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Last Updated 03-04-2019

Fidel LaBarga -- b.9/29/1905 d.10/3/1981 (76)
Sports Writer, Boxer

Francis Jonard Labiak -- b.1/26/1979 N.S. d.7/27/2000 N.S. (21)
Sports Announcer, Wrestling Figure
Names/Places: aka Gordon T. Solie, later Jonard Pierre Sjoblom
Misc: primarily a professional wrestling play-by-play announcer for WCE among others

Ernest "Ernie" Ladd -- b.11/28/1938 N.S. d.3/10/2007 N.S. (68)
NFL Player, Wrestler
Names/Places: NN:The Big Cat
Misc: San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: San Diego Chargers (AFL 1961-1965), Houston Oilers (AFL 1966-1967), Kansas City Chiefs (AFL 1967-1968)

Ernie Ladd -- b.11/28/1938 N.S. d.3/10/2007 N.S. (68)
Football Player, Wrestler
Names/Places: NN: The Big Cat
Misc: in the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

Ismael Laguna -- b.6/28/1943
Boxer, Panamaian

Boris Lagutin -- b.6/24/1938
Boxer, Soviet
Misc: light-middleweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1964, 68)

Claude Lambert -- b.2/16/1969
Boxer, Canadian

Jake LaMotta -- b.7/10/1922 d.9/19/2017 N.S. (95)
Stage Actor, Comedian, Boxer
Names/Places: NN:The Raging Bull
Misc: middleweight boxing champ (1949-51) turned stand-up comedian in later years; some say b. 1921
Movie Titles: The Hustler, Raging Bull (he was depicted by Robert De Niro in the film)

Mills Lane -- b.11/12/1936 N.S.
Judge, Boxer
Misc: retired boxing referee
TV Shows: Judge Mills Lane

Arthur Lang -- b.5/4/1877 d.8/8/1992 (115)
Businessperson, Boxer

Sam Langford -- b.3/4/1883 d.1/12/1956 (72)
Boxer, Canadian

Nat Langham -- b.5/20/1820 d.9/1/1871 (51)
Boxer, English

Big E. Langston -- b.3/1/1986 N.S.
College Football Player, Wrestler

John "Jack" Lanza -- b.10/14/1935 N.S.
Names/Places: ring name: Blackjack Lanza

Bobby Lashley -- b.7/16/1976 N.S.

Joanie Laurer -- b.12/27/1969 d.4/20/2016 N.S. (46)
Actress, XXX-rated actress, Wrestler, Body Builder
Names/Places: RN: Joan Marie Laurer; NN:Chyna

Joseph Michael "Joe" Laurinaitis -- b.1/26/1960 N.S.
Names/Places: NN:Road Warrior Animal

George "Kid" Lavigne -- b.12/6/1869 d.3/9/1928 (58)

Jerry O'Neal Lawler -- b.11/29/1949 N.S.
Sports Commentator, Wrestler
Names/Places: NN:Jerry "The King" Lawler
Misc: "feuded" with comedian Andy Kaufman and slapped him on the David Letterman show; it was all staged, though with Andy, who really knew?

John Layfield -- b.11/29/1966 N.S.

Charles Ledoux -- b.10/27/1892 d.5/21/1967 (74)
Boxer, French
Misc: active from 1909-1926

AJ Lee -- b.3/19/1987 N.S.
Names/Places: NN: The Geek Goddess

Bruce Lee -- b.11/27/1940 d.7/20/1973 (32)
TV/Movie Actor, Martial Arts
Names/Places: b. in San Francisco; RN:Lee Yuen Kam or Lee Siu Loong
Misc: chop sockey movies
TV Shows: Enter the Dragon, The Green Hornet (as Kato), Batman (as Kato), Longstreet (as instructor)
Movie Titles: Enter The Dragon

Byung-Hun Lee -- b.7/12/1970 N.S.
Actor, Martial Arts, South Vietnam
Movie Titles: I Saw the Devil, G.I. Joe (series), "The Good, The Bad, The Weird", Masquerade

Canada Lee -- b.3/3/1907 d.5/9/1952 (45)
Movie Actor, Boxer
Names/Places: RN:Leonard Lionell Cornelius Canegata

Jimmy Lennon Sr. -- b.4/12/1913 d.4/20/1992 (79)
Movie Actor, Sportscaster, Boxing Figure
Misc: Boxing announcer dean who appearred in 75 movies
Group Names: Raging Bull, Rocky III

Benny Leonard -- b.4/7/1896 d.4/18/1947 (51)
Names/Places: FN:Benjamin Leiner
Misc: American world lightweight (135-pound) boxing champion from May 28, 1917, when he knocked out Freddy Welsh in nine rounds in New York City, until Jan. 15, 1925, when he retired.

Sugar Ray Leonard -- b.5/17/1956
Boxer, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: b. in Wilmington, NC; RFMN:Ray Charles
Misc: light welterweight Olympic champ (1976), World Boxing Council world welterweight title 1979 and four more titles; retired after losing to Terry Norris on Feb. 9, 1991, with record of 36-2-1 and 25 KOs.

Brock Lesnar -- b.7/12/1977 N.S.
Names/Places: NN: WWE King of the Ring in 2002
Misc: was the first to beat The Undertaker in 2014

Gus Lesnevitch -- b.2/22/1915 d.2/28/1964 (49)
Movie Actor, Boxer

"Battling" Levinsky -- b.6/10/1891 d.2/12/1949 (57)
Names/Places: RN:Barney Williams

Mark Lewin -- b.3/16/1937
Names/Places: NN:The Purple Haze

Evan Lewis -- b.5/24/1860 d.11/3/1919 (59)
Misc: the first recognized American Heavyweight Champion

Harry Lewis -- b.9/16/1886 d.2/22/1956 (69)

John Henry Lewis -- b.5/1/1914 d.4/18/1974 (59)

Johnny Lewis -- b.3/18/1944 N.S.
Boxer, Boxing Trainer

Lennox Lewis -- b.9/2/1965
Boxer, Olympic Athlete, English
Misc: declared WBC heavyweight champion on Dec. 14, 1992, when world champion Riddick Bowe renounced WBC belt; defeated Bowe for super heavyweight gold medal at 1988 Olympics

Ted Lewis -- b.10/24/1894 d.10/20/1970 (75)
Boxer, English
Names/Places: NN:Kid

Chuck Liddell -- b.12/17/1969 N.S.
Mixed Martial Arts
Names/Places: NN: The Iceman
Misc: in the UFC Hall of Fame

Jushin Liger -- b.11/30/1964
Wrestler, Japanese

Luther Lindsay -- b.12/30/1924 N.S. d.2/21/1972 N.S. (47)
Football Player, Wrestler
Names/Places: RN: Luther Jacob Goodall; ring name aka spelled Luther Lindsey
Misc: in the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

Eugene "Big Daddy" Lipscomb -- b.8/9/1931 N.S. d.5/10/1963 N.S. (31)
NFL Player, Wrestler

Reginald "The Crusher" Lisowski -- b.7/11/1926 N.S. d.10/22/2005 N.S. (79)
Names/Places: aka Crusher Lisowski to distinguish him from other wrestlers named Crusher

Sonny Liston -- b.5/8/1932 d.12/30/1970 (38)
Movie Actor, Boxer
Misc: heavyweight boxer champ (1962-64)

Carey L. Lloyd -- b.7/4/1933 N.S. d.11/13/1993 N.S. (60)
Names/Places: ring name: Rufus R. "Freight Train" Jones

Nicolino Locche -- b.9/2/1939 d.9/7/2005 (66)
Boxer, Argentine

Rick "Rocky" Lockridge -- b.1/10/1959 N.S. d.2/7/2019 N.S. (60)
Boxer, American

Duilio Loi -- b.4/19/1929 d.1/20/2008 (78)
Boxer, Italian

Mark LoMonaco -- b.7/14/1971 N.S.
Radio Talk Show Host, Wrestler
Names/Places: ring name: Bubba Ray Dudley

Jim Londos -- b.1/2/1897 N.S. d.8/19/1975 N.S. (78)
Wrestler, Greek
Names/Places: RN: Christos Theofilou, aka The Golden Greek

Theodore Long -- b.9/15/1947 N.S.
Wrestling Figure
Misc: WWE wrestling personality, manager, and referee

Bill Longston -- b.6/8/1906 d.12/12/1982 (76)
Names/Places: aka Wild Bill Longson

Danny Lopez -- b.7/6/1952

Mario Lopez -- b.10/10/1973
Actor, TV Host, Producer, Wrestler
TV Shows: Extra, The X Factor, Saved By the Bell (as A.C. Slater), Bold & The Beautiful (as Dr. Christian Ramirez)

Ricardo "El Finito" López -- b.7/25/1966 N.S.
Boxer, Mexican
Names/Places: LN:Nava

Tommy Loughran -- b.11/29/1902 d.7/7/1982 (79)

Joe Louis -- b.5/13/1914 d.4/12/1981 (66)
Names/Places: b. in Lafayette, Al.; NN:The Brown Bomber; LN:Barrow
Misc: heavyweight champ 1937-49, held the record for the longest reign (11 yr., 252 days); began his pro heavyweight career in 1934. He won 23 fights, including knockouts of Primo Carnera and Max Baer, both former champs. Louis became champ in 1937 after knocking out Jim Braddock in 8 rounds.

Angelina Love -- b.9/13/1981 N.S.
Wrestler, Canadian
Names/Places: RN:Lauren Williams; aka Angel Williams

Ron Lyle -- b.2/12/1941 d.11/26/2011 (70)

Becky Lynch -- b.1/30/1987 N.S.
Wrestler, Irish

Benny Lynch -- b.4/2/1913 d.8/6/1946 (33)
Boxer, Scotish

Joe Lynch -- b.11/30/1898 d.8/1/1965 (66)

Cameron Lynn -- b.11/3/1987 N.S.

Jerry Lynn -- b.6/12/1963

Billy Red Lyons -- b.5/17/1932 N.S. d.6/22/2009 N.S. (77)
Wrestler, Canadian
Names/Places: RN: William Snip

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