, Olympic Athlete, Spanish
Misc: Olympic bronze 1972

Tony Hulman Jr. -- b.2/11/1901 d.10/27/1977 (76)
Sports Executive, Auto Racer
Names/Places: RN:Anton "Big Tone"
Misc: Owner of the Indianapolis Speedway and President who coined "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!"

Denis Clive "Denny" Hulme -- b.6/18/1936 N.S. d.10/4/1992 N.S. (56)
Auto Racer, New Zealand
Misc: Formula One (1967)

Chad Hundeby -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American

James Hunt -- b.8/29/1947 d.6/15/1993 (45)
Auto Racer, British

James Simon Wallis Hunter -- b.8/29/1947 d.6/15/1993 (45)
Auto Racer

Tab Hunter -- b.7/11/1931 N.S. d.7/8/2018 N.S. (86)
TV/Movie Actor, Producer, Singer, Motorcyclist, Figure Skater
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RN:Arthur Andrew Gelien
Misc: retired from acting in 1992
TV Shows: Tab Hunter Show (as Paul Morgan), Mary Hartman Mary Hartman (as George Shumway)
Movie Titles: Damn Yankees, Polyester, Lust in the Dust

Stefen Hunyadfi -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American, Hungarian, Italian
Misc: Swimming Coach

Jim Hurtubise -- b.12/5/1932 d.1/6/1989 (56)
Auto Racer

Ben Husaby -- b.12/26/1965
Skier, Olympic Athlete
Misc: cross country skier (Olympics-1994)

Ibrahim Hussein -- b.6/3/1958
Runner, Kenyan
Misc: distance runner; 3-time winner of Boston Marathon (1988,91-92) and first African runner to win in Boston; won New York Marathon in 1987.

Ralph Hutton -- b.3/6/1948 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Canadian

Ragnhild Hveger -- b.12/10/1920 N.S. d.12/1/2011 N.S. (90)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Danish (Denmark)

Ragnild Hveger -- b.12/10/1920 N.S. d.12/1/2011 N.S. (90)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Danish (Denmark)
Misc: 200m swimmer (Olympic-silver-1936), 400m swimmer (Olympic-silver-1936)

Harry Hyde -- b.1/17/1925 d.5/13/1996 (71)
Auto Racer
Misc: leading crew chief in NASCAR stock car racing in the 1960s through the 1980s

James Hylton -- b.8/26/1934 N.S. d.4/28/2018 N.S. (83)
Auto Racer

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